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URL Short v1.0  is not just for geeks – we all need it. How many times have you been sent a long web address like http://www.thisisanaddress.com/~lkajfkll/?iouuwerwer?:/more.xyz who can remember that? What if you could use this handy app to turn that into “gjs.me/?a” – easy to remember, easy to share and cool.

This URL (web address) service is unique to Windows Phone – where all the best services are. Only Windows Phone users have access to this URL.


  • Use copy and paste features of your phone to grab and insert URLs
  • Create short URLs
  • URLs never repeat – if you enter a URL that has been created you will receive the original short URL back
  • Share URL links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn depending on the services you use on your phone
  • Share via SMS/Text and Email

Download this handy tool and never be stuck for a short URL – Oh this app is FreeThe GJSALOT Team… (www.facebook.com/KGapps).
Install URL Short from the Windows Phone Store here.

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