Verizon leaks HTC One for Windows video

The HTC One for Windows has been a pretty badly kept secret for some weeks now, and with the handset set to be unveiled today all pretense to suspense has been dropped, with Verizon publishing a video introduction for the handset.

Are our readers tempted? Let us know below.


  • skruis

    I am. I’ve had the 920 for a couple years now and I’m ready to upgrade. I played with a couple of my buddies One M8 phones and there were pretty dang nice. Does it support a ‘glance’ interface or is that Nokia exclusive?

    • Ruufus

      Pretty certain Glance is a Nokia exclusive.

  • Tips_y

    Although all my phones of late have been the Lumia variety, I’m still very interested in the ‘HTC One for Windows’. Hope HTC releases it worldwide. It will be a pity if it remains only a Verizon exclusive.