Windows Phone 7.8 vs Windows Phone 8 feature set leaked

by Pradeep - 3 years ago - @pradeepviswav

Functionality  Windows Phone 7.8 Windows Phone 8.0
Browser IE9 IE10
Skype Separate application Integrated
Voice commands Yes Yes, extended set
DataSmart Separate application Yes
Bing Audio Yes Yes, improved recognition TV
RCS-e Separate application Integrated
Cloud Office OneNote, 356 Synchronization of all content
An updated startup screen Yes Yes
OTA No, only notify Yes
Visual Voicemail Only for some countries Yes are pretty reliable when it comes to Windows Phone leaks.

They have received the above table listing the features of Windows Phone 7.8 vs Windows Phone 8.

The table reveals that IE10 will not be coming to Windows Phone 7.8, but does suggests a Datasmart app will be made available, allowing users to monitor their data usage, and also a RCS-e app, which allows  carriers to plug in new data services for their phones.

The table also reveals a new, not previously rumored, Windows Phone 8 feature – the ability to recognize TV programs also.

Would our readers like a few more features to be added to the Windows Phone 7.8 list, or are you satisfied? Let us know below.

Source: wp7forum