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Agent smart watch slowly winding its way to the market

agent watch

Way back in early 2013 we backed a kickstarter for a Windows Phone compatible smartwatch, the Agent smart watch.

I think many readers may have forgotten sending the company the money, as the device has overshot its projected delivery date by nearly a year now.

The good news however is that the team as continued to plug away at the device, and is ever so slowly inching their way to release, thought I suspect the company long since abandoned predicting when the day will be, after projecting 3 months in January 2014.

There is of course one advantage to the delay – with the roll-out of Lumia Cyan, Windows Phone 8.1 now supports Bluetooth LE and also in the latest 8.1 GDR1 update includes the underpinnings for a notification system designed for smart watches.

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Kreyos Smart Watch maker shows off their Windows Phone app

13 months ago we first posted about the Kreyos Meteor smart watch, then a new project raising money on Indiegogo, which then promised Windows Phone compatibility.

The accessory promised to let you control functions on your smartphone using voice and gestures, courtesy of its microphone and 3 axis gyroscope, and the water proof watch will also be able to function as an activity monitor for fitness-related activity, heart-rate monitor and cycling computer.


The “watch” can be worn on the wrist, belt and lapel and will also serve as a development platform for 3rd party developers.

Kreyos has now showed that they kept their promise of Windows Phone compatibility by posting the video above, showing the app in action, pairing and drawing data of the Meteor watch.

The device is now available to pre-order for $169.99. See a video demonstrating the device after the break, and place your order here.

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Claim: Surface watch spotted in the wild

Microsoft’s smart watch is more or less confirmed, with Forbes vouching for the existence of the cross-platform fitness tracker.

Now Gearlive.com claims to have seen the device in person, being road tested in New York a few months ago.

The tester initially denied that it was the real deal, but according to Gearlive eventually relented and spilled the beans.

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12 months later backers becoming impatient waiting for Secret Agent Windows Phone compatible smart watch


imageIts now been a year and a week since we first heard about the Secret Agent smart watch, which was one of the few to promise Windows Phone support and features Qi wireless charging..

The company in the end raised more than $1 million in funding, and promised a release by December 2013.

Things have obviously not gone to plan, and WP7.nl reports that backers have become increasingly restive, and are complaining not just of the delay, but of a lack of communication by spokesperson for the team, Chris Walker from Secret Labs, who last posted an update a month ago on the 1/5/2014.

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Microsoft helps Hot watch smart watch support Windows Phone


Microsoft seems to have a new strategy in place to secure Internet of Things support for Windows Phone.

They are working directly with 3rd party OEMs to help them support the OS, and the latest smart watch OEM to take of this is PH Technical Labs, maker of the Hot Watch.

The Hot Watch, with an e-Paper screen, got its start as a Kickstarter project, and delivery is starting next week. 

PH Technical labs said the addition of Windows Phone is a collaboration with Microsoft: “The two companies are working to create an application that takes full advantage of the uniquely personal characteristics of the Windows Phone operating system.”

As part of the deal Microsoft will also be selling the Hot Watch and apps for it on Microsoft sites.

The Hot Watch is available in four different models with prices ranging from $179 to $236. The watch is waterproof, has a pedometer function, can run apps and receive notifications from your phone. Additionally, the watch can be used for private voice calls with patented technology to amplify the sound when you cup your hand.

See a demo of the Hot Watch after the break.

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Forbes: Microsoft working on a cross-platform Smart Watch

Forbes reports that Microsoft is working on a smart watch that measures heart rate and synchs with iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones.

The watch will measure heart rate via optical means, consistent with recently revealed Microsoft patents, and will have a two day battery life.

The device is said to look like the Gear Fit, and have a full colour touch screen about the size of half a stick of gum, positioned on the inside of the wearer’s wrist.

The US PTO has recently published a patent application by Microsoft for a smart watch/ fitness tracker.


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Is this what Microsoft’s smart watch will look like?



There has been plenty of speculation about a future Microsoft-powered smart watch, and while there has not been any strong rumours regarding availability yet, many think the accessory is inevitable, due to strong moves by Apple and Google in the area.removable_thumb[1]

We have seen a recent patent for a fitness band by Microsoft (right), and today we bring you a recent design patent which may reveal what the device will actually look like.

The design patent, for “The ornamental design for an electronic band, as shown and described” appears to be for a rather sleek device with a pretty large screen and tapered band.

It is of note that that design is very similar to the fitness band patented, suggesting that this may be close to the final appearance.


The patent was applied for in March 15th 2013 and only granted on March 25th 2014.

See more images after the break.

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Microsoft applies for fitness tracker/Smart watch patent

microsoft smart watch

The US PTO has just published a patent application by Microsoft for a smart watch/ fitness tracker which in many ways are very similar to the recently announced Windows Phone-compatible Sapphire Wellness Watch.

Patent No. 20,140,121,539 describes a wearable device which can either be worn on the wrist or easily removed from the watch strap for insertion in a docking and charging station.

Like the Sapphire Wellness Watch the device would be an activity and fitness tracker and would similarly use an optical sensor at the back plate of the watch to measure heart rate and other biometrics.

docking station docking station 2

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Skim lets you load apps and firmware onto your Pebble smart watch

Skim is an app for Windows Phone which lets install and remove apps from your Pebble smartwatch, will automatically sync the time with your phone and allows you to download Pebble apps from community sites and upload to your smartphone.

Unfortunately Windows Phone does not support notifications to a Pebble watch, but Steve Robbins, Skim’s developer,has also released an open source package package P3bble, which developers can integrate into their apps to allow them to add Pebble functionality.image

This package can be found at GitHub and NuGet.

Regular users can download the free Skim app from the Windows Phone Store here.


Is Nokia hinting at a smart watch for BUILD?


Nokia today announced that they will be having a presentation at BUILD 2014.

At the event they promised:

What makes 2014 so special is the exciting Microsoft and Nokia partnership, and boy, have we got some treats lined up for you.

While the company is widely expected to show off two new Windows Phones, the animated banner they used for the announcement has some interesting icons, one for the Mix radio service, one for Nokia Camera, and one which clearly shows a watch face.

See the gif after the break.

Nokia is widely expected to move into wearables after they divest themselves of their handset division, and one of the treats they may be showing off could be a smart watch, which will presumably be windows phone compatible.

Is it just a check mark, or are our readers convinced? Let us know below.

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Windows Phone compatible Agent Smart Watch still more than 3 months from market


We were pretty excited about the Agent Smart Watch in the early part of 2013, but the Windows Phone compatible accessory, which was meant to reach backers around December 2013, appears to still be some time from market.

A delay in the delivery in custom backlights has been one of the main hold-ups, and of course there is no guarantee there will not be others.

However the team has been putting their time to good use, and has sought Qi charging pre-qualification, which should speed up final certification when the device is finalized.

They have also been extending the feature set of the watch, which will now offer even more Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity features and also allow 3rd party developers access to that API.

That means not only will the watch be able to alert users when they get separated from their phone, or be able to lock your PC when you leave the room, but the smart watch may even be able to integrate with accessories like Fitbit or the Nest thermostat and other Agent smart watch users.

At present it is expected to take another 30 days to finalize the watch case and build samples, then another 30 to get Qi and FCC/IC/CE certification before the device will finally be able to enter production.  This suggests to me we can only expect the smart watch some time in Spring or early Summer, but then it seems we will be getting a lot better product than initially offered.

Those unfamiliar with the project can see a video of the original device concept after the break.

Keep a watch on the Agent Smart Watch progress at Kickstarter here.

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Pebble Watch Pro brings Pebble Smartwatch support to Windows Phone

imagePebble has no official Windows Phone app for their smart watch, but as usual there is a 3rd party developer ready to fill the gap.

Pebble Watch Pro by Greg Banta in an unofficial app to use with your Pebble watch that allows users to receive Calendar, Twitter, Battery and Network alerts right on your wrist.

  • You can choose 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute reminders before you appointments.
  • You can get Tweets from your Home Timeline and Twitter Direct Messages.
  • You can get alerts when your phone battery drops below 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 percent.
  • You can get alerts when you lose or regain access to the data network including Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

imageIn addition you can control music on your Windows Phone right from the Pebble. Select songs from Playlist, Genre or All songs on your phone and then pause/play move to the next or previous song right from the music app on your Pebble.

The developer also has a free app, Pebble Watch Lite, which only includes the music feature.

The app costs $1.99, unfortunately without a free trial, and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Read  more about the apps at BadPlanetSoftware here.

Lumia Smart Watch concept looks pretty cool

We know Microsoft is working on a smart watch, but I suspect it will not come close to this concept dreamt up by Omar Pirela, who posted it on the Verge forums.

He writes:

Hi, this is my third concept inspired in the Nokia brand, but well, in this case is beyond the Nokia-Microsoft Deal and explores the Lumia as a standalone brand with the first SmartWatch, the perfect companion to your Lumia phone and tablet, I think they need to rethink the Windows Phone brand too, because in the near future it will be more than phones. My concept is based on a hardware navigation with a colorful design, AMOLED screen and a camera connected via Bluetooth with your main device.

The main menu was designed to reduce the energy consumption and to offer useful notification info, the form-factor offers a traditional watch shape and the possibility to customize the color to your personal preference. I´m working on a second video to show how this will work. I believe in the future of the Nokia Devices team under Microsoft umbrella coming soon, and that is my inspiration to create this work. Thank you for your support.

What do our readers think of this concept? Let us know below.

Thanks ImperialDynamics for the tip.