Windows Phone 8 IE10 browser posts some small HTML5 score improvements


We last reported on IE10 browser in Windows Phone 8 and its HTML5 score in March this year, when the browser scored 298 with 6 bonus points.

Fast forward 2 months, and the browser has improved by 2 points to 300 with 6 bonus points.

While this is still well below the current score for iOS 5.1 (324 with 9 bonus points) it remains far ahead of the Android 4.0 browser, which will likely only start hitting the mainstream market around the same time Windows Phone 8 handsets are released towards the end of the year. At present Android 4.0, which was released in October 2011, is still only on around 3% of handsets.

The 300 HTML5 test point score is important, as it is a massive improvement on the IE9 score of 138 with 5 bonus points, and should mean that web apps built for Android should in theory also work reliably in Windows Phone 8 too.

See the latest results here.