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Flipagram hits the Windows Phone Store


The popular photo/video app Flipagram has finally hit the Windows Phone store!

A “Flipagram” is a short video that is made my using your old Facebook, Instagram, or saved pictures and your choice of music to easily share with friends and family.

Give life to your best photo moments
+ sitting on your phone
+ laying flat on Instagram
+ or hiding out in Facebook albums

Choose the perfect music
+ Your music library
+ from millions of song previews for free

Set the right timing & speed
+ Instagram (15 seconds)
+ Flipagram (30 seconds)
+ Time per flip to make a flipagram of any length

The app is very well made, and offers in-app purchases for extra features such as watermarks.


Download for FREE from this link or from the QR Code.



via Nokia Conversations

Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 DUO Windows Phone reviewed (video)

MobileGeeks have posted the above video review of the new Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 DUO Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone.

Prestigio, based in Cyprus, is one of the new Windows Phone OEMs, and the handset is extremely affordable, costing less than £160 for a 720P handset with 8 GB storage.

The handset features:

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HTC One M8 and Nokia Lumia 930 accepts Samsung’s Ice Bucket Challenge (video)


In a recent video Samsung’s Galaxy S5 completed the Ice Bucket Challenge and challenged the Nokia Lumia 930 and HTC One M8.

YouTube channel Cellphone S took them up on their offer, and put the two phones through the gauntlet.

See the video after the break.

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A demo of the TV Remote control on the HTC One for Windows (video)

WPC have posted the above video demo of the infra-red remote control feature of the HTC One for Windows, which as can be seen in the video, is pretty sophisticated.

The app lets you specify who provides the programming in your home, and will then tell you what’s on when, and allows you to then easily switch to that app and control your TV, making it more an advanced TV guide than a mere remote control replacement.

The app includes settings for not only USA, but also elsewhere in the world, making it a pretty attractive feature. The main weakness I suspect is that so few of us watch Live TV anymore, preferring to use our DVRs.

Would our readers buy the HTC One for Windows just for this feature? Let us know below.

Some drivers complaining of issue with Here Drive Bluetooth Audio

Peter has written to us complaining of an issue with with how navigation apps handle voice guidance in Windows Phone 8.1.

In WP8.1 voice guidance is delivered, like a phone call, through the Bluetooth Voice Profile.  This ensures wide compatibility with older car kits, which is of course good, but introduced a problem for users with newer car kits with Bluetooth A2DP support. 

Previously for them all audio was routed via A2DP, including voice guidance, but now the app switches between A2DP and Bluetooth Voice, introducing a delay which means some parts of the voice guidance is lost.

Given the benefits to some but the issues for others, Peter suggests how voice guidance is handled should really be an option, rather than working only one way.

Have any of our readers run into this problem, and would you prefer making using he Bluetooth voice profile optional? Let us know below.

Cortana: What can I say? Part 2

Phonebuff has posted the above video showing over 50 commands that can be used with Cortana on Windows Phone.

The 8 minute videos shows the rather wide range of responses the digital assistant is capable off before it has to resort to web searches, including some features which are available due to integration with 3rd party apps.

See the Siri and Google Now version of the video after the break.

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HTC One vs HTC One for Windows (part 2)

Pocketnow have posted the above video looking at the difference between the HTC One and HTC One for Windows.

Nothing that both devices are still the best in their class, he still ultimately gave the crown to the HTC One Android version, due to Google’s ecosystem.

Would our readers recommend the Windows Phone version over the Android device for undecided users? Let us know below.

Give your Windows Phone Start screen a completely new look (video)


Believe it or not, the above screen shot is from the actual start screen of a Windows Phone.

The appearance is not due to an app or a hack, but a clever manipulation of the background image in Windows Phone 8.1.

See a video explaining how you can achieve the effect yourself after the break, and read more at WindowsPhoneViet.com.

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Video: HTC One vs HTC One for Windows

PhoneArena have posted this hands-on video above comparing the HTC One for Windows with the HTC One for Android.

The two devices or virtually identical of course, and in essence it appears the main differences will be those inherent in the OS, and also that some small features on the Android version (e.g. double tap to shut down) will not be available on the Windows Phone version.

See more images at PhoneArena here.