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Vote for the top WP apps of 2012 – 18 hours left!

Voting for WP7applist‘s Community App Awards contest closes tomorrow, in exactly 18 hours from the time of this post. Vote for your favorite apps now if you haven’t already!

The Community App Awards is a contest where users can vote on their top WP7 app across 20 different categories, showing support for the developers behind the apps while highlighting some of the best apps on the platform. Categories include App of the Year, Best Live Tile, Game of the Year, and more.

Video Review of WP7 App – WP7Applist

This application is released by the website, WP7Applist, and it offers you all the details about each app existing on Marketplace.

1.Live tile includes total app counts.
2.Free and ads free.
3.The whole content of this app is well-organized, and it offers the users every application in detail.

1.Deals & Price Drops also includes apps that are 100% off of their original prices, but there is also one category about apps that are going free, and which makes the category looks redundant.
2.They do not show all the reviews which are done by the users on Marketplace, and they also do not show the amount of people who rated one particular app.

WP7Applist is free and can be found in Marketplace here.