Week in Review: September 2nd

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we recap the top stories of the past week!

Microsoft buys Nokia

  • Announced that they are acquiring the Nokia Devices and Services division for $7.1 billion
  • Deal will allow for better phones at a faster pace
  • Rumored that Stephen Elop might become new Microsoft CEO

HTC Harmony rumored to be released this year

  • Will run GDR3
  • It’s not yet known what it will look like

GDR3 screenshots and features leak

  • Has screen orientation lock
  • Driving mode can block calls and texts
  • Ability to close apps in multitasking

Image of Lumia 1520 leaked

  • Large “phablet” phone
  • Should have either a 5.8″ or 6″ 1080p screen

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Andrew is strongly invested in Windows Phone as a developer of numerous apps and a future employee with Microsoft. He takes a critical and unbiased approach to reviewing products and software. Even though he loves Windows Phone, Andrew will tell things as they truly are, without any sugar coating.


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