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Worldly: a quick-fire quiz game about our planet

Worldly Screenshot Worldly Screenshot Worldly Screenshot

Today Supergonk, an independent video game development studio, is pleased to announce the release of Worldly, a fun new mobile quiz game about our planet and its cultures. The game is available exclusively on Windows Phone platforms, and can be downloaded worldwide, for free, on the Windows Phone Store with immediate effect.

Worldly takes players on an adventure of discovery, as they join famous explorer Sir Maxwell Worldly in an unforgettable journey in his hot air balloon. How much do you know about our planet, its countries, and the people who live on it? Could you find Angola on a map? Do you know the flag of Indonesia? Which currency is used in Brazil? Where is the Laptev Sea? Join Sir Maxwell and find out, as you traverse the globe in a fun adventure!

According to National Geographic, young people today are falling behind in their geographic literacy rates. A recent survey by National Geographic Education found that “only 37% of young Americans can find Iraq on a map”, and less than half know where New York City is located. Worldly aims to tackle this issue head on, featuring 12 mini-games that are each designed to teach a different area of geographic knowledge. Worldly is available in six languages, and we hope the game will have a serious impact on improving awareness and enjoyment of learning about our planet.

QRCodeThe development team behind Worldly previously created the hugely successful quiz app Capitals Quizzer; the number 1 educational app in over 50 countries. Capitals Quizzer has been played over 18 million times by gamers all over the world, demonstrating a massive public interest in the geography quiz niche. Worldly continues this theme, moving forward with drastically improved gameplay, graphics and audio.

Download the free to play game from the Windows Phone Store here.

See a video demo after the break.

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Social Weather, share your weather

Share the time that happens in a community on Windows Phone! Upload a photo of your weather on Social Weather, check the weather anywhere in the world.

Using the Social Weather user community, make sure of the time that he made with the best tool that no technology can match: human observation!

This application locates and tells you in a first step the local weather. You can agree and the valid or proposed instead the weather that you see and then share it! At each sending earn you points which are shared at all. On a map you can view all shared meteos and click on it to view the graph of temperatures from the last 30 days.

full list of features :

  • Share the picture blurred on Twitter or Facebook
  • Consulted the temperature in world history
  • Earn points for each of your shares
  • before sharing, correct the proposed weather
  • Share on Facebook, twitter
  • Share on Instagram via app 6tag
  • You can “like” shared photos from another user

Download Social Weather here from Windows Phone Store for free or scan the QR code.

Archerific (WP8 & W8) Free with Online Multiplayer

Welcome to the world of Archery well the digital world anyway.

Archerific is a 2D game where you play as a student that hopes to become a master in Archery.

Archerific contains 2 modes.

Arcade mode features a a very chilled setting behind a back yard of a school where you’ll learn to aim and shoot at different targets at various speeds.

Hitting targets will earn you points. You’ll be able to shoot at apples, birds, bull-eyes etc. Consistent shooting will unlock upgrades like sharper arrows,lightning arrows, speed increase etc….

Excelling in this mode will put you on the leader boards.  Archerific also features a ranking system. You can go from student all the way to gym leader.

Becoming a Gym Leader will give you slight advantage in Multiplayer Mode. Be warned losing a match in this mode will strip you of your title.
Multiplayer Mode will have you engaged in 1 on 1  score attack matches against anyone in the world (this also includes Windows 8 players).

When searching for a player, an notification will be sent out to all owners of the game creating a chance for anyone to challenge you.

Features include:

  • Wave’s of targets to shoot at.
  • Loads of unlockables
  • Universal App Download for Windows Phone & Windows 8
  • Online leader boards powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Multiplayer Cross Platform gamine with Windows 8 players & soon (Android + IOS)
  • Multiplayer Online Modes powered by Exit Games’s Photon Cloud

Here the link to the game: Download the game now!

Atmosphere – A beautiful, modern weather app

Atmosphere is an advanced weather app with a beautiful, user-friendly interface. It displays weather data in an extremely readable and modern  interface by using graphs and typography to display the forecast. It also provides features such as ultra-responsive radar that does not require reloading, allowing the user to quickly and accurately view storms across the country without waiting for the radar to respond or load – it just works. Atmosphere’s data comes from Forecast.io, an extremely accurate and reputable data source known for it’s extremely accurate and down-to-the-minute forecasting.

Top Features:QRCode

  • Weather Radar
  • Beautiful Live Tile
  • Simple interface with advanced features
  • Weather graphs such as the sunrise and sunset indicators.
  • Multiple locations
  • Themes in settings
  • HD Lockscreen Support
  • Quick loading
  • Down to the precent precipitation chances
  • 7-Day weekly forecast, 7-hour hourly forecast
  • Location services
  • Minute-by-minute forecast during storms

Download Now

Get Atmosphere

Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 Compatible

Funny beach, get beach weather in your windows phone

Funny beach is the application you need for your vacation!

Whether you are a swimmer or practitioner coastal sports,  Funny beach’ll let you instantly have the global coastal weather on your windows phone.

Funny beach but it is much more than that!

You’re on vacation in an area that you do not know, or are planning to leave?

Funny beach is the beach area, within 50 mi or you can find them via a map from home.

You can access the coastal weather information 4 days of your favorite tracks:

  • Average temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Wave height
  • Weather

As well as convenient options:

  • GPS guidance to the beach
  • Implementation of the favorite beach on the main screen of the application / direct access on your home screen tile

But, if you practice beach sports or coastal sports, you need more information, simply click on the day and wish you access to:

  • Weather forecast provided every 3 hours, with wind force, wave force, temperature and wind direction
  • Graph wind speed every 3 hours
  • Graph of the height of high tide and low every 3 hours
  • Graph of atmospheric pressure every 3 hours
  • Wind map every 3 hours

Funny beach is:

  • Available in French and English
  • Trial mode 7 days full app

Funny beach is now available in the windows phone store for 1,29 $.

Display : Your personal billboard. Be Seen.

Display - First page

Meeting up with friends is cool. But finding them in the crowd with all the waving and shouting and calling can be painful.

Exchanging notes and passing messages in class is cool. But hassles of delivering the notes and getting caught is not!

Delivering your message to a crowd or across one is not an easy task. Enter: Display. Continue reading

Introducing a Surface Guide App for Windows Phone

Surface Guide is a Windows Phone 8 App.
As the name indicating, it is a utility app for everything Surface. It is intended to be a complete knowledge base for Surface, including devices, specs, accessories, buying guide, tips and tricks. You can also share your thoughts, your problems about Surface.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image Hosted TinyPic
Surface Guide feature list:

  • Complete Metro compliant user interface, fluid and smooth
  • Introduction to all Surface editions, in plain English
  • Full list of Surface specs in one place
  • Give right-to-the-point advice about which device to buy
  • Up to date information about last development, future releases
  • Full offline support

Surface Guide is designed for the love of Surface. It will be forever 100% free (no ads).
Check it out at Windows Phone Store here…

Pigs Can’t Fly – Updated with Localization

pigs can't fly logo



Localization added to game, languages now include:- English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
pigs can't fly playnow
“And this little piggy went to Hell!”

Pig had the misfortune of crash landing he’s angel bacon behind in Hell. Now trapped in the place of pain and suffering he must escape this place of doom & gloom avoiding the deadly traps, hazards & demon monsters that lurk the fiery underworld.

- Help our unlikely hero escape with Addictive & Challenging gameplay.
- Fly your way through 4 Acts, totalling 80 Levels.
- Avoid hazards & monsters as make your escape.
- Collect the hard to reach Stars to Unlock Character Skins.
- No IAP Purchases – You only pay to Unlock the game.

pigs can't fly playnow

Great Deal: Nokia Lumia 1320 6-inch WP8 Device Now Available For Just Rs.17751 In India


The mid-range Windows Phone 8 device Nokia Lumia 1320 is now available starting Rs.17751 from major retailers in India. The device was launched in India for much higher price, and the current pricing makes it one of the best value devices out there in the market.

The device has a 6″ large HD screen, 5 MP rear auto focus camera with LED flash. The device is powered with a 1.2 GHz Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage which could be expandable up to 32 GB. It comes in 4 color options – Yellow, black, red & white. Find the Flipkart listing below.

Nokia Lumia 1320 Black – Flipkart

Meet the improved gMaps 3.0!


No panic! gMaps is in the store and it was there all the time. The only issue we’ve faced with is the Search didn’t want to find our app. But now it is searchable again! So, please find and download if you have no gMaps app in your collection for now.

And this is not the only good news for you today.

We’ve made a really great work for such a little time and now you can find gMaps v3.0 in the Store! And, as you could already guess, this version is not without improvements.

Interesting? So, let me show you…

search-option search-screen

Not only Search in the Store is improved, but gMaps Search feature has also got its update. Now it even looks different. The new Search is performed on a separate screen, where you can see a list of proposed locations by first entering letters and you just have to tap on the suitable place in the list and it would be shown on the map immediately. By the way, the history of all your searches are saved too and shown to you with the next opening the Search screen.

routeOne more interesting and really useful feature for you is Building a Route.

This feature now is also in separate screen, where you can write manual places you wanted to start/finish with. When points will be entered the list of available variants of routes will appear. There you can also choose the travel mode. By the way, some routes by bicycle and on foot will be shown with warning and it will mean that some routes could be missing or changed because it is really difficult to track all changes of small routes. And you just have to tap on the suitable variant from the list and the route will be built on the map. And don’t worry, all of variants that you’ve seen in the list now is available for you in the top of the screen. You just need to swipe there and the route will be changed immediately. But if you don’t want any of routes appear on the map you can just tap the Back button and the screen will be closed without building anything on the map.

directions-optionNow you can not only build a route from A to B, you can put as much as 7 points. You can also set restrictions there and all available roads will be shown on the Directions screen, you just have to tap on the most suitable variant for you and the route will be displayed on the map.

There is also a quick way to access directions dialog from search dialog if you mistakenly pressed wrong button. Just follow blue/white “directions icon” and it will lead you to the directions dialog.


Another helpful feature is activation of third-partyapplications. This feature allows you to open some app you like for its drive mode, or which you’ve always used in the car. To activate drive mode feature you just have to build a route at first and then tap on the Car icon in the right upper corner or tap on the arrow which is show your current position. For this moment this feature is available only on the Pro version of gMaps 3.0, but soon it will be in the free version too.

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Hashnotes – new update with built-in pattern lock

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hashnotes is a convenient and simple tool for managing your personal notes.
It groups your notes using hashtags and creates entries for your Windows Phone calendar – if you want to. Than backup your notes using your Windows LiveID and OneDrive.

  • Create, edit or delete your personal notes
  • Pattern lock for more security
  • Reminder and calendar support
  • Pin important notes to the lockscreen
  • Customizable user interface
  • Backup and restore your notes using OneDrive and Live ID
  • Free and without ads
  • Englisch and German language support so far
  • Automatic URL detection
  • Automatic telephone number detection

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

HTC HD2 Booted With Nokia X Android OS

HTC HD2 Nokia XHTC HD2, which was the flagship device during Windows Mobile days is still alive and kicking. The folks over at XDA-Developers forums have ported various Operating Systems on HTC HD2. The list includes various versions of Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Firefox, MeeGo and more.

At MWC last week, Nokia announced Nokia X series of devices running a customized version of Android based on AOSP. This custom Android OS from Nokia X was also flashed on HTC HD2 and it booted fine as you can see in the image above. Read more about it from the link below.

Source: XDA Developers

Podcast Critter updated – more beautiful, more robust

There’s now even more to love about your favorite podcast-fetching critter. Here’s what’s new since we last saw you:

• All podcasts now update in background (15 podcast limit no longer exists!)
• Added dark theme
• Added ability to pin podcasts to start (new item count shown on tile)
• Added option to choose custom accent color
• Added option to auto-download new episodes while app isn’t running
• Added option to auto-delete downloads after playback completion
• Added ‘daily’ and ‘weekly’ auto-update frequencies
• Added option to share currently playing episode from ‘now playing’ pages
• Improved podcast parsing functionality (if you’ve seen errors adding particular podcasts, give them another shot)
• Updated SkyDrive branding to OneDrive
• Fixed issue with change log not showing after update
• Fixed issue with lagging audio controls
• Fixed issue with playing audio downloads
• Other minor UI tweaks
• Other bug fixes

Check out Podcast Critter in the store. New friends are always welcome. :)