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Windows Phone Store down: Error 805a01f7 :Update – Back up again.

wp_ss_20140818_0003At the moment the Windows Phone store appears to be down, at least in Europe. When trying to download an app the phone for some just shows an error message reading the store is unavailable and for others the store throws up error 805a01f7.

The issue may be related to the Microsoft Azure service interruption currently spreading around the world.

Error 805a01f7 means:

Problem This error occurs when there is a temporary service disruption.

Solution Wait a little while and then try again.

Any of our readers experiencing the same issue? Maybe some from the USA or other non-European states can report about their situation.

Update: The Store now once again available.

Windows Phone Store grows dramatically, hits 300,000 apps


Posting on their Numbers site, Microsoft has confirmed, from internal sources, that the Windows Phone Store has crossed 300,000 apps.image

The number is a dramatic increase from the last confirmed number of 270,000 Microsoft announced at the Worldwide Partner Conference on the 14th July, meaning more than 30,000 apps has been added in less than a month, or around 1,300 per day.


Also on the numbers page Microsoft announced that the Windows Phone Store has seen more than 4 billion cumulative downloads, split between apps and games.

Hopefully a new wave of handsets and a huge number of new APIs for developers will mean we will see even more momentum going forward.

See the site here.


6tin back in the Windows Phone Store, now makes no mention of Tinder

After briefly disappearing from the Windows Phone Store Rudy has restores his 3rd party Tinder dating app.

QRCodeThe  app description  is now  conspicuous  in not mentioning Tinder at all, which I assume was the cause of the copyright complaint.

Given how volatile this app has been however, we suggest it may still be a good idea to grab it while its available, just in case.

Grab it while it lasts from the Windows Phone Store here.

Official RBS Mobile Banking And Dena Bank Apps Now Available In Windows Phone Store

RBS Banking App Windows Phone

Two more official banking apps has landed in Windows Phone Store for Indian consumers. Customers of The Royal Bank of Scotland, India and Dena Bank can now enjoy their banking experience on the go with their official apps.

RBS Mobile Banking offers you a secure platform where you can check your account balance, transfer funds using NEFT and do a lot more, effortlessly. You can do funds transfer (NEFT Only), get mini account statement, account balance enquiry, ‘Stop Cheque’ request,  change MPIN, manage Devices and more. Similarly, Dena Bank offers Dena MConnect the convenient and secure way to conduct banking transaction in your account using your mobile handset.

Download it RBS Mobile Banking app here and DenaBank app here from Windows Phone Store for fee.

Thanks to Sri_tech for the heads up!

Windows Phone Store hits 255,000 apps, growing by 500 a day


Arnnet Australia reports that the Windows Phone Store is still growing steadily and has hit more than 255,000 apps, with those apps being downloaded at the rate of 10 million per day.

Lewis said the opportunity for developers had never been greater.

"Since the launch of Windows Phone 8 consumers are now accessing the store at scale," he said.

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Windows Phone Store Now Reveals The Device Model And App Version Of The Reviewers

Windows Phone Store Reviews

Microsoft has now pushed out a nice little update to Windows Phone Store which will make developers happy. Microsoft will now reveal the device model and app version along with the review ratings in the Store. As you can see in the image above, you have texts like “Current Version with Lumia 925 on 4/15/2014″.

Developers can now easily try to identify any issues in the apps specific to certain devices or app versions. Microsoft previously announced that developers will be able to reply to the reviews from users and expect the roll-out of this feature soon.

Even cheap Windows Phone users download loads of apps


Microsoft has released some stats about the state of the Windows Phone Store. The stats includes loads of info useful to developers, such as that while the largest number of downloads were in the games category, the largest number of downloads per app were in the social category, meaning this was the area where developers had the greatest chance of getting the most downloads.

It also included the above graph, showing that 66% of downloads were from low memory devices with either 256 Mb or 512 MB RAM.

While by now we all know Windows Phone sales are dominated by cheap, low end and low RAM handsets, the above graph, from February 2014, indicated that these users are not just using their phones as dumb phones, but are active participants in the Windows Phone ecosystem, which bodes well for developers as the low end expand even more.

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Unity Developers: Bring Your Unity Games To Windows And Windows Phone Store To Win Over $100,000 In Prizes

unity3DMicrosoft today announced a new contest for Unity Developers. In an effort to celebrate the anniversary of the collaboration between Microsoft and Unity, they are announcing this Unity Game Developer contest. Developers have to bring their most creative, addictive games to the challenge and win over 100,000 in prizes.

Quality is most important – submit your visually stunning and immersive entries and you could walk away with the grand prize of $50,000.

Don’t waste a moment – these games need to be published to the Store by July 20, 2014 to qualify. Give yourself a head start and make sure your entries are submitted with plenty of time to spare. Please visit the contest page and see the Terms and Conditions for all the details.

You can make your submissions for Windows, Windows Phone or better yet both.


WhatsApp pulled due to a serious bug, but due back soon?: Updated with official statement


We are still waiting for an official explanation for the disappearance of the WhatsApp app for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store.

What we do have however, via Windows PhoneApps.es, is a screen shot of an email from the WhatsApp team to WhatsApp Beta app users, saying the beta would be pulled for a few hours prior to being updated, presumably due to a serious bug being found.

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wordkit flashcards, a fully-featured Quizlet client

wordkit flashcards wordkit flashcards

wordkit flashcards is a Quizlet client designed exclusively for Windows Phone 8. Quizlet is the most popular online flashcards service with over 35 million user generated flashcard sets and around 11 million users. wordkit flashcards is designed to bring this incredible learning tool to your Windows Phone. As one of the only fully-featured Quizlet clients on the Windows Phone Store, you no longer have to suffer through inadequate experiences to learn on the go.

  • Sign into your own Quizlet account and browse through your own flashcard sets
  • Edit your own flashcards sets and upload them to your Quizlet account
  • Smart offline caching that allows you to access your sets without an internet connection
  • Create your own flashcard sets right on your phone
  • Search through Quizlet’s extensive library of user-created flashcard sets and download them directly to your phone

Download wordkit flashcards for free with a fully-featured ad-supported trial or support us by purchasing the app for $0.99. Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with your comments, requests, and feedback.

wordkit flashcards QRCode

wordkit flashcards | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

Microsoft harmonize Windows Phone and Windows 8 app pricing

On the Windows Blog Microsoft has announced a move to consolidate the pricing tier structure between the Windows Phone and Windows 8 store.

The move is intended to help developers create universal apps which will work and charge the same on both platforms, and which buyers ideally will only have to pay for once.

This has meant the introduction of the $0.99 and $1.29 pricing tiers to the Windows Store, which on the Windows Phone store makes up 55% of transactions.

In addition to the consolidation, Microsoft also made adjustments for changes in foreign exchange rates, taxes and market-specific pricing customs which may cause automatic pricing changes in some markets. Developers are advised to visit Dev Center to review their app pricing and make any necessary adjustments. 

More can be read at the Windows Blog here.

Now 400,000 apps in Windows and Windows phone Store


There is a race to close the app gap between Windows and iOS/Android.

In that battle Neowin has noticed that a milestone has just been reached – according to Microsoft’s posters at BUILD 2014 there are now 400,000 Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps in the various stores.

The sign also proclaims that 14 million of these apps are downloaded per day, suggesting that there is certainly value in the combined ecosystem for developers.  More than 50 million Windows Phones have been sold, and several hundred million copies of Windows 8.

 According to Stephen Elop the largest balance of apps are in the Windows Phone Store, with 245,000, while more than 150,000 reside in the Windows Store.

While some may argue a large portion of the numbers are poor quality apps, this is unfortunately universally true with the other app stores also, and the number of headline apps in both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 stores are continuing to increase steadily.

The arrival of Universal apps which run unchanged on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 should soon mean that we see even more meaningful ecosystem synergies between the two platforms, which is only good news for both users and developers looking to make money.

Via  Neowin.net

Red Stripe Deals For This Week In Windows Phone Store: Rayman Jungle Run, Spectral Souls And More

Red Stripe Deals March 3rd week
Red Stripe Deals for this week is now live in Windows Phone Store. This week’s deals include 1 Xbox game, three indie games and two apps. Find the apps with store links and their deal prices in the list below.

Source: Microsoft