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Weather Tag Pro, yet another weather photo app

Boring with square photos with weather overlay? Why don’t take and create photos with weather overlay in the way you want?

Weather Tag Pro is a simple-to-use weather photo app. With Weather Tag Pro, you can take pictures in portrait or landscape then add weather information on top. You can even crop the pictures to square then decorate them with weather overlay.

Features highlight:

  • Supported Windows Phone 7.x/8
  • Supported portrait/landscape/square pictures
  • Supported sharing to Facebook and Twitter
  • Supported English, Italian and Vietnamese.

The app comes with limited features trial version but you can unlock it with just $0.99. It can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 & 8 ChatOn app updated

Samsung has pushed out an update to their cross platform messaging app ChatOn for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

Both apps have been updated to version 2.13, but unfortunately Samsung did not reveal any changelog.

The app however features:ChatOn_WindowsPhone8_QRcode

  • ChatON supports many platforms and devices. Users can chat freely through ChatON.
  • ChatON provides multiple ways to make your communication richer.
    - 1:1 Chat, group chat, broadcasts, animation messages, pictures, location info, contacts, calendar.
  • Using ChatON, create your own unique animated message by drawing.
  • ChatON provides group management features for easy group chats.
  • ChatON provides an interaction rank which tells you how often you chat with your buddies.

The app is free, exclusive to Samsung users, and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsPhoneItaly.com

Vine client “Viner” now available on Windows Phone 7

Viner Viner

Feeling left out with your Windows Phone 7 device? Sure we all do, developers seem to focus on their main/majority crowd of Windows Phone 8 users.

The Windows Phone 7 scene is slowly dying as developers move over to the newer platform but atleat today we can add another app to the collection.

The unofficial Vine app, “Viner” is now available for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices. The app allows you to create an app, sign in and follow people but unfortunately it can’t create/upload vines.

Download the app now for Windows Phone 7 here and for Windows Phone 8 here

via WindowsPhone-Hub

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WNM Live releases updates for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8

Voice Messages Feature Screenshot Profile Screenshot

WNM Live, the location-based social network for meeting people, has released an update to its app for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 users.  This latest update contains some major new functionality, including:

  • Voice Messaging – You can now send/receive up to 60 second voice audio clips with other users.
  • Message Delivery Receipts – You can now see when your message has actually been delivered to the intended recipient’s app, regardless of which platform they use.
  • Photo Hub Integration – Upload a photo to the WNM Live World Stream directly from the Windows Phone Photo Hub.
  • Much, Much More – Enhanced push notifications, performance improvements, featured posts, and much more.

These two latest updates (for WP7 and WP8) bring both platforms back in alignment, feature-wise, after having diverged about six months back with the release of the WNM Live Windows Phone 8 app.  WNM Live recently passed the one million user mark and continues to have the largest percentage of its users on Windows Phone devices, despite also being available on iPhone, Windows 8, Facebook, and the Web.

If it has been awhile since you checked out WNM Live, now might be a great time to do so.  The app is available for free from the Windows Phone Store here.

Download WNM Live from the Windows Phone Store QRCode

#2InstaWithMassiveLove–new free Instagram app, but you get what you pay for

It seems it is the fashion to release an Instagram app these days. Developer SmokedbyWindows8 has just released their version to the market, and the app is available to download now.

At $0.99 it is pretty cheap, and even better is that the free trial is full featured, and payment only serves to remove the ads, making the app effectively free for those who are happy with the banner.

The app supports all the major Instagram functions, including uploading, and delivers filters by using the Aviary library. It is also available for Windows Phone 7 also, a major advantage over other rivals.

Unfortunately that’s where the good news ends.  The app appears to mere embed the Instagram mobile website, and therefore runs rather choppily and does not look anything like Metro. Secondly the parts which are not Instagram’s mobile site are poorly designed and rather ugly – after being spoilt by Itsdagram its difficult to look back.

qrcode13640123Still the app is effectively free and it does work, and #2InstaWithMassiveLove has hooked up with Pixaroll to make it easy to print your Instagram photos to real paper. In fact Pixaroll is offering another 800 sets of 5 free photo prints with ‘instamatic’ or ‘wmpoweruser’ with the release of this app. There are ‘prints’ button integrated into the app that allows the user to print Instagram photo they upload.

We would generally recommend Itsdagram over this app, but if you are on Windows Phone 7 this may be a reasonable alternative.  Find it in the Windows Phone Store here.

Not forgotten: New Facebook and YouTube apps coming to Windows Phone 7 after all


Here is some good news for increasingly neglected-feeling Windows Phone 7.5 users.

Joe Belfiore has just tweeted that the new Facebook beta and YouTube apps, which were just released for Windows Phone 8, will in fact also be coming to Windows Phone 7.

The apps will unfortunately not be released immediately but “a bit later”, but the news indicate that Microsoft is still thinking about users of their now legacy phone platform.

Via Twitter.com

Original Angry Birds go free on Windows Phone for a limited time

1 of 7

The original Angry Birds is back in the Windows Phone Store, and free for a limited time.

The game, which has 300 free levels, can be downloaded free of charge until the 15th May.

If you still have not purchased it, find the game for free for both Windows Phone 7 and 8 at the links below.

ab7   ab8
Angry Birds – Windows Phone 7   Angry Birds – Windows Phone 8

Via Plaffo.com

Windows Phone 7 SkyDrive login issue now fixed


We reported yesterday on an issue Windows Phone 7 users were experiencing when trying to log in using the SkyDrive app on their phones.

The issue, which was due to back-end problems at Microsoft has now been rectified, as Microsoft reports on their status page, saying:

The problem has been fixed. Thanks for your patience. 20 Apr 11:10

Unfortunately Microsoft never revealed the source of the problems, but at the time many Windows Live authentication changes were being implemented, including two factor authentication and the ability to use an alias on your account.  Hopefully these problems will remain isolated issues.

Has the problem been resolved for all out readers? Let us know below.

Via WPD.

Windows Phone 7 SkyDrive users experiencing app login issues, but solution on the way


Plaffo.com reports that numerous Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8 users are complaining that they are not able to log into the SkyDrive app on their Windows Phone.

Those who try get the error:

Unable to log in.

Try to log on with another Windows Live ID, or go to http://login.live.com on a PC

The problem has been going on for the last few days, and Microsoft has acknowledged it on their Status page, writing:

Windows Phone 7 users may experience issues logging into the SkyDrive App 19 Apr 01:25


We’re working on the problem and will provide an update by 19 Apr 05:25. Thank you for your patience.19 Apr 03:25

We’re still working on the problem and will provide an update by 19 Apr 19:00. We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience. 19 Apr 05:25

Fixing the problem is taking longer than we hoped. We’ll provide an update by 19 Apr 23:00. We apologise for the lengthy interruption in service. 19 Apr 18:59

We identified a solution to the problem and are working to fix it as quickly as we can. 19 Apr 23:00

So it seems the solution is on its way, and will hopefully roll out very soon.

Via Plaffo.com

Viber for Windows Phone 7 now also gets HD calling for non-Nokia users

Viber VOIP Nokia Lumia exclusive

Yesterday Viber announced that VOIP calling was coming to their Windows Phone 8 app, and today they delivered good news for the other half of the Windows Phone community, with the news that their HD Voice calling was also now available for all their Windows Phone 7 users and was no longer Nokia exclusive.

If you have been waiting patiently you can find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WPDaily

WP7 Root Tools release unlock tool for 1st and 2nd Generation Samsung Windows Phones

Heathcliff74 from WP7RootTools has released a new tool to unlock both 1st and 2nd generation Samsung Windows Phone 7 handsets, including new handsets such as the Samsung Omnia W and Samsung Focus S.

The unlock tools work on fully updated handsets and will help you fully Interop Unlock them and run homebrew apps.

Heathcliff74 also released new versions of the WP7 Root Tools 1.1 with a new Accent Color editor and WP7 Root Tools SDK 1.0 with new functions for setting the Power State and also a few important bug-fixes.

Read more and find the downloads at WP7 Root Tools here.

Via WindowsPhoneHacker.com

Dev Stats for Windows Phone check your developer accounts any time

Distimo is a popular site where the developers can track their accounts not only from Windows Phone store but also from Apple Store, Android and a lot more, and dev stats for windows phone allows you check all this stats on your device

dev stats have 4 main  sections:

  • Main page, that shows your total downloads, your total revenues on all stores and your averange ranking on the stores
  • apps page, here, you can check all your apps from all the stores avaiables
  • downloads page, here you can see your monthly and semanal deownloads
  • reviews page, check yout lastest reviews and the rating

QRCodeAnd also have more pages with different content:

  • App info that covers specific info about the app, suchk downloads, reviews, revenues and details.

Dev stats is a great choice for your Windows Phone. dev stats is currently running $0.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Note: You will need a distimo account (free) to use this App.

Hungry Wolf game for Windows Phone

Hungry Wolf gameplay

The classic game, Nintendo’s EG-26 or it’s Russian version “Nu, Pogodi!”, has been revamped and it’s nicer than ever! It now boosts improved graphics and gameplay with up to three levels depending on your skill. Even those who are not familiar with the old game will love it. Catch the pigs but beware of the bad ones!

Play it for FREE!

See some screen shots after the break.

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