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Russia’s Fly joins the growing Windows Phone OEM flock


WP7Forum.ru reports that the Windows Phone 8.1 OEM community may just have gained another member.

According to their sources Russian smartphone OEM Fly is preparing to launch a Windows Phone 8.1 handset.

The handset will be competitive with the Nokia Lumia 630 and will also feature dual-SIM support, a vaguely iPhone 5C-type styling and a 5 megapixel camera with a flash.. The handset should hit the market between August and September and will be sold without a carrier or SIM lock.

Rumor: Nokia Lumia 825 With 5.2-inch Screen And Quad-core Processor Coming Later This Year


There is a new rumor about the upcoming Nokia Lumia 825 Windows Phone device. Nokia is working on a successor to Lumia 820 with a larger display and powerful processor. According to the benchmark results spotted on GFXBench, Nokia’s upcoming Lumia device will sport a 720X1280 display and a quad core CPU with Adreno 305 graphics.  The above benchmark was spotted long back, but the new rumor is that the device on benchmark is the upcoming Lumia 825 device which will sport 5.2inch screen as well.

Being a mid-range device, I won’t be surprised if Nokia decided to have 720p screen on a 5.2 inch display. What do you think?

via: Unwiredview

Rumor: Windows Phone 8 being tested on Nokia Lumia 800, new features detailed

A poster on the Chinese WPXAP.com forums claims that Windows Phone 8 is currently being tested internally on a number of current and future devices. He cites a friend working for Microsoft in the US, who has been testing the Apollo update on his retail Lumia 800 as well as an unreleased Nokia WP8 device since last month. This, of course, also suggests that current Windows Phones will be able to run Windows Phone 8, unlike earlier rumors. Compatibility with current apps, however, is indeed preserved, with the few incompatibilities that exist being worked on.

While the interface – at least for now – is said to be largely unchanged, according to the poster, speed and touch response are much improved (perhaps all the way down to 1ms?). Other new features include folders, an overhauled Internet Explorer, improved Chinese language support, and “gravity sensing” which we assume to mean an option to lock the orientation. Also, contrary to other reports, the poster specifically says that bulk deletion of text messages is not available yet.

Regarding the VPN support that is currently enabled on the test version, the poster warns that it could be removed once Apollo ships. He claims that the same also happended to some features that were originally being tested for the Mango update. For instance, a feature to close running apps in the app switcher by tapping an X, and an option to disable “gravity sensing” – again, we assume it to refer to an orientation lock – failed to make the cut for the shipping version of Mango as well.

Of course, take all this with a grain of salt, since there’s no way to verify these claims for now. However, after reading through the thread (I’m Chinese, after all ;)) it definitely seems possible that the poster is legit.

Source: WPXAP.com, via Insideris.com. Thanks Anon!

Rumor: Lumia 900 coming to T-Mobile this summer

With all the news about the Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T, Windows Phone fans on other carriers may feel a little left out.

That feeling could soon be over, since it seems the Lumia 900 will be coming to T-Mobile this summer of 2012!

I was in my local T-Mobile store talking with one of the store employees about their Windows Phone selection, and he confidently told me without interrogation that the “Lumia 900 will be coming to T-Mobile this summer.”

This confirms a previous rumor back in January 2012, which stated that AT&T only has a 45 day exclusivity period on the Nokia Lumia 900, and that the Lumia 900 coming to other carriers may even have a 12 MP camera instead of the current 8 MP camera.

Plus, the previous rumor stated that Verizon would “probably” be getting the Lumia 900, and Sprint will “possibly” join in on the action too!

Windows Phone 8 rumors: Nokia prepping PureView and QWERTY devices, Lenovo and Asus to join the game

His self-appointed retirement from leaking Microsoft rumors later this month is apparently not stopping the MS Nerd from revealing some new tidbits concerning the upcoming Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” release in a series of tweets today.

He sheds some light onto Nokia’s WP8 devices, which will include a PureView flagship (albeit with the Nokia N8′s 12 megapixel sensor) with a ClearBlack 1280×720 display destined for Verizon, and a QWERTY landscape-slider with a traditional 4″ WVGA display set to arrive on Sprint. The rather interesting part here, however, is the chip these devices are supposed to be running on: the MSM8960, part of the Snapdragon S4 family. For readers unfamilar with Qualcomm’s product range, the S4 is the second generation dual-core Snapdragon that can also be found Android devices such as the AT&T version of the HTC One X; despite only sporting two cores, its CPU performance is actually comparable to – if not better than – the quad-core Tegra 3 from Nvidia, whereas its GPU performance falls short.

As for the other two major US carriers, MS Nerd claims that T-Mobile will get an HTC device for launch while AT&T is getting two Samsung devices.

Regarding hardware partnerships, Lenovo and ASUS are said to be joining the likes of Nokia, HTC and Samsung as Windows Phone OEMs, whereas there’s “no sign” of LG, Dell or Acer. Considering the latters’ spotty track record – LG’s refurbishing of a first-gen device under a designer brand name, Dell’s failed execution of what seemed to be a great portrait slider, and Acer’s low-end second-gen offering – that doesn’t seem entirely unlikely, although we would still take this with a grain of salt. On the other hand, the notion of Lenovo and ASUS as new hardware partners is much more plausible and corroborates earlier rumors.

So, what do our readers make of this? Is the strategy of seperate flagship devices for each US carrier sustainable?

Source: MS_Nerd (Twitter), (2), (3), (4)

Nokia Lumia 805 render leaked, but is it real? (UPDATE: no, it’s fake)

Update: Chinese reader ?? claims in the comments that this is a fake – he says that he came up with the idea, and then someone else created this image in Photoshop. So, nothing to see here, folks!

A new image showing the Nokia Lumia 805 has leaked in a Chinese forum. The original poster there claims that the Lumia 805, which shares much of its design with the Symbian-powered Nokia X7, comes with a 3.9″ ClearBlack AMOLED display, 16 GB of internal storage, the same 1450 mAh battery as the Lumia 800, and a 12 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash.

While we can only speculate at this point, this new device, if indeed real, would most probably be introduced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. Earlier rumors have suggested that Nokia might launch two new Windows Phones there – we can be fairly certain that an international version of the Nokia Lumia 900 is going to make the cut, which still leaves room for one other device. Another Chinese site reported the existence of a Lumia 730 last week, which is clearly positioned between the 710 and 800. However, if this 805 had a 12 megapixel camera, it would make sense for the international 900, being the flagship device, to receive one as well – which may or may not be the case.

Furthermore, even though this design doesn’t look bad and would continue the trend of recycling old Symbian models as Windows Phones (which is definitely a reasonable strategy for now), it doesn’t fit in with the design direction Nokia has been taking since the N9, Lumia 800, and 900.

What do our readers think? Is the Nokia Lumia 805 real or fake?

Source: Baidu Forums, via Pocketnow

Rumor: Focus S has 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage

According to an anonymous tip we received from an AT&T employee, the upcoming Samsung Focus S will have 16 and 32 GB options for storage, 1 GB of RAM, and no SD expansion slot.

GSMArena’s specs website matches this information, which adds to the validity of these leaked details. When we questioned our anonymous tipster, he claimed that he did not leak the information to GSMArena, implying that another employee from Samsung or AT&T must have leaked the same information, which would only reinforce the rumor. Nevertheless, this is only a rumor at this point and until we have further confirmations such as leaked pictures of spec sheets or other evidence, Windows Phone fans should take this with a grain of salt.

The Samsung Focus S is an upcoming Windows Phone with a 4.3” S-AMOLED Plus screen, HSPA+ data speeds, and a 1.4 GHz single-core processor. The phone has an 8-megapixel rear camera, a front-facing camera, gyro sensor, and is only 8.5 mm thick. The phone will be coming to the United States through AT&T in Q4 2011. The Focus S currently does not have an Omnia sibling. Full specs…

Nokia 900 (Ace) Specs Revealed?

The Nokia Blog just received a picture of what seems to be an official specs sheet for the rumored Nokia 900 (Ace). If the rumored specs are true, the Nokia 900 will be by far the most impressive Windows Phone yet.

These specs confirm the previously rumored 1.4 GHz single-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, and large 1800 mAh battery. The more impressive and new specs include 1 GB of RAM (which the Nokia Sabre is also rumored to have), and either 16 or 32 GB of storage space, making this the first Windows Phone to have 32 GB of storage. The screen is also a ClearBlack AMOLED display according to the picture, which is basically equal to Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens. Also, if the picture is true, the Nokia 900 will have NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

The Nokia 900 (Ace) is rumored to be released Q1 2012 on AT&T. Other country release dates are currently unknown. Full specs…

Dell Venue Pro + Mango = September 20?

Good news Dell Venue Pro users! Mango is coming officially on the Dell Venue Pro.

Dell has insisted, much like other Microsoft OEMs, that the Mango OS will be pushed out to current devices on September 20. Usually, Dell has a pretty good track record of releasing updates on Tuesdays (Nodo, firmware, Microsoft Security update). Combined with the other musings about Windows Phone Mango updates coming in mid September , the rumored release date gains some face validity. But to be safe, put the release date in the rumor folder because delays do happen

But if you really want to see a Dell Venue Pro running Mango, one has been spotted at IFA 2011. Take a look at the video provided by Moobilux .

Ready to run Windows Phone Mango update on your Dell Venue Pro officially? Let us know!

Thanks Jesse for the tip!

Microsoft to buy Skype for $7 Billion?: Update – Apparently confirmed

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is close to striking an agreement with Skype Technoligies SA worth more than $7 Billion, and could be announcing a deal as early as Tuesday morning.

This deal would rank at the top, or near the top of the largest Microsoft aquisitions in the company’s history.  It could also be considered one of their biggest risks.

Microsoft + Skype could bring about some really interesting combinations, like Kinect Video Chat.  There is already a Skype client coming for Windows Phone 7, so it is unknown what advantage this might have in the phone market.  Certainly, some more integration into the core-services of the Windows Phone OS could be coming, but how that looks, we’ll have to wait and see.

VIA: This Is My Next

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

Update: Kara Swisher from AllthingsD claims the deal is confirmed, and would total $8.5 billion as Microsoft is also assuming all of Skype’s debts. Skype was valued at 2.75 billion in 2009, making it a very high premium for the companies 660 million + users.

Speculation is that this is mainly  a defensive move against Google and Facebook acquiring the headlining cross-platform VOIP app, but it is not clear how Microsoft intends to integrate the Peer to Peer technology with its own Live services.


LG Optimus 7 coming to Orange UK?

The LG Optimus 7 may or may not be the GW910 (“Panther”) or the E900 pictured above.

Whilst the LG Optimus 7 probably won’t be sporting Tegra 2 as indicated here, it probably is coming to Orange UK.

From what I’ve heard, Orange UK are probably launching the LG Optimus 7 ("but not by that name" as my contact said). Orange UK have previously state strong support for WP7, and since it’s part of Everything Everywhere, I guess T-Mobile might be getting it to.

Anyone interested in carrier subsidised device, or are people more interested in SIM free devices?

Major fail – HTC Touch HD only to be available on Orange UK

Tracyandmatt.com is reporting on a rumour that the HTC Touch HD will be available exclusively only on the Orange network in UK. As yet they do not have any confirmation, but they consider their informant to be a reliable source.

Orange has always been an active supporter of Windows Mobile, but has long been the network I love to hate. They are the only major network without an unlimited data plan, and have actually increased their data rates recently.

Suffice to say that while I would love to use a Touch HD, I would never use Orange, and if the device is really exclusive to Orange HTC has just lost a sale.

Read more at TracyandMatt.com