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WP8.1 Live Lock screens set to bring amazing lock screen weather animations (video)

The Windows Phone India Enthusiasts Facebook Group has brought us this video, which is a preview of #1Weather with Live Lock screen support.

The app is by the same team as #1 Toolkit and the video shows that the new Live Lock Screen API is much more powerful that we expected, and in the end may be a great contribution to Windows Phone.

See another demo of the great looking app after the break.

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The miracle cure for bad multi-touch on the Lumia 930


I have become increasingly frustrated by the hit and miss pinch and zoom on my Nokia Lumia 930, and by the look of my poll a few hours I am not alone, with 35% of owners complaining of the same issue.

Now reader Máté however delivered a really simple solution to the dogged issue – simple switch off Screen Magnifier in the Ease of Access settings.

Screen Magnifier is an Ease of Access setting which lets you zoom any screen, including the start menu, by double tapping the screen with two fingers.  The feature obviously adds an extra step to pinch and zoom detection, which causes to missed multi-touch issue.

To switch it off, simply go to Settings -> Ease of access -> Screen Magnifier and enjoy the phone working like it should.

Thanks Máté for the tip.

This is the challenge Microsoft is facing

Apple has an enormously strong brand name, and with their logo they could easily sell refrigerators to eskimos.

This was proven once again on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Kimmel’s crew took to Hollywood Blvd. with what they claimed was Apple’s unreleased iTime smartwatch, but which was in fact a $20 Casio watch with an Apple logo stuck to the back.

One person freely admitted the most attractive piece of the iTime was the logo, and another said they would buy anything produced by Apple.

Microsoft does not command the same adoration from the general public, and with their recent moves more towards enterprise than consumer business may never, which is a real shame.

Microsoft Compares Lumia 530 With Other Competing Sub-€100 Smartphones(Video)

Nokia Lumia 530 vs Others

Microsoft today posted a video to promote Lumia 530 Windows Phone 8.1 device. In the video, Microsoft directly compared Lumia 530 with several other competing sub-€100 smartphones in the market.

Microsoft compared the Qualcomm Snapdragon Quadcore chip, internal memory, RAM, built-in Office, MixRadio, ability to run latest OS, etc, to claim that Lumia 530 is the best of its class. What do you think of this ad?

Watch the comparison video after the break.
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Satya Nadella confirms the next version of Windows will unify Windows and Windows Phone

The next major version of Windows is expected to be released in Spring to Summer 2015, in  about a year’s time.

There has been many hints along the way, and now Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed that the next version will be the one that subsumes Windows Phone into Windows.

At the Microsoft quarterly earnings call he said:

“We will streamline the next version of Windows from 3 operating system into one single converged operating system for screens of all sizes.  We will unify our stores, commerce and developer platforms to drive a more coherent user experience and a broader developer opportunity.  We look forward to sharing our more about out next major wave of Windows enhancements in the coming months.”

He notes later in the call, collated by Neowin in the video above, that the OS will have a UI which scales across all screen sizes.

The news suggests we may see a radical change in the UI of the next major version of Windows Phone in 2015, and that the artificial differences in functionality between Windows and Windows Phone may go away e.g.  that if Windows supports Bluetooth keyboards, Windows Phone should also.

In some ways the news also telegraphs the death of the traditional Windows Phone however.  How do our readers feel about this news? Let us know below.

German Nokia Lumia 930 owners on Edge due to screen flickering

A mass of new German Nokia Lumia 930 owners are complaining of what appears to be a pretty unique problem.

According to posters on Nokia’s support forums and popular German Windows Phone forum PocketPC.ch the screens of their 930 handsets flicker when data is transferred on 2G/Edge.

Luca Negro has uploaded the video above demonstrating the effect in action (look particularly at the white part of the page while it is loading), which he describes as “flickering like an old TV Screen.”

If the problem is widespread it is somewhat understandable – 2G data does cause a lot of electrical interference and the handset is relatively thin, reducing the possibility for good shielding.  In addition most of us hardly ever use 2G these days in any case.

The fact remains however that many Windows Phone users expected better from Nokia, who after all is rather well known for their smartphone radio expertise.

Read more at Nokia Discussions and PocketPC.ch here.

Thanks Matthias for the tip.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout coming to Windows Phone 24th July

modern combat

On the Windows Blog Microsoft has announced that Modern Combat 5: Blackout is coming to Windows and Windows Phone on the 24th July.

The game is expected to take players on a tour of the world, tracking a terrorist gang through numerous iconic location.

Gameloft, the developer has also announced that all of their Gameloft HD titles in 2014 will release simultaneously with iOS and Android on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. This is a verification of the news we first posted in August 2013 from an interview with Gregory Wintgens .

See the trailer after the break.

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Fan-made Nokia Lumia 930 video shows off WP8.1 features

Techrum.vn reports on fan-made promotional video produced by the Nokia Lovers Association in Vietnam, showing off the features of the new Nokia Lumia 930.

While the video, shot in Hanoi, has variable production quality, it does do a good job of showing off a wide range of features such as notes with OneNote, Micracast wireless screen casting, photography and photo sharing, the new Word Flow keyboard, and more.

See Microsoft’s own effort after the break.

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Fail Hard, a new biking game by the makers of Hill Climb Racing, hits Windows Phone

Fingersoft, the developers of Hill Climb Racing, has brought their app to the Windows Phone Store.

In the game you play a stunt man taking on ever more daring stunts and jumps while trying to make it big in the stunt show business.

Along the way you collect coins to upgrade your equipment and rise from the bottom as an promising up-and-comer to true stardom.

4 of 8

The game features:


  • Different and fun stunts with amazing obstacles and multiple goals in each level.
  • Smooth and intuitive controls.
  • Earn 3 stars on each track to brag to your friends.

Find the game for free in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsPhoneApps.es

Does your Nokia Lumia 930 feel slow to you?

I’m an excited new owner of a Nokia Lumia 930, my first Snapdragon 800-powered handset.

I was expecting the device to be a real screamer, and when it comes to opening apps and loading web pages it is noticeable faster than my 920.

However overall I have been less than impressed by the user experiences, and have a nagging feeling of general slowness around the device.

The problems start with waking the handset up from sleep, when it is clearly much slower and less responsive than the 2 year old Nokia Lumia 920.

Another troubling area is the handset’s responsiveness to multi-touch, when it often does not respond at all to two finger zooming. It often requires a second attempt to get it to work properly, at which point it starts working as expected.

Even things like searching for Bluetooth devices to pair with seems slower than on my older handset.

In general I am somewhat disappointed by this aspect. Do our readers have the same experience? Let us know below.

CNET UK reviews the Nokia Lumia 930 (video)

CNET have posted their review of the Nokia Lumia 930.

While most of the review is fair, they do harp on a bit about the app gap, going so far as to say:

Where it falls down though is its apps. Although the app store does have some major names such as Netflix, Spotify, Skype, Whatsapp and Instagram, it doesn’t have much else to offer. It’s nearly always the last of the app stores to receive new releases, if it receives them at all.

This seems to be a relatively outdated view of the app situation, which has steadily improved over the years.

They go on to conclude:

The Nokia Lumia 930 does many things right. It has a great display, a brilliant camera, an interesting metal and plastic design and the Windows Phone 8.1 software is simple to use. Those are important things to get right, but its unimpressive battery life lets it down and it’s rather fatter and heavier than the Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8.

The lack of love the Windows Phone 8.1 app store receives from developers is still an issue as it means apps newly launched on Android and iOS nearly always take an age to arrive, if they appear at all. If you’re keen on the colourful interface and want a phone with a great camera that stands out from the Samsung and Apple phones in everyone’s pockets, it’s a decent phone to go for, so long as you’re not fussed about the latest apps.

If app support is important, then both the Galaxy S5 and LG G3 have comparable specs and great cameras and, as Android phones, both have access to an app store packed full of the latest releases. They’re roughly the same price, too.

Read their full review here.