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Windows Phone and Android on the rise in South Africa as Blackberry and iPhone tumble


South African carrier Vodacom has published their regular smartphone ownership stats for their network, and it reads as good news for Windows Phone.

The OS is making steady progress there, increasing by 35,000 users in the last 3 months, and 140,000 over the last 9 months.

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Microsoft reveals Nokia Lumia 630/635 and 930 “off to a good start” and Q2 2014 Lumia sales up Year on Year


While we have been pretty concerned that Q2 2014 sales were “disastrous” Microsoft revealed in their earnings call that things are not quite as bleak as they appear.

While Microsoft only sold 5.8 million handsets in the 65 days left in Q2 since the merger became official on the 25th April, Satya Nadella confirmed overall that sales were better in Q2 2014 than Q2 2013, saying:

But that said, we are even year-over-year basis seen increased volume for Lumia, it’s coming at the low end in the entry smartphone market and we are pleased with it. It’s come in many markets we now have over 10% that’s the first market I would sort of say that we need to track country-by-country.

That translates into at least 6.9 million shipments (Q2 2013’s volume) and if one merely extrapolate the numbers possibly as much as 8 million.

Satya also confirmed that the new range of Windows Phone 8.1 handsets are doing well, saying:

On phones, we saw a good early start to Lumia 630 and 635 as well as Lumia 930 especially in Europe

As to the future of Windows, he said

…the key places where we are going to differentiate is looking at productivity scenarios or the digital work and life scenario that we can light up on our phone in unique ways.


In the year ahead, we are investing in ways that will ensure our device OS and first party hardware aligned to our core.

With the new enterprise focus of Microsoft I suspect in the near term we will see more business-related features coming to Windows Phone, and of course in the medium term Windows and Windows Phone will merge next year.


AdDeals unveils figures, Square & Windows Phone Summer Challenge for Developers


Since AdDeals Network was launched six months ago, it has known a quite impressive and steady growth on the Windows Phone market and has become a leading performance based ad Network on this platform.

  • Hundreds of Windows phone developers use our tools every day.
  • Millions of Windows Phone apps integrating AdDeals advertising tools are downloaded every month.
  • AdDeals now allows all developers to integrate full screen ads & Square ads in a truly innovative way.
  • AdDeals is accessible to all developers. It’s about quality, choice and deals for end users, publishers & advertisers.

Today, we are happy to unveil our new ad format available to the whole Windows Phone developers community for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 & Unity. At Ahead Solutions we strive to provide great and different advertising tools that change the way people think of mobile advertising and will enhance the end user experience when integrated into Windows Phone apps & games. As a result we have built Square, a truly innovative ad format providing:

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AdDuplex data suggests the 80 million Windows Phone installed base number is wrong


AdDuplex has attempted to get an accurate view of the distribution of Windows Phone users worldwide, using a few apps which are distributed equally globally, and by eliminated apps which were strong only regionally and would therefore skew the results.

Above is their current best attempt, though they said they would continue to work to refine the data.

The numbers show USA is still the strongest Windows Phone market, followed by India and Brazil, and surprisingly Russia before Italy.

The percentages allow us to attempt to calculate the size of the Windows Phone market.  According to Comscore there are about 5.75 million Windows Phone users in USA, which is 11% of AdDuplex’s numbers, allowing us to calculate that there are around 52 million Windows Phone users.

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Latest Kantar numbers shows Windows Phone fading between launches

KANTAR-150Kantar has posted their latest market share numbers for the 3 months ending May 2014.

The numbers are a mixed bag,  but shows an overall decline likely related to the absence of any significant launches in the first half of 2014. In the EU5 countries Windows Phone has dropped to 8.1% of the market,  from highs of over 10% earlier in the year.  In US Windows Phone currently only holds 3.8% market share.

On the positive side however Windows Phone the OS still holds year on year gains in most markets except China and US, and we hope the new launches in June/July will help turn the numbers around.

See the full table after the break, and last month’s numbers here.

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IDC awards Windows Phone 4.6% of the Australian smartphone market in Q1 2014


The IDC reports that Q1 2014 was a quiet period in Australia, with a general reduction in the sales of all mobile phones, including a 20% drop in smartphone sales from the holiday quarter.

"The smartphone market in Q1 was subdued when the initial hype over Apple’s new iPhone 5s and 5c tapered off from last quarter. Consumers were also holding off their purchases in anticipation for the next wave of Galaxy S smartphones from Samsung, then rumoured to be in Q2," says IDC’s Senior Market Analyst, Amy Cheah.

Windows Phone itself was of course also between product waves, with no major new smartphones announced in Q1 (or frankly Q2) 2014 either.

The OS still managed to score 4.6% of the Australian smartphone market however, or 4% of the market including the ever shrinking feature phone market, which is now only 12% of the handset market there.

2014 Q1 Smartphone Operating System Share Australia  
Android 57.5%
BB OS 0.0%
iOS 37.9%
Windows Phone 4.6%

Only a total of 1.8 million smartphones were sold in Australia in Q1 2014, with Windows Phone making up 82,000 units of this small market.

While an increase from 3% to 4.6% is a bigger than 50% growth in market share, we hope an invasion of new, cheaper handsets in Q3 2014 will result in more significant growth.

See the IDC’s report here.


Are there 80 million Windows Phones out there?


The installed base of Windows Phones have always been a closely guarded secret by Microsoft.

After Apple announced 80 million Mac computers in use multiple Microsoft-friendly journalists, such as Ed Bott above, however noted this is the same installed base as Windows Phones.

The number seems a bit high however, and I would place it closer to 50-60 million, based on the last two years of sales of Windows Phones sales according to the IDC, but maybe Ed is quoting a statement made by Microsoft at some point.

Apple also announced more than 500 million iPhones sold, but of course not all of those iPhone 3GS are still in use.  With the Windows Phone installed base close to 20% of the iPhone base, should our platform be getting more attention?

Windows Phone holds 6% market share on Vodacom in South Africa, growing strongly


Carrier Vodacom in South Africa is unusual in regularly releasing statistics regarding market share of smartphones on their network.

In today’s release they revealed that they have 377,000 Windows Phones on their network, making up 6% of the 6.4 million smartphones on the carrier.

South Africa is still unusual in being dominated by Blackberry, but this is rapidly changing as sales drop and the number of devices in circulation decrease.

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Canalys awards Windows Phone 8.4 million shipments in Q1 2014


We have seen some wildly divergent numbers for Windows Phone sales in Q1 2014, including ABI Research, which estimated more than 13 million handsets.

UK market research company Canalys have now weighed in with their Q1 numbers, and for Windows Phone they are not half as rosy.

The company estimates 279.4 million smart phones were shipped in Q1 2014, representing growth of 29% on Q1 2013, but a decline of 5% on the seasonally strong Q4 2013.

81% (226.3 million) were Android devices, with iOS and Windows Phone accounting for 16% (44.7 million) and 3% (8.4 million) respectively.

China, the world’s largest smart phone market, accounted for 35% of shipments, substantially ahead of the US, which managed just 12%.

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Windows Phone on track to overtake iOS in Belgium says Microsoft


 Le Soir reports that, according to Microsoft Belgium, Windows Phone is about to overtake iOS in the Belgian smartphone market.

Speaking to the newspaper, Ervan Pouliquen, head of marketing and operations at Microsoft Belgium said Windows Phone held 12% market share in Belgium, close to the 19% iOS commanded.

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Windows Phone sales up but market share down in Russia


Russian publication Vedomosti reports on the latest smartphone sales number in Russia, which paints a variable picture of the OS there.

According to large retailer Euroset Windows Phone took 5% of smartphone sales in Q1 2014, down from 6% the same time last year.

In terms of value of sales, this also dropped from 7% to 5%.  According to head of the procurement department at Euroset, Alexei Shirokov, this was due to the collapse of high end Windows Phone sales in the 15,000 rubles + ($430) range. The cheaper segment however remained stable.

In terms actual volume of sales however Windows Phone is up in Russia, with sales increasing 20% YoY, said Maria Zaikina, a spokesperson for Coherent.

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ABI Research claims 13.27 million Windows Phones shipped in Q1 2014, we are dubious

abi research


ABI Research today published the results on their Q1 2014 shipment estimates.

As expected Android once again dominated the Q1 2014 shipment numbers for smartphones with 80% market share (including AOSP) of just under 300 million smartphones shipped in Q1 2014.

“Interestingly, basic mobile phones lost 5% market share and Android picked up almost all of these users, suggesting Android is set to gain almost all of the billions of mobile subscribers still upgrading to smartphones. Certainly, Android looks set to completely dominate the high growth developing markets and increase its market share still further,” said Nick Spencer, senior practice director, mobile devices.

For Windows Phone they claim steady progress with 16% sequential growth and an increase of 1% in market share.

“Microsoft Windows Phone is currently the only viable third ecosystem. BlackBerry has faded on all fronts (BlackBerry 10 and OS) and while Firefox remains a potential low-cost challenger, it has yet to make any significant impact,” added Spencer.

Apple’s iOS also achieved steady progress with 17% year-on-year growth, but growth is undoubtedly flattening and the iPhone 5c has done little to boost sales volumes.

These findings are part of ABI Research’s Smartphones and Handsets Market Research.

At 13.3 million Windows Phone shipments the numbers are where we want to be, but unfortunately, given Nokia’s recent comments, not what we expect it to be, with Nokia indicating shipments were less than the 8.2 million from Q4 2014.

Do our readers think we can safely dismiss these rather optimistic numbers? Let us know below.