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Quote of the day app integrated with Cortana

What sets Cortana apart from other digital assistants like Siri or Google Now is extensibility by 3rd party developers.

Windows Phone developer Nivesh Singh took advantage of this in his Quotes app to allow users to ask Cortana to deliver an inspirational quote on demand.

The voice commands also work in Windows Phone 8.0, and the app can deliver Quote of the day, Love quotes, Inspirational quotes, birthday quotes and more.

Developers who want to do the same for their apps can read more at Channel 9 here.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Developer controls his home lighting with Cortana

South African developer Matt Cavanagh has shown Cortana can be useful for more than just finding the nearest Pizzahut.

Using an undisclosed method, he hooked up Cortana with a Bluetooth-equipped Netduino module controlling a desk lamp.

Of course we have seen voice control of WIFI-controlled lights on Windows Phone before, but with Cortana now being native to Windows Phone we think this method is set to become a lot more prominent. Hopefully if Windows Phone eventually become supported for use with the Phillips Hue for example we will see such functionality built in as more than just a demonstration.

A side by side comparison between WP8 and WP8.1

Canje Tech have posted this nice side by side comparison video, showing Windows Phone 8 vs 8.1.

While it only touches on a small part of the massive number of changes between the two operating systems, it is pretty clear that, despite some early hiccups, the new OS is a significant improvement on the earlier version.

What are some of the features our readers have discovered and fell in love with? For me it is certainly having passwords sync between desktop IE11 and IE11 Mobile. Let us know yours below.

HeroCraft‘s Race Illegal: High Speed 3D comes to Windows Phone

HeroCraft has brought their racing sim Race Illegal: High Speed 3D to Windows Phone.

The game features 20 tracks to race, 9 cars to choose from and a whole host of customizations for the petrol-head to tinker and claims to offer the true street racing experience.

The game features:image

  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • 130 tracks and 9 cars
  • Car tuning and customization
  • Engaging storyline
  • Compete in online races
  • Authentic street race atmosphere
  • Personal stats and online records table
  • Realistic driving physics.

The free game can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

See the game trailer after the break.

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A demo of resurrected Music + Video app on WP8.1 (video)

It took the killing of the WP8 Music and Video app on Windows Phone 8.1 to make me really appreciate it, but luckily, if you have a writable NFC tag, it seems pretty easy to resurrect it.

Techrum.vn have posted a detailed tutorial on how to achieve this, using Nokia’s NFC Writer app, and also the above video showing the simple hack in action.

Are any of our readers on WP 8.1 going to be trying this trick? Let us know below.

Video: Highlights of Windows Phone 8.1

If you haven’t been able to install Windows Phone 8.1 and wonder what you’re missing out on, check out our new overview video showing the new features in 8.1.

The video quickly covers

  • Faster/new animations
  • Notification center
  • Cortana
  • New keyboard
  • Volume settings
  • Updated Store
  • 3D maps
  • Start Screen background
  • Internet Explorer
  • Battery Sense

8.1 feels like what 8.0 should have originally been! It’s quite awesome.


Nokia’s Switch Easy videos now available in English

We posted yesterday on Nokia Germany’s video series on switching from Android, iOS and Symbian to Windows Phone.

Now Nokia UK has also gotten in on the act, and posted a number of Switch Easy videos describing how to switch your data and find apps when moving from the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and older Nokia handsets.

See the iPhone one above and the rest after the break.

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Universal File Picker demoed on Windows Phone 8.1 (video)

While it does not look like Windows Phone 8.1 will ship with a File Manager, the File Picker is pretty powerful, and offers access to the main locations on the phone, including documents, music and video.

In the above video by Windows Phone Lovers we have a demo of a universal file picker, built with some sample code already made available, which suggests developers will be able to make a file manager pretty easily if needed.

Microsoft’s talks about their Internet Of Things (video)

When most companies talk about the internet of things, they are talking about smart watches and thermostats, smoke alarms, and other consumer gadgets.

It seems however Microsoft’s approach to this area is all about monitoring the performance of machines in the factory and doing preventative maintenance, which is hardly sexy.

In a blog post Microsoft talked about Intelligent systems and the internet of things and spoke of the vast opportunities it opens up for business leaders.

They described how IOT can provide  new insights, optimize business processes, make more informed decisions, identify new revenue opportunities, and understand and predict customer and partner behaviors in ways they never thought possible.

Microsoft planned to help companies by enabling connections between existing intelligent but isolated systems and helping companies interpret the big data generated using tools such as Microsoft Azure cloud service offers massive processing capabilities that can be tied into data storage and analytics tools in Microsoft SQL Server, Azure HD Insight and Power BI for Office 365, discussed at www.InternetofYourThings.com.

Microsoft’s strategy appears not to try and strike gold, but to sell the shovels used by everyone in the gold rush.

This approach is however unlikely to win Microsoft much needed mindshare, and without mindshare a company can often sink into a spiral of irrelevance, as they get brought up less and less in the conversation, much like IBM did.

Do our readers think Microsoft’s strategy of going after their traditional strong point, enterprise customers, is wise, or should Microsoft continue to fight the good fight against Apple and Google in the consumer arena? Let us know below.

Native Windows Phone 8.1 Maps app has a cool 3D effect

WP7Apps have uploaded some videos taken from the Windows Phone 8.1 emulator, and it includes this heretofore unseen look at the native Maps app in Windows Phone.

While it is likely we will all continue to use Nokia Maps +, now free for all Windows Phone users, the app does show one unique feature – an elevation style map which projects the areal photos onto an elevation map, and which looks rather cool.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

File Picker and Downloading web video demoed on WP 8.1

We have all by now heard the disappointing news that Windows Phone 8.1 will not have a File Manager, but the OS does now have a more capable file picker which means we can still do many of the things we want to do with the built-in and 3rd party software.

In the above video uploaded by Windows Phone Lovers we have a demonstration of the File Picker in action in IE11, where it allows then to download MP3 and MP4 files from various web services and then open them later using other apps, which I think gives much of the freedom we desire.

New Dialler features in Windows Phone 8.1 demoed

Windows Phone Lovers have posted a good look at the new Windows Phone 8.1 dialler running in the emulator.

The video shows useful new features, such as a new Speed Dial tab where very frequently dialled numbers can be added, the ability to see more details in the History tab for a call, which may be useful for those who need to keep track of those, and a slight UI change in the actual dialler.

The most interesting change however is the addition of a button for making video calls, and it is clear that this will not in fact be confined to Skype, meaning any number of video calling services will be able to plug into the same user interface.

Of course Smart Dialling remains missing, which is funny given that the patent belongs to Microsoft.