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Samsung ATIV SE actually already released (unboxing video)

The Samsung ATIV SE is a Verizon exclusive, and was never extremely anticipated, to the degree that its actual release over the last weekend was forgotten by just about everyone.

The handset is however now available, and WPCentral posted the above unboxing video of the device.

The review reveals one interesting feature – the handset has an infra-red remote control for televisions, a first for Windows Phone and something which provides an option for Windows Phone users who were envious of the feature on some Android handsets.

Besides this feature the handset is also pretty high end, with a 5 inch 1080P AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 800 processor, 13 megapixel camera and 2 GB RAM and 16 GB built-in storage with microSD expansion.

If the smartphone, which ships with WP8 and will be upgraded to 8.1 some time in the near future, tickles your fancy, it can be purchased today from Verizon for $199.

Simple Screen Locker provides the solution to your wonky power button

It has recently become the fashion to replace the use of hardware buttons with virtual buttons in an effort to reduce wear and tear on these mechanical parts and enhance the resale value of a handset.

On Windows Phone this is not too easy, as there is no good replacement for the power button.

Sure, on a Nokia handset you can use double tap to wake to wake the phone, but to actually put it to sleep requires either using the hardware power button or waiting for the time-out.

Now Kipware has provided the solution to those who either want to preserve or are already dealing with a broken power button on WP8 and WP8.1.

imageSimple Screen Locker is a simple app which drops a live tile on your screen which, when tapped, will lock your phone.

The app is both free and free of ads, and if you are the frugal type its a must download from the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks Fabio for the tip.

Windows Phone 8′s Me Tile And Messaging Functionality Has Been Changed In Windows Phone 8.1

Me tile 1

The following was the message from Microsoft when Windows Phone was originally launched,

Social networking is built right into your Windows Phone—no separate apps required. You can post messages to Facebook, Windows Live, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and comment, like, and retweet to your heart’s content. You can also send a quick link from your browser, or check in to share your location with friends.

As the platform evolved into Windows Phone 8.1, there are quite a few changes around Me Tile and Social networking functionality. In Me Tile, you still have an option to update your social network status, but when you tap it, corresponding app will be opened and you should update it over there. Similarly, you can tap the check-in option, but the selected app will be opened to do check-in.

Read more about the changes after the break.

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King’s Bounty: Legions MMORPG comes to Windows Phone

Game studio Nival KranX Productions’ cross platform RPG King’s Bounty: Legions has just arrived in the Windows Phone Store.

The game is a mobile version of King’s Bounty: The Legend, and features excellent 3D graphics, massive battles with players from around the world, and a huge map.

imageWith more than 700,000 players and hundreds of quests the game is sure to remain vibrant.

Find the free game in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WP7forum.ru

HERE Maps And HERE Drive+ Apps Update Brings New Features

HERE Maps 8.1

If you downloaded Windows Phone 8.1 yesterday, you can update your HERE Maps and HERE Drive+ apps from Windows Phone Store. HERE Maps is updated to v3.6.97.8 and HERE Drive is updated to v4.1.5598.0. In HERE Maps, you can now see the map the way you want by tilting and rotating it and it includes some bug fixes and stability improvements as well. In HERE Drive, you can now long tap on the map to set destination.

Nokia detailed the HERE Maps update for WP8.1 devices last week,

  • In select countries you can see buildings in 3D, in addition to realistic 3D landmarks that help you orientate yourself in a city. We also have updated aerial images so that you can zoom in even more and see more details
  • In HERE Maps you can now use two fingers gestures to rotate the map in the direction you prefer and tilt it to activate the 3D mode.

Update the HERE Drive+ here and HERE Maps here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Multi-player games for the Windows Phone Family


Now that we’ve established that the majority of our readers actually have two or more Windows Phone users in the family, it suggests we should be paying a bit more attention to apps and games which give you a shared experience, especially useful in providing something to do while you wait for your meal to be served or other family activity.

For this kind of activity you don’t want anything that will take too much of a commitment or be too intense, so we have scoured the Windows Phone Store for some casual games to keep you occupied while waiting for your pizza to arrive.

MissileBattle is a simple Battleship-like game that appears perfect for whiling away a few minutes and still leaving room for conversation. It works over Bluetooth and pairs via NFC, so it is pretty simple to use. Despite being unrated it worked perfectly when I tested it, and being free with ads it probably deserves a bit more love.

2b02973e-2acf-486d-9dad-42b96546ac2f 3bdbbf27-a136-41aa-8810-fbcf6efb53cb image

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EASTERia: Because Easter is Coming!


EASTERia is a cute little game to help you spend a couple of free minutes of your time and get in the mood for Easter.

qr code

Easter eggs are falling from the sky and you have to catch them with your basket. If an egg breaks, a bird flies out of it and you have to catch it before it gets away.

This game has three difficulty levels and is completely free: no trial version or hidden in-app purchases.

Download it form the Windows Phone Store.

Plex app updated with Mobile Server feature

plex1 plex4 plex3

After the Plex app for Windows Phone  received support recently for syncing content the company has now also added features which builds on this.

The app will now  synchronize  the playback position of synced content between your phone and desktop server and synced content can now be played and controlled on Plex players.

Most interesting however is the ability for the app to act as a mobile server, but unfortunately only for synced content.


Syncing does does however require a Plex Pass subscription, and its not hard to see that Plex is trying to move free users into becoming paying ones.

If you dont mind the subscription charge however, which is only $29.99 per year, the updated app can be found in the windows phone store here.

Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 920 only $99 no-contract

nl920 slickdeals

Frys are selling the Nokia Lumia 920 with no contract for only $99.

The deal is available in store and supply is limited, so if you want to take advantage check the stores asap.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a great handset with 32 GB of storage, an HD screen and wireless charging, and is certainly superior to any other Windows Phone in the same price range.

The handset is locked to AT&T, and to unlock it, it needs to be used on AT&T’s network for 6 months.

See the deal online here.

via Slickdeals.com

Official CBS Sports app for Windows Phone updated with video feed fix

The official CBS Interactive Sports app for Windows Phone has been updated to version

The app provides access to scores as they happen, stats, and news for all major sports, and allows users to follow live action with GameTrackers, scoreboards, and box scores.

The app also supports changing Lock screen wallpapers and Live Tiles, which lets you pin a game to your Start screen and get push notification updates without having to open the app.

The update brings:cbssportqr

  • Fixes issue with Video feeds
  • MLS and EPL Soccer
  • Team pages: Schedules, Tweets, Stats, and Roster
  • My Teams Scores and News
  • Improved league and conference management
  • Bug fixes

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Endomondo acknowledges strong windows Phone growth with updated app

Endomondo, the sports tracking app company with more than 23 million users,  today announced a major update for their Windows Phone app.

After nearly a year, the new version of the app offers greater app stability and a new look and feel that creates a cleaner, streamlined presentation with new icons and styles for menu pages.

Users will also see that WP8 Maps replaced Bing Maps for tracking routes, and WP8 Text-to-Speech functionality in English has been integrated into the app’s audio coach.

Multiple synchronization upgrades have also been made to the Windows Phone app. A history of workouts can now be downloaded from Endomondo servers to smartphones, and specific workouts can be deleted if desired. The app’s Facebook integration now has easy, single sign-in access to support the sharing of workouts, and older fitness activities can be loaded into news feeds.

Mette Lykke, Endomondo’s CEO, said the changes made available this week form a solid base for developers to add the features many fans have been requesting at Endomondo’s blog. “Endomondo’s intent is to build an app for Windows Phone that rivals features available to iOS and Android users,” Lykke said. “We will not be able to add all desired features at once, but our users should see updates throughout 2014 that prove we have not forgotten Windows Phone users and know the platform continues to show strong growth.”

The app features:

  • Track almost any distance-based sport including duration, speed, distance, calories and more
  • Get audio feedback for every mile/km
  • Enter indoor workouts manually
  • Keep a full training diary
  • View daily training volume
  • Analyze performance like split times for each workout
  • Set a workout goal and let our audio coach help you reach it
  • Receive (and send) real-time audio pep talks from friends
  • Check out the news feed to comment on friends’ progress
  • Race against a friend’s personal best performance
  • Share results and workouts on Facebook

imageAll your data is automatically sent directly to your profile on www.endomondo.com. There you can analyze your data, deep dive into your stats, track your progress, and interact and compete with people all around the world.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.