• Game Review: Sun Carry It
    Challenge yourself in this FREE difficult shooter game. Overall Score: 4/5 Addicting gameplay and decent lasting value make Sun Carry It worth trying. Gameplay: 4/5 In this game, you jump vertically and shoot your enemies while falling back to the ground. Unless you’re really great at games, you will probably find yourself challenged by Sun […]
  • Game Review: Halo Spartan Assault
    Play Halo as a top-down shooter on your phone! Overall Score: 3/5 Frame rate and crashing issues, touchy controls, and mediocre lasting value keeps this game from being great. Gameplay: 4/5 The controls in Halo: Spartan Assault simply aren’t as good as they should be. The controls in Gun Bros are smoother and more accurate […]
  • Game Review: Super Golf Land
    Check out this awesome FREE physics-based game! No golf skills required! Overall Score: 4/5 Super Golf Land hits a hole-in-one with me. Extremely enjoyable gameplay mixes with good presentation and lasting value to create a must-have free game. Gameplay: 5/5 This game is more of a physics mini-game than an actual golf game. You have […]
  • Game Review: Portal Ball Up!
    Challenge yourself in this FREE skill-based mini-game where you navigate your ball up through a maze of hazards. Overall Score: 3/5 Fun gameplay is brought down by the lack of sound effects and mediocre lasting value. Gameplay: 4/5 Portal Ball Up! is challenging yet satisfying. The levels provide a good amount of variety and enjoyable […]
  • Game Review: OneTouchDrawing
    Keep your mind sharp with this FREE puzzle/logic game where you have to trace patterns without lifting your finger or repeating lines. Overall Score: 4/5 OneTouchDrawing  is a great game with plenty of levels and quality controls. Gameplay: 4/5 The premise of the game is simple: Trace the pattern without repeating lines or picking up […]
  • Game Review: Jetpack Joyride
    Spend four hours of your life playing this extremely addicting FREE game! Overall Score: 4/5 Excellent gameplay is brought down by sub-par presentation (many experience crashing and saving issues). Nevertheless, it’s worth playing Jetpack Joyride since it’s free! Gameplay: 5/5 Jetpack Joyride is like Gravity Guy 2 (another excellent game) but on steroids. The game’s […]
  • Game Review: Pirate's Path
    Enjoy this fun and FREE match-3 type game on your Windows Phone! Overall Score: 4/5 With great gameplay and polished visuals, the only thing holding Pirate’s Path back is its shorter lasting value. Gameplay: 5/5 A perfect gameplay score on a simple match-3 type game? The gameplay in Pirate’s Path is surprisingly good. There are […]
  • Game Review: Rayman Jungle Run
    This game stupidly doesn’t have a free trial… find out if it’s worth it by reading our review! Overall Score: 5/5 Excellent gameplay and great visuals make this game worth buying! Gameplay: 5/5 Rayman’s gameplay is perfectly designed. The coins in levels are intelligently placed such that they typically guide you through the correct path, […]
  • Game Review: Drift Mania Championship 2
    Rack up those drift points in this arcade drift-style game. Overall Score: 5/5 Excellent lasting value and great visuals make this racing game a must-buy! Gameplay: 5/5 Drift Mania is quite fun. The premise of the game is to drift your ride as long as possible through the track to rack up drift points and […]
  • Game Review: Tiny Space
    Kill some time with this simple real-time strategy space shooter. Overall Score: 3/5 Tiny Space is worth downloading since it’s free, but the lasting value is unfortunately extremely lacking. Gameplay: 4/5 In Tiny Space, you control a fleet of spaceships in an attempt to overwhelm and destroy the enemy bases while protecting your own. You […]

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  • Subway Surfer goes to Hollywood in latest update
    Kiloo has just updated their Subway Surfers endless runner with a new destination. In this version the Subway Surfers World Tour visits Hollywood. Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. Grind trains with your cool crew! Colorful and vivid HD graphics! Hoverboard Surfing! Paint powered jetpack! Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! […]
  • Indian Air Force Releases Air Combat Mobile Game 'Guardians' For Windows Phone Devices
    The Indian Air Force, which is the air arm of the Indian armed forces has released a mobile game to promote career in Indian Air Force among the youth in India. Game Description: WANT TO BE A COMBAT PILOT? WANT TO FLY FOR INDIA? This is the Official Indian Air Force 3D Air Combat Mobile […]
  • Xbox One SmartGlass Beta App updated lets you purchase Xbox One games from your phone
    Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app today got updated to v1.0.0.9 in Windows Phone Store. The main stand-out new feature is the ability to to browse and purchase Xbox One games from your handset. The update features: •Like a Game Clip •Like an item in the activity feed •View items that have been bundled together •View […]
  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout coming to Windows Phone 24th July
    On the Windows Blog Microsoft has announced that Modern Combat 5: Blackout is coming to Windows and Windows Phone on the 24th July. The game is expected to take players on a tour of the world, tracking a terrorist gang through numerous iconic location. Gameloft, the developer has also announced that all of their Gameloft […]
  • Fail Hard, a new biking game by the makers of Hill Climb Racing, hits Windows Phone
    Fingersoft, the developers of Hill Climb Racing, has brought their app to the Windows Phone Store. In the game you play a stunt man taking on ever more daring stunts and jumps while trying to make it big in the stunt show business. Along the way you collect coins to upgrade your equipment and rise […]
  • Worldly: a quick-fire quiz game about our planet
    Today Supergonk, an independent video game development studio, is pleased to announce the release of Worldly, a fun new mobile quiz game about our planet and its cultures. The game is available exclusively on Windows Phone platforms, and can be downloaded worldwide, for free, on the Windows Phone Store with immediate effect. Worldly takes players […]
  • Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game comes to Windows Phone
    Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie will be hitting theatres soon, and the movie tie-in game has also now hit the app stores. Join Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax; the Guardians of the Galaxy, in a fight to recover the five pieces of The Universal Weapon before it falls into the hands of the […]
  • AdDeals unveils figures, Square & Windows Phone Summer Challenge for Developers
    Since AdDeals Network was launched six months ago, it has known a quite impressive and steady growth on the Windows Phone market and has become a leading performance based ad Network on this platform. Hundreds of Windows phone developers use our tools every day. Millions of Windows Phone apps integrating AdDeals advertising tools are downloaded every month. […]
  • Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Walks Game coming to Windows Phone, but only if you make yourself heard
    The Monty Python crew has released a Ministry of Silly Walks themed game, and apparently due to “silly demand” the team are bringing it to Windows Phone also. However John Cleese has not been happy with the response to his announcement and threatened: Apparently only 11 people have a windows phone so unless sufficient comments […]
  • Subway Surfer visits Paris, now available for 512 MB handsets
    Kiloo has updated their Subway Surfers endless runner and has now finally made the device available to 512 MB handsets. In this version the Subway Surfers World Tour visits France Players can take Coco, the lovable mime, for a surf in the stunning metro of Paris, zap from side to side on the new sci-fi […]

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