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Proof! Toshiba back in the Windows Phone 7 game!

toshiba_tg03_gcfWe have written on and off about Toshiba getting back in the windows Phone 7 game, with various comments from people, including Toshiba executives and newspaper sources.

Now for the first time we have seen an actual device pass through a certification body, with the Toshiba TG03 passing through the GCF (via the::unwired.net).

While the::unwired notes that the TG03 could be a Windows Mobile 6.5 or even Android handset, we have heard enough from the various sources we posted about to be pretty sure we are looking at a Windows Phone 7 handset.

From the bands (800, 850 and 2100), it seems the device is heading to Telstra, which has 3G on the 850 and 2100 Mhz bands, so there is at least one more thing for our Australian readers to get excited about.

Excuse us while we take a break from all this Windows phone 7 news.  Its making us a bit breathless :)

Spain on board with Windows Phone 7, Toshiba still in the game?

The Economista reports from sources close to Microsoft that the southern European country should be seeing Windows Phone 7 handsets on launch day on the 21 October 2010.

According to ElEconomista handsets should be available from all the big carriers in the Spanish market, including Movistar, Orange and Vodafone.

The handsets will initially be from usual suspects HTC, LG and Samsung, but they expect a second wave of handsets from Dell and also, intriguingly Toshiba.

Toshiba was one of the original launch OEMs, but not much has been heard from the company since.  Hopefully a recent mention indicated handsets running the OS are still on the way.

Windows Mobile remains a popular smartphone operating system in Spain, still holding around 11.9% of the market according to a recent survey, making it the second biggest mobile smartphone OS next to Nokia, and it will therefore hopefully also be a market where the new OS will see a lot of traction.

Read more at El Economista here.

Toshiba still in the Windows Phone 7 game?



Now this likely qualifies as the most tenuous of rumours, but TamsPPC reports that the usually well-informed German magazine c’t has posted this little snippet in its current issue:

Toshiba showed the TG-02 and K-01 in February running Windows Mobile 6.5. It is possible that we will see them now (aka at the IFA) as the first Windows Phone 7 devices.

The TG-02 and K-o1 are of course both perfectly capable of running Windows Phone 7, both only needing minor upgrades in terms of camera and buttons, so the idea is not very far fetched (we wrote about the same just a few days ago). Hopefully Toshiba, who was originally supposed to be a launch partner, will still throw its hat into the Windows phone 7 ring, became lord knows we could sure do with a few sleek and sexy WP7 devices.

Read more at TamsPPC here.

Toshiba Where Are You? We Have Been Missing You

Toshiba Logo[1]

Toshiba, one of the least spoken of smart phone market in the US and a Windows Phone only maker. They have not been making devices like HTC, LG, or Samsung but more like Apple with one or two releases a year. The difference between Apple and Toshiba is that while they make good devices, they do not have a big show for their launch and do not try pushing it to carriers. I do not think they try for much in their mobile department.

Now if they were here I would have to ask them one thing…

toshiibak01wp7Where the he** is that Toshiba K07. I loved the K01 when I first saw it, I mean with such great designing, a slide out keyboard, and do not forget… The title for the thinnest smart phone with a slide-out keyboard out there, being 1mm thinner than the original Droid that I loved for its thinness. If this device was released in the US of A, I would have bought it and replaced my HD2 with this since it has a similar sized screen, capacitive, slide out keyboard, 1mm thicker, 1Ghz processor. This device  would kill.

Now if Toshiba were to make it into a WP7 device and make it even thinner or faster, I would buy this instantly. I have heard the rumors of the HTC HD7, but you know what… With WP7 not needing any ROMs, I do not need an HTC device anymore. I just also noticed the device has 3 buttons, which if you remember was the only thing keeping the HD2 from WP7 (as they say), so I think making this should not be hard.


Toshiba has always made great devices like the TG01 which was the thinnest smart phone out there until the iPhone 4 stepped in. They certainly know what good phones should have, and if they were to join the WP7 scene, I do not see them having much trouble. The only thing is their brand name is attached to TV’s and laptops, not really in the mobile phone department. Now I am sure if they worked hard on marketing and made a K07 possible, they can sell it well around the would, because if one were to think out it… the main reason HTC WM devices sold so much over others were because of the huge developing community and a little because of the looks. Now with all development being available to any device running WP7, HTC has only looks (not looking good so far)and current brand name to work with.

So what do you think? Would you buy the K01 if it were available in the market and came in WP7 flavour?

Toshiba K01 comes to Japanese DoCoMo as Dynapocket T-01B

toshibako1cJapan’s DoCoMo network has announced the release of the 4.1 inch Toshiba K01 as the Dynapocket T-01B.

The handset runs Windows 6.5.3 Phone offers a 4.1” OLED capacitive touch screen with a 480×800 resolution, a 3.2Mpix Camera module with auto-focus, Wi-Fi B/G, 1GHz Snapdragon, GPS, HSPDA, HSUPA, Bluetooth.

Unfortunately this extremely attractive handset, which we saw announced at Mobile World Congress 2010 is still to make an appearance anywhere in the west.

See a video of the handset and a gallery of pictures after the break.

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Windows Mobile 6.5.5 ROM for the TG01

TG01 Receives a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ROM but no WMPU ROM in sight. The ROM was released today at 11AM by image ffboy2009. While the first 6.5.5 ROM was released last night by another XDA member, this one comes with all that and more eye candy. The ROM is running on WM6.5.5 CE OS 5.2.23563 and comes with not much changes but to the TG01 users its just enough.

1.No more masterclear bug
2.added new theme and single power iocn,u guys will see it in the screen snapshot
3.free RAM on boot is about 80M,ROM is 231.23MB
4.add shutdown in the start menu,u can shut ur phone without the power key
5.if u like the black theme,u can change theme to Condor GT Black Edition in the Setting-Home

If you want a ROM to install on your device and do not want to wait on l3v5y’s version that he said in a recent tweet “it should be released this weekend,” this is the next step down.

Read More about the ROM

Toshiba to produce a dual screen Windows CE tablet

microsoft-courier-tablet_2Digitimes, with their close industry contacts, has one again leaked some tasty info.

On this occasion they claim, pretty confidently, that Compal will be producing two tablet PC’s for Toshiba, one a standard Android one and the other powered by Windows CE 7.

Toshiba has announced last week that they will be producing the same tablets, but at the time they were labelled as simply an Android and Windows one, making it appear that the Microsoft version actually ran Windows 7 on an Intel chip, like the HP Slate.

According to Digitimes however the tablets will run on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor, and the Windows CE 7 version will feature dual screens.

Apparently Compal Electronics will ship the tablets at the end of 2010 or early 2011, a time scale which slots in pretty well with that recent New York Times Microsoft Courier leak.

Toshiba has traditionally had a close relationship with Microsoft, being one of the first to make a Plays for Sure PMP and then being the first OEM of the Zune device before Microsoft took manufacturing internal.

Could this rumour be all about the Courier? Let us know your thoughts below.

Toshiba K01 announced for June in Japan

toshibak01Akihabaranews reports that Toshiba has announced the Windows Mobile 6.5.3  Toshiba K01 (known as the ISO02) in Japan. There the handset is CDMA but retains the 4.1 inch AMOLED WVGA screen, Snapdragon processor and other specs.

Unfortunately Akihabara reports the model shown of at the press launch was unoptimised and sluggish – here’s hoping Toshiba will do their homework before they release the handset in the west.

Read more at Toshiba here.

TG01 Get its First ROM, but its not a WMPoweruser ROM

image We have been making it a big deal to produce the first TG01 ROM to be a WMPoweruser ROM, but it seems one XDA member beat us to it. arag0n85 in the Toshiba TG01 forum just merely hours ago has released his own ROM for the TG01.

His ROM is a debranded Orange UK ROM that removes all the unessential apps and fixes some things. Our own Cook/Editor l3v5y had this to see in his last two twits “The only major obstacle in the way of ImageUpdate is being able to make new DSMs… I STILL HATE THE LITTLE ****” and “Working on kitchen scripts for TG01… Not as user friendly as a visual kitchen, but better than command prompt… :D.”

As you can see he is still fighting to release not only a clean ROM(what is being released today), but a fully loaded TG01 ROM with some HTC features.

I am very unhappy we were beat to this, but all that matter is the device has some a ROM and will have some more very soon.
To stay on top of all the updates on the Toshiba TG01 ROM follow I3v5y or follow myself, or both.

Get yourself a copy at XDA

Toshiba K01 Shows FCC what’s inside

The Toshiba K01 was originally announced at MWC this year, with many readers interested in this device’s presence. imageIt seems the device did not waste any time coming to our shores, and going to visit the big man on campus.

Today Engadget manage to find this device lurking around the FCC’s system. They had a look, and the specs of the device can speak for itself.

It is not truly a US device, without US 3G, many might not buy in. The device does have the usual 2G bands of 850/900/1800/1900 GSM/EDGE and of course also the usual Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. Hopefully the US will get a little love with a US 3G device(hopefully T-mobile 3G). If not an updated device, a new version, for example a K01-U or something similar to what they did with the TG01, that has US T-mobile 3G :D.

Unlike its older brother, this device is capacitive. Toshiba did not make the same mistake twice of having a large screen device not be capacitive, but they did make a great exchange to AMOLED, which has its ups and downs.

The last feature I most talk about is this sexy thing under the device it calls a keyboard. I am freaking out for this device’s keyboard. I mean just look at it. The keyboard looks touchable(unlike the Droids) and looks very similar to the Touch Pro2’s in size and shape.

I do not know what Toshiba has been doing in their laps(certainly not updates their older device… wait, minor updates thought,) but this is a great accomplishment. I am actually pondering if I should get this or the HD2, because I cannot live without my keyboard, and  this device looks like it can’t either with its thin body, fast processor, big screen and everything to make it sell(except WP7S of course, but hey, maybe Mr Codon can help me out there, since the device only has 3 buttons).

What do you guys thing, will this be your next device? Do you like it more than the HD2? If you could would you buy this for Wen? Comment below and include your height.. just for fun.

Get the full FCC files

TG01 WMPoweruser ROM (In Progress With new Tool)

image I know it has been months since I last made a post talking about this, but thanks to one awesome XDA member, we are cooking. The member goes by the codename cedesmith, and after what seemed like years, he has finally finished his TG01 ROM Tool. The tool is available to the general public to try and get their own ROM going, but rest assured, WMPoweruser is committed to bringing you the first cooked TG01 ROM. Continue reading

Toshiba talks Windows Phone 7 Toshiba TG03

Toshiba has told Australian ChannelNews that the arrival of Windows Phone 7 and its lack of backward compatibility is not in fact an issue but an opportunity.

Rob Wilkinson, General Manager of Toshiba Australia Information Systems Division said "Toshiba Australia is seriously looking at what opportunities are out there for us in the Smartphone market. We are talking to retailers and carriers. I have a model in my draw and we will make a decision shortly".

Toshiba intends to launch a brand new Windows Phone 7 phone with a new generation of applications that will work on both Toshiba notebooks and netbooks as well as a new TG03 Smartphone.

This feature was recently demoed with the same game being played on the desktop, phone and Xbox, but this technology will clearly have wider relevance than that.

Senior Optus executives said Toshiba had an excellent brand name and a combination of a Toshiba Smartphone and a netbook running the new Windows 7 operating system will appeal to a lot of customers. "They are not tainted by the problems that are emerging with current model Windows Mobile phones" they said.  

Carriers however face re-coding their whole library of applications which tend to be shipped with devices, hopefully not something which will delay the release of the new generation of phones.

According to Toshiba’s leaked roadmap from last year, the TG03, which is a variation on the TG01, will feature a 5 megapixel camera and 3 channel speaker with 5.1 sound. This device will be aimed at media buffs and will come with desktop-based video transcoding software, ensuring a good experience when playing back video on the move. The device was originally meant to ship with Windows Mobile 6.5, but may now be delayed for Windows Phone 7.

Read more at Smarthouse.com.au here.

Morphing Keyboard would look great in a Toshiba K02

Mobile-Review.com has published this video showing a new multi-function keyboard by Pelikon called the MorphPad.

The keyboard can change functions based on the backlighting of the keys, and the whole keyboard can also function as a touch pad.

Toshiba have already implemented the technology in the Toshiba Biblio e-reader, and we will hope they bring this technology to their Windows Mobile range also.

Via Engadget.com