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Microsoft AppChallenge comes to UK


Microsoft is running a contest to promote Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps in UK and at the same time giving users the chance to win Windows Phones, laptops and Xbox Ones.

To participate players simply need to download the UK AppChallenge app and then can participate in the weekly challenge and earn points by downloading and sharing the other suggested apps. The more apps they download and share, the more points they earn. The top three competitors (those with the most points accumulated within a week) will walk away with the Windows device prizes each week.

image"Our participation within the App Challenge has been great experience, the integration into our games was simple and the results have been amazing. We have seen a marked increase in user participation and cross application installs, the feedback from the users has all been positive. The challenge of downloading and finding new apps and games for rewards has created a large increase in downloads and meant that it has expanded to a user base to people who wouldn’t normally download our games."

You can get involved now by downloading the Windows 8 or Windows Phone apps.

Via MSN.com

Official McDonald’s UK Mobile App Now Available For Windows Phone Devices

McDonalds Windows Phone app UK

The official McDonald’s UK mobile app is finally available in Windows Phone Store. It allows you to search for nearest McDonald’s locations, get directions, know about latest promos and offers, browse through menu and more.


Restaurant finder
• Search for your nearest open UK McDonald’s either as a text search or map view
• Get directions to any McDonald’s in the UK and see opening times and facilities
• Save your favourite restaurants into a list for ease of use
• Filter by drive thru, open 24/7, accessibility, baby changing, birthday parties, free WiFi, play place, favourite restaurants and open right now
McDonalds Windows Phone app UK QR
• Browse the latest UK offers and promotions

• View the full McDonald’s UK menu
• See nutrition in formation on all our products. Learn more about our ingredients. Check our allergies guide

My meal
• Create your own meal combinations
• Discover the combined nutritional information behind your favourite meals

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Carriers promoting Windows tablet and phone combo for business

image image

It appears Microsoft is working with carriers to push their phones and tablets into the business environment.

Both O2 and Vodafone in the UK are offering Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phone handsets bundled with Office 365 for around £40 per month, which sounds like a relatively reasonable offer.

O2 is offering an Asus Vivo Tab Smart (x86) Black (4G-enabled), a Nokia Lumia 625 Black (4G-enabled), Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium (Single User License) and  unlimited calls and texts plus 1GB data (4G) on a 24 month contract, all for £41.77.

Vodafone is also offering a Nokia Lumina 625 with unlimited UK calls and text messages and 5 GB of data, a Microsoft Microsoft Surface 2 10.6” Windows 8.1 RT Tablet with 32Gb of storage, a licence for Microsoft Office 365 for £40.60 on a 24 month contract.

For a small business which will be able to write of much of the expense from their taxes, the deal appears pretty good, though I suspect a higher-end Windows Phone may be more attractive to a decision maker.

Do these deals appeal to our readers? Let us know below.

Barclaycard compensates a Windows Phone user £5 for lack of an app


Long-suffering Windows Phone users in UK may be eligible for some compensation for being neglected by big banks.

Regular reader Sarkis complained to Barclaycard, a UK credit card company, about the lack of a Windows phone app.  It seems the squeaky wheel gets the oil, as the company compensated him with £5 for his trouble.

Sarkis suggests if enough Windows Phone users do this Barclaycard may find it more worthwhile to just deliver an app, which they alluded to in the letter, the rest of which can be seen after the break.

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Three UK to increase support as Windows Phone is “here to stay” while Blackberry may be out of the door soon


Speaking to MobileNewsCWP,  carrier Three UK’s head of devices Brendan Arndt said that they intend to increase their support of Windows Phone, which included increasing the floor space dedicated to handsets running the OS.

“Currently there is not a lot of space in store for Windows Phone but this year this will change, and we will stock a WP tablet, probably an eight-inch one,” he said.

He said the carrier will increase floor space, offer more tutorials to get buyers up and running and also offer dedicated support.

Speaking on the Windows Phone 8 platform, Arndt stated: “The customer experience is great, the customer feedback is great on Windows Phone and is higher than some of the Android stuff.”

He added: “It has done really well at the mid and low end for us, the top end is still needing that killer product to make it a big success and I hope that is coming and coming soon.”

He opined that “Windows Phone will take time to compete in the high-end as well as lower price points, but it is here to stay.”

Unfortunately he could not say the same about Blackberry, revealing that the carrier is considering dropping all Blackberry handsets by the end of the year, like EE , O2 and Phones4U  have already done.

“The Windows Phone market is good for us. We’ve chosen that as our third ecosystem now that BlackBerry is dying off slowly,” Brendan Arndt, Three’s Portfolio Manager said speaking with TrustedReviews.

“We will know by the end of the year whether to drop BlackBerry. We are not ready to make that decision yet, as there is still demand, but it is mainly for the keyboard devices [Q10, Curve 9320] as it is the only manufacturer still making them,”Arndt said.

Currently Windows Phone is holding around 10% market share in the UK, while Blackberry only has around 2.6% and dropping, according to recent Kantar surveys.

BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone being updated “over the coming months”




In the comments of an article announcing an update to BBC iPlayer which will have a responsive design, and will work on tablets on smartphones without modification, Dan Taylor, head of BBC iPlayer mentioned than an update to the Windows Phone iPlayer app is coming “over the coming months.”

The Windows Phone app has not changed much since its release, and still does not support any off-line functionality.

Hopefully the increased penetrance of Windows Phone in UK will mean the BBC will pay a bit more attention to the platform, which has held a steady 10% of the smartphone market in UK for more than a quarter.

For Surface owners, Dan also mentions:

@44. Herbie – The basic functionality of new iPlayer should work on a Microsoft Surface, although we’re looking to improve the experience on this device.

Thanks to our tipster.

Goodridge UK explains why they dumped their Blackberrys for Windows Phones

Goodridge, a high end manufacturing company in UK, has posted a testimonial for their Nokia Lumia enterprise solution, after deciding to replace their current fleet of Blackberry handset with the new Windows Phones.

They were impressed with the Office integration, Nokia’s Drive maps, the great security and the high level of functionality in the smartphones in general.

Nokia currently claims 17% of the UK enterprise market, and are working towards reaching 20%.  It certainly appears Windows Phones have found their niche in the UK.

Read more about Nokia’s enterprise ambitions at www.nokia.com/business.

via MNB

Another UK company adopts Windows Phones, now 17% of UK enterprise market


Nokia has published a case study of another UK company adopting their software and device solution, in this case UKDN Waterflow, a water and waste water infrastructure solution company.

The 600 person company with 19 bases through-out UK is involved in both domestic and large scale projects,  were already using a Microsoft back-end infrastructure and a rugged PDA solution,  and wanted to upgrade to a system which allowed greater communication between field and back-office workers. 

In considering mobile solutions, they found iPhones too expensive and fragile for a working enviroment.

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Barclays brag about their new Windows Phone app in newspaper ad


As part of Barclays new promotion about listening to their customers the company has taken out a large half-page ad bragging about their new windows Phone app, noting that:

Barclays Mobile Banking app is now available on Windows Phone.

It has a 5 star rating on the Windows Phone Store.

Idea launched January 2014.

The ad is exceptional for not only assuming that readers would know what Windows Phone is, but also that they would care about an app coming to the platform, and is indicative of the increased presence of Windows Phone in UK, where the Nokia Lumia 520 outsold all Android handsets in December 2013 to be the 3rd best selling handset for that month, and the 4th best selling handset of the holiday season.

If Windows Phone continues to grow in UK we should be seeing less of these ads, as making a Windows Phone app should be rather par for the course, and not making one would be noteworthy. Lets hope that time arrives sooner rather than later.

via AAWP

Enterprise increasingly dropping Blackberry in favour of Windows Phone


UK publication Computerweekly has been talking to some IT folk in business and government in UK and found they are increasingly planning on ditching moribund Blackberry and moving to Windows Phone.

Andrew McManus, IT director, NEC Group, has around 250 BlackBerrys which he wants to replace with Nokia Lumia 625s and 925s in the Spring.

“Now I find the Windows devices more compelling,” he said. “You get seamless connection into our back-end Microsoft systems, so a tablet that looks pretty much like an iPad gives you access to Exchange, all of our systems, ERP [enterprise resource planning]. As well as all the nice tablet functions people like,” said McManus.

“Price-wise, it is about the same too. Why wouldn’t we go down that route?”

McManus also said he was planning to replace previous deployments of Apple iPads with Windows 8-based tablets.

“What I want to be able to do with Windows is to give people access to data in real time so events managers can see everything happening at their show. You can do that on iOS, but trying to grab something out of a SQL server is a lot more complicated,” he said.

“I think we will end up with Windows through and through for all of our tablet uses.”

Rob Bamforth, principal analyst of business communications at analyst firm Quocirca, notes Blackberry handsets lack the productivity features of Windows Phone.

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In December 1 in 6 smartphone gifts in UK was a Nokia Lumia


We have already seen the full numbers for the Kantar COmtech report for the 3 months ending December 2013, but their report also contains a few other interesting titbits.

One I found rather interesting was that Windows Phones were being given as gifts out of proportion to their market share in UK.


While Windows Phones only had 11.3% market share in UK over the period, in December, according to Kantar, 17.6% of smartphones gifted were Nokia Lumias. This number compares very well with 30.7% for Samsung and 28.4% for Apple, both of which are likely in line with their market share.

Gifting is also not an insignificant activity when it came to sales, with 34% of all smartphones purchased in December intended as gifts, up from 30% in 2012.

Fortunately, due to its slick user experience, Windows Phones are a gift that keeps on giving, rather than a device that will bog down over time like an Android handset.

Have any of our readers given a Windows Phone as a gift this past holiday season? Let us know below.

Kantar: T-Mobile USA is Nokia’ strongest US carrier with 45% of its sales

KANTAR-150Kantar has been teasing some numbers from their Q4 2013 report which provides some insight into Nokia’s performance in USA and abroad.

According to their research 45% of Nokia’s sale were on US’s budget carrier, T-Mobile. As can be expected, the vast majority of these sales were low-end Windows Phones, with 68% of Nokia’s Q4 2013 Lumia sales being the Nokia Lumia 520 and 521, which was retailing for as low as $60.

This leaves only 32% for handsets like the Nokia Lumia 925, 928, 1020 and 1520, and given the usual relatively small volume of the US market suggests sales of some of these handsets could be measured in tens rather than hundreds of thousands of units.

Still, 9 million US residents would prefer a Nokia over any other handset, while 39 million would consider one.

This pales in comparison to China, where Nokia is the top choice for 57 million Chinese, with 123 million willing to consider one.  The implication to the Lumia range of losing the Nokia brand remains worrying.

Kantar reports Windows Phone users engage about the same amount as Android users with their handsets, which is less than iOS.  This is likely the consequence of targeting the lower-end market.

Lastly, they revealed that while 36% of new Windows Phone users switched from feature phones in UK, an increasing amount were also switching from Blackberry.

See Kantar’s tweets after the break.

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