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OMPASS – new Digital Compass software for the Samsung Omnia 2

Omniano developer Sheon has used the newly released Samsung Omnia SK 2.0 to develop the first independently developed Digital Compass application for the smartphone.

Omniano is currently the most downloaded application in the Omnia application store, and the developer is likely hoping for the same outcome for this app, which is currently being polished for release.

Unlike with HTC hardware, Samsung developers do not need to reverse engineer the sensors and develop their own SDK, which may give Samsung a competitive advantage due to better support from 3rd party developers.

Read this XDA-Developer thread for more info.

Via Pocketnow.com

Two Samsung Omnia 2 UI videos

Here are two videos of the Samsung Omnia 2 ToucWiz UI in action. The 800 Mhz processor clearly shows its power is smooth animations and Youtube video playback.

In this video the rather annoying presenter shows how to enable and disable the TouchWiz interface, and along the way also demonstrated Samsung’s program launcher, which seems pretty good, with the ability to smoothly re-arrange the icons, something which is sadly missing from TouchFlo3D.

GSM Samsung Omnia 2 with AT&T bands pass through FCC!!

thumb_350_Omnia II FCC Well, here is some great news!  We thought earlier there was no chance a GSM Samsung Omnia 2 would come to USA, but it seems Samsung had a surprise for us. CellPhoneSignal noticed a AT&T banded Samsung Omnia Pro trying to sneak through the FCC under the code name GTI 8000L.  The device comes with the full complement of other radios such as WIFI and Bluetooth, and that’s about all that can be concluded from the documentation.

Of course the question still remains of AT&T will pick up this amazing iPhone competitor – something tells me no, but who knows, and we should know soon enough.

Via WMExperts.com