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Microsoft release a Windows Phone 8.1- exclusive Twitter Beta app

Windows Phone 8.1 has removed much of the social network integration of the OS, but has also provided new hooks for apps to integrate directly with the OS.

Now Microsoft has released a beta of a Twitter app for Windows Phone which takes advantage of these new features and restores much of the earlier twitter integration found in WP8.

imageIt also integrates with Cortana, allowing users to say “new tweet” or Search, and also makes good use of the Action Centre.

The new app can be downloaded by Windows Phone 8.1 owners here.

Update:  That was quick! The app is no longer available, and has been unpublished.


Instatic updated to 2.0 with Twitter and Facebook support and more

Instatic the most fully featured Instagram statistics app for Windows phone has been updated to 2.0 with a lot of new features and a completely new design.

New Features:

  • New design
  • 30+ new charts with Instagram statistics
  • View all users that have liked on or more of your posts
  • View followers/followings in common when viewing someone else’s profile
  • View charts with information when viewing someone else’s profile
  • Added support for tracking lost/new followers/followings for Twitter
  • View involved/uninvolved users you follow in Twitter
  • Added support for tracking lost/new friends on Facebook
  • Refresh button
  • Group unfollow/follow for Instagram

These are just a few of the new features that are in Instatic 2.1! I suggest you go download the app to check it all out.

You can use Instatic for free but it will have ads and not all features will be available. You can unlock all features and remove all ads with an in app purchase. Download Instatic for free HERE or scan the QR code.

Interesting: Windows Phone Twitter integration lets users bypass the Great Firewall of China


Future Windows Phones will have a lot less integration with social networks than the current version, which is a pity, as the integration allows some nifty tricks, including apparently bypassing the great firewall of China.

China’s internet access to the rest of the world is heavily filtered, and this includes blocking Facebook and Twitter.  It seems Microsoft’s Live services are however not blocked, and on Windows Phones these act as a proxy to the integrated services such as Facebook and Twitter.

This is useful for visitors, but of course residents of China will purchase handsets which integrate with local services such as Tencent. It is however still a pity that future versions of Windows Phone will likely not offer this fringe benefit.

Via Twitter.com

Twitter client Mehdoh free for a limited time

For the next few hours twitter client Mehdoh is available for free, courtesy of daily app deals service myAppFree.

The app, which is normally $0.99, features:Mehdoh Windows Phone QR

  • Multiple Twitter account support.
  • Soundcloud account support (stream/favourites/view profiles etc! with background audio player).
  • Instagram account support (feed/popular/profiles/searching and instagram videos – IMPORTANT NOTE: No uploading to Instagram though, sorry!).
  • Twitter Streaming (real-time feeds).
  • Pin Twitter Searches or Lists to the main screen.
  • In-line media previews for dozens of image providers.
  • Vine video playback.
  • Conversations history.
  • Image / website previews in the app
  • Lock screen notifications and live tile (WP8 only)
  • Lock screen wallpaper (WP8 only)
  • Voice commands (WP8 only)
  • Fully customisable layout.
  • An amazing new clutter-free photo timeline.
  • Pocket and Instapaper support.
  • Integration with Pouch app (WP8 only).
  • Integration with MetroTube, myTube, and Youtube apps (WP8 only).
  • LOTS more features and fully configurable.

Download Mehdoh from the Windows Phone Store here.

Mehdoh Twitter Client Updated With Pull To Referesh, Nokia Imaging Support For Image Editing And More

Mehdoh Twitter client got updated to v8.24 in the Windows Phone Store. This new update replaces the Aviary image editing suite with Nokia Imaging suite as the former is ending the support for Windows Phone devices. Also there is support for pull to refresh and other improvements. Find the full change log below.

Mehdoh 8.24:Mehdoh Windows Phone QR

+ Twitter – Replaced Aviary with Nokia Imaging
+ Twitter – Pull to refresh on some lists
+ Twitter – DMs are now grouped by sender
+ Twitter – Fix for retweeting a favourite
+ Twitter – Sharing images via Photo Hub now prompts which account to use if multiple accounts are set up
+ Twitter – Moved copy tweet to clipboard onto main menu for ease of use
+ Bug fixes

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

#Hashtastic 1.8 – Fresh Look. New Stuff.

Lumia 920 Red - DarkTweeting multiple people and managing your favorite hashtags is easier with #Hashtastic! This little app does all the heavy lifting for you, aggregating all the people that have mentioned you* into a single list of contacts, making it easy for you to show some love to your favorite Twitter pals. All you have to do is select the hashtags you want to use, tap on all their names and hit the Tweet button.

You can even import your Twitter lists and choose people from those too, making it even easier to show all your Tweeps some love!

New in Version 1.8

  • Enjoy a fantastic UX refresh, thanks to DVLUP & Toledo2, including a new app tile icon
  • Show off your phone with 54 new Avatar Gallery templates, including HTC and Samsung models
  • Manage your Twitter Lists (create/delete, add/remove members)
  • Create your own custom hashtag+phrases
  • Go wide with Windows Phone 8/7.8 wide tile support
  • Catch up easily with pull-to-refresh support for the people list

Additional Improvements

  • Quickly access account options (Avatar Gallery, Twitter Lists) just by tapping the account name in the upper-right corner of the app
  • Manage hashtag+phrases in app settings
  • Experience better German Language support and application stability

Free Trial Conditions

The app is fully functional for 6 uses. At 4 uses, you’ll be reminded you’re using a trial version. When the trial expires, the premium features listed below are disabled. Otherwise, the app’s core function is fully usable even after the trial expires. Purchasing the app enables all premium features.

Premium Features

  • Custom Hashtags+Phrases
  • Twitter List Management
  • Avatar Gallery
  • Multiple Accounts

Have a feature you’d like to see? #Hashtastic is on User Voice.

Press KitScan to Download #Hashtastic for Windows Phone

Download #Hashtastic for Windows Phone

* Currently the Twitter API only allows retrieval of your last 800 mentions

Official Windows Phone Twitter app updated with new features

Twitter App for Windows Phone QRThe official Twitter app for Windows Phone has been updated to version today.

Besides the usual bug fixes and improvements the app has added notifications for new tweets, and will now also allow users to delete individual DM’s using a long press on the message.

Download it from the Windows Phone Store  here .

The long Twitter data hog nightmare is over as Microsoft fixes problem

wp_ss_20131111_0001OK, the headline is a bit over the top, but if you are on a limited data plan and had many twitter followers there is a good chance you went into overages last month as the People Hub hoovered through multiple megabytes of data trying to update the avatars of twitter contacts, the consequence of a change at Twitter’s end.

The good news is that the issue should now be resolves, as Microsoft has told the Verge:

Microsoft has confirmed, on November 10th, that the temporary issue is now resolved.

which is of course pretty much the same thing.

Now if I did have a limited data plan the 1 GB of data (half of it WIFI fortunately) I went through may have been a problem, and one starts to wonder about compensation, especially for those who are not blessed with Data sense, but since I have a truly unlimited data plan I will just celebrate the longer battery life.

Have many of our readers been affected? Let us know below.

Via WinSource.com

Twitter back-end changes causing excessive data usage for Windows Phone users

wp_ss_20131024_0001The Verge reports that a server migration currently ongoing at Twitter is causing excessive data usage for Windows Phone users, with the People Hub using up up to half a gigabyte of mobile data per month.

Due to the ongoing changes at Twitter’s end the People Hub is regularly refreshing the profile picture of contacts in the People Hub. The issue, which is about a week old, is difficult to address until the migration is completely, but in the mean time Microsoft has slowed down the profile synching to once per day.

If you think you may be affected by this issue the only other mitigation would be removing the twitter account from your Windows Phone.

With my own data usage by the People Hub exceeding a gigabyte in the last 30 days, I am once again just glad for my unlimited data plan.

Are our readers affected by this issue? Let us know below.

Overheare lands in the store

Overheare, a geo-focused Twitter app, is now available exclusively for Windows Phone 8 users.

Overheare shows you the live Twitter stream in a new way. It doesn’t care much about Tweets by people you follow (you probably have an app for that already).
Instead, Overheare lets you check out what random people are tweeting about around you. Or in some other place of your choice. You can even tell it what languages you speak and it will filter out only those Tweets for you.

Maybe you want to check out reactions from that concert you wish you were at right now?
Or maybe see what is going on among English speakers in Hong Kong?
Perhaps you’re interested in Spanish reports from the location of a current event?
Just curious about what’s going on around your own town?

Simply zoom in on the geographical area you are interested in, press play and watch the Tweets come in.

Main features:QR Code

  • View a live stream of new Tweets, either in a list or on a map.
  • Filter Tweets by location.
  • Optionally filter Tweets by up to five languages.
  • Standard Twitter actions, such as retweet, favorite, reply, follow Tweet author.
  • Search by hashtags you overhear (also optionally filtered by language).

Overheare is a free app available exclusively for Windows Phone 8.Use requires a Twitter account.

Get it now from the Windows Phone Store

New Twitter app screen shot teases promised WP Vine client


Its been two months since Twitter and Nokia promised a Windows Phone version of Vine is on the way.

Since then we have not seen hide or hair of the app, until today that is when an icon for the app turned up unexpectedly in the screen shots for the new updated Windows Phone Twitter app.

The tease suggests the app is pretty close to being done, and we hope Nokia is keeping it up their sleeve to announce at the same time as the Nokia Lumia 1520 on the 22nd.

The screen shot can be in the Brazilian Windows Phone Store, but oddly not in the US one.

Thanks Marcos for the tip.

Official Twitter Client For Windows Phone Devices Updated With Many New Features

Twitter Windows Phone app

Official Twitter app for Windows Phone devices got updated to v3.0 today. This new update brings in support for custom notifications, dark/light theme, ability to pin keyword searches to Start screen, support for lockscreen and more.

What’s new:Twitter App for Windows Phone QR

- Select your favorite Twitter accounts and receive notifications when they Tweet
- Customize your Twitter backdrop with either a dark or light theme
- Pin keyword searches to your home screen for quick access to Tweets on a topic
- Easily surface great content with improvements to Search and Discover
- Set your language preference in settings and get tweets translated in your timeline. Now with support for 13 additional languages!
- New Twitter lockscreen experience highlights interesting tweets on your home screen

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

via: Plaffo

One Love makes sharing to multiple social profiles easy

If you need to post updates to multiple social media profiles from your Windows Phone 8 device and find switching between the various applications tedious, then One Love will make your life easier.  One Love allows you to share updates, links and photos to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles simultaneously.  No more jumping around between different applications.

The Professional version is available as an in-app purchase and allows you to add multiple Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.  It also allows you to share to Facebook Pages and LinkedIn groups, as well as Tumblr and Buffer.

Download it today  from the Windows Phone Store, or head over to the One Love website for more information and sign up to the mailing list to be notified of future releases.