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High quality render of Samsung ATIV SE leaks, confirms disturbing trend


evLeaks have posted another image of the Samsung ATIV SE, a new Verizon-exclusive Windows Phone 8 handset.

The render shows the handset has the same faux brushed metal look as the original Samsung ATIV S, but more worryingly confirms that the handset lacks a camera button.

The Windows Phone camera button is somewhat iconic of the operating system, allowing users to completely bypass the lock screen to take a picture, all without fumbling with the touch screen.

The button is also somewhat special, requiring a two stage design – a half press for focussing and a full press to take a picture.

One can see why low-cost OEMs would be eager to drop this special hardware requirement, but it is much less excusable for high end devices such as this ATIV SE handset is likely to be.

It seems in the race to win OEM support Microsoft is dropping some of what makes Windows Phone special, and that of course is a pity.

Report: Google And Samsung Expressing Their Concern On Microsoft-Nokia Deal To China’s Ministry Of Commerce

Microsoft NOkia

Last year we reported that Microsoft-Nokia deal is in the second-phase of anti-trust investigation in China, as Chinese OEMs and regulators fear that Nokia’s patent fees for the China’s domestic handset vendors might go up after this deal gets over. Bloomberg then reported that local Chinese OEMs have asked regulators to make sure Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset business doesn’t result in higher patent fees on wireless technology.

Today, Bloomberg today reported that Google and Samsung have joined the Chinese OEM in expressing their concern about Microsoft-Nokia deal. They want to make sure this deal doesn’t result in higher fees on wireless technology patents that will remain with Nokia. The report also claimed that Google and Samsung fear that Microsoft will gain more power over the smartphone market and may abuse its patents.

Contrary to Samsung and Google’s concerns, Microsoft is always open to license their patents to other smartphone vendors under very reasonable terms. In fact, they have signed patent licensing deals with more than 20 Android OEMs and ODMs so far.

China’s Ministry of Commerce is conducting an anti-monopoly review and is likely to approve the deal, the officials said. The question is whether the ministry will demand the companies guarantee that the agreement doesn’t result in higher patent fees, the officials said.

Source: Bloomberg

Samsung Video Trimmer updated

Samsung has pushed out a minor update for their Video Trimmer app for their Windows Phone 8 handsets.

The app has been updated to version, which likely indicates only minor bug fixes and performance improvements.  No changelog has been provided.image

The updated app, now (but not previously it seems) exclusive to Samsung owners, can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsBlogitalia.com

Measure your heart rate on your phone in seconds without needing to buy a Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 claimed to be the first phone with a heart rate sensor when it was announced. However, this may be only true in terms of hardware, since every phone with a LED flash and a camera can measure your heart rate, too.

The LED lights through your finger and the camera detects you heart rate – simple as that. In the Windows Phone store there are apps for this too. One of them is Instant Heart Rate.

f00dd14b-cf26-4ab1-9963-f0b79c35c495[1]There are only a few things to say about it: It works, it works quickly, and it looks great. That is everything. There is a free trial available and if you want to buy it, you have to pay 1.99$, which is quite much for such an app, but not totally unfair.

Otherwise, if you want a free app, which works the same, only is a little slower and doesn’t look that good, you can check out Heart Rate.

ee609243-6d4b-4ea4-ad16-2e1043d8cb9f[1]Not so innovative anymore, what, Samesung? ;)

Samsung Story Album: A new ATIV exclusive app

Samsung has released a new photo organizing app for Windows Phone.

The app, which is exclusive to ATIV owners, allows users to organize their photos by event or time, present it with various themes and add captions and other text.

The app description reads:image

Create albums of your daily events. Keep your special moments in one place using your timeline. Your treasured memories will always be with you.

The free app can be downloaded by ATIV owners here.


Nokia And HTC Making Fun Of Samsung Galaxy S5 Announcement On Twitter

HTC Shamesung At Mobile World Congress, Samsung yesterday announced their next flagship device Galaxy S5. Samsung’s main competitors Nokia and HTC mocked Samsung’s announcement on Twitter.

HTC’s Twitter account tweeted: “Buyer’s remorse: Coming soon to S5 owners. March 25.” pointing to HTC’s upcoming flagship announcement next month.

Nokia Shamesung

Nokia on its part tweeted, “Stand out from the crowd! #MWC14 #UNPACKED. NOT THE SAMESUNG ;)” pointing to the Lumia/Windows Phone differentiation among the crowd.

Even though both these are pretty decent attempts in making fun on Galaxy S5, I liked something else. Find it out after the break.

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Google’s Android Mobile Application Distribution Agreement With OEMs Leaked, Reveals Lots Of Strict Conditions




For the usage of Play Store and Android, Google signs the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) with OEMs like Samsung, HTC, LG, etc,. We have known very little about this agreement Google signs with OEMs. Today, Google’s Mobile Application Distribution Agreement with HTC got leaked on the internet and it reveals lots of strict policies that Google demand from OEMs. For example, you need to install all Google apps, Google Search should be the default search provider, Google’s Network Location Provider service must be installed by default and more.

To distribute Google’s mobile applications—Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Calendar, Gmail, Talk, the Play app store, and more—a phone manufacturer needs a license from Google, called a Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA). Key provisions of the MADA:

“Devices may only be distributed if all Google Applications [listed elsewhere in the agreement] … are pre-installed on the Device.” See MADA section 2.1.

The phone manufacturer must “preload all Google Applications approved in the applicable Territory … on each device.” See MADA section 3.4(1).

The phone manufacturer must place “Google’s Search and the Android Market Client icon [Google Play] … at least on the panel immediately adjacent to the Default Home Screen,” with “all other Google Applications … no more than one level below the Phone Top.” See MADA Section 3.4(2)-(3).

The phone manufacturer must set “Google Search … as the default search provider for all Web search access points.” See MADA Section 3.4(4).

Google’s Network Location Provider service must be preloaded and the default. See MADA Section 3.8(c).

EC is ending its investigation on Google’s unfair search practices in the coming months. I guess Google’s Android practices may be the next one for European Commission to investigate. Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Benedelman

Render Of Upcoming Samsung SM-W750V WP8 Device For Verizon Leaked

Samsung Huron

Yesterday, @evleaks confirmed that Samsung is releasing a Windows Phone device on Verizon codenamed Huron. This Samsung SM-W750V device will have a 4.3-inch full HD display running Windows Phone 8.1. Today, @evleaks posted a rendering of the device which you can see above. The design of the device is not surprising given the recent Android devices from Samsung.

The other important thing to notice from the render is the lack of back and search hardware buttons. Windows Phone 8.1 will include a new UX for back button functionality? Or we will have onscreen buttons as seen in Android device? We will come to know at Build conference in April this year.

Source: @evleaks

Samsung ATIV Beam NFC sharing app updated again

Samsung has updated their ATIV Beam NFC-sharing app to version

imageNo changelog accompany the update, but it presumably brings performance and bug fixes.

The app is designed to allow Windows Phone users to easily share media with Android-using friends and by all accounts works pretty well.

Samsung users can find the update in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsblogItalia.com

Evleaks: Samsung SM-W750V Windows Phone Device Coming To Verizon

samsung huron 2

In the past few months, there were reports that Samsung is planning to release yet another Windows Phone device. Today, @evleaks confirmed that Samsung is releasing a Windows Phone device on Verizon codenamed Huron. The Samsung SM-W750V device will have a 4.3-inch full HD display running Windows Phone 8.1. Also, @evleaks commented that it looks very similar to a late model Galaxy S.
The device was first revealed by AdDuplex report published last week.

Samsung updates their own App Folder app

samsung app folder

Well before Nokia’s App Folder App Samsung produced their own version of the software, with much the same features, ie allowing users to create a tile which will link to a folder containing a collection of tiles of apps. Their version even looks a bit more Metro, unlike Nokia’s, which presents users with a list of apps in the folders instead.

QRCodeSamsung Windows Phone owners can now update to the latest version of the software, version, which adds the ability to “select the title page.”

Not having a Samsung handset I can not quite be sure what that means, but I am sure our ATIV-totting readers can help us out in the comments below.

Find Samsung’s App Folders in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Plaffo.com,

Samsung ATIV Beam NFC sharing app updated again

Samsung has updated their ATIV Beam NFC-sharing app to version  This follows an earlier update on the 8th January which addressed compatability with GDR3.

imageAs before no changelog accompany the update, but given that users continued to complain in the app reviews of the inability to use the app due to the app requesting users update their handset software, it is likely to fix compatability issues once again.

It is of note that the app is pretty powerful, allowing users to browse their files and share virtually all the contents on their handsets, likely a consequence of Samsung’s increase access to the platform as an OEM.

Samsung users can find the update in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsblogItalia.com