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New Qi wireless charging standard will let you charge at a distance, work with your existing Windows Phone

WPC Announcement Photo

The Wireless Power Consortium has announced version 1.2 of their Qi wireless charging standard that uses resonant charging to charge at a distance of as much as 2 inches (45mm) from the charging station.

The feature allows companies to more easily and discreetly embed wireless chargers deeper in
structures, like furniture and desktops, or utilize direct-contact, low cost, surface applications.

Best of all current Qi-enabled devices will continue to work with the new chargers, working over 30mm, meaning a seamless transition.
“The WPC is committed to advancing a specification that offers the best user experience without sacrifices in critically important areas to consumers and businesses alike,” said Menno Treffers, chairman of the WPC. “This means backward compatibility with products already in the market and maintaining high-efficiency even over greater distances.” 
The new Qi chargers will also allow one charger to charge multiple devices, and will support power levels of as high as 2000 watts, allowing the charger to power even kitchen appliances or laptops.

“It is clear there is room to safely and efficiently push the distance and power limits within the  Qi specification,” said Treffers. “And with more than 50 million receivers in the market and 500 certified products, Qi is well-positioned to continue its market leadership as it drives forward  the global wireless charging ecosystem of manufacturers, innovators and end-users.” 
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Retailer offering free Fatboy Wireless Charger with Nokia Lumia 930 pre-order

nl930 fatboy

German online retailer Notebooksbillinger.de is offering pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 930 bundled with a free Fatboy wireless charging pillow.

The combination will set you back 579 Euro ($790), with Notesbookbillinger expecting the new high end Windows Phone to ship in week 27 (30th June to 6th July).

The handset is available in the full range of Black, White, Orange and Green

Get you pre-order in before the shortages start at Notesbookbellinger here.

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AT&T is clearing Qi Wireless Charging plates, pick one up for only $5

AT&T is no longer a supporter of the Qi Wireless charging standard, going for the Powermat variant instead.

Small wonder then that they are divesting themselves of their Qi Wireless chargers.

According to WPC they are selling the DT-900 Wireless charging plate for as little as $5, and the DT-910 wireless charging stand for only $15.

The accessories are only available in store, and out of stock in most, so deal hunters will need to do just that and call around a bit, but as a wireless charger I can certainly say they are worth owning.

Microsoft Releases New Lumia Windows Phone Ad With Voice Over By British Comedy Actor David Mitchell

Microsoft today released a new marketing video to promote Lumia Windows Phone devices. This ad focuses on the wireless charging built into the high-end Lumia devices. The ad has got the voice over by David Mitchell, a popular British actor, comedian and writer. UKMobileReview reports that this is the first of this series of ads that will have voice over by David and will focus on little things that makes Windows Phone stand apart from the competition.

Say no to the wires jungle in your bedroom.. With wireless charging you can recharge your batteries while your Lumia smartphone sleeps like a baby…or was it the other way around? More amazing Lumia details: http://nokia.ly/1gglynl

What do you think of this new ad?

Source: Ukmobilereview

Thanks James for the heads up!

Microsoft signs up with the Power Matters Alliance

imageIn a press release the Power Matters Alliance(PMA) announced today that Microsoft Corporation has joined the PMA.

The move will give Microsoft access to PMA specifications for advanced wireless charging features.

PMA is a rival to the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard, which is very widely deployed, including on Nokia’s Windows phones.

"Microsoft is a great example of an innovative company that can help fuel adoption of the technology on a large scale in many different areas of consumer electronics," said PMA President Ron Resnick. "It is critical to get the industry moving in the right direction and create as many options for consumers as possible to fuel the widespread adoption of wireless charging."

The PMA notes Microsoft will help advance PMA’s goal of developing the global ecosystem of interoperable wireless charging products and venues.

PMA is backed by companies such as Duracell, Starbuck, McDonalds and AT&T, with AT&T recently forcing the removal of Qi charging from the Nokia Lumia 1520, in place of a removable PMA-compatible shell.

More can be read about PMA at www.powermatters.org.

Deal Alert: Nokia Wireless Charging Stand 50% off


Here is a deal for our Australian readers. MobileCiti is offering the Nokia Wireless Charging Stand DT-910 for 50% off, costing only $34.50 with the discount code APRIL50%.

The deal is via OzBargain.com.au who also have a number of other discounts on offer.

See the accessory at MobileCiti here.

Thanks Brent3000 for the tip.

Claim that Nokia will ship a wireless charger with the Lumia 930

WPCentral reports that Nokia intends to ship a wireless charging accessory with each Nokia Lumia 930 purchased.

The company is apparently moving back to building in the charging circuitry into their phones, after moving to removable covers for a number for handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 925 and 1020.

Of course Nokia is not new to giving away wireless charging plates, but we hope the process of claiming these have been simplified from the previous “mail in your receipt and wait 8 weeks” procedure from before.

Microsoft Store Offering Lumia Icon Free Wireless Charging Plate Promo

Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon

The Lumia Icon has just become available at Verizon and Microsoft Stores, and for early adopters Microsoft has a nice little bonus if you choose to buy at their outlets.

The Microsoft Store is offering a free wireless charging plate with the purchase of a Nokia Lumia Icon.

The deal is available until March  16th both at Microsoft Retail stores and online stores.

Find the listing from online Microsoft Store here. Read more about the deal from Microsoft Store here.

Via Winbeta.org

A great example of custom car wireless charger and Bluetooth Audio

The above video is nearly a year old, but it is still a great example of custom engineering wireless Bluetooth Audio with NFC pairing and Qi wireless charging into your car, if you have the know-how of course.

Posted by 98Markvii on his YouTube channel, I suspect his build would be slightly simpler these days with 5v USB wireless charging pads now available.

Have any of our readers done a similar job? Let us know below.

via Reddit.com

Wireless Power Consortium extend Qi standard to add resonance charging

In a press release today the Wireless Power Consortium, custodian of the Qi wireless charging standard widely used in Nokia handsets, has announced it has added Resonance charging to their Qi protocol.

The Qi resonant extension will allow charging with higher efficiency and lower radio frequency interference than typical resonant solutions. In addition, the extension allows for multiple device charging and charging at longer distances, all while maintaining backward compatibility. 

For consumers, this means it will be possible to charge without worrying about the exact position of their devices so they can charge anywhere, safely and quickly. 
For companies, this means greater flexibility in designing products when integrating Qi in cars, furniture, chargers, and accessories.  


“Qi is the leading global wireless charging standard because its 190-plus member companies thrive in the WPC’s competitive-and-collaborative environment and are constantly innovating to produce the best wireless charging experience,” said John Perzow, Vice President of Market Development for the Wireless Power Consortium. “The WPC has created a standard that ensures safety and compatibility and frees OEMs to differentiate. That’s why Qi is used in more phones, tablets, cars, and products than any other wireless charging solution.” 

The Qi spec will maintain backward compatibility with the installed base of 40+ million devices and products worldwide, including the 60 models of Qi-compatible phones, tablets, and chargers sold today.

The first examples of the extension’s capabilities will be unveiled by WPC members ConvenientPower and PowerbyProxi at the WPC booth at the International CES in Las vegas today, at the SL-2 in the South Hall 3 lobby, located on the upper level.  

See an example of PowerbyProxi’s technology after the break.

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Deal Alert: AT&T selling Nokia’s wireless charging plate for only $12.25 and wireless charging stand for $25.88

image image

AT&T is cutting some Nokia accessories to half-price, which means some irresistible deals on some of their Qi-powered wireless charging accessories.

The carrier is only charging $12.25 for the Nokia Wireless charging plate, and only $25.88 for the Wireless Charging Stand, and will deliver with free shipping.

To access the deal, navigate to the page by following the following instructions:

  1. Click here
  2. Select ‘Shop for accessories’
  3. Select ‘Nokia’
  4. Select one of the Nokia 920 devices
  5. Select the ‘Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate’.

Get it while you can, because I am sure at these prices they will be going fast.

Via WPC.