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Wunderlist coming to Windows Phone… eventually

Wunderlist has announced version 3 of their new cloud-based task management app/service.

The popular Germany-based service allows users to create lists to manage their to-dos which can be shared with other Wunderlist users.

So far the app has not been available on Windows Phone, though 3rd party clients do exist.

On their blog however company representatives said they are working on a Windows 8 version of the app, and expect to publish a Windows Phone version based on that code-base.

Is this an app our users have been missing? Let us know below.

Via WPArea.de

Who needs Sapphire glass? Watch the Nokia Lumia 930 being attacked with a knife

Much has been made of the upcoming iPhone 6’s unscratchable Sapphire glass, but the above video by Adrianisen on YouTube shows that the Gorilla Glass 3 on the Nokia Lumia 930 is no slouch either, allowing him to play a not horrible game of Fruit Ninja with a rather large knife without any ill effects.

See his channel for more videos pitting the Lumia 930 against other handsets.

via NPU

Monty Python’s The Ministry of Silly Walks Game coming to Windows Phone, but only if you make yourself heard

The Monty Python crew has released a Ministry of Silly Walks themed game, and apparently due to “silly demand” the team are bringing it to Windows Phone also.

However John Cleese has not been happy with the response to his announcement and threatened:

If you want what looks like a pretty fun app to show up on Windows Phone I suggest you add your voices to the 300-odd other Monty Python fans and demand delivery here.

Hack lets Cortana sing in Chinese

China will be one of the first countries to receive Cortana support after it escapes from the USA, and Windows Blog Italia reports that work is already well underway, with a simple (unrevealed) hack allowing users to download the Chinese language pack and let Cortana start speaking in Chinese.

Unfortunately questions still have to be asked in English, but I suspect it will not be long before the hack becomes official and this will stop being an issue.

Via WindowsBlogItalia

Modern Combat 5 coming to Windows Phone “a short while after” iOS and Android versions


Gameloft announced today that Modern Combat 5: Blackout will be coming to iOS and Android on the 24th July.

It seems Windows Phone users will not have to feel left out for very long however, with Gameloft saying the game is coming to Windows Phone “a short while after.”

The game is expected to take players on a tour of the world, tracking a terrorist gang through numerous iconic location.

See the trailer after the break.

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Kreyos Smart Watch maker shows off their Windows Phone app

13 months ago we first posted about the Kreyos Meteor smart watch, then a new project raising money on Indiegogo, which then promised Windows Phone compatibility.

The accessory promised to let you control functions on your smartphone using voice and gestures, courtesy of its microphone and 3 axis gyroscope, and the water proof watch will also be able to function as an activity monitor for fitness-related activity, heart-rate monitor and cycling computer.


The “watch” can be worn on the wrist, belt and lapel and will also serve as a development platform for 3rd party developers.

Kreyos has now showed that they kept their promise of Windows Phone compatibility by posting the video above, showing the app in action, pairing and drawing data of the Meteor watch.

The device is now available to pre-order for $169.99. See a video demonstrating the device after the break, and place your order here.

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Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

EZTUBE is designed in the form of the original mobile Youtube application to bring users the real experience of using Youtube. EZTUBE provides virtually all the features that an user may need including: browsing categories (most popular, music, sports, gaming, etc.), channels, logging into user account, watching, rating, and giving comments. Furthermore, EZTUBE allows users to download videos for watching offline. The downloaded videos can also be converted to audio songs, which can be saved to the phone’s music library. Using EZTUBE users may figure out even more interesting features. The key features are listed below:

  • Explore Youtube videos in different categories and channels
  • Search for videos by keywords
  • Watch HD videos, rate and comment videos
  • Log into user account to watch personal videos
  • Download videos and/or convert to audio songs
  • Create playlist for listening to the downloaded music
  • Listen to the downloaded music in different modes: sequential, repeat, shuffle.
  • Save songs to the phone’s storage

EZTUBE is completely, no fee, no ads, no link to any third-party sites. Contact us: [email protected] if you have question.

Nokia Lumia 930 unboxed

Noknok.tv posted this video of what I think many of us will be doing over the next month- unboxing a brand new Nokia Lumia 930.

His package came with a free Nokia DT-601 wireless charging plate, which seems a pretty good way to get started on your Windows Phone journey.

How many of our readers will be picking up this handset? Let us know below.

New Nokia video promotes the Lumia 930 and the One Windows Experience

Microsoft has posted a new promotional video for their Nokia Lumia 930, and in this beautifully shot ad they promote the integration between Windows Phones, Windows tablets and Windows PCs. 

The ad is however rather subtle, and I wonder if a few videos which explain the features such as synchronizing tabs and universal apps and so forth may not be necessary to educate the public.

What do our readers think? Let us know below.


Another peek at WP8.1’s dynamic lock screens (video)

NokiaWPBlog has managed to dig up a fascinating video from February this year, uploaded by M4XW1N which shows a lock screen app on Windows Phone 8.1.

Unlike the others which we have seen shown off at BUILD 2014, which just provides a fancy animations when you unlock, this one appears to show dynamic album art reminiscent of the Zune music player.

It also shows that the music control drop down in earlier builds included album art, something which appears unfortunately to have been dropped.

We understand dynamic lock screen apps are awaiting the final go-ahead from Microsoft, but are still certainly on the way.

See the original Twitpic here.

Read more at NokiaWPBlog here.

Great concept of what a Microsoft smart watch should look like (video)

The rumour at present is that we can expect to see a Microsoft smart watch some time in October.

If its anything as good as this concept video by Omar Pirela then I think it will be an instant buy.

His smart watch features a Magnesium Ceramic body, curved touchscreen AMOLED, 100 meters water resistance, streamlined profile, is discrete and luxurious, with a useful notification system and a simplified navigation.

The device relies on a high resolution screen packed with content and Windows Phone-smooth scrolling.

Microsoft’s own smart watch is rumoured be a more prosaic affair, with a lower resolution screen and health and fitness focus.

What do our readers think of this concept? Let us know below.

Telstra promos the Nokia Lumia 930 (video)

Telstra has posted a rather high energy video showing off the features of the Nokia Lumia 930, which will soon become available on their network.

The video shows off features such as wireless charging, the new swipe keyboard and action centre.

The handset is currently rolling out worldwide, and seems set to hit stores between the second and 4th week of July.

New MOBA game Witcher Battle Arena coming to Windows Phone


MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a new genre of game-play (for mobile at least) which only have a few examples on Windows Phone.

Now CD Projekt RED and Fuero Games have announced their new game The Witcher Battle Arena, which is an adaptation of The Witcher for multiplayer, and promised to deliver it for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The free to play game is being designed to suit touch controls, with a customized UI and interface that fit mobile devices. Players will select recognizable names from the Witcher universe, after which teams of three will fight to capture and hold three points against bots or other humans. A character progression system will be in place, as well as an item configuration system.

The Witcher Battle Arena is expected to launch in Q4 2014 on iOS, with Android and Windows Phone to follow.

See the trailer after the break.

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