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Three UK says they have finished testing WP8.1, waiting for Microsoft to roll it out


Three UK has not rolled out the Windows Phone 8.1 update to any handsets yet, and as a Three customer I am getting a bit antsy.

Now their support has said on twitter that they have in fact finished testing, and are waiting for Microsoft to schedule the roll-out.

Microsoft is in fact the final step in rolling out the update, and we have seen O2 UK claiming the same thing, suggesting maybe we should be knocking on Microsoft’s door when the update appears to be slow in coming.

Three UK to increase support as Windows Phone is “here to stay” while Blackberry may be out of the door soon


Speaking to MobileNewsCWP,  carrier Three UK’s head of devices Brendan Arndt said that they intend to increase their support of Windows Phone, which included increasing the floor space dedicated to handsets running the OS.

“Currently there is not a lot of space in store for Windows Phone but this year this will change, and we will stock a WP tablet, probably an eight-inch one,” he said.

He said the carrier will increase floor space, offer more tutorials to get buyers up and running and also offer dedicated support.

Speaking on the Windows Phone 8 platform, Arndt stated: “The customer experience is great, the customer feedback is great on Windows Phone and is higher than some of the Android stuff.”

He added: “It has done really well at the mid and low end for us, the top end is still needing that killer product to make it a big success and I hope that is coming and coming soon.”

He opined that “Windows Phone will take time to compete in the high-end as well as lower price points, but it is here to stay.”

Unfortunately he could not say the same about Blackberry, revealing that the carrier is considering dropping all Blackberry handsets by the end of the year, like EE , O2 and Phones4U  have already done.

“The Windows Phone market is good for us. We’ve chosen that as our third ecosystem now that BlackBerry is dying off slowly,” Brendan Arndt, Three’s Portfolio Manager said speaking with TrustedReviews.

“We will know by the end of the year whether to drop BlackBerry. We are not ready to make that decision yet, as there is still demand, but it is mainly for the keyboard devices [Q10, Curve 9320] as it is the only manufacturer still making them,”Arndt said.

Currently Windows Phone is holding around 10% market share in the UK, while Blackberry only has around 2.6% and dropping, according to recent Kantar surveys.

Nokia Lumia 1020 to come to Three and O2 by September

We know both Three and O2/Telefonica have shown interest in the Nokia Lumia 1020, with Three showing a preview hands-on video and O2 having leaked a press release regarding the handset.

Now Engadget has been able to confirm the new smartphone will indeed show up on both carriers this quarter, ie before the end of September.

From an earlier leaked press release we expect O2 will have an exclusive on the 64 GB version of the handset, while Three has said their device will be Ultrafast Ready (DC-HSPA).

There is no word on the other carriers yet, but the handset will likely have a relatively wide release in Europe.

Via Engadget.com

Three UK also taking pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 925


After Vodafone 3 UK has now also started taking pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 925.

The handset is on offer for £35 per month with unlimited data, 500 min and 500 text, and will come with a free wireless cover and charging stand worth £95 for a limited period.

Three is being coy about how much storage the device has, which leads me to assume it is 16 GB, but hopefully the fast network and unlimited data will compensate for that.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is expected to ship on the 21st June. See the handset at Three here.

Three UK promises LTE at no extra price

In a press release today Three UK promised to provide LTE service at no extra price to their subscribers, unlike EE, which added a premium to their LTE plans.

"Our customers choose Three because they love the internet and know they can get great speeds and great value on our award-winning network," said Three UK chief executive Dave Dyson.

They also promised to roll out 42 Mbs Dual Channel HSDPA +, saying it already covered 55% of their subscribers, and will hit 80% by March.

"As we add the next wave of technology to our Ultrafast network, we’ve listened to our customers and thought long and hard about the right way to do it. We don’t want to limit Ultrafast services to a select few based on a premium price and we’ve decided our customers will get this service as standard. With Three, it’s simple, great value and Ultrafast. What you might expect from the network that was built for the internet."

The company has just launched the  Nokia Lumia 920 on their network. The press release confirmed the Nokia Lumia 920 was DC-HSDPA compatible, though it did not confirm LTE support specifically.

See the press release after the break.

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Nokia Lumia 920 now available on Three UK

Nokia Lumia 920 on Three.htm_20130201150321

The Nokia Lumia 920 is finally available from Three UK.

The handset is available with unlimited data from £34 per month plus a once-off payment of £69, the same price plan as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and £6 per month more than the HTC 8X.

The handset is touted to be HSDPA+42 ready, which is good given that Three does not have an LTE network in place yet.

See the deal at Three here.

Thanks Jaspal for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 620 to cost only £149.99 on O2 Pay as you Go

Nokia has announced the immediate availability of the Nokia Lumia 620 in UK.

The handset is available on O2, ThreeUK and Virgin Media today, and will be costing £149.99 on Pay as You Go on O2, or free on a £18.50 contract. Vodafone will be offering the handset from the 6th February in white and black.

On O2 the device will be coming with one free replacement back plate, worth £20, in either yellow, orange, green, white or cyan model.

EE is still to commit to releasing the handset.

£149.99 is about £50 more than the very successful Nokia Lumia 610, and we hope buyers can see the increased value in the much more powerful handset.

Those specs again:

  • System: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100
  • Battery: 1300 Li-ion mAh
  • Dimensions: 115.4 x 61.1 x 11 mm
  • Display: 3.8 inch capacitive touchscreen – TFT
  • Resolution: 480 x 800 pixels – Nokia ClearBlack display
  • Memory: 8 GB Storage 512GB RAM – MicroSD up to 64 GB
  • Camera: 5 Megapixel, LED Flash, autofocus, video, 720- 30fps
  • Connectivity: Hotspots, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 Dual band, Micro USB 2.0, Bluetooth, GPRS class B, EDGE class B, NFC
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows Phone 8

Via Engadget.com

Nokia Lumia 620 only £199 on PAYG on Three UK


Three UK’s Pay as You Go prices for the Nokia Lumia 620 has been revealed.

Coolsmartphone has grabbed a picture of the most recent Argos circular, showing that the Windows Phone 8 dual-core smartphone will run at £199 on PAYG with a £10 top-up on Three UK.

That makes it £50 more than the Nokia Lumia 610 handset it replaces, which is sure to affect sales, but still relatively affordable for the specs, and of course the price will likely drift down in time.

Argos has the handset  listed as coming soon on their official website but it should become available shortly, with the circular noting a 4th February release date.

See Three giving an overview of the handset after the break.

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Nokia Lumia 920, 620 coming to Three UK in February


The EE exclusivity for the Nokia Lumia 920 is over, and the handset is now starting to appear on other networks.

Three UK has already said in December they will be carrying the handset, and the device, and also its cheaper sibling, the Nokia Lumia 620, has now appeared on their website as coming soon.

Unfortunately soon is still February, but that’s only about 3 weeks away.

Three UK is well know for its fast network and very competitive data pricing, both features very useful for smartphone owners.

See the web page here and register to be notified of more details.

Thanks Jamil for the tip.

Three UK confirms they will be carrying the Nokia Lumia 920


We already know EE will be losing their Nokia Lumia 920 exclusivity next year, with Vodafone already promising to carry the handset.

Now on Twitter 3 UK has also chimed in, and confirmed that they too will be carrying the device. Unfortunately no time scale was given, but it is likely around the same time as as Vodafone.

Three is the favourite network in UK for power users, with a fast 3G network with very reasonable data plans, so the development is really good news which should make Nokia Lumia fans very happy.

Via WPC.

HTC 8S now available on Three UK for only £17 on contract, £180 unlocked

imageIt seems the age of affordable and even cheap Windows Phone 8 handsets is now really upon us.

Three UK has announced that they will be carrying the HTC 8S online and in all their stores.

The Windows Phone 8S by HTC is available for £19 a month with no upfront cost on the Ultimate Internet 100 plan, which gives you all you can eat data and 5000 texts and 100 min talk time or for £17 a month with no upfront cost on the Essential Internet 100 plan, which offers 250 MB of data and the same voice and text bundle,  both with a guarantee of no surprise out-of-bundle data charges.

Sylvia Chind, Head of Devices at Three said, "The 8S offers great all-round performance and coupled with our straightforward and affordable plans with no surprise-out of-bundle data charges, you’ll be able to enjoy the best experience on Three".

The device is also available on Pay As You Go for £179.99 plus a top up. All in One 15 costs £15 and gives 30-day access to all-you-can-eat data along with 300 any-network minutes and 3,000 texts. Or All in One 25 costs £25 and offers 500 minutes, 3,000 texts and all-you-can-eat data for a 30-day period.

See the device and plans at 3 UK here.

Via Engadget.com

HTC 8X Three UK pricing revealed–pretty cheap

GSMArena managed to get their hands on an internal document detailing the pricing of the HTC 8X, HTC’s Windows Phone 8 flagship, on Three in UK.

The handset is cheaper than expected, being available for only £349.99 on Pay as you Go, and on contract for £29 on the one Plan, which includes unlimited data and phone calls for only £34 per month.

The most expensive deal on contract is for £109 on their £27 essential internet plan, which offers 100 min calls, 500 text and 250 MB data.

The handset is expected to arrive on November 15th.

Are these prices tilting our readers in the direction of the HTC 8X? Let us know below.

Via GSMArena.com

Samsung Omnia 7 being promoted as a business phone?

Samsung Omnia 7 being promoted as a business handset?We know Windows Phone 7 is banking heavily on gaining some consumer credentials, rather than targeting business folk.

It is therefore interesting to see the Samsung Omnia 7 popping up on two UK networks in the business section.

On UK network 3 the phone is now available for pre-order (and funnily enough claims to support Google Maps and Skype.

On T-Mobile the handset is now being offered to business users on a very attractive £35/month 24 month Business Unlimited Contract with unlimited internet, unlimited texts and unlimited phone calls.

Now we know Windows Phone 7 comes with plenty of business features, such as multiple calendars, SharePoint  and exchange support and of course office, but could selling these phones as business handsets diffuse Microsoft’s consumer message? Let us know below.

Via Coolsmartphone, also thanks Martyn for the tip.