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Meet the improved gMaps 3.0!


No panic! gMaps is in the store and it was there all the time. The only issue we’ve faced with is the Search didn’t want to find our app. But now it is searchable again! So, please find and download if you have no gMaps app in your collection for now.

And this is not the only good news for you today.

We’ve made a really great work for such a little time and now you can find gMaps v3.0 in the Store! And, as you could already guess, this version is not without improvements.

Interesting? So, let me show you…

search-option search-screen

Not only Search in the Store is improved, but gMaps Search feature has also got its update. Now it even looks different. The new Search is performed on a separate screen, where you can see a list of proposed locations by first entering letters and you just have to tap on the suitable place in the list and it would be shown on the map immediately. By the way, the history of all your searches are saved too and shown to you with the next opening the Search screen.

routeOne more interesting and really useful feature for you is Building a Route.

This feature now is also in separate screen, where you can write manual places you wanted to start/finish with. When points will be entered the list of available variants of routes will appear. There you can also choose the travel mode. By the way, some routes by bicycle and on foot will be shown with warning and it will mean that some routes could be missing or changed because it is really difficult to track all changes of small routes. And you just have to tap on the suitable variant from the list and the route will be built on the map. And don’t worry, all of variants that you’ve seen in the list now is available for you in the top of the screen. You just need to swipe there and the route will be changed immediately. But if you don’t want any of routes appear on the map you can just tap the Back button and the screen will be closed without building anything on the map.

directions-optionNow you can not only build a route from A to B, you can put as much as 7 points. You can also set restrictions there and all available roads will be shown on the Directions screen, you just have to tap on the most suitable variant for you and the route will be displayed on the map.

There is also a quick way to access directions dialog from search dialog if you mistakenly pressed wrong button. Just follow blue/white “directions icon” and it will lead you to the directions dialog.


Another helpful feature is activation of third-partyapplications. This feature allows you to open some app you like for its drive mode, or which you’ve always used in the car. To activate drive mode feature you just have to build a route at first and then tap on the Car icon in the right upper corner or tap on the arrow which is show your current position. For this moment this feature is available only on the Pro version of gMaps 3.0, but soon it will be in the free version too.

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HTC HD2 Booted With Nokia X Android OS

HTC HD2 Nokia XHTC HD2, which was the flagship device during Windows Mobile days is still alive and kicking. The folks over at XDA-Developers forums have ported various Operating Systems on HTC HD2. The list includes various versions of Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Firefox, MeeGo and more.

At MWC last week, Nokia announced Nokia X series of devices running a customized version of Android based on AOSP. This custom Android OS from Nokia X was also flashed on HTC HD2 and it booted fine as you can see in the image above. Read more about it from the link below.

Source: XDA Developers

You and me…because details still matter!

You and Me is about the relationships between you and your loved ones.

Ever had trouble keeping track of important dates in your relationships? Want to get something different for your loved ones this year but you forget what you got them on their last birthday? Do you like keeping track of everything your loved one has given you? Does planning an evening or buying a gift become complicated because you can’t remember details like favorite food, tastes in music, or sizes in clothing?

If you’ve run into any of these situations, You and Me is for you. These are just some scenarios in which you can use You and Me but there are many more features at your disposal:


  • Keep track of dates and personal details that are important in a relationship; those details might come in handy when it’s time to pick a gift or plan a date.
  • Keep track of gifts exchanged in the relationship; gifts are grouped by occasions and dates to help you figure out what you’ve recently given to your loved ones
  • Pin your loved ones to your home screen as live tiles to gain immediate access to their profiles.
  • Configure those pinned relationship tiles with countdown and countup timers to and from important dates; how long have you been together, how many days left until their birthday, how long since that first kiss ;)
  • View countdowns in days to the closest events from all your relationships on the app tile.
  • Use Skydrive to backup/restore You and Me app data.
  • Customize your phone’s lockscreen with custom image and with the timers and upcoming events information you see on the live tiles. (WP8)
  • Create You and Me contact cards for the People Hub using the relationship details and dates you’ve provided. (WP8)
  • Easily store relationship dates in your phone’s calendar. (WP8)

You and Me is available for WP7 & WP8 here in the Windows Phone Store for $0.99, with a trial version available. Trial version has ads and only allows adding up to 3 relationships.

I’m open to suggestions and feedback on other scenarios, use cases and details that could be incorporated into You and Me. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

You and Me…because details matter.

Briik – a colored puzzle-game

Chrono Puzzle Lose

QRCode Briik is a funny and colored game in which you have to make groups of 4 same color block. More you do combos and more you gain points. Be careful about white block which falls when the jauge is empty. You can use 5 different skill when available, in order to optimize your score, or just to help you in hard situation. Features :

  • 3 different game modes (Classic, Time-limit, Puzzle)
  • Online leaderboard
  • Facebook share
  • You can unlock 15 successes
  • Available both for WP 7.x/WP8

Download Briik here or scan the QR code.

Take care of your health on your windows phone

My health is a windows phone application that allows you to always have with you your medical record.

  • You can save the file number you want in the categories you want (Adult Baby Child).
  • At each doctor visit, hospitalization, examination and treatment, you fill out to keep in memory processing, set a reminder in the calendar for the next appointment (WP8 only) or anything else important.
  • You can also save your weight (and size for children and baby) to follow the evolutions through a graph.
  • My health also has a geolocation module of health professionals who are nearby and you back up your data on skydrive to recover in case of failure of your windows phone or change.

The application is available in :

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Spanish

My health is available in the windows phone store, for WP7 and WP8 for 1,99 $, free 7 day trial version.

Gym PocketGuide Pro available now for WP8 & WP7


Follow up to the #1 free gym app on Windows Phone. Gym PocketGuide Pro helps you achieve your fitness goals with new premium features including:

  • 100+ exercise and stretch guides (pictures, step by step instructions and videos powered by bodybuidling.com).
  • Custom programs: create programs exactly the way you want them.
  • Built-in 7 day programs: for men & women ranging from weight loss to muscle building
  • Workout data recording: record sets, reps, weights and notes.
  • Workout log: easily view your recorded data Workout graphs
  • BMI calculator
  • Rest timer
  • SkyDrive integration: backup and restore data to your personal SkyDrive account. Keep your data safe and always with you.

This is a paid app but you can try it free for 7 days.

Get in shape for summer or stay in shape during winter! Achieve More. Go Pro.

Store link: windowsphone.com

Like on Facebook: facebook.com/GymPocketGuide

Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/GymPocketGuide

Games for Kids: to make sure that your children use your smartphone by learning

[image] [image] [image] [image]

[image]Games for kids is separated in 2 sections: learning and playing. each section has several topics: letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and counting. You must have understood: this game is for kids from 2 or 3 years old to help them to by having. And thank to that game, your kids will use your smartphone for a good reason… Note: that they can become addictive to that game!

This game is available for Windows Phone 7 ad Windows Phone 8, costs 0,99$. A trial version is available.

Do not hesitate: download it quickly from the QR Code below or here!

1.000.000 unique users on Windows phone joined the Yatzy family

Today, Yatzy topped 1.000.000 unique users on Windows phone. The recent release of the new and improved Yatzy was widely embraced by players from all around the world and placed the game on top of the charts in many countries. The online mode is the place which gathers top players into the most exciting virtual Yatzy competitions, as for the risk takers, the betting mode accelerates the thrill for win and puts your limits on test.

“We are proud that 1.000.000 players recognized our work and made Yatzy part of their everyday lives. We receive amazing stories every day by our players how Yatzy has become part of their daily routine, family gatherings and hangouts with friends. I think we managed to revive the classic Yatzy and retain the main virtues of this game: fun, challenge and friendship!” – says Marija Keleshoska, Marketing specialist at Game.IO.

We all remember the scoreboard written on paper and set of dice, which brought us memorable moments filled with joy. Game.IO revived this classic game on Windows phone and Yatzy has been widely accepted by players from all over the world. The game is simply addictive and keeps the dice rolling going after the ultimate score – Yatzy.

To celebrate this achievement, Game.IO rewards its players with free Game.IO chips which can be used to place bets and win more chips, or play online the low/high stakes against top Yatzy players.

Owners of Windows Phone 7&8 devices can download Yatzy free of charge or get the full version at discounted price from the Windows Phone Store and play it with the peers, friends and family.

To stay up to date with the latest Game.IO developments join them on Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte or simply contact them on [email protected]

Note+ Updated: Speed, Speed, and Kid’s Corner!

Note+ Screenshot Note+ Screenshot

With version 2.7, Note+ focuses on speed improvements for Windows Phone 7 and 8 —so fast, the experience feels like a truly native app. Speed has always been one of its main attributes, but never before has it opened, created and edited notes as fast as it does now.

Another big part of the update is Kid’s Corner integration —the first note-taking app to take advantage of this feature. So, what is it about? Simply put, it allows you to separate notes written by yourself from the ones written by your kids. This way, they’re able to type and play as long as they want, without modifying or deleting your notes. Just add Note+ to Kid’s Corner, and you’re good to go.

Note+ QR Code

Finally, a lot of other small improvements were added, including the ability to lock screen orientation to either portrait or landscape mode, depending on how you’re holding the phone when you enable the option. The main Live Tile, and lock screen notifications, will only update when there’s a featured note, and setting a Security PIN won’t disable Live Tiles.

Get Note+ at the Windows Phone Store for US$1.29, or try before you buy. For being a simple yet delightful note-taking app, it offers a lot of innovative and practical features.

InPrivate Browsers – Browse like no one is watching on WP8

InPrivate browser InPrivate browser InPrivate browser

InPrivate Borwser - QBM5 - IconFor to long browser history has haunted, but no longer.  Never again will you have to answer “Why is this link highlighted”, “Did you really search for ‘insert name here’”, “What on earth is Canadian noodle fishing”.

With InPrivate Browser, its like your browsing history never happened.

  • No cookies to embarrassing sites will be saved on you phone.
  • No sites with highlighted links show where you have been.
  • No detailed list of urls that you have visited.

Just a nice private experience with you and your phone, that will be erased as soon as you hit exit.

Watch videos, browse the web, do whatever you would like with InPrivate Browsing and it will be like it never happened.

InPrivate Browsers comes in a Pro and an  Ad Supported version

InPrivate Browser Pro InPrivate Borwser Free
InPrivate Browser PRO InPrivate Browser Free

Unleash the Fury of Toro Diablo!

Toro Diablo Screenshot 1 Toro Diablo Screenshot 2

You are Toro Diablo, charging from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven to save your babies. Gore your way through herds of bull fighters. Their goal is to slow you down it’s your job to make them regret ever putting on the red cape.

Toro Diablo is a simple yet challenging single-tap interface action game. Swipe or tap the screen to gore the bull fighters. If the bull fighters hit you or you miss you will slow down. Collect your golden calf babies along the way for bonus points.

Toro Diablo Free QRCode

  • Easy single tap controls
  • Ten challenging levels
  • Five unique worlds
  • Try to earn the perfect score

Toro Diablo is free to play with ads, you can get it here.If the ads are too annoying get the ad-free version for $0.99.

Note+ Updated: Full SkyDrive Support and New Secondary Tiles!

With the previous update, Note+ got SkyDrive support for backup. This time around, SkyDrive support gets completed: it now includes a really convenient restore function.

After you’ve created a backup, which gets stored in the Documents folder on SkyDrive, you simply tap the restore button. It’ll search for the file, decrypt it —as it used AES encryption before uploading—, then ask if you want to replace all notes. After the user confirms, the notes from the backup are immediately presented on the notes list.

Now, secondary Live Tiles have been revamped: instead of showing the note’s content on the back of the tile, it’s shown on the front, allowing the user to quickly read it without having to wait for it to flip. However, it maintains the flip animation, showing the Note+ icon on the back; so it’s still a live tile.

Finally, a ContextMenu was added to the notes list, making it possible to quickly share, copy to clipboard, pin to start and delete notes without having to go inside each one of them. This menu is accessed by long-pressing a note.

You can get Note+ at the Windows Phone Store for US$1.29. Future updates are expected, which will introduce even more useful and practical features for a better note-taking experience.

Airyware Tuner 1.5 – now with auto-calibration, scale transposition, and better denoise

Airyware Tuner is a multi-instrument chromatic tuner popular with professional musicians and luthiers. It is recognized as a quickest, most accurate, yet most expensive tuner available in the Windows Phone Store. Version 1.5 brings several handy features such as scale transposition, sharp/flat view modes, chromatic presets, auto-calibration to live sound, and more. With improved denoise module, tuning at the street or at noisy stage has become an easy job. Fast App Switching and Live Tiles are included too.
Airyware Tuner is powered by 64-bit NeatTimbre™ DSP engine optimized for Snapdragon™ processors. Version 1.5 feature list:

Airyware Tuner 1.5• 9 octave tuning range: 15…8000 Hz
• up to 0.1 cent accuracy
• ambient noise reduction
• linear needle meter
• stroboscopic view mode
• waveform inspector
• high-contrast display
• sharp/flat/3b2# notations
• ref. A 440 ± 50 cents: ~ 428…453 Hz
• auto-calibration to live sound
• scale transposition ± 12 semitones
• tone generator, pitch pipe: C2…B4
• internal/headset microphone switch
• 400+ instruments, 900+ tunings
• target note audition: C0…B7
• favorite tunings
• feature request gateway

FREE TRIAL is fully functional, check it out.

Download from Windows Phone Store: Airyware Tuner 1.5
Price: $4.99
Trial: yes, fully functional, ad-free.

Website: http://tuner.airyware.com