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Nokia Lumia 930 Delayed By Telstra Australia Due To Recent Minor Hardware Update

Telstra Australia announced the availability of Lumia 930 by taking pre-orders earlier this month. However, they didn’t ship the devices on time. Today, they provided the explanation on why the device launch got delayed. Usually, telecom networks test the coverage performance, stability and data throughput performance of each mobile phone model before offering it to customers. After Telstra completed it for Lumia 930, Microsoft made minor hardware changes in the device which forced them to do the testing once again.

There was a minor hardware update made after we tested and approved the Lumia 930 that we were only recently made aware of. This has meant that we have needed to re-test the device to check it meets our performance benchmarks before putting it in the hands of our customers.

The testing is currently underway and we promise to complete this as quickly as possible. As soon as we can confirm the revised pre-order and launch dates we will update you.

Source: Telstra via: WPC

Deal Alert: Telstra Nokia Lumia 520 down to Aus$99 at the Australian Post


Here is a deal for our readers down under.  The Nokia Lumia 520 has been discounted to only $99 Australian at the Australian Post retailer.

This is $50 off the regular retail price, with the offer available only till the 10th August.

Take advantage by downloading the Australian Post catalogue here.

Thanks to our tipster.

Telstra promos the Nokia Lumia 930 (video)

Telstra has posted a rather high energy video showing off the features of the Nokia Lumia 930, which will soon become available on their network.

The video shows off features such as wireless charging, the new swipe keyboard and action centre.

The handset is currently rolling out worldwide, and seems set to hit stores between the second and 4th week of July.

National Rugby League app still on the way, says Telstra


Good news for frustrated Australian Windows phone owners who have been waiting for the long promised National Rugby League app from Telstra.

The company has now confirmed in their support forums that the app is still indeed on the way, and should be “available for the 2014 season

The official kick-off to start the season is just days away, so we hope the suggestion by Telstra support staff to “keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement” will mean we will see the app sooner rather than later.

Read more at Telstra here.

GDR3 for the NL 1020, 925 and HTC 8s and 8X now in testing at Telstra


In Telstra’s latest Handset Software Update notice the carrier has revealed that the GDR3 update has now been delivered to them by HTC for the HTC 8X and 8S, and for the Nokia Lumia 925 and 1020 and are now in the first phase of testing. The venerable Nokia Lumia 920 is expected to enter testing in January 2014 only.

Testing normally only takes a small number of weeks, suggesting we could see the software update roll out by the end of the year or early in January next year.

GDR3 will bring improvements in custom ring tones, a driving mode, the ability to close apps from the task switching screen and also glance screen and camera improvements via Nokia’s customizations.

Via Reddit.com

Telstra running a open beta for their Telstra 24×7 app

original1 original2 original3


It seems Windows Phone is gathering even more carrier support.

We reported yesterday that O2 Germany was testing their My O2 app, and today we hear that Telstra in Australia is also beta testing their Telstra 24×7 app.

The app is available as an open beta, but does require users to sign up at Telstra’s support forum first.

The app supports viewing your balance,  checking usage on your various devices, and buying credit.

To sign up for the service read more at Telstra’s site here.

Via WPC.

Telstra cancels Nokia Lumia 1020 pre-orders, offers free NL 520 as compensation


TechAu.com reports that major Australian carrier Telstra has cancelled all pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 1020, due to a software issue so severe they were unable to give a date when the handset would be available.

In compensation however they were offering buyers a free, no commitment Nokia Lumia 520, which just dropped from $179 to $99 on Telstra, and must surely be costing the carrier even less. Thats a pretty sweet consolation prize.

It is not known what Telstra’s software issue is (possible something like AT&T’s online file locker?) but the handset is happily being sold by Optus and Harvey Norman.

Have any of our readers been a beneficiary of Telstra’s largesse? Let us know below.

Via TechAu.com, thanks Brent3000 for the tip.

WP8 GDR3 expected to go in testing in Late November says Telstra


Telstra Australia has shared some news regarding the GDR3 update for Windows Phone with its subscribers.

HTC had cancelled the GDR2 update to their HTC 8X in favour of jumping to GDR3 directly after apparently “identifying issues” with the software.

Telstra now expects the GDR3 update to be submitted for testing in late November, which suggests the software will start to roll out in the middle to end of December.

It is likely we will see a similar roll-out around the world for the software update, which is expected to bring a screen rotation lock and other minor improvements to Windows Phone 8 handsets, and allow Windows Phone to support the latest screen resolutions and processors.

See the page at Telstra here.

Via Auswinphone.com

Nokia Lumia 1020 heading down-under on the 17th September

Nokia has announced that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is heading to Australia on the 17th September.

The handset will hit carrier Telstra on that date, and will be available from Optus from the 1st October. Both carriers will only carry the Black version.

The handset will also be available unlocked from AUD$899 RRP from the usual sources such as Harvey Norman, who will have Black and Yellow, and  Dick Smith and Allphones stores, who will have Black, Yellow and White.

Harvey Normal will also carry the camera grip and charging shell in October.


GDR2 expected to hit Telstra Nokia Lumia 920s on the 14th August


We regularly get tweeted questions as to when the GDR2 handset will start hitting Windows Phones. Unfortunately most carriers are not very forthcoming about such information, but Australian carriers seem to be a bit more open than most, which makes things a bit easier.

Telstra have posted this handset update schedule, which reveals that the GD2 update for the Nokia Lumia 920 is currently in testing there, and should hit handsets by the 18th August.

It is likely testing is running a similar time line on other carriers, meaning we should see updates starting to roll out for most handsets in August. This is of course barring any issues such as the HTC 8X experienced, which may delay things.

Thanks dhillon for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 925 coming to Australia’s Telstra and Optus soon

Nokia has announced that it is bringing its Nokia Lumia 925 to Australian carriers Telstra and Optus, and also selected retailers in the next few weeks.

The handset will hit Telstra stores from Tuesday, 30 July, and Optus from Thursday, 1 August.

Telstra consumer customers can purchase the Nokia Lumia 925 on a $60 Every Day ConnectTM plan with a $6 handset repayment per month for 24 months, with $600 worth of included calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data.

If you can not wait that long the handset will hit selected retailers from the 17th July for $699 outright.

Those retailers include Allphones, Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Network Communications, Fone Zone and Leading Edge.

Nokia Australia’s managing director, Steve Lewis, said interest in the Lumia 925 has been encouraging.

"The Lumia 925 is undoubtedly Nokia’s best smartphone yet and we’re hugely encouraged by the interest in this device from our partners and consumers."

"I believe that Nokia has reinforced its reputation as a major player in smartphone imaging, design and mapping and the Lumia 925 exemplifies the developments Nokia has made in these areas."

The Nokia Lumia 925 is the first Windows Phone to ship with the Nokia Amber update in place, allowing unique features such as tap to wake and an always on clock which so far is not available on any other Windows Phone.

See Telstra’s product video after the break.

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Windows Phone GDR 2 update will likely start hitting handsets in July


Telstra is pretty good at letting us know when their phones are getting updates.  In their latest post they note, despite still awaiting firmware, that they expect to certify Windows Phone GDR2 on either the 8th or 15th July, which means this OS update, which brings new features like CalDav and FM Radio support, will likely  start hitting handsets by the end of that month.

Of course this timeline is specific to Telstra, but it is likely to be the same around the world, except of course for AT&T, which always tends to move a lot slower.

See the page at Telstra here.

Via WindowsBlogItalia.com

Deal Alert: HTC 8S only AUS$ 129 commitment-free on Telstra


We have seen a few great Windows Phone 8 deals recently, but I think the HTC 8S may take the cake for the cheapest yet.

Telstra is offering the handset on Pay as You Go for only $129 Australian ($125 US). While the handset has the same basic specs as other devices in the price range (512 MB RAM, no front-facing camera, only 4 GB of storage) at this price it is cheap enough to buy for a teen or to keep in the glove box, making those issues much less relevant.

See the deal at Telstra here.

Thanks Brent3000 for the tip.