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Verizon Samsung Omnia 2 gets stealth ROM update

One of the most successful Windows Mobile Phones, the Samsung Omnia 2, has quietly received a ROM update on Verizon.

The DG21 ROM brings the following new features:

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile AKU Update to 5.0.93.
  • Qualcomm updates applied to improve overall quality
  • Samsung WidgetPlus is updated
  • Various Updates and Improvements have been made to the User Interface.
  • Preloaded Facebook app updated to v1.1.0.17.

Some users are reporting standard widget downloads no longer install, but that performance is further improved.

Find the download at Samsung here.

Via Phonenews.com

Samsung Omnia 2 DLNA feature demoed, explains why it never caught on

Most of Samsung’s smartphones are Digital Living Network Alliance enabled, meaning pictures and video can be shared with similarly equipped devices, such as PC’s or TVs.

Unfortunately, as this above video official Samsung video, using the Samsung Omnia 2  shows, the process is pretty convoluted, on both the phone and TV side.

Do I readers agree the technology is ripe for simplification? Let us know below.

Official Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ROM coming soon for the Samsung Omnia 2?

Official Samsung Omnia-2 WM 6.5.3 ROM

HDBlog.it reports on what appears to be an impeding release of an official Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ROM update for the Samsung Omnia 2.

So far multiple official beta ROMs have leaked, the latest being build JE1, which features the updated OS, and is apparently pretty speedy, and has the full complement of Samsung software.

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 brings improved gesture support to the OS which should make the use of touch-screen only devices such as the Omnia 2 significantly easer.

The ROM (in Italian) can be downloaded from the HDBlog forums here.

Are any of our readers using this software? Let us know your experience below.

Samsung signs up Lamar Odom for new Samsung Omnia 2 push

Samsung Mobile is launching a new campaign to promote the Samsung Omnia 2 on Verizon.

The campaign, which features celebrity athlete Lamar Odom, started on 3/18 and is airing during the College Basketball Championships via local CBS stations and websites.

“Samsung Mobile found Lamar Odom a natural fit for our ad featuring the premium capabilities of the Samsung Omnia II with Swype technology for faster texting. Lamar is a remarkable athlete who is on the rise, just like the Samsung Mobile brand,” said Paul Golden, chief marketing officer, Samsung Mobile. “The College Basketball Championships attract a diverse audience and one which we think will appreciate all of the smartphone features the Omnia II has to offer.”

In the spot Odom will showcase the capabilities of the mobile phone, including its bright screen and fast speeds, as well as the Swype technology it comes bundled with.

Read more at RBR.com here.

Samsung Omnia 2 and Swype set a Guinness World Record for the fastest-ever text message on a touch screen mobile phone

Swype has been adding a lot of fans, and comes shipped as default on the Verizon Samsung Omnia 2.  Franklin Page, a recent Swype hire, must also have liked it very much, as he managed to break the Guinness World Record for texting speed on a touch screen smartphone using the SIP.

He wrote the phase "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human." in only  35.54 seconds

The above video features Page and the Samsung Omnia 2 in action.

Paul Golden, chief marketing officer for Samsung Tele-communications America, stated, "Samsung Mobile is proud to be the first handset manufacturer to bring innovations like Swype to market. We knew that Swype made touch screen texting faster and easier and setting a new Guinness World Record is an exciting way to show what the technology can really do."

Read more at WindowsforDevices here.

Are you a fan of Swype on the Samsung Omnia 2? Let us know below.

Zenitum shows of marker-less augmented reality on a Samsung Omnia 2

Korean company Zenitum has shown of an improved version if augmented reality that allows the company to dispose of the ubiquitous back and white markers one normally associates with the technology.

Able to recognize features on a scene directly, this also allows for depth perception using only a single camera,  and allows for more natural interaction with the scene.

In the above demo a Samsung Omnia 2 is being used to animate a figure climbing a keyboard, demonstrating not only 2D but also a 3 dimensional perception of the space.

Read more about the technology at Zenitum here.

Samsung smartphones now come with a free copy of NDrive SatNav software

Clove’s blog has just announced that, for a limited time, all Samsung Omnia devices will come with a free copy of the excellent-looking NDrive GPS Navigation software for UK and Ireland, worth around £50, preloaded on a 8GB microSD card.

Some great features of the software are:

  • image3D aerial photo integration, better than Google – Reality View – See your route as it actually appears with real photos!
  • Video quality graphics makes the fastest software in the market
  • Simple and easy to use with gesture recognition
  • Community features
  • Location based services
  • Faster search system
  • Special Routing for pedestrian and Adventure modes

Supported devices include the Samsung Omnia 2, Samsung Omnia Pro, Omnia Lite, with prices ranging from £195 to £305 for the Omnia 2, which is excellent value.

Read more about this excellent deal at Clove here.

Chinese Samsung Omnia 2 shown, features more useful cube button


WindowsPhoneReview.com drew our attention to these pictures of the Chinese version of the Samsung Omnia 2, the Samsung i1810C.

The handset retains all the great features of the Samsung Omnia 2, including the great 3.7 inch AMOLED screen, and in addition supports China’s home-grown  TD-SCDMA 3G standard.

Interestingly one of the areas the handset does differ is the “cube” button, which is much broader here and seems to support 2 functions, back and another.

See more at Zol.com.cn

Via WindowsPhoneReview.com, thanks Amrita for the tip.

Swype tutorial published

Swype has published this tutorial to show how to work their innovative keyboard, currently shipping on the Samsung Omnia 2 . The video gives a good idea of the actions involved, and despite the apparent complexity of its use, user reports are surprisingly good, both on the Windows Mobile and Android handsets where the software has found a home.

If you want to give it a try and do not have an Omnia 2, this Google search may be useful.

For more tips and tricks on its use, read Swype’s page here.

Cool new graphical lock screen for the Samsung Omnia 2

[flv:http://mobile.prompt.co.kr/lock/yellowman/yellowman.flv 620 380]

In Korea, where the Samsung Omnia 2 is a pretty big deal, Prompt has developed some pretty cool graphical lock screens for the device.

The software comes with 4 interfaces, and only works on the Omnia 2.

It features:

  • The device sensor senses the movement of the device and changes the background accordingly.
  • The 3D background also changes according to the time of the day.
  • By simply tilting the device back, the screen shows missed calls, messages, or mail information received while it is locked.
  • When the user touches the screen, animation changes according to the applied theme.
  • Touching the screen long enough unlocks the device.

The video above shows the Yellow man, but 3 further screens, including Butterfly and Hummingbird are available.

To add some more fun to your Omnia 2 visit WMSkins here for the download links.

Samsung App store expands to more countries


Samsung Apps store has now expanded from UK to many more countries.

Now Germany, Singapore, Brazil and China , France and Italy will be able to get access to games and applications like Guitar Hero from Mobile Bus, Need for Speed from Electronic Arts, Spiderman from Gameloft and other big names, all localized to their language.

From mid-February, the Samsung Store will come preinstalled on devices sold in Germany and Singapore.  To add the store to a current device visit samsungmobile.com and download the client there.

Read more at GSMArena here.

CES: Samsung’s TV/Phone connection software shown off

At CES Samsung has recently shown off their smart TV’s which features the ability to to play games on your TV by using your phone as a controller.

In this video it shows the phone being used to display the cards being held by each person in a game of Blackjack.

Unfortunately they do not show the user interface closely, but it is certainly a nifty feature which may predispose a Samsung TV owner to buy a Samsung phone or vice versa.