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SingTel to offer carrier billing for Windows Phone

imageTelecompaper reports that SingTel will be the first Singaporean carrier to offer direct carrier billing for Windows Phone handsets.

The carrier billing can be used to pay for music, apps and in-app purchases and allows users to use the store without having a credit or debit card.

Microsoft now supports carrier billing in more than 53 countries, triple the 2012 number. Carrier billing is very effective at boosting sales, with revenue per user increasing 3 times in developed markets and 6 times in emerging markets.

SingMRT – Singapore MRT in your pocket

View home page View MRT station on map Check MRT arrival time

Are you a frequent commuter of Singapore MRT? Or are you a tourist coming to Singapore for a nice vacation, there is a high chance you will make use of the Singapore MRT system. SingMRT is made for you!

SingMRT is an application to get MRT information in Singapore. You can view all MRT lines or search for an MRT station and view it on a map. Moreover, you can also get updated information about MRT breakdown and even check for MRT timing.

Some highlighted features are:SingMRT QR

  • View all MRT stations on a map, without the need of Internet connection
  • Check MRT arrival time
  • Get updated information about MRT breakdown
  • View all the places near each exit of each MRT station
  • Use camera to find the direction to any MRT station
  • Pin MRT breakdown status tile or MRT station information tile
  • Use voice commands to quickly access station information

You can download SingMRT from the Windows Phone Store here or QR Code.

With SingMRT, Singapore MRT is now all in your pocket!

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Nokia Lumia 525 now available in Singapore for SG$249


On their Facebook page Nokia Singapore has announced that their new low-end hero, the Nokia Lumia 525, is now on sale in Nokia Stores in the region.

The handset, who’se main differentiator from the Nokia Lumia 520 is 1 GB RAM vs 512 MB and swappable covers, is on sale for SG$249 ($198 US).

The extra RAM makes the device a full citizen of the Windows Phone Store, allowing it to download virtually all the apps in the Store, vs the very popular 520, which was unable to run some demanding high end games and apps.

Read more at Nokia Singapore’s site here.

Via WPC.

Nokia Music and Music + also comes to Singapore


We posted yesterday on Nokia Music coming to UAE.  Today we can report that Nokia Music, Nokia’s free streaming music radio service, is now also available in Singapore.

Both the themed and curated mixes and the  Music+ service, which offers higher quality streaming and unlimited skipping, is available there, with the Music + service costing S$7 per month.

The app is Nokia Lumia exclusive and can be found in the Nokia Collection section of the Windows Phone Store.

Via Hardwarezone.com.sg, thanks LastBattle for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8S amongst the best sellers in Singapore


NokiaPowerUser report that two Windows Phone 8 handsets are charting high on Singaporean carrier Singtel, with the mid-range HTC 8S and low-end HTC 8S both regularly amongst the best sellers on the carrier.

Singtel is also selling the Nokia Lumia 920, but unfortunately have not received a shipment in a while, with the device currently being out of stock.

See the current standing at Singtel here.

Nokia Asia-Pacific says Windows Phone 7.8 coming in a matter of days


Nokia and Microsoft held a developer event today in Singapore focussing on Windows Phone 8 development.

There our tipster, and all the other attendees, were told by the  head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer himself that Windows Phone 7.8 has RTM’ed this week, and that we should expect the update to be released to devices in a matter of days to weeks, but certainly not all the way into 2013.

He also confirmed Windows Phone 7.8 will not receive IE10 as the browser was fully hardware accelerated, which Windows Phone 7.8 hardware did not support.

Other titbits was that the Nokia Lumia 920/820 Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and release date for Singapore will be announced on 27th November  with device availability in early December, and that the device there will be penta-band and support LTE world-wide.

Do our readers think will see the OS update soon, or is 2013 more likely? Let us know below.

HTC launches the HTC 8X and 8S in Singapore


In an event on Friday HTC launched the HTC 8X and 8S in Singapore.

The handsets will go in sale in a few weeks and are attractively priced, with the HTC 8X costing S$828 ($676)when it hits the market in November, and the HTC 8S costing S$418 ($341) when it arrives in December.

Techgoondu.com notes with aggressive operator subsidies the handsets could be available free on contract, which should help boosts sales of the Windows Phone handsets.

HTC has said their Windows Phone 8 handsets will be available on more than 150 carriers in 50 + countries, making it the largest roll-out of any Windows Phone handset so far.

Read more at Techgoondu.com

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Nokia Lumia handsets coming to Singapore and Thailand


Nokia is attempting to boost their Q2 shipments by rolling out the low-cost Nokia Lumia 610 as rapidly as possible.

Techgoondu.com  reports the company will be delivering the handset in Singapore on the 5th May 2012 for the low, low price of only S$379, less than half the price of the S$775 Nokia Lumia 800.

The handset is expected to retail free on contract and will available in white, cyan, magenta, and black.

In Thailand Nokia is launching the full Nokia Lumia range: Nokia Lumia 900 priced at 18,000 baht, Nokia Lumia 800 at 15,400 baht, Lumia 710 at 9,000 and Lumia 610 at 7,400 baht.

Jirapat Janjerdsak, Nokia’s head ecosystem developer, indicated Marketplace will roll out to Thailand soon, and Nokia plans a massive marketing campaign for the new phones, including building a Lumia Centre to demonstrate products for customers.

Grant McBeath, managing director of Nokia Thailand and emerging markets Asia was optimistic about the impact of the handsets.

"We aim to become a dominant player in the smartphone market again over the next two to three years," he said. "We [Nokia Thailand] expect sales of Lumia will contribute as much as 90% of our total revenue this year, with the remaining 10% from Symbian phones."

Read more at Bangkokpost here.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 710 used in mobile 21st Century Classroom Trial

Nokia Lumia 710’s are being used by Singaporean Primary School  Nan Chiau in a trial of a Mobile 21st Century classroom sponsored by Qualcomm, via its Wireless Reach initiative, Microsoft and SIngtel.

With a grant from Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative, the WE Learn project is providing 3G-enabled Nokia Lumia 710 smartphones; mobile broadband connectivity via SingTel’s 3G wireless network; a mobile learning platform (MyDesk) and educational applications developed by University of Michigan to 350 third-grade students and their teachers at Nan Chiau.

All smartphones provided under this initiative are equipped with MyDesk, a mobile learning platform tailored to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

The project will demonstrate how the latest wireless technology can be used to transform learning from a traditional, teacher-centric model to a student-centric and collaborative framework with 24/7 access to resources.

"Encouraging the use of technology to enable innovative methods of teaching and learning will address the needs of the next generation of digital native learners to become savvy citizens and leaders of the future," said Jessica Tan, managing director for Microsoft Singapore.

"The ability to do everyday tasks faster, like accessing the Web, capturing information or viewing content from anywhere makes Nokia Lumia an ideal tool for mobile learning," said Neil Gordon, vice president of sales for Nokia Southeast.

Via Telecomlead.com

Smoked by Windows Phone touring Singapore


The Microsoft Singapore team is touring locations in Singapore over two days giving Singaporeans the opportunity to win SG$100 if their smartphone can accomplish tasks faster than a Windows Phone.

If I had an Android or iPhone however I would not fancy my chances – in a similar challenge in Indonesia Microsoft won 640 out of 690 challenges, so don’t bank any of your winnings yet.

See the event at facebook.com here.

HTC Singapore: Windows Phone 7 is 30% of HTC’s sales and rising

HTC Singapore’s Melvin Chua at at Windows Phone 7 launch

Speaking at a Mango launch event in Singapore, HTC Singapore boss Melvin Chua, claimed the OS was doing pretty well and generating a lot of positive feedback.

He said that affinity for Windows Phone is growing and becoming “very strong”, not just among consumers but within HTC as well. According to him, the “excitement” the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer has toward version 7.5 and future iterations of the OS is comparable to when the company first collaborated with Redmond on Windows Mobile.

He revealed that Windows Phone 7 was already 30% of HTC’s sales since launch and he expected this to increase in the future. It was not clear if this was just sales in Singapore or world-wide.

“We believe that Windows Phone 7 will eventually be better than other platforms and will give Android a run for its money,” Chua said.

Read more at ZDNet Asia here.






Microsoft commissioning 20 casual Windows Mobile games from Singaporean games company

Microsoft has commissioned Singaporean Touch Dimensions to create 20 casual Windows Mobile games. The games range from a digital sketchpad to a Whack-A-Mole-type game that lets you smack mosquitoes to oblivion.

One of them, Autumn Dynasty (in the video above), a war-based strategy game where you draw the attack paths for your armies with brush strokes, won the best student game award at last year’s Game Developers Conference in Shanghai, and was also one of the Microsoft Code 7 contest winners at last year’s Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. The game has already garnered 48,000 downloads.

Touch Dimensions develops games centred around "natural user interfaces".

"We’re looking at things that are more natural to play with, such as touchscreens and sensors that let you turn and rotate the device," Touch Dimension’s Ho told TodayOnline. "This allows people to play with games in more intuitive ways."

The games will be available for free on Marketplace.

Read more about the developers and their games at TodayOnline here.

Singapore’s StarHub to encourage HTC HD2 gaming, bundle Guitar Hero 5 Mobile and Diner Dash Flo on the Go Mobile with the device

htchd2games Press release: Hit mobile games to be bundled with the HTC HD2 & HTC Touch2, including the chance to win Xbox 360 Arcade consoles and X5 gaming mouses!

StarHub looks set to delight all mobile phone buffs and gaming enthusiasts alike as they proudly announce the bundling of 2 hit mobile games, “Guitar Hero 5 Mobile” & “Diner Dash Flo on the Go Mobile”, free with every HTC HD2 and HTC Touch2 purchase from StarHub beginning today. In conjunction with the exciting collaboration, new HTC smartphone owners also stand to win 12 Xbox 360 Arcade consoles in an exclusive lucky draw contest ending 30 April 2010.

2 of the most sought-after and downloaded mobile games on the market, Guitar Hero® 5 Mobile and Diner Dash Flo on the Go Mobile will be exclusively bundled and preloaded with every new purchase of a HTC HD2 or HTC Touch2 from any of the participating StarHub Shops.

Contest Details
Be the first 10 customers to purchase these HTC phones at each of the 7 participating StarHub Shops* and receive these fabulous gifts for FREE!
* HTC HD2 – 1 HTC Xbox 360 Arcade Console set
* HTC Touch2 – 1 X5 gaming mouse

For those who missed out on the early bird promotion above, simply visit www.wemp.com.sg/htcxboxpromo to participate in the Xbox 360 lucky draw program and you could win a HTC Xbox 360 Arcade Console every week for 12 weeks!

Via MSMobiles.com