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Leak reveals new WP8.1 GDR1 features, including NTP support


We ran a poll a few weeks ago asking if the clocks on the Windows Phones of our readers were accurate, and more than 30% agreed that theirs were running slow.

It seems Microsoft was listening, as they are already working on a solution, according to a leak via NokiaPowerUser.com.

According to their information WP8.1 GDR1, the next minor version of the OS, will support Network Time Protocol, when Network Identity and Time Zone, the carrier’s time system, is not working.

Their leak also reveals support for WXXGA (800×1280) resolution by the use of black bars, the ability to activate Cortana from the phone kit in the car by giving it a phone book entry ( a much needed capability) and also Dual-SIM capability with both GSM + CDMA networks.

We have also of course heard earlier GDR1 will feature new folders and Voice over LTE support.

It appears GDR1 is shaping up to be a rather solid upgrade.  It is already being discussed with OEMs, and is expected to hit the market in the August time frame.

Microsoft apparently wants Windows Phone to be “a better Android than Android”


Peter Bright AKA Dr Pizza from Ars Technica has added some corroboration to Tom Warren’s claim that Microsoft is working on bringing Android apps to Windows Phone.

Posting on Twitter he said the combined OS he dubbed “Windows PhOS/2ne” after OS/2, an IBM OS which could run Windows apps, was “real and real stupid.”

I seems Windows Phone users should prepare for Android apps coming to Windows Phone as a real eventuality.

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Tom teases exploding Tiles


Tom Warren, senior Verge Editor, has posted the above picture, saying enigmatically:


The picture is suggestive of the feature rumoured to come to the Nokia McLaren, which is supposed to feature 3D Touch, which would allow users to hover above a Live Tile and be presented with additional options, such as in the picture above to send a picture via Facebook or check in at a venue.

It is not clear if the image is real or a mock-up, but if real, would our readers like to have something like this on their phone? Let us know below.

“Nokia by Microsoft” branding may be fake


Tom Warren, presumably after checking with his sources, posted today that the Nokia Lumia 830 render with its “Nokia by Microsoft” inscription was in fact fake.

The render originated from China, and was seen as verification of evLeaks’s leak of the “Nokia by Microsoft” brand.

Lumia_830 render

There is clearly a very active hoaxter around, making all leaks, particularly from evLeaks, who appears to be targeted, very suspect. Of course even Tom’s anti-rumour may be fake.

Which brings us back to what we do know, which is that the Nokia Lumia 930 is going on sale this week, and that WP8.1 will be rolling out to all WP8 handsets over the next few months.  As to the rest …

Tom Warren: Android apps heading to Windows Phone

android apps on windows phone

The issue of Android apps on Windows Phone has once again raised its rather ugly head, with Senior Verge Editor Tom Warren  claiming that Microsoft is currently working on the technology.

The Verge itself claimed in February 2014 that Microsoft is working on bringing Android apps to Windows Phone, but noted it was extremely controversial,  with some believing it could lead to “the death of the Windows platform.”

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More details about the Nokia Lumia 1525 leaked

evleaksnl1525evLeaks is on a tear this morning, and has posted some more information of the rumoured Nokia Lumia 1525.

He has earlier revealed that the handset was coming to T-Mobile, and has now posted, as expected, that it will be an upgraded version of the Nokia Lumia 1520, but also revealed that the handset will feature an upgraded processor, the Snapdragon 801.

The Snapdragon 801 is the same processor as in the Galaxy S5, and it is good to see Windows Phone keep up with the joneses.

The SnapDragon 80 is slightly higher clocked than the SnapDragon 800, running at 2.3 and 2.5 Ghz vs 2.2 and 2.3 ghz.

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New Nokia Lumia 830 render touts 13 megapixel Pureview camera, “NOKIA by Microsoft” brand

Lumia_830 render

WindowsBlogItalia has found a new render of the recently leaked Nokia Lumia 830.

While we have not seen enough high quality pictures yet to verify that the handset is actually real, the render does offer some more information than the earlier leaks, including that the handset will have a 13 megapixel Pureview camera with Carl Zeiss lenses.

It also suggests  that the “NOKIA by Microsoft” branding rumour from evLeaks is in fact real.

Of course a render can never be seen as confirmation of anything, given that anyone with just a bit of skill can knock one up easily, so I will file this under tantalizing for now.

See the original leaked pictures of the NL 830, which is said to have a  4.5 inch screen and metal band ala the NL 930, here.

Side by Side Windows coming to Windows Phone


Mary Jo Foley reports that they next version of Windows Phone, Threshold, will bring a feature I know some readers have been demanding for some time.

According to her sources Windows Threshold, which unifies Windows Phone and Windows RT, and which is due in 2015, will work differently on different devices.

On non-touch devices the OS will act much like Windows 7, but on ARM touch devices like the Nokia Lumia range and possibly even x86 Atom devices there will in fact be no desktop.

She writes:

The combined Phone/Tablet SKU of Threshold won’t have a Desktop environment at all, but still will support apps running side-by-side, my sources are reconfirming. This “Threshold Mobile” SKU will work on ARM-based Windows Phones (not just Lumias), ARM-based Windows tablets and, I believe, Intel-Atom-based tablets.

Threshold is expected in 2015, with a public preview in fall 2014, and may be free to all devices.

Is this something our readers want? Let us know below.

Something “pretty amazing” is coming to Windows Phone

imageWe have all seen Windows Phone 8.1 and know what to expect over the coming months, but it seems there is still something exciting to look forward to.

According to Jerry Berg AKA  Barnacules Nerdgasm, who is a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft, and who appeared on  LockerGnome’s most recent Geek Lifestyles podcast, something “pretty amazing” is coming to Windows Phone.

He teased that “something is going to happen in the windows phone space which is going to upset the entire world across anything,” ending with “wait for it, its going to be pretty amazing.

Now I suspect he may be talking about the rumoured 3D Touch on the Nokia McLaren, which is said to be heading to the market in time for Holidays 2014 but it would of course also be pretty amazing if Microsoft has something else of the same level also brewing in their labs.

What feature do we think Jerry is talking about? Let us know your wishlist below.

evLeaks: Nokia Lumia brand may live on, replace Surface


nokia by microsoftevLeaks reports that Microsoft is attempting to license the Nokia brand, presumably for smartphones, so handsets can be called Nokia by Microsoft.

Apparently the Lumia brand, which Microsoft already owns, will also replace the Surface brand.

Microsoft can already use the Nokia brand for feature phones, ASHA handsets and Nokia X for 10 years, but was meant to drop the Nokia brand for smartphones within 18 months of the purchase of Nokia’s handset division, which closed in April.

The deal seems a pretty good move, with much of the success of Windows Phone happening where the Nokia brand is strong, but much of the future success of Windows Phone will depend on how well the handsets of the new swath of OEMs such as Micromax sell.

The move to dump the Surface brand seems less clearly beneficial, with Microsoft already having invested hundreds of millions in it, and Nokia not being particularly well know for their tablets.

What do our readers think of this move?

Nokia Vela, Athena and Libra on the way


evLeaks has just posted three new code names for what we can only assume to be new Microsoft handsets.

Of course the devices could run Asha, Nokia X or Windows Phone, but I expect at least one will be a new Windows Phone.

The news follows rumours of a number of other upcoming Windows Phones, including the Tesla, Superman, McLaren, Makepeace, Dempsey, Cityman and Talkman.

Read more detail about those handsets here.

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 to hit the market later this year

imageNeowin reports from an insider tip on the development of the latest versions of the Windows Phone software.

According to their sources Microsoft is currently dogfooding Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 for release later this year.

Neowin expects the actual content of the update will be released in the near future, either officially or via the leak route. With the vast majority of current WP8.1 users being beta testers, I wonder when Microsoft will release the software as a more general beta release to “developers” willing to risk the bleeding edge.

Read more about the Windows 9 side at Neowin here.

LG Trademark application hints at coming high end Windows Phone

LG Uni8 Windows PhoneLG-G-Prime-L-Prime-F-Prime-W-Prime-1

LG has been an on-again/off-again Windows Phone partner, though at present it is certainly off.

This may be about to change however, if a trademark application to the USPTO is any indication.

There LG asked for trademarks on the G Prime, F Prime, L Prime and W Prime.

LG already has a G, F and L series of Android handsets, and the Prime devices will probably be their high end successors.

It does however not have a W-series, but the initial would be prefect for the Windows Phone 8.1 handset which has already been rumoured for some time, including the render of the handset in May via evLeaks.

It would certainly be nice to see a Windows Phone with even half the specs of the LG G3, which has unique elements such as laser-powered auto-focus. Do our readers agree?

Via PhoneArena.com