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Report: Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 Update To RTM This Week

WP8.1 lockscreen

While Windows Phone 8 users are still waiting for WP8.1 update on their devices, Microsoft is continuing to develop the OS in a rapid pace. Today, Neowin reported that Microsoft has completed the development of Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 update and it is likely to hit RTM this week. This is a minor update to the OS which will bring features like native folders support.

The good news is that Microsoft is planning to release Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 to the users who are already part of the developer preview program followed by release to the carriers for general release. Apart from Folders support, what other features and fixes you are expecting from Microsoft in GDR1? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Neowin

Great news! Windows Phone 8.1 has RTM’ed after all!

WPCentral reported last week that some bugs were preventing Windows Phone 8.1 from being released to manufacturers.

Now they have updated their news, saying the OS has in fact been released to OEMs after all, and that devices should hit the market before the end of April.

According to WPC the OS was released to OEMs on the 26rd March, who are adapting it for devices as we speak, with a small bevy of devices, such as the Nokia Lumia 630, Nokia Lumia 930 and Samsung ATIV SE expected to hit the market around the 23rd April.

There is no clarity yet regarding the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview or official updates for Windows Phone 8.1 devices yet, but after the disappointing news of last week, we certainly hope this development is the real deal, and a new wave of Windows Phone 8.1 handsets hit the market when expected.

Windows Phone 8 has been signed off for RTM


windows-phone-8-rtm-2 windows-phone-8-rtm-3

LiveSino.net reports that a Microsoft team member has tweeted these pictures on Weibo of the Windows Phone team signing off the RTM Signature Edition of Windows Phone 8 (the top picture shows Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Division), meaning the software is finally ready for final integration by OEMs.

There is no way of knowing if this is on time or late, but it does mean the software is now feature complete, with no further feature additions likely except by OEMs, and that OEMs only have 5-6 weeks left before the rumoured launch date to complete the final integration with hardware and get phones flashed with the completed OS out of the door.

Are our readers relieved that all the RTM delay rumours can now be put to rest? Let us know below.

Thanks PictureSpan for the tip.

Windows Phone 7 Mango Released to Manufacturers, in carrier testing

It should come as no surprise, with devices like the Fujitsu IS12T slated for launch next month, that Windows Phone 7 Mango has been declared code complete and has been released to manufacturers.

According to the WindowsPhoneDev Podcast the software has also been sent on to carriers for testing, hopefully presaging a roll out of the software update to older devices around the same time as new devices are coming on board also.

Apparently the gold build will be 7710, versus 7661 on the developer preview currently being widely used in the Windows Phone 7 community. We have seen this build on the recently leaked new videos of the Nokia Sea Ray.

Of note is that we have seen the Twitter functionality in existing Mango build also becoming functional as Microsoft sporadically makes linking the account in Windows Live available.

Earlier this year there have been serious doubts by many that Mango would arrive in 2011, making this rapid pace of events I am sure very reassuring for many.

Update: Microsoft told Eric Zeman from PhoneScoop that the software has not been RTM’d yet. Clearly if not now then very soon.

Listen to the Windows Phone Dev Podcast here.


The Unofficial Change Log For The RTM Version Of Windows Phone 7

changelog-icon-lg[1]Having a friend that is a serious developer or is close to the Windows Phone 7 scene is nice,  and thankfully for us we do.

Today he delivered to us the most elusive of things – an unofficial change log for the release to manufacturer version of Windows Phone 7.

Here is the changes he notices below.

Landscape in Search
Hotmail/live mail syncing enabled
Text fades out on lockscreen
Marketplace has lots of caching (before it redownloaded the entire database on each load, now it doesn’t)
Games hub loads much faster
Everything is faster
Slight change in Bing maps, app bar UI makes it faster to search, nicer icons
Panorama/pivots work!
Only 10 apps can be sideloaded at a time (which is a right PITA for development).

As time goes on he will add more  to the change log. Keep an eye on the site or our twitter account (twitter.com/wmpoweruser) for the latest Windows Phone 7 news.