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Quick Tiles 1.1 answers all your Live Tile needs

Custom Tiles Tile Editor

Korhaan is happy to announce its latest WP7 app, Quick Tiles! Quick Tiles is a fully featured live tile creator with lots of customization options.

Tiles can have any background or use the color of your phone theme. You can select default background images, or custom ones from your media library. Tile frames can be used that include photo frames, wood placards, and speech bubbles. There are even a few photo filter effects that you can apply to your pictures like sepia, black and white, and a vintage photo effect.


In addition to the color customization, Quick Tiles can have different functions. Currently there are:

  • Note and Photo tiles that let you pin a reminder, or an interesting picture to your home screen.
  • Countdown tiles that will count the days down to a selected date
  • City Clock tiles that will show the time in a selected city.
  • Moon Phase tiles that show the current phase of the moon.
  • Command tiles that when tapped on the home screen can open up settings pages, compose a new email, or open the marketplace.
  • Network tiles that show the phone’s current data settings.
  • Memory tiles with some info on the phone’s memory usage.

Quick Tiles has a free trial with ads, and the full version can be purchased for $0.99. Find it here in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

For Developers: WordPress Theme for Promotional Windows Phone Apps/Games sites


If you are a developer who has been working on a game for weeks and months and nearing publish date, you must also be getting anxious about how to promote your application.

One great way to reach to large user bases is to have a professional looking web site to accompany your app or game.

www.wp7wordpressthemes.com  has launched and it offers an affordable theme that you can download and install in minutes. The site offers free updates to all the themes that have been sold for the lifetime of the theme.

Also, if you are interested there are some interesting tips for promoting your applications.

Check it out at www.wp7wordpressthemes.com

Hack: Full Theming Options Available for Windows Phone 7

Here is one for the jailbreak/Home brew crowd. One of the largest sweeping accusations that users give to not adopt Windows Phone 7 is that the OS is too closed and that modification of themes seem impossible.

Strides have been made by Dave Amenta and other developers to change the accent color (tile colors) for devices, however it appears that (at least) HTC devices have full customizability of the home screen color – including background, accents, and tiles. Ideally, users can now have access to the registry and can use Advanced Task Manager. This may not be HTC specific, but let us know in the link provided. Have fun!

Full instructions at XDA-Developers here.

Get the Windows Phone 7 look on your desktop

Windows Phone 7 theme for the desktop

We have written about software to get the Windows phone 7 Metro look on your desktop before, but HowtoGeek.com have published a detailed tutorial and provided some further resources to make it easy.

The software uses the Rainmaker software and Omnimo theme and a variety of widgets and wallpaper.

Read more and find download links at howtogeek.com here.

Thanks DanielM for the tip.

Black GTX For SPB In The Building And Updated


GTX is one of the best looking theme that I personally have ever had running on my HD2, well now imagine that but in all black. This change has been made by doc3000, who took the basic GTC aspects and changed it to give the user a blacked out looking design. Unlike the original GTX this is for SPB, so that limits who can really use it.

This theme is very well made, looks nice and will go with the HD2’s black build but I do not think I will be using it. I love the black and white too much on my HD2 but that is just because no one else that I know has it.

If this black look is something you have been waiting for… Download it and comment with your thoughts.

Android Gets A Bit Of WP7 Envy


While there is no question that Google and Apple are on their toes about WP7 and what its outcome will be, and now it even seems some users want a piece of the new world. Over at XDA, a member has developed a new guide to get you the design above while still keeping good old Android. The design is taken a bit from both WP7 and even the Kin’s and I quite frankly love it. If I was not so lazy I would follow those steps and get this going on this Droid X I have next to me but gush darn it being a Minnesotan, I don’t feel like it.

This goes to show that while some might say the design and concept is stupid, a lot of others are trying to simulate the experience on the currently available hardware and software.

If you are an Android users (which I know some of you are) and want to try your luck, go to the thread in follow the steps.

PocketShield Gets A Taste Of WP7


Now you might not know where PocketShield got its idea for the eye candy slide up effect, but its from WP7 and this new theme give you the whole experience. This theme is one of many made by users of PocketShield as a replacement of the original theme, it has a very nice fruity background and the same information you would see on your Wp7 lockscreen. This information(sms, email, calender) is clickable and it gives you more details after your first click.

In my review I wasn’t to pleased with what you get for the price of PocketShield but if this is what your into, Enjoy.

Get the theme


New Windows Phone 7 Metro Theme For WM


While Windows Phone 7 is just a month away (or more depending on your location) development for WM replica designs have yet to stop. This new theme is designed on the Wad2 structure and was made available by pecco, who lives happily in the Windows Mobile theme development forum over at XDA. This theme is made for those that want to have the look of WP7 just before the get the real deal. It is free but sadly no body except WQVGA device owners can have it, and last I check… That was the least popular screen resolution.

I cannot say I would use this on my device. To be honest I really do not like the whole Metro concept being on WM phones… It is frankly stupid to me. I mean Metro is not that attractive to begin with and the only reason why it works with WP7 is it has those great hubs behind it and that gives it all the grounds to look like what it does (that and some artistic centering concept).

If you feel another way and love have Metro on your Wad2 based homescreen, then head over to XDA and give it a go on either the Samsung Omnia or LG Incite.

What color will your Windows Phone 7 device be?

Windows Phone 7 Metro Colors

The Kin seems to be living onto Windows Phone 7. With the addition of color based themes, the OS will allow users to change the colors of the tiles and more. This change was what I experienced with the Kin One and Two when I simple changed the theme.

I actually like this feature because having a phone with blue and white would be really cool. Now I would like to ask what color you are looking to have your device set to, and why?

All the options are above in the image, all you have to do is decide, and remember… Red and Black also looks very cool.

VGA Windows Phone 7 Theme Collection

The VGA world might feel left out considering many of all development in the current Windows Phone world is geared towards WVGA devices like the HD2, Touch Pro2, and Diamond 2. Well do not worry my fine fellows… XDA member chriscsh has made a collection of themes that could give your phone the much anticipated Windows Phone 7 feeling, to keep you calm until you can purchase the real deal. The collection ranges from calculators to S2U2 , and TCPMP themes.

If you own a VGA device and are a little un edged about not having Microsoft’s latest… Then Download the themes that work for you, and get that pre Windows Phone 7 look.

Download It

HTC Sense Theme… For The 15 Year Old In You

The Windows Phone world is compiled with not only business men but teens that found some fashion desire in a device. Well for the teens in the world that read this site, here is a new look I am sure you would love on your device. The device theme is based on Buuf icons (Rurph), and with the icon outline of iReflect, and background by popdog54.

You can try the theme out, but before… watch this quick demo video:


Frequently asked questions:
Q: Is there an all-in-one cab for this theme?
A: At the moment there is no such cab. The reasons are first, we have made several versions for the same parts (like analogue/digital clocks, sliders), so people can choose the one they like and second, since we are still working on the theme, it is easier for us to deal with any bugs/problems having seperate cabs.
Q: Will there be an all-in-one cab?
A: Yes, once we comlete customising all parts.
Q: Do I need to install Cookie´s Home Tab first?
A: Apart from the analogue clocks/cht-addons, you don´t need, but it is adviceably to get the full advantage of your phone and the theme.
Q: Do I need to have Manila/Sence 2.5?
A: Yes
Q: How to install the parts?
A: Download a zip file to your pc, extract & copy a cab file to your phone´s internal memory or storage card, using a file explorer on your phone find & tap that cab file, install it on the device and then soft reset/restart your phone.

Download it

KIN Launcher – A KIN themed launcher for Windows Mobile

I guess Microsoft’s KIN does have some fans, as @wphonehacker has gone to the trouble of recreating a KIN themed launcher for Windows Mobile.

While the launcher retains the striking look of the KIN OS, it unfortunately does not go as far as replicating the LOOP or favourites, so wphonehacker, you have some more work to do ! :)

If you are also a fan you can download the software at his website here.

Via 1800Pocketpc.com

Some Old SPB Theme But Looks GREAT


How many of you run SPB Mobile Shell? Now how would like the Touch Flow look for it? Well I do. Today while looking for a new UI due to Sense being very slow on my HD2, I came across this old good looking theme at XDA. The theme while old, is one of the best looking theme you can have for SPB (other than the Windows Phone 7 theme by MSKip).

The theme is pretty simple. It changes the look of the bottom controls, the design and background, while adding some Sense like icons/widgets. This is all added with a simple CAB installation, and boom, your device has a sleek, fresh as life look.

If you want to join me in the “Good looking Home Screen” group then download this, install and maybe comment your screen shot or something. 

Current Group limits: Infinity