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Meet the improved gMaps 3.0!


No panic! gMaps is in the store and it was there all the time. The only issue we’ve faced with is the Search didn’t want to find our app. But now it is searchable again! So, please find and download if you have no gMaps app in your collection for now.

And this is not the only good news for you today.

We’ve made a really great work for such a little time and now you can find gMaps v3.0 in the Store! And, as you could already guess, this version is not without improvements.

Interesting? So, let me show you…

search-option search-screen

Not only Search in the Store is improved, but gMaps Search feature has also got its update. Now it even looks different. The new Search is performed on a separate screen, where you can see a list of proposed locations by first entering letters and you just have to tap on the suitable place in the list and it would be shown on the map immediately. By the way, the history of all your searches are saved too and shown to you with the next opening the Search screen.

routeOne more interesting and really useful feature for you is Building a Route.

This feature now is also in separate screen, where you can write manual places you wanted to start/finish with. When points will be entered the list of available variants of routes will appear. There you can also choose the travel mode. By the way, some routes by bicycle and on foot will be shown with warning and it will mean that some routes could be missing or changed because it is really difficult to track all changes of small routes. And you just have to tap on the suitable variant from the list and the route will be built on the map. And don’t worry, all of variants that you’ve seen in the list now is available for you in the top of the screen. You just need to swipe there and the route will be changed immediately. But if you don’t want any of routes appear on the map you can just tap the Back button and the screen will be closed without building anything on the map.

directions-optionNow you can not only build a route from A to B, you can put as much as 7 points. You can also set restrictions there and all available roads will be shown on the Directions screen, you just have to tap on the most suitable variant for you and the route will be displayed on the map.

There is also a quick way to access directions dialog from search dialog if you mistakenly pressed wrong button. Just follow blue/white “directions icon” and it will lead you to the directions dialog.


Another helpful feature is activation of third-partyapplications. This feature allows you to open some app you like for its drive mode, or which you’ve always used in the car. To activate drive mode feature you just have to build a route at first and then tap on the Car icon in the right upper corner or tap on the arrow which is show your current position. For this moment this feature is available only on the Pro version of gMaps 3.0, but soon it will be in the free version too.

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Hashnotes – new update with built-in pattern lock

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hashnotes is a convenient and simple tool for managing your personal notes.
It groups your notes using hashtags and creates entries for your Windows Phone calendar – if you want to. Than backup your notes using your Windows LiveID and OneDrive.

  • Create, edit or delete your personal notes
  • Pattern lock for more security
  • Reminder and calendar support
  • Pin important notes to the lockscreen
  • Customizable user interface
  • Backup and restore your notes using OneDrive and Live ID
  • Free and without ads
  • Englisch and German language support so far
  • Automatic URL detection
  • Automatic telephone number detection

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

HTC HD2 Booted With Nokia X Android OS

HTC HD2 Nokia XHTC HD2, which was the flagship device during Windows Mobile days is still alive and kicking. The folks over at XDA-Developers forums have ported various Operating Systems on HTC HD2. The list includes various versions of Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Firefox, MeeGo and more.

At MWC last week, Nokia announced Nokia X series of devices running a customized version of Android based on AOSP. This custom Android OS from Nokia X was also flashed on HTC HD2 and it booted fine as you can see in the image above. Read more about it from the link below.

Source: XDA Developers

Podcast Critter updated – more beautiful, more robust

There’s now even more to love about your favorite podcast-fetching critter. Here’s what’s new since we last saw you:

• All podcasts now update in background (15 podcast limit no longer exists!)
• Added dark theme
• Added ability to pin podcasts to start (new item count shown on tile)
• Added option to choose custom accent color
• Added option to auto-download new episodes while app isn’t running
• Added option to auto-delete downloads after playback completion
• Added ‘daily’ and ‘weekly’ auto-update frequencies
• Added option to share currently playing episode from ‘now playing’ pages
• Improved podcast parsing functionality (if you’ve seen errors adding particular podcasts, give them another shot)
• Updated SkyDrive branding to OneDrive
• Fixed issue with change log not showing after update
• Fixed issue with lagging audio controls
• Fixed issue with playing audio downloads
• Other minor UI tweaks
• Other bug fixes

Check out Podcast Critter in the store. New friends are always welcome. :)

OnTV a 3rd party Tvtag app is now available for Windows Phone

OnTV is the first (unofficial) client for Tvtag (formerly GetGlue) for Windows Phone 8.

Tvtag is a popular social network that enables you to extend your enjoyment of TV to a second screen. You can see shows that are trending, join the conversation, share what you’re watching and more.

OnTV has been designed to allow users a fast easy way to post their check-ins to their social networks and see what’s trending on television and in movies.

The app features:

  • Trending sections for television shows and movies
  • Watch video trailers for your shows
  • Search for any show to see more detailed information such as synopsis, comments and more.
  • See conversations about your favorite shows. Interact with other viewers.
  • TV Guide recommendations
  • Pin to start screen with live tile support.

OnTV is now available in the Windows Phone store for free. It is ad supported with an option to remove ads for .99 cents.

Where’s My Courier?: Keep track of all your shipments across India

“Where’s My Courier” is a fast and easy way to keep track of your couriers on your Windows Phone. It will help you track of your shipments from all major courier companies across India and supports over 35 major companies including Blue Dart, DTDC, Trackon, FedEx and many more. It even saves your tracking number so you don’t have to type again. Whether it’s an important business document or a pair of shoes you ordered from the internet, tracking your courier has never been this easy!

This app is free for a limited time so download now

AdDeals Network: $10,000 for Windows Phone developers!

AdDeals Advertising Network - Developer Network

AdDeals is a unique Ad Network allowing both Advertisers & Publishers to advertise discounted apps, free apps & games, trial apps or discounts within their apps for a limited time!

Ahead Solutions is happy to announce that AdDeals Windows Phone Advertising Network now allows Windows Phone developers to launch targeted campaigns.

In an effort to support the Windows Phone developer community, we are offering up to $10,000 to Windows Phone developers willing to integrate AdDeals in their Windows Phone apps!

Additionnaly we also announce that AdDeals developers can now monetize their apps by including AdDeals SDK and get extra revenues!

As shown below, AdDeals Network is all about delivering daily free apps or discounted offers to Windows Phone users. Hundreds of Windows Phone developers have already joined AdDeals Network over the past 2 months!

To get a $50 campaign on AdDeals Network:

1 – Register on http://www.addealsnetwork.com for FREE

2 – Add at least 1 Windows Phone app rated at least 3.2/5 worldwide with at least 20 ratings (if you don’t have such app yet, you are also welcome to join and benefit from AdDeals free cross promotion services of course!)

3 – Integrate AdDeals SDK in one of those apps!

4 – Use coupon code : ADDEALSFUNDS50 to add funds.

This offer is limited to the first 200 developers fulfilling those conditions. We believe that’s a great opportunity for developers to test AdDeals and help them get more visibility for their apps worldwide!

Why develop an app and invest time if you cannot promote it easily? AdDeals helps you just do that more efficiently!


Callerin – Know who and why they called you!

CallerIn CallerIn

Callerin is a simple tool which helps you to identify who and why called you from a strange number. It does it by utilizing a crowdsource database driven by other users who get calls from the same numbers. If you have information of a caller or just want to say you’ve been called too, there is an ability to leave your comment and share your experience with other users. All comments are anonymous, and no registration required!

Main features:CallerIn

  • Search phone number info
  • Growing crowdsource database
  • Nice and simple interface

CallerIn at Windows Phone Store
App costs $0.99. Trial version is limited to 5 searches.

ElectroDude v2.0 updated with a new UI

ElectroDude is a collection of electronic tools such as calculators and pin-out diagrams that are extremely useful for both students and professionals in electronics field

It contains the pin-out diagrams of:-

  • USB Port
  • Parallel Port
  • MIDI Port
  • S-Video Port
  • VGA Port
  • Serial Port
  • Firewire Port
  • PS/2 – AT Port

And it also contains the following calculators:-

  • Resistor value from color code
  • Inductor value from color code
  • Reisistor value from SMD code
  • Ohm’s Law
  • RC, LC and RL Filters
  • Inductive and capacitive reactance
  • Series-parallel resistance
  • Battery life calculation

The new version of the app has a redesigned UI and also ads support for 720p/1080p device so they can use the app without letterboxes

You can download it from the link below:-
Free Version
Pro Version

Free version has no limitations except an ad that appears at the bottom of the app.

Photos Diary, keep your photos well organized

Home screen Detail screen

Wants to keep your photos organized ? Photos diary is the best application to do that ! It organized automatically your photos by town.

You can display :QRCode

  • your album in a timeline mode
  • navigate in your albums
  • pin your favorite albums
  • create some beautiful mosaic to share your album
  • create custom album

… and finally, photos diary is KIDS CORNER compliant ! You can choose which albums will be displayed in kids corner mode !

A free trial is available limited to 3 albums, if you like the application you can purchase it (O.99$) If you have suggestion, you can go to photosdiary.uservoice.com

To download it : www.windowsphone.com.

Vocal Camera. Control your phone’s camera with your voice

Vocal Camera

Vocal Camera is a brand new app that allows you to control the phone’s camera with your voice. You can also control the camera settings such as scene modes, flash, grid and you can switch between cameras. Vocal Camera comes with default voice commands to use but it’s possible to customize them as you wish, so if your language is not English you can change them with customized in your own language (only if your language is supported by Windows Phone, otherwise they will not work).

Another interesting feature is the possibility to change the recognition sensitivity. A low sensitivity will make easier to recognize commands but the phone might interpret background noises as commands. At the same time it’s harder to recognize with an high sensitivity but the phone will no make mistakes. The recognition is more efficient when using earphones with microphone, so we really reccomend to use them for a better experience.

The developer says that this is the very first version of the app so you can encounter some bugs and errors especially due to differences between devices. If this happens you can write to him and explain the issues. Actually the front camera doesn’t work on some devices but it will be fixed on the next update.

Before using Vocal Camera be sure to have the speech support installed on your phone. You can check it into Phone Settings -> Speech. You have to put a check un “Enable Speech Recognition Service” too. Vocal Camera is free and you can download it by clicking on the link below.


You and me…because details still matter!

You and Me is about the relationships between you and your loved ones.

Ever had trouble keeping track of important dates in your relationships? Want to get something different for your loved ones this year but you forget what you got them on their last birthday? Do you like keeping track of everything your loved one has given you? Does planning an evening or buying a gift become complicated because you can’t remember details like favorite food, tastes in music, or sizes in clothing?

If you’ve run into any of these situations, You and Me is for you. These are just some scenarios in which you can use You and Me but there are many more features at your disposal:


  • Keep track of dates and personal details that are important in a relationship; those details might come in handy when it’s time to pick a gift or plan a date.
  • Keep track of gifts exchanged in the relationship; gifts are grouped by occasions and dates to help you figure out what you’ve recently given to your loved ones
  • Pin your loved ones to your home screen as live tiles to gain immediate access to their profiles.
  • Configure those pinned relationship tiles with countdown and countup timers to and from important dates; how long have you been together, how many days left until their birthday, how long since that first kiss ;)
  • View countdowns in days to the closest events from all your relationships on the app tile.
  • Use Skydrive to backup/restore You and Me app data.
  • Customize your phone’s lockscreen with custom image and with the timers and upcoming events information you see on the live tiles. (WP8)
  • Create You and Me contact cards for the People Hub using the relationship details and dates you’ve provided. (WP8)
  • Easily store relationship dates in your phone’s calendar. (WP8)

You and Me is available for WP7 & WP8 here in the Windows Phone Store for $0.99, with a trial version available. Trial version has ads and only allows adding up to 3 relationships.

I’m open to suggestions and feedback on other scenarios, use cases and details that could be incorporated into You and Me. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

You and Me…because details matter.

World Guessr – A fun way to discover the world

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null World Guessr is a fun way to discover the world and to test your geographical abilities.

The goal is pretty simple: you’re transported in a random StreetView location on Earth and you have to guess where you are. The number of points you get depends on the distance between your guess and the real position.

A game is composed of many turns and you can add even add some options like a timed mode or the inability to move in the StreetView.

nullWant to challenge your friends? You can give them your phone and they’ll be able to replay one of your game with the exact same options, so you’ll be able to compare your final score!

If you think you’re up to the challenge, download the game and play today!

Only available on Windows Phone 8 but a Windows 8 version is coming!