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New Qi wireless charging standard will let you charge at a distance, work with your existing Windows Phone

WPC Announcement Photo

The Wireless Power Consortium has announced version 1.2 of their Qi wireless charging standard that uses resonant charging to charge at a distance of as much as 2 inches (45mm) from the charging station.

The feature allows companies to more easily and discreetly embed wireless chargers deeper in
structures, like furniture and desktops, or utilize direct-contact, low cost, surface applications.

Best of all current Qi-enabled devices will continue to work with the new chargers, working over 30mm, meaning a seamless transition.
“The WPC is committed to advancing a specification that offers the best user experience without sacrifices in critically important areas to consumers and businesses alike,” said Menno Treffers, chairman of the WPC. “This means backward compatibility with products already in the market and maintaining high-efficiency even over greater distances.” 
The new Qi chargers will also allow one charger to charge multiple devices, and will support power levels of as high as 2000 watts, allowing the charger to power even kitchen appliances or laptops.

“It is clear there is room to safely and efficiently push the distance and power limits within the  Qi specification,” said Treffers. “And with more than 50 million receivers in the market and 500 certified products, Qi is well-positioned to continue its market leadership as it drives forward  the global wireless charging ecosystem of manufacturers, innovators and end-users.” 
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SWICH–the most expensive Qi charger you will ever buy


Swich is a sophisticated wireless charger for smartphones. Costing a mere $170 a piece, the ceramic and American dark walnut stand features a built-in Qi wireless charger and oodles of style.

The stand is perfectly angled to remain usable in both portrait and landscape mode, and the micro-suction surface keeps your phone stable enough to use the touch screen and all the buttons.

The stand swivels easily from portrait to landscape mode and allows inclination of 180 degrees.

The team creating the device are raising money on Kickstarter and have already reached their $25,000 funding goal but with 22 days still left there is still time to get in on the ground floor offer of $140 per stand. Delivery is expected in November.

See a video demo after the break and read more at Kickstarter here.

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AT&T is clearing Qi Wireless Charging plates, pick one up for only $5

AT&T is no longer a supporter of the Qi Wireless charging standard, going for the Powermat variant instead.

Small wonder then that they are divesting themselves of their Qi Wireless chargers.

According to WPC they are selling the DT-900 Wireless charging plate for as little as $5, and the DT-910 wireless charging stand for only $15.

The accessories are only available in store, and out of stock in most, so deal hunters will need to do just that and call around a bit, but as a wireless charger I can certainly say they are worth owning.

Wireless Power Consortium extend Qi standard to add resonance charging

In a press release today the Wireless Power Consortium, custodian of the Qi wireless charging standard widely used in Nokia handsets, has announced it has added Resonance charging to their Qi protocol.

The Qi resonant extension will allow charging with higher efficiency and lower radio frequency interference than typical resonant solutions. In addition, the extension allows for multiple device charging and charging at longer distances, all while maintaining backward compatibility. 

For consumers, this means it will be possible to charge without worrying about the exact position of their devices so they can charge anywhere, safely and quickly. 
For companies, this means greater flexibility in designing products when integrating Qi in cars, furniture, chargers, and accessories.  


“Qi is the leading global wireless charging standard because its 190-plus member companies thrive in the WPC’s competitive-and-collaborative environment and are constantly innovating to produce the best wireless charging experience,” said John Perzow, Vice President of Market Development for the Wireless Power Consortium. “The WPC has created a standard that ensures safety and compatibility and frees OEMs to differentiate. That’s why Qi is used in more phones, tablets, cars, and products than any other wireless charging solution.” 

The Qi spec will maintain backward compatibility with the installed base of 40+ million devices and products worldwide, including the 60 models of Qi-compatible phones, tablets, and chargers sold today.

The first examples of the extension’s capabilities will be unveiled by WPC members ConvenientPower and PowerbyProxi at the WPC booth at the International CES in Las vegas today, at the SL-2 in the South Hall 3 lobby, located on the upper level.  

See an example of PowerbyProxi’s technology after the break.

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Nokia’s wireless wireless charging plate now on sale at Amazon


Nokia’s rather interesting DC-50 Portable Wireless Charging Plate is now on sale at Amazon.co.uk.

The Qi-compatible wireless charging plate, which can work plugged like any other charging plate, and which can also then be taken on the move and charge a Qi-compatible device completely wirelessly, is on sale for £64.94 ($105.80) and offers 2400 mAh of capacity, though it is likely only about 70% of this will be available when charging wirelessly.

The accessory features.

  • Size: 69 x 134 x 12 mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Charging connector: microUSB
  • Battery technology: Li-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 2400 mAh
  • LED indicators: battery level indicator and charging indicator

The £64.95 price is on the expensive side, but considering that it combines a normal charging plate with a battery, without the need for cord management on the go, letting you charge normally at home and take extra power with you if you anticipate a long day, makes the price seem somewhat reasonable.

Will any of our readers be picking up the plate for Christmas? Let us know below.


Nokia JBL Power Up Bluetooth wireless charging speakers now only $119


Good speakers are ridiculously expensive these days, which makes the recent discount on Nokia’s JBL Power Up Charging Bluetooth Speakers pretty good news.

The speakers, which launched at $299, is now available for less than half price at $119 from AT&T’s online store.

The speakers will not only play back music via A2DP, but pair your handset via NFC and wirelessly charge your Qi-compatible smartphone in the charging zone above, making it an amazing wireless trifecta.

The accessory can be found at AT&T here.

32 GB Qi enabled Nokia Lumia 1520 now available at Expansys USA


While the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 is pretty cheap at only $100 on contract at the minute, it is also relatively handicapped compared to the international version, which has double the storage and comes with built-in Qi storage, meaning no need for a case which would make the large device much thicker.

Expansys USA is now selling an unlocked version of the handset for the US market with the full 32 GB of storage and Qi included.

Unfortunately the trade off appears to be that the handset does not support the full range of AT&T LTE frequencies, lacking the 850 and 1700 Mhz bands, and only supporting 800/900/1800/2100/2600 Mhz.

If you are willing to make the trade off however you can find the handset at Expansys here.

Thanks Mark for the tip.

Nokia’s new wireless charging puck now available for pre-order


Nokia’s new wireless charging accessory, the Nokia DT-601 Wireless Charging plate, is now showing up for pre-order on a number of online retailers.

The Qi compatible accessory is USB powered and is covered in soft-touch paint which increases its grip on your smartphone.

The accessory is available in bright red, yellow, cyan, white and black, to match your Lumia, and costs around £40 with shipping on the 9th December.

Pre-order the puck at Amazon here.


Nokia Wireless charging plate and pillow on sale on DailySteals.com

image image

As seems to happen rather regularly, Nokia’s wireless charging accessories have gone on sale on a daily deals site.

On this occasion Nokia’s Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Pad is going for only $25, while Nokia’s DT-901 Wireless Charging Pillow is retailing for only $10 more at $35.

Both deals have about 30 hours more to run.

See the deals of the day here.

Via Reddit.com

Stylish TYLT Qi wireless charger now only $48.99 with coupon

tylt vu qi wireless charging accessory

Vu’s TYLT Qi-compatible wireless charger certainly look very nice, and is available in a variety of colours to match your Windows Phone, but its $69.99 price I am sure put off many buyers.

Now T-Mobile is offering the accessory for a much more reasonable price of $48.99 by using the coupon code ACCOFFER18 which can be entered at check-out.

Find the charger at T-Mobile here.

Via WPD and Slickdeals.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 will not have Qi because AT&T supports rival PMA


As regular readers will know, the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 will not have Qi wireless charging built in, despite the international version sporting the technology.

Surprisingly a reader was able to get a reasoned and coherent response from AT&T for this specification change.

Don Mooers, Director, Device Product Marketing at AT&T responded to a question about the change, and confirmed it was due to AT&T being a member of the Power Matters Alliance, which is a rival wireless charging standard also supported by companies such as Starbucks and Duracell. Starbucks has in fact started rolling out charging pads in their restaurants in USA with PMA support.

Don notes:

In an effort to move toward making this a reality for consumers worldwide, we’ve placed our support for the public ecosystem roll out led by Power Matters Alliance (PMA). The PMA continues to expand membership and is building a strong ecosystem for wireless charging. The PMA solution is already installed at leading coffee shops, airports, stadiums, restaurants, gyms and more, which enables customers to wirelessly charge their phone while on the go.

Of course in reality while the PMA has many members, they have precious few products released, while Qi has quite a bit of momentum from phone OEMs and accessory makers.

The good news is that a wireless charging shell with PMA support is planned, for delivery in 2014. Presumably such shells can be made for most of the other Lumia handsets with wireless charging support, with the Nokia Lumia 920 being the only one with the technology built-in.

See the full letter after the break.

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