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Rumours of Actionable Notifications and more detail on split-screen multi-tasking in Windows Phone 9


We expect some big UI changes in Windows Phone 9, and one missing feature which keeps popping up is actionable notifications.

Now a source has told NokiaPowerUser that this is indeed on the menu, saying:

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Windows Phone 9 may be previewed in early 2015

Mary Jo Foley has revealed that we will see the next version of Windows Phone either in January or February 2015.

The update, code-named Threshold, will combine Windows Phone and Windows RT.

Mary Jo writes:

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Is it time for app switching by edge gestures on Windows Phone?


As my phone has become bigger and bigger, I have become increasingly irritated by having to press and hold the back button to switch apps.

When handsets become 5-6 inches,  and our hands no longer cradle the phone in our palms, the bottom navigation keys make less sense.  Windows 8, designed for larger screens, of course already understand this, and uses edge gestures extensively.  We of course already use an edge gesture to swipe down the notification centre, and use it to indicate Back in IE11 also.

I believe the task switching gesture already used in Windows 8 would work well in Windows Phone 8, and with the upcoming merger of windows RT and Windows Phone in Windows 9  it may come automatically to Windows Phone.

What do our readers think of this suggestion? Let us know below.

Its official–the next version of Windows Phone is code-named Threshold


We’ve had Windows Phone Apollo and Windows Phone Blue, and now we know for sure the next version of Windows Phone will be code-named Windows Phone Threshold.

The confirmation is via the LinkedIn Profile of a Microsoft Program Manager, which refers to planning features for “vNext on IE11+ for Windows and Windows Phone Threshold”.image

The code-name is a Halo-derived code name, and was the the planet around which the first halo ring orbited in the original Halo game.

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Windows Phone 9 Preview to hit in Q2-Q3 2015 says leak


A documents had earlier been leaked on the Neowin forums showing some of Microsoft’s roadmap for the next year.

That document had been heavily censored, but Myce.com managed to get the full uncensored version, which has only one titbit relevant to Windows Phone users.

According to the document we can expect Windows Phone 9 Preview to hit the market around the same time as Windows 9, in Q2 or Q3 2015, presumably with a final release in Q4 2015.

This would give us around 16 months between major releases, only somewhat faster than the 17 months between Windows Phone 8 (October 2012) and Windows Phone 8.1 (May 2014), and probably not the pace which is needed given the competitive environment.

Do our readers think Microsoft needs to get Windows Phone development into a higher gear? Let us know below.

See the full document after the break.

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Reddit AMA talks about WP 8.2, teases Windows Phone 9

imageA senior Microsoft developer, who was verified by the Reddit Mods, has held an AMA on Reddit discussing Windows Phone 8.1, and some tasty titbits surrounding its development and the future.

He revealed details such as that by replying with a keyword like Knock Knock your inner circle can break through your Do Not Disturb barrier.

BAADFOOD 1 point 1 hour ago

Also you can set ‘inner circle’ to enable them to ‘break through’ on texts by replying ‘knock, knock’. Or just let me through.

I choose ‘knock, knock’. I get texts all the damn time from my ‘inner circle’. 0.001% is important.

BAADFOOD 59 minutes ago

There are three settings

1) Don’t let inner circle through 2) Let them through if they call three times on the phone, or reply ‘knock,knock) 3) Let inner circle through

Basically if I get a phone call if I’m in a meeting (thanks Calendar) or probably asleep I won’ hear it and it goes to voice mail. If I get a text during any of those times I won’t see it unless someone in my ‘inner circle’ (you pick who) does it. And if they do, it better be damn important.

BAADFOOD 35 minutes ago

the second your meeting or ‘quiet’ time ends you see all.

unless you break the rules and text first. because we’re not stupid like that.

He revealed in Windows Phone 9 users will have multiple options for video calls – currently there can only be one video call option at a time.

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Russian leaker claims Microsoft is planning to unify Windows Phone and Windows RT

imageAccording to Russian hacker WZOR, who has been a reliable source of leaks regarding Microsoft software in the past, Microsoft intends to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT.

In a write-up by Winbeta.org he says:

With Windows Phone and Windows RT, he claims that Microsoft is planning to merge both operating systems together. He doesn’t give any more information regarding the matter, but it has been rumored several times in the past that this is Microsoft ultimate goal for both Windows Phone and Windows RT.

This is of course not the first time we heard this rumour, and we have seen numerous job postings suggesting strongly that Microsoft plans to unify the respective stores also.

Hopefully when it finally arrives we will not simple see a mishmash of products, but potentially a new class which will allow Windows users to have a phone UI on the go and a desktop UI and experience with a suitable dock.

Would our readers buy such a device? Let us know below.


More evidence of Windows Phone 8.1 in testing, may be announced at MWC 2014


WPDang reports that Chinese developers are seeing increased evidence of Windows Phone 8.1 handsets in testing, with build 8.10.12166.0 being detected by some developers

We have last noticed the updated software showing up in June this year, when build 8.10.12076.0. showed up in the wild.

The updated software is expected to feature a notification centre, multi-tasking improvements, a possible unification of the Windows Phone and Windows 8 store and many other updates.

PC-tablet.com reports that the OS may first be shown off at Mobile World Congress 2014, which of course coincides with other rumours of an early 2014 debut.

LG executive says LG will probably have a Windows Phone in 2014


LG has continued to tease a Windows Phone handset, this time for the 2014 time period.

Dimitar Valev  (above) , LG’s head of mobile communications for Bulgaria, has said that they will probably produce a Windows Phone handset next year, depending on how Microsoft develop the system.

He said:

We plan to focus on Android, but we are ready and will probably run Windows Phone device. At least in Bulgaria, however, it will not appear this year. Depends on how Microsoft will continue to develop the operating system.

Other LG regional managers have already revealed the company is working on a Windows Phone handset, and I expect as the size of the ecosystem continues to grow their interest will continue to increase. LG only sold 12.1 million smartphones in Q2 2013, and to continue growing its shipments in the face of intense competition from Samsung and everyone else adding Windows Phone as a sideline does make sense. 

However, given that LG’s handsets have never been the prettiest or best specified one wonders if there is any benefit competing in Windows Phone if they do not bring their A-game.

Do our readers think an LG Windows Phone 9 handset will be competitive? Let us know below.

Via Dnevnik.bg and Unwiredview.com

Rumor: Microsoft Planning To Unify Windows OS For Mobile And Tablet Devices

According to Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft has started planning for Windows/Windows Phone OS that will release in 2015, which will unify phone and tablet OS.

He claims Microsoft has formed a working group to create a blueprint for the next major version of Windows Phone, and that this may include a complete review of the critically acclaimed but divisive Metro user interface.

Eldar is also reporting that the new OS will be built from scratch just like Windows Phone 8 was developed after Windows Phone 7, and that it may once again break compatibility, explaining why Microsoft increased the support date for Windows Phone 8 from 18 to 36 months.

The first designs are expected to be presented internally in the fall, with the launch of the unified OS expected in 2015.

Eldar has been an annoying but relatively reliable source, meaning the leak should probably be taken seriously.

A review of the UI of the  OS for its next major version is probably a good idea, to stop the fresh Metro UI from going stale, but breaking compatibility is sure to set the OS back tremendously, something we clearly saw demonstrated in the switch from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, when sales dropped from 4 million per quarter to 0.5 million per quarter, and Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, which also saw a precipitous drop in developer interest and a major slowing in the growth in the Windows Phone Store following this.

What do our readers think of this development? Let us know below.

via: unwiredview

Windows “Blue” heading to Windows Phone also, could bring updated browser, other features with it


Mary Jo Foley has received a tip from an extremely trusted source suggesting Windows Blue, the rumoured feature pack for Windows 8 coming this year, will in fact be coming to more than just Windows, but also Windows Phone.

Part of raising the clock rate of Windows updates from every 3 years to yearly, to more closely match the industry standard, the update will also be affecting Windows services such as SkyDrive and Hotmail.

Instead of being delivered via OEMs, for Windows the updates may be delivered via the Windows Store, something we sincerely hope Microsoft also brings to Windows Phone.

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Microsoft recruiting for post-Windows Phone 8 mobile OS with a touch of Kinect


Microsoft has started posting job ads for the next version of Windows Phone after Windows Phone 8.

The work is seemingly still in the planning stages, with this ad saying:

We are a team within the Application Foundation team in Windows Phone whose purpose is to define the next generation Windows Phone application model and delight developers with multitasking, navigation experience, app integration and cloud connectivity. We are just coming out of the Windows Phone 8 launch and are just starting planning for the next major Windows Phone release. Now is an excellent time to join the team as you will take part in the decision making and design and help us build an even better experience for next generation Windows Phone users and Developers.

The one area of particular focus appears to be gaming, with one ad saying:

Do you want to reshape the way people interact with their mobile phones and devices? Do you want lead a team contributing to the next wave of innovation after Windows Phone 8? Are you ready to hit the ground running and be an early part of the next wave of innovation on Windows Phone, and see it through as the game changer in the industry? Do you want to be a technical and people manager of the ground breaking Native Games platform for Windows Phone? Do you want to work with Game studios in productions of premier game titles and bring them to every Windows Phone near you? Do you want to be part of a small but killer team working in a startup-like environment who brings next generation high performance Native Apps to the Windows Phone?

We are a new team in Windows Phone whose primary goal is to have high performant fast and fluid UI and next generation input and media delivered to the Windows phone developer and end user graphics and gaming platform. With Windows Phone 8, we have made huge strides in having this experience be a delight. Gamers love us for our ease of development & alignment with Windows 8, and application frameworks depend on us to have a high quality underlying media and composition engine.

We want to take this to a whole new level. To build a platform and delight Gamers and Native developers like no one has ever done before.

To build a truly world class super smooth graphics experience we are looking for an experienced and technical leader that can get us there. Someone who has passion for quality and a keen eye for the finer details. Someone who knows how gamers think and code, and address the customer’s needs 1st hand. Who has a proven track record of shipping products which customers and developers adore.

The above excerpt hints strongly at new forms of gaming input, with the most likely technology being some kind of Kinect integration.

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