This Week’s Xbox Windows Phone Title Turn And Run Now Available For Download

by Pradeep - 2 years ago - @pradeepviswav

This week’s Xbox Windows Phone title Turn and Run is now available in Windows Phone Store. This game costs $2.99 with free trial available.

Game Description:

Turn and Run

The world has turned…
Use a unique control scheme in this amazing puzzle game. Twist the world around you in order to find a pathway to the cute, big-eared alien’s crashed ship.

Simple swipe the screen to rotate the environment and link up seemingly distant blocks in order to create a path. Climb, ascend and hop from one block to another on your way back to your rocket.

Getting to your rocket is just half of the challenge, the rest comes in the form of collecting the valuable red gemstones scattered around each stage. Can you collect them all?

Travel to 60 different, gorgeous and challenging levels spread over three unique worlds. You will have to use logic, spacial thinking and forward planning if you want to finish them all!

Download it here from Windows Phone Store here.

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