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Look what just arrived in the mail!


I was woken unexpectedly this morning by an early delivery.  Not expecting a package, on opening the box I first thought I had accidentally been sent another Nokia Lumia 930.

After a second however I realized it was my Wireless Connectivity Pack, delivered only a week after I was able to confirm the order, and much less than the 28 days I expected.

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Microsoft Partners With Fashion Designer To Develop World’s First Wireless Phone-Charging Pants

Microsoft wireless charging pants

Adrien Victor Sauvage is a famous British fashion designer. Microsoft has partnered with Adrien to create world’s first pair of wireless mobile-charging pants.  Adrien started experimenting with wearable technology six months back when he came up with this idea as his phone is always dying because of low battery. The prototypes of this pant will be shown at A. Sauvage spring/summer show at London Collections: Men.

Adam Johnson, head of marketing for Nokia Devices who supported this project said, “We don’t see a mass-market opportunity for wireless-charging trousers, We’re just having a bit of a hack, trying to move the wearable technology concept beyond smart watches. This is a world first.”

How does it work?

The front pockets of the pant is fitted with wireless charging plate from the Nokia DC-50. So, once you put your phone inside your pocket, it will start charging.

Read about pricing and availability after the break.

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AT&T cancelling some Fatboy Charger orders


GeeksonGadgets reports that the recent Fatboy Wireless Charger deal for $5 may have been too good to be true, at least for some.image

According to an email they received the “accessory you ordered is no longer available” and as a result the order has been cancelled.

AT&T has been clearing out stock of their Qi wireless charger, as the carrier no longer supports that standard, and are discouraging phone manufacturers like Nokia from including that technology in their phones in favour of rival PMA.

Have any of our readers also been disappointed? Let us know below.

Nokia’s DC-50 and DT-601 wireless chargers now at Clove

image image
Nokia DC-50 Nokia DT-601

Nokia’s new generation of wireless chargers, introduced at Nokia World last year, are now at Clove.co.uk.

The Nokia DC-50 is Nokia’s new wireless charger which incorporates a 2400 mAh battery which can itself be wirelessly charged. It is perfect for charging your phone every day, and taking it with you as an extra external battery if you know your day is going to be long.

It includes an LED indicator to show you what the charging level of your external battery is, and only weighs 150g. It is available in Red, Yellow, White and Cyan.

Commensurate with its technology level, it is also pretty pricy, at  £69.99 including VAT or $96 if buying from overseas.

For your more basic charging needs, the DT-601 is a small circular charging pad, available in Red, black, Cyan, Yellow and White.

With no special tricks (except of course being able to charge directly from USB) the charging plate only costs £39.99 including VAT or $55 from overseas.

The DT-601 is available now, while the DC-50 is awaiting first stock.

Find them at Clove here (DT-601) and here (DC-50).

New Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate DC-50 Can Be Charged Using Another Wireless Charger


During Nokia World this year, Nokia announced the new Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate DC-50. The DC-50 comes in 4 bold Nokia colors with a battery capacity of 2400 mAh. Since it is a portable charger in addition to wireless charger, you can take the DC-50 with you while on the move without any wires. With the simple press of a button, LED energy indicators reveal how much battery remains. Or press longer to enable travel mode, extending the life.

It also includes another neat feature in it. This charger itself is wireless charging enabled. So you can lay the plate on another wireless charger to charge it or use the included microUSB charger.

Width: 69 mm
Height: 134 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Weight: 150 g

It is compatible with all Nokia Lumia devices with wireless charging enabled. DC-50 is now available in Europe, and it will be made available in other markets in early 2014. It will cost around EUR 89.

Source:  DC-50

Tylt Vu may be the wireless charger you have been waiting for


nexusae0_wm_IMG_1536_thumb1Tylt showed off its Qi-compatible wireless phone charger at CES. The desktop charger features 3 charging coils, meaning unlike the Nokia desktop charger it works both in vertical and horizontal mode.

The charger, which with its multiple colours look like it is custom made for Windows Phones,  will become available on the 1st April at around $70, and can be pre-orders here.

Via AndroidPolice.com

AT&T extends NL 920 free wireless charging plate offer, offers Buy One, Get One Free on Windows Phones


It seems AT&T is doing everything it can to make sure Windows Phone’s Q1 2013 is as good as their Q4 2012 was.

The company has extended their offer of a free $50 wireless charging plate for the Nokia Lumia 920 to the 21st February, from the 10th January when it was meant to expire.

They are also offering a free $100 credit towards a Windows Phone 8 handset if you buy another, which makes a second Nokia Lumia 920 or 8 GB HTC 8X effectively free.

Of course both handsets will need to be under contract, which adds up to several thousands of dollars over its course, so a few $100 here and there will not do anything to hurt AT&T’s profit on the deal, but will hopefully help the Nokia Lumia 920 and other Windows Phones continue to do well on the biggest Windows Phone carrier in USA.

via Neowin.net

ProClip car holder with Wireless Charging coming for the Nokia Lumia 920


WPCentral reports that ProClip is working on a car cradle for the Nokia Lumia 920 with a built-in Qi wireless charger.

Apparently the work is however pretty complicated, so don’t hold your breath, but the company is experiencing a lot of demand for NL 920 car cradles, and are actively working with the Qi Wireless Charging Consortium to satisfy the demand.

Hopefully we will see this sooner rather and later, and at prices which will make DIY obsolete.

Another DIY Wireless car charger for the Nokia Lumia 920 (video)

There is a lot of demand for a wireless car charger, and with none on the market at the moment many people are resorting to rolling their own.

The latest is J8zzy on YouTube, who uploaded this helpful video showing how he created his in detail.

My only concern (besides nearly running people over while recording this video) is that he seems to have screwed the cradle into his car fascia, which is of course major no-no.

Are our readers waiting for an official wireless car charging cradle from Nokia? Let us know below.

Nokia Lumia 920 wireless car charger mod (video)

While the Nokia Lumia 920 charging plate and stand is cool, what many people really want is a wireless car charger, and in the absence of an official accessory many are tempted to roll their own.

In the above video we have a standard Nokia charging plate glued to a Arkon Garmin vent mount and connected to a cigarette lighter fuse socket.

The phone is held to the charger using neodymium magnets taped to a case and the charging plate.

The solution is relatively neat, but not for the first time I wished the Nokia Lumia 920 had the same type of magnet system as the Palm TouchStone.

WP_20130106_003 WP_20130106_0022 WP_20130106_002

I myself have converted the box my wireless charging plate came in into a small bed for my phone which stops it from getting pushed off the couch onto the floor all the time, with some double-sided tape keeping the box in place.

Ultimately Nokia could generate a good revenue stream by selling us more wireless charging accessories, but until then I think a lot of home-baked solutions will be created.

Have any of our other readers created wireless charging mods? Let us know below and be sure to add some pictures.

Via YouTube.com

Nokia Russia shows off construction of Coffee Shop wireless chargers


Sure, Nokia is not the first to put wireless charging in their phones, but it seems with all their efforts they will be the first to take it mainstream.

We reported a few weeks ago on Nokia Russia placing wireless chargers in the Red Espresso Coffee Shop chain in Moscow.

Now Nokia have uploaded the video showing the construction of the chargers, which of course have to be suitable to be placed in public areas with food and drink around.

Hopefully initiatives like these will help Qi gain traction, and deter companies from launching devices with their own competing “standard”.

Via MyNokiaBlog.com

Christmas Project: Wireless Charger built into floating shelf with full instructions

Nokia_WP8_Shelf_48The dream of wireless charging is just to be able to plop your phone on a shelf after work and have it fully charged when you pick it up again on your way out.

Reader brent3000 made this a reality by building a Nokia Wireless Charging Plate for his Nokia Lumia 920 into a floating shelf which only cost him $13.

He was also kind enough to document the work step by step for those  who want to replicate it, and notes that, including the charging plate, the whole project cost less than $100 for what is a pretty nice accessory.

See his website here for the step by step instructions for creating your own wireless charging shelf also.

Thanks brent3000 for the tip.