Throttle Launcher 1.1 Available For Testing

imageWith the release of Throttle Launcher came much excitement, and personally for me much disappointment, but this new release might solve that.The very popular theme by APBilbo has gotten the title of being the most popular around, and this new update is said to have some pretty good new features.

Between many other improvements it includes:
- Speed improvement (up to 40% on some devices).
- Live wallpapers!!
- New widgets
- Tap&Hold to move widgets.

This new version will be also shipped with many new widgets including:

- Facebook plugins: showing your stream, friends, notifications and allowing you to update your status.

- RSS Widget: that shows pictures and description of an RSS source.

- Comm management widget: Sense UI like Comm management widgets.

- Bing search: a widget that allows you to search bing directly inside ThrottleLauncher.

- SystemInfo: that shows you your devices free memory, storage and battery status.

ThrottleLauncher 1.1 will hopefully be released during the next week… so keep an eye on this website!!

This update might not seem significant to much, but for me, that live wallpaper is what truly got my attention.

You can download this applicaiton

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