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WMPowerUser App V2


It’s been a while in the making, but the new, improved version of the WMPowerUser app is out (and has been for about a month now). I thought it might be worth going through some of the new features.

  • Ground up rewrite, so it’s faster and better
  • Overall redesign, including new “Games” and “Apps” sections that can be pinned to the start
  • Better detection of videos and marketplace links – can be found in the “extra” pane
  • A new richer post display method displays posts better (including inline links, images and formatting)
  • Unlimited trial ($1.29 gets you push tiles and toast, as it costs something to run)
  • Live tiles and live toast notifications for new posts
  • Favourites lets you pin the posts you want to the apps start screen

The app can be downloaded from the marketplace.

If you have any issues with the app, drop me an email ([email protected]), and let us know what you think in the comments!

WMPoweruser ROM Update Time!!


After a month, it seems about right to updated our ROMs to the latest and greatest software available to us. We have been taking quite a while to release the updates, and we are sorry for that. I have been trying to stall so we can get the new graphics done before releasing this new update, but it seems I cannot stall any longer.

Many people have been asking for an update, we have not been ignoring you, just been counting down till we can get something new. We received a report saying some people have been getting a 30 day notice, well that happened to just about every cooked ROM last week, and so this updates should solve that.

Below, please comment and 1) tell me your device, 2) issue– for fixing,  3) what you want new. Those 3 things will really help when the cooks are producing the updates for you guys, which should be released next week. Some devices have yet to get a ROM, and at this point it does not seem they will. I have tried all the cooks, but no luck, sorry(especially Diamond 1 and 2), TG01, you are still getting something soon.

Well we are waiting for the comments to fix those issues and get your ROMs.