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Samsung ATIV SE actually already released (unboxing video)

The Samsung ATIV SE is a Verizon exclusive, and was never extremely anticipated, to the degree that its actual release over the last weekend was forgotten by just about everyone.

The handset is however now available, and WPCentral posted the above unboxing video of the device.

The review reveals one interesting feature – the handset has an infra-red remote control for televisions, a first for Windows Phone and something which provides an option for Windows Phone users who were envious of the feature on some Android handsets.

Besides this feature the handset is also pretty high end, with a 5 inch 1080P AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 800 processor, 13 megapixel camera and 2 GB RAM and 16 GB built-in storage with microSD expansion.

If the smartphone, which ships with WP8 and will be upgraded to 8.1 some time in the near future, tickles your fancy, it can be purchased today from Verizon for $199.

Samsung ATIV SE to ship by the 12th April, pre-order now!


I guess there is some advantages to not having to wait for Windows Phone 8.1. 

The Samsung ATIV SE, which strangely enough was not shown off at BUILD 2014, is now on pre-order at Verizon, for shipping by the 12th April.

The handset is on sale for $199.99 on contract, with Verizon offering a buy one, get one free deal on the device.

The smartphone is right up there with the other flagship Windows Phones, with a 1080P 5 inch AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 800 2.23GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB on-board storage with support for microSD cards support, a 13MP rear and 2MP front camera.

It will ship with Windows Phone 8 in place, presumably with an update some time over the next few months.

The handset is slimmer and lighter than the Lumia Icon and includes microSD card support, which in some ways makes it a pretty competitive choice with the Nokia handset, especially with some of Nokia’s goodies coming to other Windows Phones soon.

See the pre-order page here.

Which one will our Verizon-using readers choose? Let us know below.

Nokia Lumia Icon fails to live up to NL 1520 battery standard


GSMArena have posted the result of their comprehensive battery test of the Nokia Lumia Icon.

The handset has a 2420 mAh battery, but according to GSMArena performed rather poorly, managing only 14h:15 min of 3G talk time and 5h:17 of web browsing.

image_thumb120[1]This compares to the Nokia Lumia 1520’s outstanding performance from its 3400 mAh battery, which is only 50% bigger.

That handset achieved double the talk time at 28h:34 and more than double the web browsing time at 12h40.

GSMArena notes the results do not make a lot of sense and note:

”It’s pretty obvious that it’s not the best the smartphone can manage. Nokia should act quickly to identify that issue that causes the battery drain and fix it as soon as possible”.

Have our lucky Nokia Lumia Icon-using readers been disappointed by the battery life of the handset, or does GSMArena have a dud device? Let us know below.


Rumour: Samsung ATIV SE hitting Verizon shelves very soon

The Samsung ATIV SE is a new high end Windows Phone which is exclusive to Verizon.

Now WPCentral reports, via their trusted sources, that the handset will hit Verizon shelves as soon as the 18th April, and will cost $599 off contract, confirming despite the absence of a camera button it is not a cheap handset.

Off contract it will likely be $199 and it is of course expected to run Windows Phone 8.1

WPC also reports another handset will be launching on the 9th April, likely on AT&T, which they suspect will be the Nokia Lumia 930.

Hopefully we will see a more international distribution of these high end handsets, as the US market certainly has more than their fair share, and could actually do with a 520 on Verizon instead.

Guess how far Verizon has fallen in the Windows Phone stakes


AdDuplex have posted their regular monthly Windows Phone usage data, and as usual it provides a interesting insight into the Windows phone world.

As usual it shows the Nokia Lumia 52x series as pretty dominant, with nearly 39% Windows Phone market share worldwide.

The low-end handset is not just ruling in the developing world, but is also shaping the Windows Phone market in USA.

Because Verizon is not offering the device, it has fallen from the first position in USA to the 4th, with only 13.4% of Windows phones in USA being on the carrier.

Even MetroPCS now has more Windows phone users at 14.6%. Because Verizon is in reality more than 30% of the US market the absence of the most popular Windows Phone handset in the carrier ultimately limits Windows Phone’s market share in USA, despite good performance on AT&T and T-Mobile. Microsoft desperately needs to get a low-end handset on Big Red.

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High quality render of Samsung ATIV SE leaks, confirms disturbing trend


evLeaks have posted another image of the Samsung ATIV SE, a new Verizon-exclusive Windows Phone 8 handset.

The render shows the handset has the same faux brushed metal look as the original Samsung ATIV S, but more worryingly confirms that the handset lacks a camera button.

The Windows Phone camera button is somewhat iconic of the operating system, allowing users to completely bypass the lock screen to take a picture, all without fumbling with the touch screen.

The button is also somewhat special, requiring a two stage design – a half press for focussing and a full press to take a picture.

One can see why low-cost OEMs would be eager to drop this special hardware requirement, but it is much less excusable for high end devices such as this ATIV SE handset is likely to be.

It seems in the race to win OEM support Microsoft is dropping some of what makes Windows Phone special, and that of course is a pity.

Upcoming Samsung ATIV SE Windows Phone Device For Verizon Image Leaked

Samsung Atic SE Verizon

Samsung is preparing a new LTE Windows Phone 8 device for Verizon to be released in coming months. This device is named Samsung Ativ SE and as the name suggests it will be the successor to the Ativ S device. This device seems to different from the previously leaked Samsung SM-W750V device which was supposed to run Windows Phone 8.1. Samsung SM-W750V won’t have hardware buttons as this Ativ SE, you can see that render here. We are yet to know about the detailed specs of this device.

Source: @evleaks

Verizon video does a pretty good job at selling the Icon

While we always hear about carriers not supporting Windows phone enough, sometimes they do a pretty good job, as in the above video by Verizon, where they introduce the Nokia Lumia Icon, which unfortunately only has about 2500 views.

Do our readers agree the video does a good job introducing the device, which has been unfairly maligned by some major sites, and deserves being spread around a bit more?

Microsoft Store Offering Lumia Icon Free Wireless Charging Plate Promo

Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon

The Lumia Icon has just become available at Verizon and Microsoft Stores, and for early adopters Microsoft has a nice little bonus if you choose to buy at their outlets.

The Microsoft Store is offering a free wireless charging plate with the purchase of a Nokia Lumia Icon.

The deal is available until March  16th both at Microsoft Retail stores and online stores.

Find the listing from online Microsoft Store here. Read more about the deal from Microsoft Store here.

Via Winbeta.org

Verizon HTC 8X only $149.99 unlocked on Groupon


The Verizon HTC 8X is hitting Nokia Lumia 520-like prices as the device is being cleared by retailers.

Groupon is now selling the smartphone for just $149.99, with a full 5 days available to get in on the deal.

The LTE handset has 16 GB of storage, a 720P screen and Qi wireless charging, making it a pretty great deal for the price.

The smartphone can be used on both GSM carriers and Verizon.  If you are interested in the deal read more at Groupon here.

Nokia Lumia Icon now available at Verizon and Microsoft stores


Today is the day when you should be able to walk into a Verizon retailer or Microsoft Store and pick up Nokia’s latest greatest Windows Phone 8 handset.

The Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon is now available online and in store for $199.99 on a two year contract, while ordering online from Microsoft will save you only $0.99.

The handset is distinguished  by its 5 inch 1080P screen, 20 megapixel camera and distinctive metallic styling.

If you cant nip out during your lunch hour find it online at Verizon here and Microsoft here.


Nokia Lumia Icon Officially Announced For Verizon, Pre-order At Microsoft Store For $199 On Contract

Nokia Lumia Icon Verizon

After so many leaks, Nokia and Verizon has finally announced Lumia Icon Windows Phone 8 device. It costs $199 with 2-year Verizon agreement. Microsoft highlights the imaging capabilities, 1080p display and WP8 OS of the device on its site,

1080p full HD 5″ screen

Capture crystal clear, detailed video on a big, stunning display that looks great—even outside.

Directional microphones

Clearly capture more sound, with four digital high-dynamic-range microphones.

3x one-finger zoom

Get closer quicker while recording with on-screen zoom that you can
control with one finger.

HD speakers

Powerful speakers that give your music the full, rich sound it deserves.

You can pre-order the device from Microsoft Stores in the US. Find the store locations here. If you are not a Verizon customer, Microsoft Store has some other deals for you. Find them after the break.

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