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First TouchFlo3D 2 ROM for SE Xperia


As a current Xperia user I have been waiting for this, and now the waiting is over- the first new ROM for the SE Xperia X1 has now become available on XDA- Developers.  The ROM, but Itje, carries most of TouchFlo3D 2, and appears to be mostly bug-free.  It comes without Opera Mobile, allowing users do download whichever of the many versions they prefer.

To download the ROM, which requires Hard-SPL, see this XDA-Developers post here. Bear in mind any flashing bears risk, especially a 3rd party ROM.

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Sony Ericsson to release new Xperia panels

Catching up on news from a bit earlier this week, Sony Ericsson has unveiled  four new panels for its Xperia™ X1 mobile phone. 


  • A new CNN panel keeps you constantly updated with the latest news, sport, or weather and a host of CNN content including access to CNN’s  popular citizen journalism tool, ‘i-Report’. Browse information by category, personalise your experience or plug in your location and get instant updates for wherever you are in the world.  
  • A unique Skype panel brings quick access to Skype on the X1, telling you at a glance which of your friends are online. Browse easily through your contacts and call or instant message them in just a couple of clicks, or customise your handset using the evening, daylight or event based effects.
  • For those who just want to have fun, a new Mytopia panel lets you play bingo and poker games with people around the world. With millions of users there is always someone online to play against or you can play by yourself. You can even collect virtual coins and improve your rank by winning live matches.  
  • For those always on the move, the specially developed ‘On the Road’ panel includes large touch icons and a simple layout. Offering direct access to your music playlists and tracks, navigation tools and easy to use call-handling, this panel will makes your driving convenient and entertaining wherever the road takes you.

The X1 comes pre-loaded with a wide range of panels including a Google search panel. Facebook and Windows Live panels are already available on www.sonyericsson.com/fun  for download onto the Xperia™ X1 and the newly announced panels will be available to download from mid-march March 2009.

Read more Sonyericsson.com

Spb Traveller wins Xperia Panel competiton

The Sony Ericcson Xperia Panels Compeition and the winner has been announced.  Spb’s Traveller panel was judged the winner as the jury felt the Xperia panel was an ideal travel tool, well-packaged with a clearly defined user experience and friendly to use.

Spb Traveler from Spb Software helps you keep track of your travel arrangements and stay on top of meetings, even when abroad. It can track time for your destinations, or your favorite spots, while reminding you when your next flight is and your next rendezvous.

“The panels are an absolutely exceptional opportunity for developers, especially taking into account the X1’s on-device portal, which will help to further promote quality Windows Mobile software in this competitive market,” said Victoria Krasilshikova of Spb Software. “We had a vision of the new Spb Traveler from the start, but certainly, the idea of creating a panel for Sony Ericsson was the inspiration.”

Unique to the Spb Traveler is a 3D globe that animates your trip so you can see where you’re going and when with sleek animation. You can also use it to test your geographical knowledge in the Geo Game.

Need to know what the weather is like when you arrive in Mumbai? Done. The Spb Traveler provides global weather forecasts that coincide with your travel plans, as well as travel tools like a flight search and currency, unit, time and clothing size converters.

And if you’re in Paris and want to request a glass of water, the Multilingual Phrase Book tool will help you find the words, “Un verre d’eau, s’il vous plait.”

Among other nominees were Evernote, Ping.fm, Mobisystems (for their English to Japanese dictionary), and PlusFourSize (for the Swedish operator 3’s panel).

Read more at Sony Ericsson’s website here.

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More games come to the HTC Touch HD

Paintball  Frutakia    Smart Games  

CrazySoft has announced that 3 of its most popular games and one brain-training-like game now support the WVGA resolution as found on the HTC Touch HD and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Paintball 2 ,Psarakia, Croker and Smart Games has seen updates.

This is particularly good news as games are often the area most often affected by unusual resolutions as found in the latest Windows Mobile devices

See Crazysoft here for more information.

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Removing the Default Signature on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Tired of that default signature on your Xperia X1 that is attached to all of your outgoing e-mail? You know, the one that says, “Sent from my Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1″. Or even worse, you change the signature, only to reset your device a few days later and see that it has returned?

Here is a quick fix, and many thanks to pocketnow.com for the tip.

“In order to remove this feature, use File Explorer to browse to: My Device>Windows>Startup. Then select the file named “SignatureReplace” and choose Menu>Edit>Cut. Then browse to another folder and paste the file elsewhere, Now you can change your signature in the Messaging application and it will stay that way after a reboot.”

Now you can add a signature that gives a personal touch to your outgoing mail, and will remain after re-setting the device. Very cool.

If this was helpful, let us know in the comments.

Read the original post here.

Tip: SE Xperia – remap the Panels button

Love your Xperia but find Panels a bit of a gimmick? This little tip will allow you to remap your Xperia Panels button to something a bit more useful.

All you have to do is navigate to:


with your favourite registry editor and change the string value there to the path of an alternate executable.

e.g. “\..\Windows\Pie.exe”

The quotation marks and the \..\ part is important and needs to be part of the path used above.

To use the button to access your start menu you could map it to Quickmenu, a popular start menu replacement.

Read more about the hack in this XDA-Developers thread.

Xperia facebook panel updated

If you are running the Xperia facebook panel you may want to check out the More Panels page on your smartphone. The facebook panel has seen an update which, according to users, results in much faster loading and snappier performance.

You can also download the cab directly from the Sony Ericsson website here.

Read more about the free facebook panel on the Xperia X1 here.

Make your own Xperia panels

Talking about more 3rd party panels, the owner of the mysonyericsson blog has become frustrated with how difficult it is to make the same, and has simplified the process greatly. Now just about anyone can make an HTML-based Xperia panel and after uploading the files to the blog, get delivered a .cab file ready to install to your device or distribute further.

The service comes with a tutorial which explains the process in pretty simple terms, and it seems just about anyone who can throw up a blog page can do a panel (even I made a Google search panel for myself :D )

Read more at the mysonyericsson blog and try it for yourself.

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Custom Xperia navigation panel eases GPS software use

Some 3rd party Xperia panels are finally becoming available.

Zenyee Navigation Panel for the Xperia X1 has been designed by its developer to ease the setup needed when preparing to use your GPS navigation software. The application will rotate the screen, activate bluetooth, increase volume to maximum, set your backlight to maximum brightness and start your chosen GPS software. All the changes are reversed when you exit the panel.

See the video below for the panel in action.

Download the cab from XDA-Developers here.

BBC iPlayer Mobile announced formally for Xperia, Omnia

We have already discovered support for the Samsung Omnia in the BBC iPlayer code (and exploted it for other devices), but the BBC has officially announced support for the Samsung Omnia and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. The service has previously only been officially available for the iPhone and Nokia N96.

Speaking of the expansion, Jon Billings, head of technology for mobile for the BBC, says of the decision to support the Omnia and Xperia:

“These phones have been selected as they hit our requirements of Wi-Fi and 3G support with great browsing and media playback experience (i.e. the video and audio look and sound good), and it’s also great to broaden our platform support out to Windows Mobile smartphones as well as our first feature phone offering on the C905″.

The BBC iPlayer service is only available for UK residents and offer live TV and radio alongside the catch-up services.

The BBC says they will be extending the portal out to other compatible devices in the coming weeks.

Via Pocketlint.co.uk

HTC Touch Pro vs Xperia X1 – the BGR pitches in their 2c

We have done our own series of reviews discussing the Xperia X1 vs the HTC Touch Pro, and now the Boy Genius Report has done their own version, comparing the devices on screen, keyboard, OS, battery, connectivity, speed, sexiness, navigation and finally touch.

Their conclusion was:

At the end of the day, what phone is better? That’s the ultimate question isn’t it? I personally crowned the AT&T Fuze as the best Windows Mobile device out there. Am I sticking to it? More or less, yes. Here’s why… The XPERIA X1 is a fantastic Windows Mobile phone. But the more we use it and evaluate it, the more we think its target market shrinks. Not so much because the device is sub-par, it’s quite the opposite. It’s just that we feel the only consumers interested in the X1 will be prior Windows Mobile users that know what they are doing and know how to handle the shortcomings in WinMo. Then there’s the $800 price tag which will certainly push a huge segment of the target market away. Like real, real fast. Looking at both of them from a consumer’s perspective, there really isn’t any reason to not go with the Fuze. Even if you’re not on AT&T, paying $500 for an unlocked unit is still better than paying $800.

The Fuze offers a much more complete experience than the X1, and that combined with the price really makes this a winner. If we eliminated price altogether, which one would we choose? That’s really tough, folks. The fact is we’d be happy with either one of them, but at this point we’d probably just go ahead and choose the Fuze. It’s much more streamlined, the entire OS is cohesive in terms of what HTC has done (everything from the volume up/down screen, to the Connection Manager, to TouchFLO, to well, you get the point) and it’s just an all-around more usable phone out of the box. If you want to man up and get your hands dirty with customizing the X1 and making it suit your needs better, more power to you. We’ve pretty much raped this handset and got it up to snuff, we just don’t think that many people want to be bothered with doing that. Not with Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and the iPhone around.

To see how they came to this conclusion read the full comparative review here.

HTC Touch Pro vs SE Xperia X1 – the keyboard

For both the HTC Touch Pro and to a lesser extent the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, the claim to fame is the keyboard. Its a good thing the Xperia has other great features like its panel interface and 800×480 screen, as the keyboard is certainly one of its weaker points.

When compared to the HTC Touch Pro keyboard, who’s defining feature is its 57 key keyboard, the Xperia’s shortcomings are placed in stark contrast.

Not only are both keyboards the same size, despite the greater width of the Xperia keyboard, but despite having less keys than the Touch Pro, they keys are also mostly the same size. You therefore have to reach much further with your thumbs to little benefit on the Xperia. In my experience the separation of the keys on the Xperia does not help typing speed at all. When using the top row of they keyboard the screen section also encroaches much more than on the Touch Pro, and of course the top QWERTY row is used much more commonly than the numeric row of the Touch Pro.

The Xperia keyboard’s greatest sin however is the poor tactility of they keyboard. Most of the keys are actually OK, but the space bar is actually horrendous, making one never sure whether the key press has actually been registered or not.

This is not however the end of the litany of issues. In addition the contrast between the labeling of the letters on the keys and the keys themselves are really poor, and the keys are chromed and slightly pyramidal, meaning you are always having reflections on the keys making the labels even more difficult to see. The back light is also pretty weak, meaning the situation is not much improved even at night.

In addition while the Xperia keyboard has important keys like Start and OK, it lacks basics such as arrow keys.

The HTC Touch Pro suffers from none of these issues. They keys are easy to reach, have good tactility, there is good contrast between the keys and the lettering with a strong back light, and are therefore easy to read in all lighting conditions. There is a more than full complement of keys, with only the Ok and Start keys missing.

In short, I feel the Xperia keyboard is pretty horrendous, such that I often prefer using the standard on-screen Windows Mobile soft keyboard. I find in contrast the HTC Touch Pro is a pleasure to use.

In summary, I suggest one should not buy the Xperia for its keyboard. In this particular regard, I feel the HTC Touch Pro is a much better choice.

Both the Xperia X1 and HTC Touch Pro are available on Expansys.

SE Xperia X1 vs the HTC Touch Pro – where the Xperia is clearly ahead

Having been accused of being biased against the Xperia X1, I thought I better try and balance the books a bit and note explicitly the areas where I think the Xperia is clearly ahead. These areas may in fact be the deal makers and deal breakers when it comes to choosing between the two.

Firstly, the hand feel of the Xperia is definitely better, due to the slimmer, thinner and lighter design which is more reminiscent of a candybar phone than the slightly more blocky Touch Pro.

Secondly, the all metal construction of the Xperia does speak more to quality than the all plastic construction of the Touch Pro.

800×480 at 3 inches clearly beats 640×480 at 2.8 inches, even if the software does not always take advantage of it.

The Xperia’s 3.5 mm headphone jack also clearly beats whatever the Touch Pro has to offer.

Buttons – again the Xperia has a plethora of them, including a camera button which makes taking a picture 3 times faster on the Xperia than on the Touch Pro.

Lets not forget the Xperia does VGA video recording while the Touch Pro only does piddling QVGA.

Phone reception – its close, but the Xperia is better at holding on to a signal than the Touch Pro.

Phone sound quality – the earphone is louder and clearer on the Xperia and the Touch Pro, with none of the “sweet spot” nonsense of the Touch Pro.

WIFI reception is definitely much better on the Xperia, with much better range than the Touch Pro.

Battery life – I think is good on both, but the Xperia has more mAh, and does seem to last longer than the Touch Pro.

More open development environment for their skins – Touchflo3D has no SDK (and badly needs it) while Panels, while it has less community support, is actually an open platform which anyone can develop for.

The last advantage the SE Xperia has over the HTC Touch Pro is in those two little letters – SE. Sony Ericsson is an established brand name, and when some-one sees the Xperia and see the little Sony Ericsson logo the device suddenly seems more familiar, accessible and desirable, and people who would not touch a Windows Mobile smartphone suddenly sees something they can actually work with.

I am sure there are many other advantages which I can not recall at the moment. Why don’t you leave a comment at the end of the article and I will include it in the article (but only if I feel its objective enough).

Both the Xperia X1 and HTC Touch Pro are available on Expansys (affiliate link).