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Lloyds and TSB deliver Banking apps for Windows Phone 7 and 8

Both Lloyds and TSB have launched just Windows Phone apps for their respective banks.

The apps are clearly made by the same company and have very similar features.

Lloyds TSB
  • Find a Lloyds Bank branch or Cashpoint®, or LINK ATM in the UK
  • Log on with your Internet Banking details
  • View balances and transaction history
  • Check your credit card limit and pay a bill
  • Make transfers between your Lloyds Bank UK personal current and savings accounts
  • Securely set up and make payments
  • Manage your existing overdraft
  • Find TSB branches and cash machines, or LINK ATMs in the UK
  • Log on to view balances and transaction history
  • Check your credit card limit and pay a bill
  • Make transfers between accounts
  • Securely set up and make payments
  • Manage your existing overdraft

Interestingly the TSB app warns however that there may be issues with the Nokia Lumia 610 and suggests those users not use the app.

This leaves Barclays and HSBC as the last major UK banks not to have Windows Phone apps, though both banks have said they are working on addressing this issue.

The apps can be found at the links below:

lloydsqr   tsbqr
Lloyds   TSB

Thanks Terry for the tip.

Facebook beta for WP7 and WP8 updated with performance improvements

facebookbetaqr2The official Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 Facebook beta app has been updated to for Windows Phone 8 and for WP7.

There is no detailed changelog, but the app claims performance improvements and support for 21 languages.

Find the updated app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Nokialino.it

Facebook beta app updated with more language support

The official Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 Facebook beta app has been updated to version

facebookbetaqr2In addition to the usual big fixes, the app now supports a number of additional languages, including Polish.

The list now includes:

Arabic, German, English, English (United States), Spanish, Spanish(México, Suomi, French, Magyar, Bahasa, Indonesia, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, Vietnamese and more.

Find the updated app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Swapchat Windows Phone Snapchat client updated to version 1.2, fixes numerous bugs

Swapchat has posted an update to version 1.2 which addresses many of the issues users may have had while using the Windows Phone 3rd party Snapchat client.

Version 1.2 adds:swapchat

  • Fixed crashes on Messages page
  • Added ability to draw on photos
  • Added ability to unblock friends
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio and image rotations when taking pictures
  • Front facing camera is now flipped horizontally
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes

The app is $1.29 with a free trial and a fully free, ad-supported version is also on its way. The app supports both WP 7.5 and 8.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Reddit.com

Shazam urges Windows Phone 7 users to update to the new version of their app

1 of 8 2 of 8

Shazam for Windows Phone 7 has been available for a while, and the music recognition company has just released a new version for Windows Phone 8.

It seems however there may have been a bug in the last version for Windows Phone 7 or possibly some backend change, as the company has just released a new version for Windows Phone 7, and the changelog for version 2.3.4 only says:shazamqr

We recommend that you install this update as soon as possible so that your history is saved tags in future versions

If that functionality is important for you find the update in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsPhoneApps.es.

A Raving Rabbids game come to WP 7.5

Ubisoft has brought one of their Raving Rabbids games to Windows Phone 7.5.

In Rabbids Go Phone you get to play tamagotchi-style with rabbits trapped in your phone, teasing them, tickling them and playing tricks on them, and then capturing their reactions in pictures which can be shared via Facebook or email.

The game features:rrqr

    Tickle, toss or shake your captive Rabbid and play tricks on him thanks to new interactive objects like the toilet brush or the goldfish…oops…piranha! Try to find as fast as possible all the madcap interactions available in the game.
    Immortalize unique moments with your Rabbid. Upload a photo or take one and use the photo tool to create crazy pictures with the Rabbids. Share your unique creations with your friends by email or Facebook and spread the Rabbids attitude!
    Stay connected with the Rabbids Community thanks to the facebook newsfeed, get access and check out the latest Rabbids Youtube videos directly on your device.
    Unlock tons of new wacky playthings: exclusive wallpapers, delirious videos, images (..) and give a new style to your Rabbid’s playground thanks to new thematic backgrounds.
    Want more? Buy additional thematic content including exclusive costumes to pimp your Rabbid, gags, wallpapers and an extended version of the photo tool.

The game is $0.99 without a free trial, and is Windows Phone 7.5 only, and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Samsung Omnia M makes a come back on Flipkart


The Samsung Omnia M and W was quite a seller in India and Russia, and it seems either Samsung found a few more under the couch it forgot to sell earlier, or the factory had one more run in it.

The Windows Phone 7.5 handset is appropriately priced at INR 9999 ($178), though I suspect with the Nokia Lumia 520 being priced at around the same price it could do with being a bit cheaper, but maybe the Samsung brand name will make up the difference.

Find the handset at Flipkart here.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Windows Phone gets another Instagram upload client

You wait all day for the bus and then 3 arrive at the same time.

There used to be no way for Windows Phone users to upload pictures to the Instagram photo sharing social network, and now there are at least 3 options.

The latest is Winstagram, a client for both Windows Phone 7 and 8, which does only one thing – upload pictures to the network.

winstagramqrIt does not do anything else, but in the app’s description they promise a full client is on its way.

The app is a steep $1.99 without a free trial or any reviews yet, so purchase with caution, but out tipster reports the app worked perfectly well and he has several pictures uploaded from his Windows Phone to his Instagram profile.

Find Winstagram in the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks Marcus for the tip.

NAVITEL GPS Navigation app comes to Windows Phone 7.5

Apparently GPS Navigation app company NAVITEL promised a Windows Phone version of their app in 2011, and have now delivered on their promise 2 years later.

qr-code-navitel-wp7The app is the most common GPS service used in Russia and offers detailed GPS Navigation for more than 50 countries, with data on traffic, useful POI, weather forecasts and 30 different voices.

The good news is that the company is also already working on a Windows Phone 8 version of the app – hopefully they will not be two years late also.

The app comes with a 30 day free trial and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WP7Forum.ru.

Tango app for Windows Phone 7 updated, no sign of Windows Phone 8 app yet

tangoqrHere is some turn around for the new Windows Phone 8 Facebook app.

The Tango video calling app for Windows Phone 7 has been updated. The app provides free calls between Windows Phone, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and PCs, and also free international calls to other Tango members.

The app, as of yet, is not available for Windows Phone 8 owners.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Nokia Cinemagraph for Windows Phone 7.x updated

3 of 3

QR_Cinemagraph_7x_094752Nokia has published an update to their Cinemagraph gif-making app for Windows Phone 7.x.

The update optimises the app somewhat, resulting in faster save times, but most importantly, allowing the app to function better on the Nokia Lumia 610 and 510, who both have only 256 MB RAM.

Version 1.1 can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Winp.cn, thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip.

Nokia Camera Extras and Cinemagraph now available for WP 7.5 Nokia Lumias

On their Conversations Blog Nokia announced that Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8 Nokia Lumia handsets will now be able to download and use Nokia’s latest camera software innovations.

Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710, 610 and 510 owners will be able to download Nokia Cinemagraph  and Nokia Camera Extras.

Cinemagraph allows users to create animated Gifs using their camera, and  is now available for Nokia Lumia 900, 800, and 710 smartphones, and will be arriving for the Nokia Lumia 610 and 510 in the coming weeks.

Camera Extras app offers Smart Shoot, Panorama, Action Shot and a self-timer, and in the updated version  uses burst mode to take a sequence of photos so you can choose your favourite shot and then remove unwanted moving objects.

The apps can be found by in the Nokia Collection or using the QR codes below:

camera extras   cinemagraph
Camera Extras   Cinemagraph

Users being robbed from paid Xbox Live apps when upgrading to WP 8

wpss201303150004Windows Phone 8 was meant to be 100% compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 apps, but many users are discovering that apps they have paid good money for on Windows Phone 7.5 are not available on Windows Phone 8, including a number of Xbox Live games.

Valradius writes that two of his purchased games, Doodle Jump and Orbital, refuse to install on his Nokia Lumia 920 after upgrading from his Samsung Omnia 7, with the error “App not available.”

In fact Doodle Jump appears to have been unpublished from the store, and Orbital says it is only available for Windows Phone 7.5.

Given that there are only a hundred odd Xbox Live games, and that they are often on the expensive side, a company of Microsoft’s size and resources should really have done more to make sure either their flagship games work, or that those who upgrade are refunded for their losses.

Have many of our readers been affected by this issue? Let us know below.

Thanks Valradius for the tip.