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Microsoft Updates Skype For Windows Phone Devices With Cortana Integration And More

Skype Windows Phone 8

Microsoft today released the much needed update for Skype app for Windows Phone devices. This new update Skype 2.19  for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 includes Cortana integration and video upgrade preview improvements for Windows Phone 8.1, and increased language support from 19 to 51 languages, fast app resume, and improved notifications for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

Download the update here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Find the full list of features after the break.

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Skype And Nokia Treasure Tag Windows Phone Apps Updated With Bug Fixes And Improvements

Skype Windows Phone 8

Skype app for Windows Phone devices got updated to v2.16.0.274 in Windows Phone Store. This is a minor update with general fixes and improvements.

Another app which got updated in Windows Phone Store today is Nokia Treasure Tag. The app got updated to v1.2.2.4 and there is no change log mentioned in the Store.

Download the Skype app here from Windows Phone Store for free. Download the Nokia Treasure Tag in the Windows Phone Store here.

Skype demoes upgrading to video calls and Cortana integration in Windows Phone 8.1 (video)

On their blog Skype has posted two short video demoes of two new features of Skype in Windows Phone 8.1.

The service will now integrate with the Windows Phone 8.1 dialler, allowing users to upgrade regular calls to Skype video calls, much like Apple’s FaceTime.

In the video after the break they also showed off being able to use Cortana to make a video call directly, using only your voice.

See that video after the break.

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Microsoft Updates Skype App For Windows Phone Devices With Simplified Login Process, Bug Fixes And More

Skype Windows Phone 8

Skype app for Windows Phone devices got updated to v2.16.0.266 in Windows Phone Store. Microsoft is improving the signup/sign-in experience for Skype users. All Windows Phone users signing up to Skype for the first time on their Windows Phone will now register with their Microsoft account, the same email and password users enter when they first set up their Windows Phone. You can now link Skype account and Microsoft account within this app.

Another cool feature in this update is the typing indicator on Skype for Windows Phone. Skype is including this for the first time on mobile, so now you can see when someone is typing a message to you. They have also made the ‘Mark as Read’ option for new messages easier to find – you can now find the option in the Recents list view.

What’s new?

- A new and simpler way to sign in to Skype. Just use the same Microsoft account you use for your phone. Already got a Skype account? Link it with your Microsoft account and we’ll carry your credit and contacts over.
- See when someone’s typing a message.
- General fixes and improvements.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Microsoft Announces Improved Skype Chat Experience In Mobile Apps

Skype Windows Phone 8Skype team today announced a major update to its chat experience across devices. The most significant thing announced was the push notifications make sure you know when you have a new message in chat, and Skype chats are synced across all of your Skype-enabled devices. Also, Skype will now show whether your message was read by the other person. Apart from these backend changes, Microsoft is also improving the app performance of Skype in mobile devices which will offer better battery life, low startup/resume times and more.

To accompany these changes, we’ve continued to optimize our overall mobile performance, so you’ll also see improvements to battery life, startup times, and resume times. We’ve improved load times for the app and for recent conversations; in addition, it’s now faster to return to the app when it’s not running in the foreground as well as faster to start up, allowing you to chat all day every day without the fear of unwanted battery drain.

Microsoft also revealed that they are working on features such as intelligent notifications which will show up only in the device which you are using at that time, favorites contact list will “roam” and sync across all of your Skype-enabled devices and more.

via: Microsoft-news

Skype Windows Phone App Updated With General Fixes And Improvements

Skype Windows Phone 8
Microsoft today updated the Skype app for Windows Phone devices to v2.15.0.154. This is just a minor update with no new features. It however includes some general fixes and improvements.

What’s new?skypeqr
- General fixes and improvements.

I don’t remember the last time Microsoft delivered a major update to Skype app for Windows Phone 8 devices. I guess they are working on OS level integration which will come with Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be released first in April for developers followed by general public in May.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Skype For Windows Phone App Now Features Better Performance With The Latest Update

Skype Windows Phone 8

Microsoft today updated the Skype app for Windows Phone 8 devices to version 2.13. This new update brings the much needed performance improvements to the app. Microsoft has made a significant improvement to the time it takes for the app and your recent conversations to load when you start up Skype from the tile.

Also, you the app now supports copy and paste for instant messaging conversations. You can now press and hold an IM message, select copy and paste it to where you need it. Microsoft has also made some improvements in the accessibility area, they now have a high contrast mode in the app. Another significant announcement is that, Skype for Windows Phone is now available in China following Microsoft’s strategic partnership in the region with Guangming Founder.

Find the update in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Skype

Skype for Windows Phone updated with “general fixes and improvements”

Skype Windows Phone 8

Skype for Windows Phone 8 devices received a minor update today.

Unfortunately Microsoft did not reveal what if anything is new, only noting that v2.11.0.246 includes:

What’s new?skypeqr

-General fixes and improvements.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Have our readers noticed any specific improvements? Let us know below.

via: Plaffo, thanks Lance for the tip.

Microsoft Has Some ‘Fun Things’ Planned For Skype Experience On Windows Phone 8.1

skype logo

In an interview to The Verge, Skype product manager Jeff Kunins spoke about the current state of Skype experience across all platforms and how they are trying to fix in the future. He admitted well known Skype annoying bugs like unsynced messages across devices, call notifications continue to ring even after attending on one device, etc. He assured that Microsoft is working on to fix these serious bugs very soon. Speaking on Skype experience on Windows Phone devices, Kunins revealed that they are going to improve app load times and better notifications in the near term and have more fun things planned when Windows Phone 8.1 releases next year. I hope Microsoft delivers on their promises!

Microsoft is also improving the load times on its Skype Windows Phone app alongside better notifications, but additional improvements are coming next year. “I don’t think we’ve talked publicly a bunch about Windows Phone 8.1 and the experience, but as you can imagine we’re certainly working closely with them and how that experience is,” explains Kunins. “We’ve made a ton of progress on our Windows Phone app in general, and as you can imagine we’re doing a lot of fun things for Windows Phone 8.1 as well. I think there will be some fun things to see there.”

Read the full interview from the link below.

Source: The Verge

GroupMe Windows Phone Updated To v4.6.4 With Improved Experience And Bug Fixes

I guess the previous meaningful update released for GroupMe app in Windows Phone was in 2012. Finally, GroupMe team which is now part of Skype (Yes, Microsoft owned Skype!) has released an update v4.6.4 in Windows Phone Store which improves experience by adding little features such as the ability to view previously sent messages while offline, etc,. Find the change log below.

Whats New in 4.6.4:

-Copy messages
-Improved message delivery
-View previously sent messages while offline
-See muted group members
-Faster app start up
-Bug fixes

I’m not sure about the strategy behind GroupMe inside Skype. While there are several start-ups fighting it out everyday with new features to capture cross-platform messaging market, Microsoft owned GroupMe is barely making any noise in the messaging world. WhatsApp which was started few years back now has over 300 million active users almost same as Skype! I think Microsoft once again lost its great opportunity in messaging/IM world after MSN Messenger. What do you think?

Download GroupMe app here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Skype For Windows Phone 8 Devices Updated With Bug Fixes And Improvements

Skype Windows Phone 8

Skype for Windows Phone 8 devices got a minor update today. The new v2.11.0.236 includes a little feature that allows you to remove unwanted chats from your recent list and also includes various general fixes and improvements.

What’s new?

- Tap and hold on unwanted chats to remove them from your recent list.
- General fixes and improvements.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

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Skype for Windows Phone 7 not to see any further development

skypePosting on their blog, Skype announced that they will not be developing the Windows Phone 7 version of their app any further, but will in fact be concentrating on Windows Phone 8 development.

They wrote:

Earlier this year we outlined Skype’s Mobile Future, where our work on Windows Phone has been leading the way in a number of key areas. Skype for Windows Phone was the first Skype mobile app to have HD Video Calling, the new Modern user interface and be always on and power efficient. The Windows Phone 8 platform is gaining good momentum in the marketplace and at Skype the vast majority of our Windows Phone base and usage is on Windows Phone 8.

Just recently we released Video Messaging for our Windows Phone 8 app, enabling you to record and share messages, even when friends and loved ones are not available for a call. As we look ahead to the future, we are focusing all our efforts to bring great experiences and improved performance to Windows Phone 8, building on the capabilities of the platform. As a result we are not planning to release further updates to Skype for Windows Phone 7. However the Windows Phone 7 app will remain available to download in the Windows Phone Store, so users can still keep using the core Skype experiences, such as Chat, Voice and Video Calls.

While Windows Phone 8 is likely the majority of the market, there are still many millions of Windows Phone 7 users, making the decision unfortunate.  On the other hand the current app will continue to remain available, and Windows Phone 8 APIs allow features which are just not possible on Windows Phone 7.

Do our readers think this is a reasonable decision, or should Skype, which after all belongs to Microsoft, be going out of their way to support all their Microsoft mobile customers? Let us know below.

Microsoft Updates WP8 Skype App With Video Messages Support

Skype for Windows Phone 8 devices just got a much awaited update. This new update brings the support for video messages. With messages, you can record a video and send it to others. There is no limit for the number of sending and receving video messages. Apart from video messages, this new update also brings bug fixed and other minor improvements.

What’s new?
- Video messaging – Record life’s everyday moments and share them with the people who matter most, with free and unlimited video messaging over Skype.
- General fixes and speed improvements.

Get the updated version now from the Windows Phone Store.