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Is it time for app switching by edge gestures on Windows Phone?


As my phone has become bigger and bigger, I have become increasingly irritated by having to press and hold the back button to switch apps.

When handsets become 5-6 inches,  and our hands no longer cradle the phone in our palms, the bottom navigation keys make less sense.  Windows 8, designed for larger screens, of course already understand this, and uses edge gestures extensively.  We of course already use an edge gesture to swipe down the notification centre, and use it to indicate Back in IE11 also.

I believe the task switching gesture already used in Windows 8 would work well in Windows Phone 8, and with the upcoming merger of windows RT and Windows Phone in Windows 9  it may come automatically to Windows Phone.

What do our readers think of this suggestion? Let us know below.

Deal Alert: Lumsing 6000mAh ultra slim Power Bank now only $18.99

We have recently reviewed the Lumsing 6000mAh ultra slim Power Bank and found a lot to love in the external battery accessory.

At the time we wrote the review the device was retailing for $27.99, but Amazon is now offering it for only $23.99, and Lumsing has thrown in an extra $5 coupon, bringing the price down to an irresistible $18.99.

To take advantage of the deal and say goodbye to battery woes, find the Lumsing 6000mAh  Power Bank at Amazon here, and use the coupon code LUMSING6.

Read our review of the device here.

Narrative.ly web app comes to Windows Phone

Super-cool journalism website Narratively now has a web app in the Windows Phone Store.

Narratively styles themselves as a platform devoted to untold human stories, with their network of talented and passionate storytellers combing the world’s big cities and hidden corners for overlooked tales that enlighten, connect and capture your imagination.image

Stories are presented in a combination of text, images and video, and in both short and long form.

If such coolhunting sounds right up your alley, find the free app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Nokia Conversations.

Assassins Creed Pirates coming to Windows Phone August 14th


8 months ago, in December 2013, Ubisoft said Assassins Creed Pirates was coming to Windows Phone “soon.”

Their definition of soon may be a bit different from ours, but either way, the date is now finally nearly here. 

Posting on twitter, the company confirmed the game will be hitting Windows Phone and Windows 8 on the 14th August, ie Thursday next week.

The game will see the hero Alonzo Batilla do battle with enemies mainly in the form of naval clashes, will feature more than 50 missions and likely cost between 4 and 5 Euro.

See the trailer for the game after the break.

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Threema secure messaging service working on a Windows Phone app, Signal needs a WP developer


With the recent NSA leaks secure messaging is all the rage, even giving moribund Blackberry a boost.

One of the new range of secure messaging apps is Threema, a messaging app which is so secure even they can not decrypt your messages.

Messages, which includes text, video or location data, are encrypted with your secret key on your device before being sent to Threema’s servers, and only people who you have shared your decoding key with can decrypt your messages, with the recipient key being handed to friends physically, rather than via an insecure electronic route.

The good news for Windows Phone users impressed by this secure set up is that the Swiss company is looking to add support for Windows Phone, saying a secure version is in development.

Another company who has also drawn a lot of attention is Whisper Systems with their Signal app, which includes secure VOIP.

That app is completely open source, and while they currently do not have a Windows Phone app they are eager to collaborate with a Windows Phone developer to bring the app to the Windows Phone Store.

Do our readers worry about the privacy and security of your communication, and would you support one of these apps? Let us know below.

NFL brings new Fantasy Football 2014 app to Windows Phone

The NFL has refreshed their Fantasy Football app for the 2014 season.

The new app is said to be better, faster and completely redesigned. The current release includes pre-season functionality, including Join League, Create League and View Roster.

It features:

  • JOIN AND CREATE LEAGUES: Join and start playing fantasy football in just a few minutes.
  • LEAGUE ACTIVITY: View all league activity and comment in real time.
  • LIVE SCORING: Follow your teams and players in real time.
  • EXPERT ANALYSIS: Get the latest breaking news and analysis to stay ahead of the competition.
  • MANAGE MULTIPLE TEAMS: Access and control all of your NFL.com Fantasy teams and leagues.

imageThe NFL also promises many more features still to come by kickoff, including video highlights, add/drops, trades and setting your lineup.

Download the app, which is only available for WP8 and WP8.1, from the Windows Phone Store here.

Wunderlist beta now in the Windows Phone Store

As promised, Wunderlist has released their beta app for Windows Phone.

The app lets you make lists, set due dates for the items, subtasks and generally project manage. Most importantly the app lets you share and synchronize lists between devices and users.

imageThe app will also let you publish the lists to the internet, though this feature is for paying customers only.

Find the real time syncing app in the Windows Phone Store here.

See a video explaining the service after the break.

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Facebook Beta changes come to Stable app


A week ago Microsoft first rolled out a major update to Facebook beta for Windows Phone which brought support for video uploads.

imageNow Microsoft has rolled out the update to the mainstream app. The app now also supports more languages and in Windows Phone 8.1 now integrates with photo albums , Facebook contacts and events.

The app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store here.

Leather Phone concept finally makes a case for flexible phones

leather phone 1

It is pretty fashionable to dress your phone in a high quality leather case, but what if you actual phone was made out of leather?

That is the premise of Phone Designer’s latest concept, the Leather Phone.leather phone 3

The Leather Phone uses flexible components, including a flexible screen and flexible batteries, and embeds non-flexible components like cameras and buttons.

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Motorola overtakes Nokia in India on strength of cheap, well-specced devices.


The Economic Times of India reports on the recently published results from Canalys’s look at the Indian smartphone market.

According to the analyst company Motorola has overtaken Nokia to become the 4th biggest smartphone OEM in the subcontinent in Q2 2014.

It grew sales from 379,310 in Q1 to 955,650 in Q2, after launching its well received Moto G, followed by the Moto X, priced at Rs 23,999, and Moto E, priced at Rs 6,999.

Nokia only managed 583,160 smartphones sales in Q1 2014, growing slightly to  633,720 in Q2 2014.

Samsung is still the leader with over 4.4 million smartphones sold in the second quarter, followed by Micromax with almost 3.1 million and Karbonn in the third position with 1.07 million smartphones.

Motorola’s performance is clear evidence that a strong brand combined with great value devices is a good recipe for success, and it is not clear if Microsoft/Nokia will be able to replicate this feat and win back their market share.

Fortunately for Windows Phone Microsoft has worked with a large number of Indian OEMs, and the market is expected to be flooded with a large collection of cheap, well specced devices by well know  local brands, which may help reverse the losses of Q2.

Do our readers think Microsoft Mobile/Nokia will ever win their position back in the Indian market? Let us know below.

Via NPU.