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DoomGLES released on Windows Phone Store

DoomGLES is a popular Doom engine source port already available on Android and Blackberry. It has recently been released on the Windows Phone Store (for Windows Phone 8.x) and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

More than a simple port, DoomGLES adds the following graphical effects, so it looks more modern than the original version

QRCode- Realtime dynamic lighting
- Particles effects
- 3D Monsters and objects (MD2)
- Blood projections
- Realistic water effect

More info about the app on this webpage: http://kokak.free.fr/WindowsPhone/DoomGLES.htm

See the DoomGLES demo video after the break.

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SpaceScribble updated with new spaceship

Quite recently, SpaceScribble got updated including some bug fixes for a better stability and a new high-end spaceship, as well as support for touch-only controls.

For those who don’t know SpaceScribble: This game attains great success in China as one of the top 10 shooter games with more than 180k downloads and an average 4.5 star rating worldwide. Its astonishing action and the unique scribble-stlye makes SpaceScribble an outstanding space-shooter exclusively for Windows Phone.

“SpaceScribble is a free and addictive space shooter.Yet another wearisome lecture. Not again! You take your pencil and scribble some spaceships, planets and asteroids on your sketch block. Suddenly, your sketches become real! Is it a dream? So what! Take the challenge and become the ruler of your own universe!”


  • Challenging levels
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Online leaderboards
  • Different spaceships and weapons
  • Power ups and upgrades
  • Hand-drawn textures
  • Unique scribble style
  • Touch and sensor controls

So check it out today and download SpaceScribble from the Windows Phone Store for FREE.

Join Phoenix Force Beta – Boss Slaying game

Phoenix Force Screenshot

Hello everyone,Join the Beta - QR Code

My name is Sérgio and I’m the founder of Awoker Games. We had the luck of being funded by AppCampus in our current game project, Phoenix Force, which is going to beta phase right now!

Phoenix Force is a boss slaying game with 100 levels and social integration. Watch the following video to understand it better:

We are looking for joyful people to test our game on their Windows Phone 8 devices. You only need to submit your email address connected to the Store in this page: Join the Beta!

See the trailer after the break.

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Jack Hale v1.3 for Windows Phone 8/7.5

IconBerlin, Germany, April 5, 2013. Igor Maliukh today announces Jack Hale v1.3, a mobile 3D game for Windows Phone 8/7.5 with great graphics and exciting gameplay. Previously the game was called “Forgotten Planets”, but after numerous of changes it was decided to rename the game.

You play the captain Jack Hale – the warrior, fighting against the forces of the Empire. Difficult fate brought him to the planet Fobos 4, where he will fight for his life.

Cool 3D graphics

Play in full 3D: unique levels, numerous enemies, a variety of weapons and special effects are waiting for you.

Exciting gameplay

Try the cool shooter in the best traditions of “kill them all” games, you never see so many enemies on one screen on Windows Phone.

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Pirate’s Plunder 2, for Windows Phone

Pirate's Plunder 2

Continue the epic adventure set forth in Pirate’s Plunder! Defeat the pirate zombie lord, the Howl of the Wolf, once and for all! Take command of your pirate fleet in classic path drawing, ship parking gameplay – now with 3D graphics! Battle Peg-Hook the Pirate Lord in fast paced ragdoll physics boss battles. Explore maze-like jungles in 3D top-down, dual-stick shooter action. Set sail for Tortuga and gamble in three different pirate themed games. Battle the Royal Navy, ravenous sharks, and the Kraken Monster itself in their own minigames. With over 70 unique missions, Pirate’s Plunder 2 has more epicness than a bottle of grog!

  • Over 70 missions, utilizing all new 3D graphics – unleash the power of your phone!
  • Classic path drawing, ship parking gameplay!
  • Ragdoll physics boss battles!
  • 3D top-down dual-stick shooter action!
  • Pirate Shop – upgrade your weapons and ship!
  • Pirate gambling – Buccaneer Slot Machine, Dead Man’s Dice, Blackbeard’s Blackjack!
  • Randomly generated mazes – explore for big booty!
  • MORE!


Pay (.99):


Cyber Attack: Mainframe Madness Released


Cyber Attack: Mainframe Madness is now available on both the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store. Take on hordes of enemies to defend the Cybernet.

After the long onslaught from the invaders, moral is at an all time low. Just as the last bit of hope was hanging on by a thread, a massive breakthrough in weapons technology might actually be able to save the Cybernet.

Mainframe Madness features:

  • Level based progression in Wave mode. Strengthen your tower the more to play.
  • Endless game play in Survival mode, with already powered up tech.
  • A variety of enemies, each with their own skills and patterns.
  • Unlockable cosmetics to make your tower truly your own.

Cyber Attack: Mainframe Madness is available for free on the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.

T.I.T.A.N. : Chapter 2 available on Windows Phone and Windows 8!

The second chapter of T.I.T.A.N., an action packed twin stick RPG shooter is finally out and already available free for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 users. This follow up adds more levels, monsters, skills and more bits to the story for more hours of frenetical gameplay! Windows 8 users will also enjoy a much wider game area as well as full support for keyboard and mouse controls.

With T.I.T.A.N. you’re the commander of a giant robot sent on a mission to investigate what happened to base Ceti-One. Soon enough, you and your supporting team will discover that the base will be reacting to your intrusion treating you as an enemy! You’ll have to defend yourself from hordes of enemies that will become increasingly difficult while trying to discover why you’ve become the enemy and who or what is controlling the enemies!

Forgotten Planets: Tournament for Windows Phone


New Top-Down 3D Action with Unique Gameplay

Berlin, Germany – October 18, 2012 – Igor Maliukh today announces Forgotten Planets: Tournament v1.0, a new mobile 3D game for Windows Phone 7 with unique gameplay which is combined elements of a shooter and a logical game.

You play the captain Jack Hale – the warrior, fighting against the forces of the Empire. Difficult fate brought him to the planet Fobos 4, where he will fight for his life in the Tournament.

New interesting gameplay: try a mixture of genres which you have never seen before. Use logical thinking, tactics, dexterity and precision in order to achieve your goal.

Cool 3D graphics: play the game in full 3D: unique levels, numerous enemies, a variety of weapons and special effects are waiting for you.

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Rocky Racer – Race your way through craters and lava!

Rocky Racer

Rocky Racer is a combination of a racer and shooter game.
You navigate your space vessel between craters and lava streams.
By tilting your phone you should be able to avoid all upcoming obstacles.

But there is more ! Passing enemies will try to destroy you while you continue your journey.
Tapping the screen will cause your space vessel to shoot laser beams at the enemies.
Don’t shoot to fast thou because you have limited plasma !

Bonus items

Several bonus items will help you kill your enemies much faster.
The longer you can continue your journey the more funds you will receive. These funds will help you with upgrades or bonus items.
You could get a protection shield or some extra lava resistance.


An online leader board will keep your competitive mind going. Can you get the top day position? Or will YOU be the best Rocky Racer in the planet?

Rocky Racer QR


Get it now from the marketplace.

You can also view the online statistics of this game. It will show the daily users, when people are playing etc.

Neon Starfighter – Retro Shoot Em Up Action

Neon Starfighter Neon Starfighter Neon Starfighter

Neon Starfighter is a fun and addictive retro style shoot-em-up that will keep you coming back for more.

qrcodeBlast your way through 12 increasingly intense levels or jump straight into the Survival Challenge and see how long you can last against a barrage of neon enemies!

  • 12 levels of intense shoot em up action!
  • Earn medals as you progress
  • Open ended Survival Challenge
  • Cool retro style neon graphics
  • Original pumping soundtrack

Neon Starfighter is free for Windows Phone, get it here now or check out more original apps and games.


PREVIEW: “Deveci Games” announces LAST COMMANDO to be released this week.

Deveci Games twitted today, announcing their new top down shooter game named “LAST COMMANDO” to be released this week.

Below are some of the features of the game:

  • 18 different weapons including AK-47, M4A1, Desert Eagle, SV98.
  • 10 different stages total of 50 levels: Mansion, Hospital, Backyard, ….
  • High quality textures, impressive sound effects.
  • Achievements: More than 100 achievements to complete. Achievements helps unlocking weapons.
  • 3 game play difficulties
  • Engaging gameplay with two virtual thumbsticks

Watch marketplace for LAST COMMANDO to be released this week.

You can check gameplay and footage videos below.
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Rizing. Free Dual Stick Arena Shooter!

Rizing is a dual stick arena shooter where you’ll be facing hordes of enemies in your quest for the ultimate high score!

  • Glow style acid graphics
  • Loads of enemies with different attacks and patterns
  • Random waves generated level by level
  • Power up you weapon to devastating levels
  • Improve your shields and heal up during fights!
  • Time your nukes to get extra bonuses
  • Random bosses created and assembled from different parts
  • 3 Different difficulty levels
  • Online leaderboard


Rizing is a dual stick shooter : that means that you’ve two virtual joysticks available that you can use to simultaneously move and fire in two different directions. Using the fine art of dodging bullets while shooting is vital if you wish to get the top scores!

Enemies & Bosses

Using something we can call ‘controlled chaos’ the game will pick at random from a list of suitable enemies level after level and generate at runtime waves, pauses and hectic moments.

Similarly, bosses are built around several different parts that are combined at every level to build the final enemy. The more you progress the more parts will be assembled, making the boss bigger and meaner. 


Rizing is distributed as free, ad-based.

Marketplace Download Link

Pansoft Facebook Page


Rocket Raid now in Marketplace

You are on a mission to save your planet from an Earth Invasion fleet. The best defence is to take the fight to the humans. So with a small fleet of fighter – bombers your mission is to destroy the defence systems on each planet in the Earth solar system and force the humans to surrender….

Main Features:-

  • Campaign mode with 22 stages
  • Arcade mode
  • 3 Difficulty settings
  • Fly across scrolling planet/moon surfaces and through tunnels
  • Fly through Asteroid and mine fields
  • Enemy have many types of rockets, fighters, mines and guns. As you progress the enemy get more powerful and have new types of rockets and fighters.
  • Boss ship/outpost at the end of each stage.
  • Your ship is equipped with missles and bombs
  • Destroy buildings and outposts on each planet/moon
  • Use you fuel scoop to collect gas from clouds after certain buildings/asteroids are destroyed
  • In Arcade mode you can set the frequency of rockets, mines, enemy ships, gun emplacements as well as planet size and difficulty
  • Arcade mode is unlocked once the campaign has been completed (at any difficulty level)

Rocket Raid is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

Read more at our website here.