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Hack brings Cortana’s Quiet Hours to Interop-unlocked Windows Phones


If you have a Windows Phone that can be Interop Unlocked like the Samsung ATIV S you do just about anything, including it appears porting features from Cortana to your handset.

WIndowsMania.pl reports that a hack is now available which will allow you to bring select features from Cortana, in this case Quiet Hours, to the Samsung ATIV S.

On their site they include a package of files and the procedure for activating it on your handset, but note you need a handset with full access to the file system, only available with Interop Unlocked devices, and also that the hack is optimised for Polish users at present.

Cortana is expected to roll out to UK and China soon, but will likely hit the rest of the world only in 2015.

Read more about it at WindowsMania.pl here.

Virtual navigation buttons enabled on the Samsung Ativ S

There’s quite a lot of advantages to having a fully unlocked Windows Phone, such as the Samsung ATIV S.

One of those is being able to edit the registry, which is how WindowsMania.pl managed to enable the Virtual Navigation Buttons on the Samsung ATIV S.

The key involved is:

  • Enter SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Shell \ NavigationBar
  • Enter SoftwareModeEnabled
  • Read, type a new value of 1 and save addition, you can change the values ??in
  • IsAutoHideEnabled
  • Color
  • IsSwipeUpToHideEnabled at your discretion.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a Samsung ATIV S read full instructions at WindowsMania.pl here.

Registry edit brings network activity indicator to the Samsung ATIV S


The Samsung ATIV S is a thoroughly rooted Windows Phone, so it is no surprise the handset has been the subject of numerous hacks.

The latest is to bring the new and elusive network activity indicator, which will only be available on some carriers with Lumia Black, to the handset.

It turns out it only takes a simple Registry Edit to activate the feature.

  • Enter Software \ Microsoft \ Shell \ OEM \ SystemTray
  • Enter DataActivity
  • Read, type a new value of 1 and save

I suspect the openness to being hacked will ensure the longevity of the handset long after most Lumia 920’s are retired.

See many more ATIV S hacks at WindowsMania.pl here.

File Explorer for hacked Samsung ATIV S in the works

wp_ss_20131024_0003One of the most requested features of Windows Phone is a file explorer which would allow users to directly access and manipulate files on their phone.

If you have a Samsung ATIV S, which due to a Samsung-induced vulnerability has now been fully interop unlocked, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Hjc4869 on XDA-Developers is developing a file explorer for the device which can already move, copy and delete files, and importantly open files from the memory card, including opening video files stored on the card.

To get the XAP on your phone you need an unlocked handset and the XAP, which can be downloaded from this XDA-Developers thread here.

Are our Lumia-using readers finally envious of Samsung ATIV S owners? Let us know below.

Thanks Justin for the tip.

Registry hack brings 3 column live tiles to the Samsung ATIV S


The Samsung ATIV S is now wide open to hackers, and XDA-Dev members are having a lot of fun messing with the Windows Phone operating system.

The latest hack reveals that the 3 column live tile home screen works pretty well on 720P screens.

Simply by going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\Software \ Microsoft \ Shell \ OEM \ Start  and changing ScreenSize to 1 you too can have a home screen like the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1520.

Unless a hack is found which transfers the Samsung’s vulnerability to Lumia handsets it is unlikely we will ever see these on those handsets, but it is fun to see exactly what is possible.

Read more about the hack at XDA-Developers here.

Via WindowsMania.pl

First Windows Phone 8 Custom ROM for the Samsung ATIV S released

wp_ss_20130404_0001 untitled1

Samsung has managed to break Windows Phone 8’s security with a flawed Diagnostics apps, and now we are seeing the results in the first Custom WP8 ROM.

The ROM, released by -W_O_L_F-, is unlocked and Interop Unlocked, meaning just about any app can be loaded on it, and has some desirable features including:

  • Unlock / Interop Unlock / Relock prevent
  • Volume limit disabled
  • No pre-pinned tiles of Samsung apps
  • Some of Samsung apps removed
  • Full access to APNs and Internet Sharing
  • Two extra search providers: Yandex and Google. Both can launch its app from search key (if app is installed). Here’re those apps: Yandex, Google.

The ROM can be flashed using standard stock flasher.

If you want a bit more control over your phone and can put up with the inevitable bugs, not to mention voiding your warranty, head over to XDA-Developers to read more.

Via Windowsmania.pl

Fully unlocked Samsung ATIV S gets custom SMS notifications


One of the features Windows Phone users have been asking for for a long time is custom SMS notifications.

While Samsung ATIV S users may not have access to all of Nokia latest greatest exclusive software it seems there are still some advantages to owning one of Samsung’s few Windows Phone handsets.

The Samsung ATIV S has been fully Interop Unlocked due to a flaw in a Samsung Diagnostics app, meaning the hackers in XDA-Developers have been able to take matters in their own hands.

Now XDA-Dev members have developed two methods of setting their own notification sounds. AlvinPhilemon  has found the registry keys needed to point to his own wma’s, while Silvestro1 has found a way to add his own sounds to the list offered in the settings menu.

Both hacks require:

1. Interop Unlock
2. Registry Editor (use SamWP8 Tools)
3. Full File System Access (use SamWP8 Tools)
4. Your Notification sound (mp3-, wav- and wma-format)

Read more about the procedure here and here.

Samsung ATIV S interop unlocked, can now run unsigned apps


An XDA-Dev Hacker Good Day to Die has managed to finally succeed in Interop Unlocking his Samsung ATIV S.

The hack relies on a vulnerability introduced by the Samsung Diagnostics app, meaning it is not yet transferable to other handsets, but of course the XDA-Dev hackers are hard at work trying to extend the crack in the Windows Phone defences.

Theoretically the hack will allow hackers to run unlimited number of pirated apps, but the hack also allows developers to access part of the operating system and APIs normally reserved only for Microsoft and its OEMs.

Read more about the hack at XDA-Dev here.

Via WindowsPhoneHacker.com

GDR2 now rolling out to Samsung ATIV S handsets in Canada


Right on cue and as predicted a week ago, the Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update has started rolling out to Bell and Telus customers in Canada.

From the changelog above Samsung ATIV users can expect:

  • Improved Battery Life
  • Bluetooth: Increase maximum allowed size of incoming files, improve the speed of tile transfer to the device.
  • Camera and Photo improvements allow quicker photo capture and better review experience.
  • General Improvements to the Maps application.
  • Various SMS and MMS improvements
  • Datasense feature reduces data usage by optimising web content.

Have any of our readers received the update yet? Let us know below.

GDR2 for Samsung ATIV S on Bell changelog leaked, coming 5th August


The GD2 Windows Phone update for the Samsung ATIV S on Bell is just about ready to roll out, and we have had a tipster send us the official changelog for the software.

The changelog reveals a number of improvements we have not seen mentioned before on other devices, including:

  • Improved Battery Life
  • Bluetooth: Increase maximum allowed size of incoming files, improve the speed of tile transfer to the device.
  • Camera and Photo improvements allow quicker photo capture and better review experience.
  • General Improvements to the Maps application.
  • Various SMS and MMS improvements

In addition Datasense will be available on Bell and also offer data compression.

The update was meant to start rolling out today, but our tipster also informed us it will be delayed to the 5th August.

Are any of our Canadian readers anxiously waiting for the software update? Let us know below.

Windows Phone GDR2 update pushed out to unbranded Samsung ATIV S


WPArea.de reports that the Samsung ATIV S may be the first device to have the GDR 2 Windows Phone update pushed out to it, as a user in Germany has reported receiving the 8.0.10327.77 update on their unbranded Samsung ATIV S today.

The build version is the same as on the Nokia Lumia 925, which ships with the update in place already, but of note is that it lacks the Datasense feature and also the FM Radio function.

Of course the vast majority of Windows Phones 8 handsets are Nokia’s, and they are expecting a fuller update than the meagre GDR2 update promises with Nokia Amber.

Have any of our readers received the same update today? Let us know below.

Ting dates Sprint’s Windows Phone 8 handsets to “late June or early July”

imageSprint MVNO Ting has been saying for some time that they will be offering two Windows Phone handsets in the summer, and Sprint has also announced they will be releasing a Windows Phone handset from HTC and Samsung in the same period.

On their blog Ting has now helping narrow down the time scales for the release of these two handsets, writing:

We’re still on track to offer Windows Phone devices from Samsung and HTC in late June early July, at or very nearly the same time as Sprint offers them up.

The two devices are expected to be the mid-range HTC Tiara and a variation of the Samsung ATIV S.

We can therefore expect two Windows Phones to arrive on Sprint and Ting within around 4-6 weeks.  Are our readers excited? Let us know below.

Via WPC.

Mugen Power offers 4800 mAh extended battery for the Samsung ATIV S

One of the advantages of having a removable battery is the ability to replace it with a larger, extended version.

hli-i8750xl_1Mugen Power is now offering a massive 4800 mAh extended battery for the Samsung ATIV S, which more than doubles the regular 23000 mAh capacity and would mean you will never have to worry about running out of power, no matter how hard you work your phone.

The battery, which significantly increases the thickness of the device, also comes with a new back.

The accessory costs $89.50 and will be shipping on the 7th June. 

Read more at Mugen here.

Thanks Mika for the tip.