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OneDrive update coming to fix Duplicate Folder Issue


The recently released update for the OneDrive app for Windows Phone appears to have a bug where it will present duplicate folders to the users.

The good news is that, according to Ryan Hoge, the lead Program Manager for OneDrive, Microsoft is working on a fix now, and are getting ready to push it out “asap”.

Unfortunately there is no word if they are slipping in a transparent live tile at the same time, though if would be pretty great if they did.

Have any of our readers run into this odd bug? Let us know below.

Style Jukebox is a free Google Music alternative for Windows Phone

Style Jukebox is a cloud-based music service, that wants to help you rediscover your music collection, by making it accessible anywhere, on all your devices.

Style Jukebox is free up to 1,000 (~5 GB, More than Dropbox free) songs and it’s available for Windows, Windows Phone and also Android and iOS devices.

On Windows you have a full, iTunes  like (but faster and lighter) music app, that browses your computer for music and uploads everything to our servers. Your music and playlist are all synced in the Cloud, instantly accessible for download or streaming from all your computers and mobile devices.

The service also crawls services like Dropbox and SkyDrive, and imports all your music to the Style Jukebox account.

You can download Style Jukebox for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Remember to download it for your computer too, to start uploading the music.

SkyDrive App For WP8 Devices Updated With OneDrive Branding, New Features

OneDrive Windows Phone app

Microsoft has updated the SkyDrive app for Windows Phone 8 devices to v3.5 with the new OneDrive branding. This new update also includes several new features such as the ability to pin folders to your Start screen, Sharing multiple files at once, improved view of shared files and more.

New in version 3.5:

• New thumbnail viewOneDrive Windows Phone QR
• Improved view of shared files
• Share multiple items at once
• Pin folders to your Start screen
• Open your OneDrive files in other apps
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Microsoft celebrating OneDrive with 20 GB free storage for selected users


Some lucky SkyDrive users are being selected to receive a 20 GB of extra storage for one year for free.

Users are being notified by email, and the email does not give any reason why they are selected, but I suspect it is mainly going to users who pay for extra storage.

Have any of our readers been rewarded in this way? Let us know below.

Via Twitter.com

SkyDrive to be renamed to OneDrive


It seems the new name for SkyDrive will be OneDrive.  Microsoft has been forced to rename the cloud storage service after litigation by BSkyB, and after a number of pretty bad names were floated, appears to have settled on OneDrive, as evidenced by a blog with the same name showing up.

The site was noticed by Dr Windows.de who noted that the name has not been officially announced yet.

You can sign up to be notified when the name will be come available at Preview.OneDrive.com here.

Update: In a statement Microsoft has not confirmed the change, saying:

Why OneDrive? We know that increasingly you will have many devices in your life, but you really want only one place for your most important stuff. One place for all of your photos and videos. One place for all of your documents. One place that is seamlessly connected across all the devices you use. You want OneDrive for everything in your life.

Of course, changing the name of a product as loved as SkyDrive wasn’t easy. We believe the new OneDrive name conveys the value we can deliver for you and best represents our vision for the future. We are excited about what is to come, and can’t wait to share more.

See a video introducing the service after the break.
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6tag Instagram Client Updated With The Ability To Save Instagram Videos To Your Skydrive

6Tag Instagram Windows Phone app

Popular 3rd party Instagram client 6tag got updated to v3.1.1.0 in Windows Phone Store today. This new update brings in the ability to save Instagram videos to your Skydrive. Also there are bug fixes to improve the overall experience. Recently, the app also included support for newly introduced Instagram Direct photo messaging feature.

Full Features:

• 100% original instagram filters: XPro-II, Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Nashville, 1977, and others.
• Video recording with cut scenes6Tag Instagram Windows Phone app QR
• Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field.
• Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare, VK
• Unlimited picture uploads on Instagram
• geotag your posts
• Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
• Front & Back camera support
• create collage with a lot of customization
• blur your instagram pictures using your finger
• save your pictures on your phone when you post in high quality (up to 2048×2048)
• And much much more…

Download it here from Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone users waking up to a pleasant extra 20 GB of SkyDrive Storage


It seems overnight Microsoft has been doing a Santa Claus bit and dropping presents in the inbox of Windows phone users, in the form of a free extra 20 GB of storage.


While the “Enthusiast bonus” more than trebles the 7 GB recent Windows phone users receive when signing up, and close to doubles the 25 GB grandfathered SkyDrive users have the gift is a bit of a Trojan horse – the 20 GB extra will expire in a year, meaning you will then be asked to pay for your extra storage or need to empty out your cloud closet in 12 months time.

Microsoft at present does not sell a 20 GB bundle, but their 50 GB bundle is around $25 per year.

Have any of our readers NOT received the offer? Let us know below.

Thanks Ethan and Akul for the tip.

Windows Phone File Manager may come in the form of an updated SkyDrive app


Microsoft’s marking the Windows Phone User Voice request for a File Manager app as complete has sparked of much rumour and speculation about how this well be delivered.

Reliable leaker Nawzil claims to have the inside scoop, and appears to have been talking about a File Manager for Windows phone for a while now.

In his tweets today he revealed the app will be coming as part of Windows Phone 8.1, the next version of the OS. However a week ago he also tweeted about the feature, and then suggested it would be delivered via an updated SkyDrive app, which would presumably have the ability to manage files both in the cloud and also on your phone.

The solution would be quite elegant, and maintain the ethos of an OS that dedicated to the future rather than living in the past.

What do our readers think of such a solution? Let us know below.

via LiveSide.net

SkyDrive could be renamed to NewDrive, FetchDrive or BingDrive (Poll)

imageAfter losing a trademark case to BSkyB Microsoft has been required within “a reasonable time period” to rename the service.

Now a series of new names have popped up, resolving to SkyDrive.com.

The three options that have turned up so far include FetchDrive, NewDrive and BingDrive, with all three addresses recently resolving to SkyDrive.com.

NewDrive is likely a placeholder, much like NewCo is used until a name is settled on.

Which name do our readers prefer. Let us know below.

Via LiveSide.net

Meet the new Money Manager Pro for WP8

Money Manager Pro new home screen
Revolution! The best way to define the great work done to exhibit you the latest version of our Money Manager Pro app… A lot of things hab been changed to dramatically improve our app on both design and features sides….so…let’s show you what we’ve done:

home NEW HOME PAGE The new home page has beed revisited in order to offer you all the old and new features together with a lot of ‘at-a-glance’ information, avoiding navigating among pages to recover the main info you’re looking for. You now have 4 sections:
Contains the tiles for adding flows & quick flows, summary of incomes and expenses and remaining BUDGET. It also shows the available cash money.
Contains the current month flows list. Menu items and buttons allow the user to select the other available reports.
This sections is one of the main enhancements. It gives an outlook of the current situation by showing the accounts with the current balance, the debit cards and credit cards with the current pending flows and the pre-paid cards with the available credit.
Contains the tiles to enter all the other functions.
budget BUDGET We’ve added the possibility of adding a monthly budget. At the app start-up, within the flows summary in the dashboard, the total amount of expenses is given by relating it to the defined budget. Also a visual indicator is present which shows the remaining available value.
Currencies conversion page
A new page has been added within the Other section which lets the user to find an exchange rate between 2 different currencies. It is also possible to save, among the favorites ones, different currencies couples.
Add flow page
When you add a flow by using a currencies which is not the default one, our virtual assistant warns you about the presence of an exchange rate between the selected currency and the default one. Also she offers her help in finding the exchange rate or gives you the possibility to manually insert it. This value is then used within the summary of incomes/expenses in the Dashboard
total TOTALS Each report page now can show you a panel containing the total amounts of the report flows. 3 different the total amounts are present, grouped by currencies: the one related to the charged flows, the one related to the pending flows (will be charged the next month) and the one related to the previous month that are charged during the current month.
filter FILTERS In each report we’ve improved the way of filtering flows by currency and by type (expenses/incomes/all).
charts NEW CHARTS We’ve improved the charts on both aesthetic side and given info side. They now show a pleasant animation when presented. The chart filters has also been improved, as already said for the reports.
PDF PDF REPORTS In order to give our users coherent information, we changed the first page of the PDF reports. They now contains the same info shown by the totals panel.
quick search QUICK SEARCH It is located in the Reports section. Search for all flows containing the user inserted text within the activity, category, item or note properties of each flow. During the text insertion the app suggests you words starting with entered text.
other Other improvements Minor bug fixes and a better management of the pre-paid card recharge as requested by some users. Now the user can select if charge the flow on the card related account or not.

We really hope those improvements will satisfy our current users and the ones who, in the future, would give a chance to our app… We would also thank all users who help us in making a better app by warning us about issues or by asking us for new features.

Money Manager Pro can be found in Windows Phone Store for $ 1.49 with a FREE TRIAL

Link to Money Manager Pro in Windows Phone Store Here the link to download the app from the Windows Phone Store web page
qrcode for Money Manager Pro Here the qrcode to jump to the app page with your phone

New SkyDrive OCR feature demoed (video)

In the above video we get a preview of the new Optical Recognition Feature of SkyDrive, which will automatically extract text from photos taken with your Windows Phone.

The feature will be particularly useful in making photos more searchable, which should be particularly useful for students taking photos of white boards and other text.

The feature will become available in Windows 8.1.

Via Oyetimes.com

Instant Incognito Recorder – The free app to record what’s happening around you: instantly and stealthily

1 of 4 2 of 4

An unprecedented entry in the Windows Phone Store, Instant Incognito Recorder is for those who don’t like to get spoofed or harassed by anyone.

The app sports two Live Tiles which let the user start recording without touching anything else and preventing the screen from locking:

  • The “Normal Mode” Live Tile starts a “normal” recording: everyone can clearly see that the phone is in recording mode.
  • The “Incognito Mode” Live Tile is the new deal: it starts an “incognito” recording, which shows a fake Lock Screen or a completely Black Screen (user can choose in the Settings page).

The two recording modes can also be used by normally starting the app, without the Live Tiles.

Complete list of Features:


  • “Normal Mode” recording: just record your surroundings as long as you want.
  • “Incognito Mode” recording: record what’s happening and what’s being said around you without anyone noticing!
  • History: listen back to your recordings whenever you want with the integrated player!
  • SkyDrive integration: upload your recordings to SkyDrive in Wave format and use them in any way you want.
  • Windows Phone 7 support!!

The app is free and ad-supported: download it here in the Windows Phone Store!

SkyDrive may soon give access to Backed Up Windows Phone device settings

SkyDrive-Backed-up-device-settingsWindows Phone 8 allows users to back up their App List, Settings, Text Messages, Photos , and also their IE Favourites to SkyDrive.

Of these, only your photos are accessible from the web interface, but it seems, according to a recent leak released by LiveSide, that that is about to change , and users will have some level of access to their backed up device settings also.

LiveSide also expects a new Shared List Feature, where users can share a list of files in a bundle rather than just a folder, and this list would remain together on the receiving end.  I can see this being useful for sharing collection of photos for example.

Users will also be able to mount shared folders locally on their PC, which should make collaboration with other users on projects much easier.

Read more detail at LiveSide.net here.