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Clowntraptions! Out now and half price!

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town! Those crazy clowns have enlisted you to help them put on the greatest show on Earth! Put up a platform, place a trampoline, spray a clown with bubbles and put on a show across dozens of physics- based puzzles!

Grogan Software presents:

Clowntraptions! The clown-filled physics puzzle game. Available NOW exclusively on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1!

Clowntraptions is a fun, fresh twist on the physics contraptions puzzle genre. Use a Big Top full of circus-themed objects to solve each zany puzzle. Fire a clown from a cannon to reach that hoop, knock over the huge clown shoes to collect those stars, bounce a clown off a trampoline and into the path of stream of bubbles to send him flying towards the goal!

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The Ingenious Machine – Now Available for Windows Phone 8

Screenshot 4 Screenshot 1

The Ingenious Machine, the third title from sc0tt games, is now available for Windows Phone 8.

The Ingenious Machine is a single-player physics-based puzzle game. The player is presented with 25 levels (in increasing order of difficulty), each featuring one or more light bulbs, and occasionally some obstacles. The player must combine gadgets together in order to construct an elaborate machine that can switch on all the lights at once. The gadgets include gears, conveyor belts, magnets, weights, explosives, and lasers. When creating the machines, points are awarded for creativity, but deducted for each attempt.

It’s all about discovery, experimentation, user-generated content and creative problem-solving. And also dynamite.

The game is available for $1.29 on the Windows Phone store, with a trial mode that lets users play for two minutes at a time with the level select disabled.

See the launch trailer and more after the break…
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Lab Links, a New Puzzle Game, has Arrived on Windows Phone

Purple Splash Studio and Zynpo have released a new puzzle game, Lab Links, available in the Windows Phone Store today.

Lab Links is a fun, rewarding, and addictive puzzle game where you are the apprentice to a mad scientist who sets you on the task of powering up and fixing his weird and wonderful machines.

This is an original spin on classic puzzle games that will have you racing the clock, fending off pesky rats, working around unexpected obstacles, and perhaps even saving the world…

Download a free trial here from Windows Phone Store.


  • Full game with multiple twists and turns, eye-catching graphics, and fun cut scenes.
  • Fully functioning store to unlock crazy, mad fashion, and futuristic rat-zapping tools.
  • Multiple in-game achievements to collect for major bragging rights.
  • Three extra game modes to purchase for countless hours of fun.


Raining Blobs

Raining Blobs main menu Raining Blobs main menu
Raining Blobs main menu Raining Blobs main menu

Addictive and challenging tetris-like, retro style, arcade, puzzle game where you have to group blobs by color and clear them by adding two same color stars.

  • 30 STORY mode stages
  • NORMAL, HARD, TIME, HYPER & STORY gameplay modes
  • Available for Windows Phone 7 & 8 devices

The bigger the blob group before it is cleared the bigger the points you get.
Reach level 100, highest score and highest blobs combo in NORMAL, HARD, HYPER and TIME modes and compete on the global leaderboards!
Complete mind bending ACHIEVEMENTS and STORY mode to save Maggie from the evil blobs.

I was playing games like this while growing up with my brother day and night. So I decided to bring back old challenging gameplay to windows phone devices.
Had so much trouble developing this game – every time I wanted to test something the game kept me going as far as possible and making blob groups as big as possible :)

Vine short videos:

See the video trailer after the break.

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June Software announces the launch of the Think Game

San Francisco – 27 Feb 2014 – June Software – the studio behind the number 1 movie trivia game – “Guess the Movie?” launched its latest offering to the public – Think. The game is an audacious attempt to explore new frontiers with word puzzles. “We see symbols and icons around us every minute of our lives. Each and every one of these symbols mean something and tell a story. Our goal was to build a game in which we – the designers – attempt to communicate with the players using only symbols.” – the principal designer of Think said.

Spread over 360 puzzles in 30 levels, the game starts off by familiarizing the player with common symbols that we see around us. The game attempts to ask the user to guess words and phrases from over ten categories which include objects, actions, abstract concepts, films, books, phrases and TV shows.

The game design is very minimal and slick – using only three colors throughout.

The Think game also features an immersive soundtrack by award winning sound designer Jim Guthrie which helps drawing players in.

Read More:

Windows Phone Store link.


See some screen shots and promo videos after the break.

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Popular iOS puzzle app Qbism comes to Windows Phone

Qbism is a 3D puzzle game with more than 350,000 downloads on iOS.

The game has now been brought to Windows Phone by its developers.

imageThe game challenges players to slide cubes so as to re-arrange them into a specific 3D pattern and forces users to think in 3D space.

The free game can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

See a video trailer for an idea of the game play after the break.

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“Fear in the Gorge” the new App & a Movie for WP8

An App & a Movie: “Fear in the Gorge” for WP8

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRpYWTOqpEw&hd=1]

Fear in the Gorge–Trailer

4 of 8

Fresh Ideas Division, LLC/Spook Night Films just released something “Big”.

“Fear in the Gorge” is the second release in their App & a Movie collection.  It’s an action, adventure, horror film – but the film clips have been scrambled.  You have to use the app to put the movie clips into the proper order, which will then unlock the exciting end of the movie.  If you like multi-dimensional puzzles and enjoy watching movies, then check out this App & a Movie.

If you are successful in unlocking the movie, watching the movie may make you think twice about what you might do if you ever happen to stumble upon Bigfoot in the forest.  Would you snap a few photos, maybe shoot some video – or actually shoot Bigfoot and drag him back into town as ultimate proof??

The 58 minute movie is embedded into the app so that you can play with it offline, without exhausting your data plan.  It’s only $1.29 for an App and a Movie.  A great deal.

Find it in the Windows Phone Store.  A free trial is available.

Snow Pattern – a Winter-themed puzzle game

Snow Pattern screenshots

Hi! A free and new puzzle here – Snow Pattern (a bit Christmas of course )! Get it and try to think in the other way! Especially programmers will be interested because they know how XOR works.


This is a puzzle, which goal is to create a combination of snowflakes on game board. You can see a combination you need to create on a small field on the left (sample board). Game board is on the right. You make your move by clicking on a square on game filed. All snowflakes around this square are turning. If the snowflakes was visible it becomes invisible and vice-versa. If you get stuck – use button “Show Hint” to see how this pattern was made. This button will highlight the squares on the sample board, where you need to click to build this pattern.

Download here for free in Windows Phone store. Windows Store version to come!

Catch, the new Touch Puzzle Game by Loon Apps

Catch Artworks

Catch is the new Touch Puzzle Game of the start-up Loon Apps. Previous games by Loon Apps was Link and Stack.

In Catch, you have to catch all colored stars spread across many levels. To play, just link all stars of the same color with your finger. Game is easy in first levels. But, it become harder when the number of stars rise.

Catch has 160 levels. Play for free to the 40 first levels. Then, Play more levels by buying two packs of levels: Master Pack that contains 60 hard levels, and Elite Pack that contains 60 hardest levels.

To play, download Catch from the Windows Phone Store.

To learn more about Catch watch the trailer after the break or visit Loon Apps website.
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Stack, new action-puzzle game by Loon Apps

Stack is the new action-puzzle game of the start-up Loon Apps. Previous games from Loon Apps was Glean, and Link.

In Stack, some colored blocks fall from sky to ground to form stacks. You need to destroy these stacks before they reach the top of the screen. To do that, tap with your finger on a group of colored blocks to destroy it and win points. In addition, slide the rows and columns of blocks with your finger to form largest groups and win more points.

Stack has 4 difficulty game mode : Beginner, Master, Skilled, and Ultimate. Each game mode has more than 150 levels of increasing difficulty. In addition, Stack has a colorblind mode.

To try Stack, download it from the Windows Phone Store.

See the video demo after the break.

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Who Knew?

Do you know? Choose wisely.

I just recently finished development on a Windows Phone game called Who Knew?.

Now granted, I’m a bit biased, but I really feel like we’ve written the best trivia game on the Windows market. The genre, to me, is tailor made for mobile gaming. You should be able to just drop in and answer a few questions anytime/anywhere and come out of the experience not only having been entertained, but also having learned a fascinating new fact or two. Unfortunately, the current crop of trivia-based offerings in the Windows Phone store seem to be stuck either catering to a specific movie/TV show or have overly complicated interfaces with generic “seriously, who doesn’t know that?” questions. Plus, with the exception of EA’s lackluster Trivial Pursuit port, none of them are even close to the top tier of games listed in the “puzzle+trivia” section of the store, much less in any overall categories.

With Who Knew?, I’m gunning to change that. I truly believe I have a game here that everyone can enjoy. Casual gamers, knowledge junkies, bored people on the toilet – everybody. The whole game is designed around the concept of learning fascinating new things every time you play, rather than just putting up the highest score. Explanations to incorrect answers are provided, written in a way that doesn’t just tell you what the actually fact is, but also (hopefully) elicits a bit of a chuckle too.

There are five categories available in this initial release, each with 100 questions. You can choose from Food, Geography, History, Pop Culture, or Science. Stats are tracked and displayed on the home screen, just in case you’re curious as to which category you’re strongest in or how many times you’ve answered a question wrong. Sometimes you just have to know.

I would really appreciate if you could take the time to check out Who Knew? for yourself. See if it strikes you in the way I’m hoping it does, and then pass it along.

Link: windowsphone.com/app/who-knew

Thank you for reading what has turned out to be basically a novel,


sum! sum! zero! is now free!

sum! sum! zero! is a board game for two players, where you have to find the best strategy to defeat your opponent by adding score, or staying as close as possible to zero. Force your opponent to get a worse score than yours!

Play against device, or against your friends: Share your device with another player to play by turns, or create your own profile to chat and play against your friends online, you can also play with Android users!

sum! sum! zero! is now free at Windows Phone Store.