Take A Look At Flexible Display Windows Phone Prototype From Samsung

by Pradeep - 2 years ago - @pradeepviswav

Today at CES Samsung showed off a new type of flexible display technology it called Youm.

The bendable, foldable display allows the company to roll up the screen into a small tube and potentially expand a device from a phone into a tablet.

A prototype was shown off by Microsoft’s Eric Rudder, the company’s chief technical strategy officer.

According to CNET, when showing the gadget Eric said “Some companies talk about a reality distortion field. We actually built one.”

In the device the screen is rolled into a tube, and the one edge that remains exposed showed notifications.

The working device also displayed a video with the tag line “A Phone. And tablet. That’s flexibility.”

Microsoft’s phone and tablet OS of course runs on the same kernel and one can easily imagine a dual-booting device.  The video suggests Microsoft is thinking in the same direction.

See more pictures after the break.

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Via WPArea and CNET.com