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VOIP app Tango confirms they are not planning to update their WP7 app to WP8

The cross-platform video calling app Tango was one of the first to be available on Windows Phone 7, even before Skype arrived on the platform.

Now VOIP specialist site TruTower reports that the app may never make the jump to Windows Phone 8.

Speaking to Tango Head of Platform Richard Rabbat, the executive said that Tango was “always evaluating the various platforms,” and would continue to support Windows Phone 7, but was “prioritizing Apple’s App Store and Google Play” to enable third-party developers to reach a larger audience.

Rabbat also confirmed that there were no dates to announce regarding Windows Phone 8 availability.

It is likely the early arrival of the software on the platform was due to financial incentives by Microsoft, and that the lack of further incentives are what’s preventing further development.

Hopefully having the Windows Phone installed base grow to 100 million users by the end of 2014 will convince these developers to pay more attention to the platform.

Via TruTower.com

Tango app for Windows Phone 7 updated, no sign of Windows Phone 8 app yet

tangoqrHere is some turn around for the new Windows Phone 8 Facebook app.

The Tango video calling app for Windows Phone 7 has been updated. The app provides free calls between Windows Phone, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and PCs, and also free international calls to other Tango members.

The app, as of yet, is not available for Windows Phone 8 owners.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Poll: Are some users have difficulty updating to Windows Phone Tango

imageWe have forced the Tango update ourselves, but we have had a report from a reader that many Windows Phone users are having difficulty installing the Windows Phone Tango update, despite receiving the upgrade prompt.

Those who attempt the update find it ends with an ’80180048′ error.

Peter, our tipster, said in the end he was told his phone was defective, and that he should ask HTC for a repair.  Peter denies ever hacking his phone, and says in looking for a solution he found many others with the same problem.

We ourselves have not heard of any major issues around the Tango update.  We have therefore included a poll to see how many users are affected.  The poll is only for users having difficulty upgrading, and not those who are still waiting for the prompt.

Thanks Peter for the tip.

Tango causing battery problems for the Samsung Omnia W?

Battery Stats Omnia W

Windows Blog Italia is reporting that their Samsung Omnia W is having some issues with the Windows Phone Tango update.

They report that since the update the phone has difficulty making it to the afternoon especially when used on 3G, with EDGE proving less of a battery drain.

Their battery performance, as measured by the Battery Status app, saw the battery level at 4% at around 17:00 while on the EDGE the handset still had 8% at 21:00 the next day.

They report before the Tango update the phone routinely had 20% battery left over on 3G by 23:00, which they considered reasonable performance.

Restoring back to Mango unfortunately did not restore the updated firmware back to normal, and did not solve the issue.

Have any 0f our readers experienced the same problem post Tango? Let us know below.

Read more at Windows Blog Italia here.

Dell Venue Pro also getting the Tango update

We received an email earlier today asking us to make sure to mention the non-Nokia devices getting the Tango update, as it is a source of anxiety to some that especially older generation devices may be left behind.

It certainly seems that this will not be the case, as the most marginal of the older generation handsets, the now venerable Dell Venue Pro, is indeed getting the update.

Holger in Germany plugged his unbranded DVP into Zune today and was soon pleasantly surprised to receive the upgrade prompt to Tango (7.10.8773.98). 

He reports the upgrade went perfectly fine, but that the compass unfortunately remains DOA.

Are there other uncommon handsets (one thinks of the ZTE Tania for example) which are getting the update? Let us know below.

Thanks Holger for the tip.

Tango showing up in Australia, Italy

Plaffo.com reports the Windows Phone Tango update is hitting Italian devices already, and on Nokia handsets is coming with WIFI tethering.

Similarly Peter’s Kitchen is reporting that Vodafone Australia has also started the roll-out of the software update to HTC Trophy and Nokia Lumia 800 owners, which should be completed in around 3 weeks.

Have the software popped up anywhere else? Let us know below.

Tango update for Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 start rolling out

Nokia has begun to roll out an update for the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 offering a number of enhancements, including some of the newest features of the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. The most notable enhancements in this package include:

  • Wi-Fi tethering capability added
  • Flip-to-silence function added
  • On the Lumia 710, Nokia Drive will be updated to version 2.0, which features offline route planning and navigation, speed limit notifications and an advanced dashboard with recent destinations and details. Lumia 800 users can download Nokia Drive version 2.0 from the Windows Marketplace.
  • Enhanced imaging performance

The update will be made available over the coming weeks and can be downloaded and installed by performing a Zune update via PC (or Windows Phone Connector for Mac). All owners will receive the update and should connect to Zune regularly to ensure that they have the most up-to-date software.

This update represents part of Nokia’s commitment to ensure a positive Lumia experience, and Nokia expects to bring more enhancements and surprises to Lumia owners in the near future.

Via Nokia PR.

Tango firmware for Nokia Lumia 800 show up on Navifirm for T-Mobile and Orange UK


Adding another pushpin to the Windows Phone Tango roll-out, the firmware for the Nokia Lumia 800 on Everything Everywhere (the joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange in UK) has just popped up on Nokia’s Navifirm repository.

Usually its appearance there precedes the roll-out to devices by a short period, so I am sure Lumia 800 users on that network will not have long to wait.

Plaffo.com also reports the Italian Language version of the software is also available there, and provides a guide to install it on your Windows Phone also.

Thanks Raúl for the tip.

Telstra getting ready to roll out Tango to their Windows Phones



If you are in Australia and you are eager to get your Tango on, the good news is that Australian carrier Telstra, who has a wide range of Windows Phones, are getting ready to deliver the OS update MCR3 to their whole stable of handsets.

The delivery date is expected to be in July.

Telstra does not specify what the update would include, but an upgrade to WIFI tethering is likely, given their earlier statements about the demand for the feature.

See the page here.

Thanks Dawookie for the tip.

E-Plus delivers Tango to the Nokia Lumia 800

E-Plus has become the first German carrier to launch the 8773 update to the Nokia Lumia 800.

The update brings:

  • MMS can now download several images, videos, voice recordings, ring tones and contain
  • The import and export of contacts on the SIM card is now possible
  • Tethering (Mobile Hotspot)
  • Other unspecified equipment improvements and bug fixes

Of note is that at least on E-Plus the update brings tethering, a feature not guaranteed unfortunately.

German blog WPArea.de notes they expect update notifications to hit devices soon.

Via WPArea.de

Thanks Pete for the tip.

Tango now also rolling out for Rogers Nokia Lumia 710


Today is Tango day it seems.  The LG Optimus 7 on Telus is already receiving the Windows Phone Tango update, and now MobileSyrup reports the Nokia Lumia 710 on Rogers Canada was also receiving the software.

The upgrade includes fixes for the “disappearing keyboard bug” and improvements to MMS and GPS. Again the update does not mention WIFI tethering.

Are any of our Rogers readers seeing the update? Let us know below.

Telus says Tango for LG Optimus 7 now available


On their support pages Telus has announced that the 8773 update for the LG Optimus 7 is ready to roll out now, with users just waiting for the update notification.

The update will bring various MMS enhancements, including the ability to add multiple pictures and to add video attachments to an MMS message and Improved overall stability.

Interestingly they make no note of WIFI tethering, suggesting it may not be coming to the handset.

Have any of our readers received the update notification yet? Let us know below.

Thanks Graham for the tip.

Windows Phone Tango 8773 already available for HTC HD2

Its pretty funny when ROM cooks manage to get Windows Phone updates on phones before the official update is available to everyone else, and the HTC HD2, a device which was never meant to run Windows Phone 7 in the first place, has certainly been a long-standing recipient of this.

Over at XDA-Developers you can now find a ROM by pdaimatejam for the HTC HD2 which will bring the device right up to build 8773 and also with a nice video tutorial to make it easier to install.

The ROM features:

  • Full support of native applications
  • XAP installation via IE and File_Browser_v1.0.0.0.xap and PC
  • DFT BT File Transfer
  • LEO EXT Settings.xap ? (when allowed)
  • Search key mapping settings
  • Possibility to use CE Remote Tools
  • Windows Mobile Device Center support
  • LEO_Shortcuts.xap by pdaimatejam
  • Connection Setup 1.13, attentive phone, Registry editor, SupremeShortcuts, LEO_Settings, AdvancedConfig, BatteryStatus4.6.1.1, TouchXperience_2.4.0.0, Capture 2.1, Flashlight, xaps
  • 15 units was added to the background theme
  • XAP Market added to your favorite IE
  • Nokia Mail and sounds Driver
  • Active video 720p operator
  • MediaShare
  • People Export contacts to SIM
  • Wlan Static ip
  • New LEO Shortcuts.xap v1.0.3
  • New LEO_Advanced.xap v1.7

The ROM support numerous languages, so if you want to extend the life of your old HTC HD2 a bit longer, hop on over to XDA-Developers here.

Thanks Dind for the tip.