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What color will your Windows Phone 7 device be?

Windows Phone 7 Metro Colors

The Kin seems to be living onto Windows Phone 7. With the addition of color based themes, the OS will allow users to change the colors of the tiles and more. This change was what I experienced with the Kin One and Two when I simple changed the theme.

I actually like this feature because having a phone with blue and white would be really cool. Now I would like to ask what color you are looking to have your device set to, and why?

All the options are above in the image, all you have to do is decide, and remember… Red and Black also looks very cool.

VGA Windows Phone 7 Theme Collection

The VGA world might feel left out considering many of all development in the current Windows Phone world is geared towards WVGA devices like the HD2, Touch Pro2, and Diamond 2. Well do not worry my fine fellows… XDA member chriscsh has made a collection of themes that could give your phone the much anticipated Windows Phone 7 feeling, to keep you calm until you can purchase the real deal. The collection ranges from calculators to S2U2 , and TCPMP themes.

If you own a VGA device and are a little un edged about not having Microsoft’s latest… Then Download the themes that work for you, and get that pre Windows Phone 7 look.

Download It

HTC Sense Theme… For The 15 Year Old In You

The Windows Phone world is compiled with not only business men but teens that found some fashion desire in a device. Well for the teens in the world that read this site, here is a new look I am sure you would love on your device. The device theme is based on Buuf icons (Rurph), and with the icon outline of iReflect, and background by popdog54.

You can try the theme out, but before… watch this quick demo video:


Frequently asked questions:
Q: Is there an all-in-one cab for this theme?
A: At the moment there is no such cab. The reasons are first, we have made several versions for the same parts (like analogue/digital clocks, sliders), so people can choose the one they like and second, since we are still working on the theme, it is easier for us to deal with any bugs/problems having seperate cabs.
Q: Will there be an all-in-one cab?
A: Yes, once we comlete customising all parts.
Q: Do I need to install Cookie´s Home Tab first?
A: Apart from the analogue clocks/cht-addons, you don´t need, but it is adviceably to get the full advantage of your phone and the theme.
Q: Do I need to have Manila/Sence 2.5?
A: Yes
Q: How to install the parts?
A: Download a zip file to your pc, extract & copy a cab file to your phone´s internal memory or storage card, using a file explorer on your phone find & tap that cab file, install it on the device and then soft reset/restart your phone.

Download it

KIN Launcher – A KIN themed launcher for Windows Mobile

I guess Microsoft’s KIN does have some fans, as @wphonehacker has gone to the trouble of recreating a KIN themed launcher for Windows Mobile.

While the launcher retains the striking look of the KIN OS, it unfortunately does not go as far as replicating the LOOP or favourites, so wphonehacker, you have some more work to do ! :)

If you are also a fan you can download the software at his website here.

Via 1800Pocketpc.com

Some Old SPB Theme But Looks GREAT


How many of you run SPB Mobile Shell? Now how would like the Touch Flow look for it? Well I do. Today while looking for a new UI due to Sense being very slow on my HD2, I came across this old good looking theme at XDA. The theme while old, is one of the best looking theme you can have for SPB (other than the Windows Phone 7 theme by MSKip).

The theme is pretty simple. It changes the look of the bottom controls, the design and background, while adding some Sense like icons/widgets. This is all added with a simple CAB installation, and boom, your device has a sleek, fresh as life look.

If you want to join me in the “Good looking Home Screen” group then download this, install and maybe comment your screen shot or something. 

Current Group limits: Infinity

Cool Theme For CHT and HTC HD2

image The HD2 seems to be getting the full development power of XDA, because with all these great things coming out of there, I am not sure what is coming next. The theme was created by XDA member dena994, who managed to get a perfectly clean looking theme that includes everything to improve its look.The theme is a very simple blue(my favorite color) colored theme, with minimal design, simple slider, and clean clock, all in one.

The developer did not include any much specifics on this release, but from the looks of it, I do not need it. I will be installing this application/theme today when I return home, because with blue colors, and simplistic look… I am sold.

Get yourself a copy

Ultimate Wallpaper Pack


When you get bored of the same old wallpapers your device comes with, finding the right look is like looking for me in on an iPhone forum. It seems XDA member santod040 got a chance to put together a new wallpaper WVGA pack, and you might ask what is special about these wallpapers?  Ha-ha, well ill tell you. It has 15,000 wallpapers inside.

15,000 is a big number I know, but he has managed to get all these wallpapers in two RAR files. These wallpapers range from just about everything including cars, women, and even WP7. So if you have been looking for new a new feeling, and design on your device, this might be something you. I myself have already downloaded this, sent to my HD2, and loaded it on HDwabble, and of course will be donating for this guys hard work soon after I post this, because putting together 15K wallpapers aren’t that easy from what I know.

Get your Files Here

The Weirdest Lock Screen… And the Title Goes to: LCARS Star Trek style Lockscreen


When we usually speak of a lock screen, we are talking about something very simple like the WM6.5 lock screen, or even S2U2, but this one is not that simple. This new lock screen created by slackersink, who resides in the HD2 forum is a very peculiar one. It does not come with directions or instruction, but from the image it seems to have much information all in one place, but I am not quite sure where the unlock part is.

The lock screen to me looks like a map of my locale Mall of America(the biggest Mall in the world) except it has some good details like time, date, notifications, and more.

When you read the title it says it is suppose to be a Star Trek related lock, but for the life of me, I do not know what that is or plan to learn the nature of it(okay, I know what it is… but never watched it).

Thankfully the creator wrote a little note for us to know before using his new look screen:

Continue reading

GTX Revived By Dark Ninja


If you do not know… GTX was a theme created and maintained by my friend El condor and his team mate Kamill. However, they stopped working on the theme but luckily Dark Ninja has taken over and will continue working on the graphics. Him and his team of  designers have taken it upon themselves to continue working on the design and from the new look, I think they have a lot more to come.

He had this to say:

As you all may know already, after the awsome work ElCondor and Kamill put to the theme further development was cancelled. Therefore i’m starting this new thread which will carry on development of GTX and help maintain the theme.

The GTX theme is originally made by ElCondor & Kamill.. Thanks for all their work they originally put in..

There is obviously a lot of work needed and i dont think anyone would be able to handle it on their own. Therefore we have put together a team for the later releases of the GTX theme.

Heres a few screenshots. 1st the GTX theme with a few differences. 2nd is the GTX theme with co0kies home tab.

This is still work in progress so it may differ from the end result.
(yeah i know there’s loads of screens Sorry :\ 0.o)

I am excited this theme will stay in production, it has very much to offer and with Dark Ninja working on it, we know it will be pushed to the max.

Stay up to date here

Windroid: Android look on Windows Mobile

This is something you might have missed. This theme is a little something that is pretty amazing and looks fantastic on the HD2. The theme is called Windroid, and is a combo of the Windows Mobile and Android imagelook, all in one.

The theme changes the top notification icons, and even some aspects of your menu, and all with one simple install.

Update 16.03.2010
- sound profile icons with update functionality
- replacement of many icons
- BT, BT-Headset, Stereo Headset, L1&L2 and GPS-Icon with round corners
- added some missing icons

Update 24.03.2010
- added some missing icons like “multiple notifications”
- fixed roaming-icon
- integrated icon bar font color-fix
- integrated font
- added third button bar
- added HTC Scrollbar-Enhancement!
- fixed popup-window in the white theme

The theme is a freeware like every other, and all he asks is a donation if you appreciate his work.

If you were looking for a more Android-esce look for you Windows Phones, you can download this one here.

Windows Phones 7 Metro Theme V2


The world of Windows Phones changed when the 7 was added to the end, and it seems every graphic designer has been trying to replicate this change by bring the look and feel of “7” to “6.” This new theme was created by nickschot over at XDA, and why is it special? Well it comes with 3 different sections and more coming soon.

The bootscreen gives you the feeling of WP7S whenever you start your device.

The 6.5.X theme keeps that feeling going through your menus, and even through certain application.

The start menu mod changes the layout of the menu, and changes the background and selector color.

The titanium theme, dialer theme, and lockscreen theme will be available very soon, but for the time being I think we have enough WP7S feeling for now. I mean I will not personally install this on my device because I am not a huge fan of WP7S look and feel, but a lot of readers are, so hopefully you enjoy this.

Download it

QVGA Windows Mobile 6.5 Lockscreen Skin

Windows Mobile base is well known to be very unattractive, and a lot of development power is undergone image everyday to bring Windows Mobile into the attractive ages. Well those development is mostly for the newer WVGA devices but this one is specifically for QVGA.

This is a Livven special that goes with the recently canceled GTX skin done by a friend of mine El Condor. The Skin remakes GTX’s look and design, with the all white slider and clock, and the transparent outlining and calendar. 

The theme does not come with much details except it will only work with QVGA, but if requested he will make it capable with other screen resolutions.

Note it’s not final, which means the notification sliders have not been skinned, but they’ll show up with the default look. Otherwise it should be working fine on 6.5.3, although I’m not sure with 6.5. Please provide feedback telling me if it’s working.

If you have been looking for a new look for your device, please go here and download this Livven special.

WP7S Theme for Throttle Launcher Available


Well guys it seems the WP7S takeover has already began, with themes coming from left and right, throttle launcher now has another. The theme that is well known for being highly customizable, and if its on the HD2, fast and smooth. This theme was created by an XDA member that goes by the name of Fireslave, who has managed to capture just about every aspect of Microsoft’s new mobile OS.

The theme has the main hub with all the blue boxes, big letters, app launcher, music player, and more.

I cannot say this is very interesting to me. I am not the biggest fan of the new UI, and the only reason I enjoy it is because of its great integration and centralized features, but if this theme is even half integrated… it would be pretty awesome.


- Compatible for all resolutions!!
- Scrollable home page
- Animated real contacts on homepage
- Animated pictures tile with differents thumbs from selected folder
- Animated Me tile
- You can choose your own photo for the animation
- Animated contacts name for People page
- People page
- Games page
- Music Page
- Pictures page
- You can choose a xbox live Avatar
- Six colors for the tiles(Blue,Orange,Red,Green,DarkBlue,Yellow)
- You can use original wm taskbar
- Original Windows Phone 7 footer
- Battery indicator(Thxs to HDOwner for the graphics)
- Little clock
- You can add your favorites apps on home page

_________________________________Suite 1.5________________________________


- Rewrote theme to make easier the way to include custom Hubs (Tutorial soon)
- Implemented Segoe Light fonts(Copy Segoe Light.ttf to "/Windows/Fonts/")
- Added "Calendar" Hub
- Added a simple "Weather" Hub with GoogleWeather
- Added "Favorite Contact" Hub
- Added "Settings shortcut to the programs page
- Added search function for the magnifying key
- Added "Music page" with support for Nitrogen 1.1 and S2P,Now you can see the cover on "Music" Hub (Thanks to Ryomahino)
- Added "Pictures page" (Thanks to APBilbo)
- On "Games page", changed the Xbox games cover.(Thanks to lesscro)
- Fixed problem with the battery indicator.
- Cleaned all code
__________________________________________________ __________________

__________________________________________________ ___________________

__________________________________________________ ___________________

1) You will need ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1 or higher, download and install that
2.) Download the ZIP file given below and move the extracted WindowsPhone7 directory on your phone to \Program Files\ThrottleLauncher\Setups\
3.) Go to Start menu and start ThrottleConfig. Select Windows7 in Themes.
4.) Go to Start menu and start Throttle Launcher
Thanks to extrapurifier for write the install guide

If this interest you enough, check it out.