The Verge: Microsoft may show off Threshold for Windows Phone on the 30th September

The Verge has revealed the date Microsoft is showing off the next version of Windows, Windows 9 code-named Threshold.

The software will be demoed at a special press event Microsoft is expected to  offer an overview of key new features of the upcoming operating system, with a technical preview ready for developers and enthusiasts.

The Verge also claimed Microsoft may demonstrating Threshold for ARM devices, which will be a combination of Windows Phone and Windows RT.

In June Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley said Threshold may bring side by side apps to Windows Phone, writing:

The combined Phone/Tablet SKU of Threshold won’t have a Desktop environment at all, but still will support apps running side-by-side, my sources are reconfirming. This “Threshold Mobile” SKU will work on ARM-based Windows Phones (not just Lumias), ARM-based Windows tablets and, I believe, Intel-Atom-based tablets.

Threshold is expected in 2015, with a public preview earlier than this.

  • Rafael

    This feature of chatting with somebody while watching a video at the same time will be amazing! I use that so much in my hybrid notebook, and using in a Lumia gonna be such epic. Also excited about DirectX12 and more Facebook app updates. Bring it on!

    • Richard Durishin

      You can do that now with a Galaxy note. Of course, then you have to deal with the dog’s breakfast that Android is.

      • MrTrunky

        Android runs perfectly on the Note 3, its a great device.

  • Ofentse Letsholo

    I doubt they would show it, it’s way too early for WP9 to be unveiled but hey we will see but then again I doubt it.

  • counterblow

    Hopefully Threshold on ARM will have completely stripped away the Desktop. Desktop on ARM is useless once Office goes Metro. Powershell and CMD can be Metro system apps.

  • Jeff

    My question will be…does it fix everything they broke / did wrong in WP 8.1? (

    I’m still waiting for the return of Hubs, social integration, Bing Vision’s barcode scanning, Local Scout in search, the original cursor, the real photo hub, the Zune Hub, along with so much else. If it fixes what they broke, I’m in. If not, I’m out of the Windows Phone game, because it’s just another second-rate Android wannabe.

    • Richard Durishin

      Hubs aren’t coming back. The logic seems to be that, separate from the OS, they can be updated more easily and frequently to keep up with the changes of API’s for the social channels to which they connect.

      • saqrkh

        True but if there’s popular demand, Microsoft may work on a Hub-like model that works well and is easy to update. In a way they seem to be working towards it with the whole social extensibility stuff, but that’s clearly a big work in progress.

        • Vitor Mikaelson

          I think MS need to make a way to open API’s to REAL integrate apps with system…

  • MrTrunky

    The question is; the WP8 devices will be able to upgrade to WP9?

    I really doubt it.

    • soder

      Let the bet start: I bet my 1-month salary, that 1st gen WP8 Lumias will be f*cked in the a$$ by MS. Or other version of the story: it will work so buggy / so slow, that owners of such devices will literally beg for the downgrade. What do other readers think about this very likely future?

      • saqrkh

        1st gen WP8 Lumias will be 2 years old this Fall and probably 3+ by the time Threshold for ARM is available. By that point I wouldn’t fault Microsoft for not supporting 1st gen WP8 devices, especially when there’d likely be new-gen devices that will be reasonable in cost and good in performance.

      • Dino Borogovac

        1 gen Lumias like Lumia 920 on WP8 was presented when?! September 2012! On this presentation at the end of the September it will be nearly two years after the 1 gen models. So what do you really expect as a user?! I mean really hardware can not be 2+ years on the same level and then ask for some new sotfware which will likely consume more RAM and more CPU power. i think if they make it work like you said it will be buggy and this is normal, i have an windows 7 PC which i dont use anymore and i cant install Windows 8.1 on it to work fluid. That is a normal thing in the last 20 years.

        • MrTrunky

          iPhone 4, presented on 2010, and in 2014 still getting updates.

          Nexus 4, release on 2012, at the same time as the Lumia 920, and it will be updated to Android “L” and will get unofficial updates for several years more.

          Lumia 900, presented on January 2012, and only a couple of month after the release Microsoft announce that it will not be updated to WP8.

          Lumia 930, presented on July 2014, only a few month after the release maybe it will not be updated to WP9.

          Microsoft is the worst supporting their devices.

          • Dino Borogovac

            yeah thats all valid, but lets look at the Hardware from WP7 first gen till now, Microsofts Hardware changed dramatically so that nobody on this earth can expect to get WP8.1 running on a single core 1gHz device with 256mb RAM 😀 really?!

            That is something the iphone has not seen, all the harware in the last years is nearly the same for iphones. Ok the CPU has much more power but all other aspects are if we look the last years nearly the same.

            HEre we are now at the break point from WP7 to WP8, this is not like ios 6 to ios 7. its more like a step from the very first ios to this current. In all points, from functions to the background how everything works WP changed 180 degrees and nobody really cant expect that could be done better?! or? how? stick with the same kernel that WP7 had? and then what?

            after this step to WP8 i dont see any reason why devices like the lumia 1520 and 930, and maybe the 1020 with 2GB RAM cant get the WP9 update. and your statement “only a few months after the release maybe it will not be updated to WP9” stop here, you speak here as WP9 is in 30 days 😀 take it slow, WP9 will not come until next year may-june! and then i dont expect something like you say about that nobody will get this update, because we see new tablets from various OEMs that have hardware more like an WP device instead of an real full flaged tablet. this is an sign that the specs are coming together and the OSs are getting one. So will the updates in the future. There is no reason why this 3 devices with 2 GB of RAM will not get it. Oh and yes the new HTC too.

            If you dont know what am i talking about this specs look at the last tablets from HP, they have specs near the specs from a Lumia 1520, only a bigger screen, and bigger battery.

    • Ofentse Letsholo

      I’m actually waiting for the first WP9 flagship, that will be my first WP 😉


    I wouldn’t worry about this anytime soon,Microsoft is sooo fucking slow ???? that it might take awhile for this to happen.

  • neva

    My contract ends in late October. I’m not holding my breath for something amazing but it may come.
    If this is true, it would be great because Windows Phone 9 will be Microsoft’s final chance to keep me away from Android. I hope my HTC One M8 (for Android) vs Nokia Lumia 930 decision can be made September 30th.