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Developers: Microsoft Releases New And Improved DVLUP Website

DVLUP is a developer focused website where you’ll get exclusive access to App Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Earn points to redeem for Rewards, including promotional placements for your Apps. Microsoft today announced the improved DVLUP site with more than 58,000 lines of code were reviewed, updated and improved for this latest update. Find the improvements from the link below.

  • All Challenge submissions are now on a separate page to simplify and improve the usability, especially on your mobile and tablet devices! And, your available apps, as well as past or pending submissions are now more clearly displayed, too.
  • The database has been re-organized to better import and handle your apps across numerous platforms and countries.
  • Our Quizzes are now on a separate page to simplify and improve usability, especially on mobile devices. And, as you will see, all Quiz questions will now appear on the same page, making it easier to complete a quiz.
  • The sections of DVLUP for Challenges, Events, the Leaderboard, and Reward listings have all been reworked for additional speed.
  • Our Campaigns for app marketing are now part of the Reward section, which will make it easier for you to see what is available, and give you more ideas for how to effectively use your points. You will also see new filtering options to allow easier access to both Rewards and Campaigns.

Read more about the improvements at DVLUP.

Windows Phone and the story of its settings…

Screenshot (23)While Windows Phone really is an easy to use mobile phone operating system, there is one thing bugging users since the beginning: The settings. They are sorted by (what Microsoft thinks) people use most, but everyone  is different and therefore there cannot be “one  solution”. The settings are clearly messed up and even I – a power user who can get the Lumia 1520’s battery empty within a day without playing video games – sometimes find myself searching ten or even more seconds for the needed settings.

It has been criticized since the beginning of Windows Phone and to date it has not been changed. With Windows Phone 8.1 the user can add four or five quick settings to the action center, which is nice, but still not what is required.

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Lync 2013 And Xbox One SmartGlass Apps Updated With Bug Fixes In Windows Phone Store

Xbox One Windows Phone SmartGlassMicrosoft has today updated Lync 2013 and Xbox One SmartGlass apps for Windows Phone devices. These are minor updates with no new features.

Lync 2013:

Lync 2013 app today got updated to v5.4.1087.0.

What’s new in version 5.4:
•         User experience improvements
•         Bug fixes

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Xbox One SmartGalss:

Xbox One SmartGlass app got updated to v1.0.3.3.

New in this release:
•   Bug fixes

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Claim of 2 GDR updates coming to Windows Phone 8.1 this year


Windows Phone 8.1 has not even been released yet, and already rumours are going around about updates coming to the software.

We posted two days ago on a leak by a Microsoft employee BaadFood who wrote:

Windows (Windows Server, Windows Phone, XBOX, (Unnammed thingy)) are going to take drops from our next release ‘Threshold’ which will be out like in October-December. the WinPhone team has had their asses handed to them and have been told to develop in parellel with us in the core OS group so I’d expect a 6-8 month ‘major’ update going forward. QFE’s, Bug Fixes, Security Fixes etc in the interim but something cool and new every 6-8 months

Now WPCentral reports on a rumour that we can expect an update as early as June, similar to GDR1, which may just be bug fixes for WP8.1, and then a larger update in November/December, similar to GDR3.

This will eventually be followed by the next OS update, which may be called Windows Phone 9 and which is code-named “Theshold”.

WPC speculates one of these updates would bring a gesture based 3D control system for use in Goldfinger, due Q1 2015, and another may also enable a dual-camera Windows Phone similar to the new HTC One (M8).

For those troubled by slow carrier updates, WPC also suggests the updates will be available via Developer Preview.

Would our readers be happy with this pace? Let us know below.

Nokia Creative Studio Updated To v5.5 For Lumia Windows Phone Devices

Nokia Creative Studio Windows Phone1
Nokia today updated their Creative Studio app for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. This is a minor update with no new features and no there is no change log in the app description as well. I guess it will include some general bug fixes and improvements.Nokia Lumia creative studio

App Description:

Make more of your pictures with this quick and easy photo editor. Exclusive to Nokia Lumia, simply swipe through a series of creative effects, add focus blur or create an impressive color pop effect. With Nokia Creative Studio, you can also create a beautiful collage, quickly adjust color balance and remove red eye. When you’re done, share your pictures directly with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Nokia Creative Studio is also a great partner app for Nokia’s other Lumia camera apps.

Download it here from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Hipstamatic Oggl App Updated With Sina Wiebo And Chinese Language Support

Hipstamatic Oggl pro Windows Phone

Hipstamatic Oggl and Oggl Pro devices got updated today to v1.2.1.158. This new update brings the Chinese language support and Sina Wiebo support to the app. The last update of Oggl brought in the long awaited support for low memory 512mb Windows Phone devices. So, the most sold Lumia 520 WP8 device owners can now download and enjoy this app.

New in v1.2.1.158
- Added support for Chinese Language
- Added support for Sina Wiebo
- Bug fixes

Download the updates for Hipstamatic Oggl here and Oggl PRO here.

Surfy web browser updated with numerous enhancements


The already feature rich web browser receives numerous enhancements. Here is a quick list of the new features:Surfy

  • Favorite now opens in active tab.
  • New tabs now open to a blank page when in private browsing mode.
  • ‘Proper’ Dutch translation thanks to uyt.95
  • System tray expands with menu to display the time etc.
  • Added share to LinkedIn option.
  • System tray is now visible when the application bar menu is open.
  • Surfy’s homepage no longer has to be defined. You can now set the homepage to nothing and Surfy will open a blank page.
  • Improved Option view load time.
  • UI improvements.

Find the Free Windows Phone 8 app in the Windows Phone Store here. Find the Paid Windows Phone 8 app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Surfy, a desktop-like tabbed browser with innovative speech capabilities, gets updated


Outcoder, the software development company behind other popular apps such as Intellicam just released a significant update for Surfy, a feature-rich web browser app that combines innovative speech capabilities with a desktop like tabbed browsing experience.

Surfy was one of the first web browser apps for Windows Phone. It was first released in early 2011 to some controversy; being mistakenly rejected from Marketplace certification because it was a third party browser. (http://wmpoweruser.com/surfy-alternate-ie-shell-for-wp7-having-a-hard-time-getting-to-market/)

Since its initial release for Windows Phone 7, it has been completely overhauled and re-released for Windows Phone 8. According to the lead developer Daniel Vaughan, the company delayed publicizing Surfy for Windows Phone 8 due to stability problems caused by an issue in the Windows Phone operating system. This issue has since been resolved with the GDR2 Windows Phone update, which most users now have.

The latest version of Surfy (version 2.3) includes voice command support. This allows you to launch your favorite web pages using your voice. Simply hold down the Windows button on your phone and say, for example, “Surfy, open Facebook.” In addition, when you add a favorite, the title of the favorite is used as the voice command phrase.  Voice commands are only supported when the phone’s Speech Language is set to English US or English GB.

In addition to Surfy’s voice command feature, the app supports text to speech, which allows you to listen to a page while you browse other pages. This is great when you are multitasking or on your way to or from work. The text to speech technology in Surfy works offline, and is designed to be multilingual. The app selects the appropriate speaking voice according to the detected language of the page that you are viewing. This is especially useful in places like Europe, where many users tend to view pages both in English and in their native language. In this scenario, Surfy seamlessly switches its reading voice from e.g. English to French, without having to change any app settings.

Another subtle feature of Surfy that shouldn’t go unnoticed, is Surfy’s full-featured browsing experience when visiting Google owned sites, such as Google search and YouTube. Surfy impersonates an Android device to enable you to log in to Google, an option which is not available on most other browsers including Internet Explorer for Windows Phone.

Surfy comes with a myriad of other features, including:

  • Mobile optimization that reduces data usage to save you money and time
  • Disable images
  • Private browsing prevents your history from being saved
  • Full-screen support
  • Save images via a context menu
  • Open links in a new or background tab via a context menu
  • Change the UI language and the language of requested pages
  • Set website viewing preference to mobile or desktop
  • Night dimmer, which decreases screen brightness when viewing pages in the dark
  • Pin pages to the phone’s start screen
  • Autocomplete – Surfy suggests links by searching the web as you type in the URL box
  • Landscape and portrait support – with the ability to lock orientation via an onscreen lock that becomes visible when the orientation changes
  • Fluid interface with desktop like tabbed browsing
  • Listen to pages using any of the phones installed languages. Surfy detects the language of the page and selects the appropriate Text to Speech voice
  • Play videos
  • Fast app resume allows you to quickly restore the app after you’ve switched out of the app
  • Hide or show the system tray
  • Share pages via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Farlight If you’re looking for an alternate web browser with a desktop-like tabbed browsing experience and a host of other features, checkout Surfy.

The free version of Surfy provides three browser tabs. While the paid version provides 6 tabs and the ability to increase the number of tabs and enable other features via in-app purchases. To celebrate the new release of Surfy, the paid version of Surfy is now half price, at 1.49 USD reduced from 3.00 USD.

Find the Free Windows Phone 8 app in the Windows Phone Store here. Find the Paid Windows Phone 8 app in the Windows Phone Store here.

See a video demo after the break.
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TuneIn Radio App For Windows Phone Devices Updated With New Look

TuneIn Windows Phone app

TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone devices just got updated to v3.0. This new update brings in new look to the app which is clean, centered with stations’ album art and more. TuneIn app allows you to listen to live local and global radio from wherever you are on your Windows phone device.

Listen to the world’s music, sports, and news from wherever you are. With millions of listening options, TuneIn lets you hear what’s happening right now on radio stations globally, or enjoy on-demand programs, like podcasts, concerts and interviews.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

via: Technet

Bing Weather And Bing Sports App Updated For WP8 Devices

Bing Sports And Bing Weather

Bing Weather and Bing Sports apps got updated today in Windows Phone Store. Bing Weather has got some new features while Bing Sports got some new sports and categories added.

Bing Weather – v2.0.2.170:

The Bing Weather app helps you prepare for the latest conditions with hourly, daily, and 10-day forecasts. Designed for Windows Phone, the Weather App features beautiful weather images and maps, easily customized to track conditions for the places you care about. Catch the forecast on your Live Tile, check radar maps, and view historical details so you’re always aware of weather on the way.

New Features:

  • Lockscreen support
  • Double wide Tile support
  • Improved settings screen
  • Improved Graphics

Bing Sports – v2.0.2.177

The Bing Sports app makes it easy for you to keep up with all the sports and teams you care about. Designed for Windows Phone, the Sports app puts your favorite teams at your fingertips. Swipe through the app to get an overview of the top headlines, scores, schedules, standings, statistics, and much more across all major sports. Personalize the experience so you can track all the leagues and teams that interest you the most.

Download Bing Weather app here and Bing Sports app here from Windows Phone Store for free.

via: Plaffo

Paul Thurrott teases improved Windows Phone update delivery in the future

imageThe Windows Phone update story has never been as good as promised, primarily due to carrier delays, but on the GFQ podcast Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott teased that this may not be an issue in the future.

When asked if the Nokia Lumia 520 will be getting GDR3, he said “there’s going to be some good news there” and when pressed as to the solution such as custom ROMs if the carrier does not deliver he replied “we don’t have as big of a thing around those lines. But that’s not going to be an issue going forward. So, we’ll talk about that next week. But that won’t be a problem.”

Hopefully he is teasing a new policy by Microsoft that will remove carriers as the middle men, or deliver important updates as hotfixes vs firmware updates.

See an except of the video after the break.

What do our readers think is coming? Let us know below.

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Lync 2013 App For Windows Phone 8 Devices Updated With New Features

lync for windows phone

Microsoft has updated their Lync 2013 client for Windows Phone 8 devices with new features. Lync 2013 already supports IM, audio and video calls, contact cards, meeting appointments, etc,. This new v5.2 brings in support for pinning your contacts to start screen and more.

What’s new in version 5.2:

• Join a meeting even if you don’t have a Lync account
• View more information about meeting participants
• Support for certification and passive authentication
• Pin a contact to your home screen for quick communication
• Easily start a conversation with a group
• Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program support

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Hipstamatic Updates Oggl And Oggl PRO Apps With Bug Fixes, Performance Improvement And More


Hipstamatic has updated their Oggl and Oggl Pro apps for Windows Phone devices. These apps were buggy when launched, this updated v1.0.0.4 brings lots of fixes and performance improvements. The developers have thanked everyone for the feedback we provided to them and told that they are working hard on improving the application since it is still early days!

Change Log:

- Fixed bug that was causing downloaded gear to be removed once the app is restarted.
- Improved filtering capabilities and performance for special filters.
- Fixed so that the caption now is posted into social channels correctly
- Added support for disconnecting from social channels under the settings page in the app.
- Improved performance in general but more to come for preview and rendering.
- Fixed issues for HTCx8 that has some funky camera settings that we did not support.
- Added a sign out confirmation message box to the Settings page

Download Hipstamatic Oggl here and Oggl PRO here.