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Samsung updates WP Mobile Printing app with WP8 support

If you have a Windows Phone and a Samsung wireless printer the good news is that Samsung has just updated their mobile printing app with Windows Phone 8 support, and that the app is now available for the 95% of Windows Phones which are not made by Samsung.

The app lets you Print, Scan or send Fax wirelessly from your Windows phone to almost any Samsung Printers, and can print documents sources from local and cloud storage.

It features:

  • Automatic discovery of supported network devices.
  • Print or send fax images / documents / emails / web pages.
  • Scan from flatbed or ADF and save as PDF, PNG, JPG.

Supported models include:image

  • M2020/2070/283x/ 288x/262x/282x/ 267x/287x/4370 /5370/4580 Series
  • C410/460/1810/ 1860/2620/2670/ 140x/145x/4820 Series
  • CLP-300/31x/32x/ 350/360/610/ 620/660/670/ 680/770/775 Series
  • CLX-216x/316x/317x/ 318x/838x/854x/ 9252/9352/92×1/ 93×1 Series
  • ML-1865W/2150/2160/ 2165/2250/2525/ 257x/2580/285x/ 2950/305x/3300/ 347x/331x/371x/ 405x/455x/551x/ 651x Series
  • SCX-1490/2000/320x/ 340x/4623/4×21/ 4×24/4×26/4×28/ 470x/472x/4×33/ 5×35/5×37/6545/ 6555/8030/8040/ 8123/8128 Series
  • SF-650, SF-760 Series

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Microsoft files legal action against Samsung for breach of their cross-licensing agreement

Posting on the Microsoft blog, David Howard, Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel for Microsoft has confirmed that it has filed legal action against Samsung, asking the court to hold the company to a 2011 cross licensing agreement which saw Samsung pay Microsoft to use some of their technologies.

According to Microsoft Samsung unilaterally stopped honouring the agreement in September 2013 after Microsoft announced its intent to purchase Nokia’s handset business.

Microsoft says protracted negotiations have failed, and they expect the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York to settle the disagreement, and expressed confidence the contract will be enforced.

Microsoft’s IP licensing deals is believed to bring in several billion dollars in revenue each year, likely largely from Samsung, the largest and most profitable Android OEM.

Read more detail at Microsoft here.

Local Smartphone Vendors Are The Key To Windows Phone Ecosystem’s Growth


Today, IDC released their preliminary data from the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. The smartphone shipments growth was fueled by abundance of low-cost smartphones and the total shipments crossed 300 million units for the first time ever in a single quarter in 3Q14. The most interesting part of the report was the top smartphone vendors. Even though Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo and LG were on top of the list, more than a dozen vendors that are capable of landing in the top 5 next quarter. Most of those vendors are now operating in one or two countries.

Emerging markets supported by local vendors are continuing to act as the main catalyst for smartphone growth. Among the top vendors in the market, a wide range of Chinese OEMs more than outpaced the market in 2Q14

In the case of Windows Phone eco-system, it is all about Nokia(now owned by Microsoft) for shipment volumes. In fact, Microsoft ships about 95% of the Windows Phone devices. This trend clearly needs to change. Microsoft needs more local vendors to step up their Windows Phone game to grow the ecosystem further.

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Samsung Releases ATIV BizCard App For Ativ Windows Phone Devices

Ativ BizCard Windows Phone

Ativ BizCard QRSamsung didn’t forget their Windows Phone users yet. Occasionally, they surprise them by releasing exclusive new apps for their Windows Phone users. Today, they have released ATIV BizCard app which allows users users to easily save any business card to device by taking a photo of business card. It is a simple app and doesn’t offer any advanced features of a Biz card app such as text recognition in the business cards.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Thanks to TR for the heads up!

Samsung brings HDR, Slow Motion video and more to their WP8.1 Camera App

samsung camera

Nokia’s own Nokia Camera software is pretty iconic, but Samsung is no slouch when it comes to camera features either, especially on their Android handsets.

The company has now released into a Windows Phone Store an exclusive ATIV Camera app for Windows Phone 8.1, presumably both for their new rumoured WP 8.1 handsets and also once their current devices are upgraded.

The app supports various shooting modes with an intuitive user interface.

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Microsoft Trolls The Samsung’s Take Over Of Heathrow’s Terminal 5

Microsoft Troll Samsung 1
We have known Nokia for its innovative marketing approaches to promote their devices in the past. The Lumia devices marketing team now part of Microsoft is continuing their amazing work. Recently, Samsung took over the Heathrow’s Terminal 5 to promote the Galaxy S5 device. They even renamed the terminal with their branding. Microsoft Devices team trolled Samsung’s attempt by sending Lumianauts to Europe’s busiest airport.

Read the story below,

Microsoft Devices gathered the excited Luminauts early in the morning to head to the airport in their brand new space-buggy. With one small step out of the moon-lander and a leap through the doors of Terminal 5, the Lumianauts set out to find the gate that would shoot them out of the world’s gravitational atmosphere and into the Milky Way.

Once the brave Lumianauts stepped foot in to the brand new terminal, though, they quickly learned that there was no such thing as a flights to ‘the Galaxy’. Rather, the terminal had taken over by advertising for another mobile phone company. With constellation map in-hand they bowed their heads in disappointment and rang HQ, “Microsoft…we have a problem.”

While our Lumianauts sadly didn’t make it into orbit this weekend, we can all console ourselves with the knowledge that the Lumia we have in our pockets is always out of this world.

via: Conversations

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ChatOn for Windows Phone updated with Spanish support and more

Samsung’s ChatOn app, with more than 70 million users in 63 languages and 237 countries , has seen its Windows Phone version updated to version 2.27.

ChatOn supports phones, tablets and PCs, and offers 1:1 and group chats.

Version 2.27 of the app offers:chatonqr

  • You can receive ‘Recent story’ notifications about your friends. (When a friend joins ChatON or when someone adds you as a ChatON buddy, you will immediately receive a notification.)
  • The ChatON Team will let you know about new ChatON features and special events.
  • ChatON now supports Spanish.
  • Hyperlinks are now supported in ChatON.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Trutower.com

Following Samsung, Nokia Updates Its App Folder For WP8 Devices

Few hours back, we reported that Samsung has updated their App Folder app for Windows Phone devices. Now, Nokia has updated their App Folder app to v1.2.2.10 for Lumia Windows Phone devimageices. This v1.2 only includes minor improvements. The change log mentions that it includes general performance improvements.

Tidy up your Start screen and make things easier to find with App Folder. You can gather similar apps together or keep your most used settings in one place — it’s up to you. Simply create and name a folder, add the apps and settings you want, and then pin it to your Start screen. You can create as many app folders as you need and edit them as you go.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Samsung updates their App Folder app with WP8.1 support

samsung app folder

Samsung has updated their App Folder app, which is exclusive to their handsets, to version v1.2.0.3.QRCode

New in this version is support for Windows Phone 8.1 and changing the default option for displaying app titles for each folder.

Find Samsung’s App Folders in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsBlogItalia

High quality render of Samsung ATIV SE leaks, confirms disturbing trend


evLeaks have posted another image of the Samsung ATIV SE, a new Verizon-exclusive Windows Phone 8 handset.

The render shows the handset has the same faux brushed metal look as the original Samsung ATIV S, but more worryingly confirms that the handset lacks a camera button.

The Windows Phone camera button is somewhat iconic of the operating system, allowing users to completely bypass the lock screen to take a picture, all without fumbling with the touch screen.

The button is also somewhat special, requiring a two stage design – a half press for focussing and a full press to take a picture.

One can see why low-cost OEMs would be eager to drop this special hardware requirement, but it is much less excusable for high end devices such as this ATIV SE handset is likely to be.

It seems in the race to win OEM support Microsoft is dropping some of what makes Windows Phone special, and that of course is a pity.

Report: Google And Samsung Expressing Their Concern On Microsoft-Nokia Deal To China’s Ministry Of Commerce

Microsoft NOkia

Last year we reported that Microsoft-Nokia deal is in the second-phase of anti-trust investigation in China, as Chinese OEMs and regulators fear that Nokia’s patent fees for the China’s domestic handset vendors might go up after this deal gets over. Bloomberg then reported that local Chinese OEMs have asked regulators to make sure Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset business doesn’t result in higher patent fees on wireless technology.

Today, Bloomberg today reported that Google and Samsung have joined the Chinese OEM in expressing their concern about Microsoft-Nokia deal. They want to make sure this deal doesn’t result in higher fees on wireless technology patents that will remain with Nokia. The report also claimed that Google and Samsung fear that Microsoft will gain more power over the smartphone market and may abuse its patents.

Contrary to Samsung and Google’s concerns, Microsoft is always open to license their patents to other smartphone vendors under very reasonable terms. In fact, they have signed patent licensing deals with more than 20 Android OEMs and ODMs so far.

China’s Ministry of Commerce is conducting an anti-monopoly review and is likely to approve the deal, the officials said. The question is whether the ministry will demand the companies guarantee that the agreement doesn’t result in higher patent fees, the officials said.

Source: Bloomberg

Samsung Video Trimmer updated

Samsung has pushed out a minor update for their Video Trimmer app for their Windows Phone 8 handsets.

The app has been updated to version, which likely indicates only minor bug fixes and performance improvements.  No changelog has been provided.image

The updated app, now (but not previously it seems) exclusive to Samsung owners, can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsBlogitalia.com