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Samsung to release a maintenance update that brings WIFI tethering to the Samsung Omnia W

Its very good to hear stories of on-going support for Windows Phone 7.8 handsets.

The Samsung Omnia W in Italy recently received the Windows Phone 7.8, but owners were disappointed to note it did not include WIFI tethering, a feature that Samsung had promised was coming.

WindowsPhoneItaly looked into this issue, and received this statement from the company:

"We can confirm that the upgrade to version 7.8 for Omnia W is issued directly from Microsoft does not include tethering. Similarly, confirm, however, that we are already working on a Maintenance Release that includes this feature and will be available in the coming weeks. "

The statement makes an interesting reference to Windows Phone 7.8 being issued directly by Microsoft, as had been previously rumoured, and despite the update coming via OEMs and carriers it may still have required a lot more intervention by Microsoft than we suspected.

It is also of course good to hear Samsung continuing to support their users, especially in Italy where Windows Phone has been doing quite well.

Read more at WindowsPhoneItaly here.

Telstra Support confirms WP7.8 for end of January, but some handsets will have to wait till March


Telstra is relatively open about their update schedule, and have posted this table giving information about the impending Windows Phone 7.8 update.

As expected, the Nokia Lumia 800 update will go into testing soon, and should start rolling out on the 31st January.

The status for the other handsets are however a bit more iffy, with testing and update dates for the HTC Titan, HTC HD7 and Samsung Omnia W still to be confirmed. At least the handsets are on the list however, with expected availability being late February or Early March.

The dates confirm O2 UK’s statement, who said the Nokia Lumia 800 update will be released at the end of January, and O2 Germany, who has confirmed the same date for the Nokia Lumia 710.

O2-WP78 twitter-7.8-o2de

It seems Nokia handsets will likely be the first to benefit from the update before it is seen on other devices, possibly because they have given the customization of the software a higher priority.

Thanks Clyde for the tip.

Samsung Omnia W will get WIFI tethering with Windows Phone 7.8 update

WindowsPhoneItaly have been speaking to Samsung Italy and have some good news to share with Samsung Omnia W owners.

They report Samsung saying the roll-out to Windows Phone 7.5 owners of the updated software is now only waiting on Microsoft, and that the update will also bring WIFI tethering to the Samsung Omnia W, a feature that has been missing for a while.

They said:

“The release of new updates (like updating to Windows Phone 7.8) is programmed with timing dictated directly by Microsoft. 
When you choose to provide this update, we will also implement the function of tethering Omnia W “.

WP Italy checked again with Samsung support regarding WIFI tethering and they confirmed: “We are working to implement it in the new update.”

WIFI tethering is extra gravy on the Windows Phone 7.8 update, which already brings start screen and lock screen improvements to current 7.5 owners, especially since Samsung owners will not get the extra Nokia apps such as Bluetooth file sharing.

Via WindowsPhoneItaly.com, image via Unwired.net.

Telstra Samsung Omnia W being End of Life’d soon



Filed under the “That was quick” department, WPDownUnder reports that Telstra will be discontinuing the Samsung Omnia W soon, a mere 6 months after the release of the handset.

The handset is no longer available on Telstra’s consumer online store, with potential buyers needing to call via the business phone sales line – or shop in-store for any remaining units.

The move epitomizes the short life cycle phones have with carriers these days. Fortunately despite End of Life’d Telstra is still expected to provide updates, as they have done in the past with other discontinued Windows Phones.

It however suggests Microsoft needs to take more responsibility for updates on handsets (as we believe will happen with Windows Phone 8) so that at least OS updates are independent of carriers and OEMs, just like we expect on PCs.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Tango causing battery problems for the Samsung Omnia W?

Battery Stats Omnia W

Windows Blog Italia is reporting that their Samsung Omnia W is having some issues with the Windows Phone Tango update.

They report that since the update the phone has difficulty making it to the afternoon especially when used on 3G, with EDGE proving less of a battery drain.

Their battery performance, as measured by the Battery Status app, saw the battery level at 4% at around 17:00 while on the EDGE the handset still had 8% at 21:00 the next day.

They report before the Tango update the phone routinely had 20% battery left over on 3G by 23:00, which they considered reasonable performance.

Restoring back to Mango unfortunately did not restore the updated firmware back to normal, and did not solve the issue.

Have any 0f our readers experienced the same problem post Tango? Let us know below.

Read more at Windows Blog Italia here.

Samsung Omnia W gets Tango in India, Focus S gets it on AT&T

image[4]Talking about the Samsung Omnia W, the handset, which has been a relatively good seller in India has started receiving the Windows Phone Tango update there, taking the OS up to version 7.10.8773.98, according to India-based reader Arjun.

Further afield, AT&T, a well known laggard when it comes to OS updates, have also started rolling out the software update to the Samsung Focus S, according to Jeff, who also just updated his handset.

Jeff also notes that the update also came with a small firmware update specifically for the device.

Thanks Arjun and Jeff for the tips.

Samsung Omnia W permanently discontinued on Flipkart.com


The Samsung Omnia W, a relatively good seller on Flipkart in India, appears to have been permanently discontinued there.

At present the reasons are not clear, but the explanation ominously says:

When is an item Permanently Discontinued?
This product is no longer available on Flipkart because it’s obsolete and/or production for it has been discontinued.

With the very similar Samsung Omnia M being launched in China yesterday it may simply be a case of Samsung replacing one product with another. That handset has however not popped up on Flipkart yet, leaving us guessing at the moment.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Samsung Omnia W shows up in Swedish movie

Windows Phones are starting show up rather casually in movies in Scandinavian countries.  For once its not Nokia however, but it seems Samsung which sponsored this product placement.

In this trailer of the new Hamilton movie we see the appearance of the Samsung Omnia W, with its video calling app in action, playing a pivotal part in the movie.

With Windows phone having a decent market share in the North of Europe, hopefully we will see more and more casual appearances of Windows Phones without anyone having to pay for it.

Thanks John for the tip.

Deal Alert: Samsung Omnia W dropping down to only €199,90 in Italy


WindowsPhoneItaly is reporting that the Samsung Omnia W will see a big price drop tomorrow at Italian online store UniEuro.com.

The handset will be discounted from €299,90 to €199,90, which is a pretty steep discount for a very nice Windows Phone.

The Samsung Omnia W has a 3.7 inch AMOLED screen, 1.4 Ghz processor, 8 GB storage and a 5 megapixel camera plus a front-facing camera, making it every bit as good as the HTC Radar, and in many ways better than the Nokia Lumia 710 and other Windows Phones in the price range.

Do any current users of the handset want to weigh in with their experience of the handset? Let us know below.

The deal can be seen at UniEuro.com here.

Samsung India creates Windows Phone themed mobile cricket site to promote Samsung Omnia W


In some parts of the world cricket is a religion, and to take advantage of this fervour Samsung India has asked Affle to create a mobile website, The Cricket Hub, to promote the Samsung Omnia W.

Sankalp Mehrotra, regional director, business development, Affle, says, "With the launch of The Cricket Hub, we are confident of creating, nurturing and sustaining an interesting platform for all cricket fans by offering them an inside view of an exciting off-the-field cricket action."

The site is Metro-themed, with what appears to be live tiles, and features trivia, news bites, live score and contests.  The site also highlights Samsung Omnia W and Windows Phone features, such as ‘Spotlight’, ‘My hub’, ‘Avatar Stories’, ‘Live Score’ and ‘Leadboard’ and is targeted not just at current Windows Phone owners, but at other smartphone browsers like those using Blackberries, hopefully convincing them to upgrade to a Windows Phone.

Asim Warsi, vice-president, Samsung India, explains, "Mobile has become a key medium of consumption for consumers to meet their information and entertainment needs. Hence, it is an important platform for us to engage with them. Cricket Hub is an appropriate medium to give our unique Window’s Phone experience and exciting cricket content on the user’s mobile."

The site can be found at  m.thecrickethub.com .

Read more at afaqs.com.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Samsung Omnia W gets 15% price drop in India

WithWindows reports that the Samsung Omnia W, which previously retailed in India for more than Rs. 18,299 , is now available on Flipkart for as little as Rs. 15200.

They speculate the reason for the drop is the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 710, which had been undercutting the Samsung Omnia W.

Of course even Rs. 15200 is still a lot of money in India, but rumours of a Tango-powered Nokia Lumia 601 should bring even lower price points within reach of Windows Phone.

Certainly the theme so far this year has been for cheaper and cheaper Windows Phones, and if price has been a barrier to adoption before, it is now less and less of an issue.

The deal is available from flipkart here.

Updated figures via WPSauce.com

Samsung Omnia W launches in Australia on Telstra–first second generation handset down under

omnia-w-sliderMany of our Australian readers have been complaining about the absence of second generation handsets down under. 

It seems that situation is finally changing, with WPDownUnder reporting that the Samsung Omnia W is launching on Telstra today.

While I could not find the handset myself on Telstra’s website, Sheeds reports the device will retail for free on the FreedomConnect $59 per month 24 month contract, and also had the handset early for a thorough review, which can be found here.

He concludes:

So what’s the wash-up? The more I used this handset over my week of testing, the more I came to like it! From initially feeling too small and light in my hands – by the time of writing this review the Omnia W actually managed to make my Focus feel a little “awkward” in the hand! Whilst sitting firmly in the mid-range of feature sets (screen size, storage, premium design elements, LTE etc.) – this handset excels at nearly every task thrown at it.

Windows Phone “Mango” absolutely shines on the device – and I see this handset having no issues in “smoking” any other modern smartphone for both task activities (messaging/social media etc.) and speed and responsiveness of the OS. Storage aside, there is not really any other significant weak spot in this device. Make sure you get into a Telstra store and have a feel of the unit, demo it – as it is surprisingly good device, and more than a competent replacement for the HTC Mozart in the Telstra line-up.

Read his full review here.

Samsung Omnia W on the way to Colombia, waiting to be released


It appears the Samsung Omnia W will be one of the first of the new generation of Windows Phone 7.5 handsets to head to Colombia.

We had earlier posted that  Comcel and Movistar was meant to release Windows Phone 7.5 handsets in December, but it appears that the release has been delayed into the new year, missing the important Christmas shopping season, which is of course regrettable.

The above picture was tweeted by El Yego who described it as the first Colombian Windows 7.5 phone, and according to the Warnov, a Microsoft evangelist in Bogota, the handsets are currently in the hands of the carriers, just waiting to be released.

Hopefully the handsets will be coming sooner rather, and include more than just the Omnia W.

Thanks Elmo for the tip.