Windows Phone 9 may be previewed in early 2015

Mary Jo Foley has revealed that we will see the next version of Windows Phone either in January or February 2015.

The update, code-named Threshold, will combine Windows Phone and Windows RT.

Mary Jo writes:

There will be a separate preview of Threshold running on ARM processors, too. My sources are saying the current target date for that preview is January or February 2015. As the ARM-based version of Threshold — which should run on both Windows Phones and tablets — isn’t expected to include the Windows desktop, the focus will be on changes Microsoft is making to the Metro-Style Start screen environment.

At this point it is not clear what the UI of these new devices will be, but interactive Live Tiles have been strongly rumoured for the new OS, and Mary Jo’s sources have also said the OS will support side by side apps.

The January and February unveil for WP9 suggests we may see the OS at CES or Mobile World Congress 2015.

Microsoft is expected to show an early preview of the desktop version of the OS in late September or early October.


  • arun

    I think it is a good decision to merge WP and WRT. Too many OSes are confusing. Please name this merged OS as Windows Phone 9, not RT.

    • Avatar Roku

      There’s a lot of functionality that RT has that Phone lacks like device driver support for Windows peripherals. If they don’t do the merger correctly there will be a lot of pain points for people who want to update.

    • nytimes

      IMHO , The new name should not mention any of Windows or MS brands . Many folks have asked me “Is Android owned by Google? ..really?!!”. I would say, they call it M-OS or whatever.

    • cybersaurusrex

      I agree. The “Windows” brand is a dead consumer brand. Threshold would be a good opportunity to rename it. Personally, I like the name “Xyb0rg.”

    • ImperialDynamics

      Lumia O.S. would be the perfect name

  • Avatar Roku

    The loss of Adobe Flash on RT tablets would be a big blow to devices like Surface and Lumia 2520. Hopefully they make Flash support standard in Threshold.

  • MrTrunky

    Note that if this rumor comes true doesn’t mean that the current devices will be updated to WP9, Microsoft can release the preview only as an emulador just for developers.

  • Conrad mcee

    Thats cool

  •!/fares.aldadah?ref=bookmark Farexynex

    all i need from windows phone os to have a real time notification thats all not asking for too much :(

  • SpicyMikey

    I hope this is true. The sooner they can better integrate desktop, tablet and phone devices, the sooner they can start standing out a unique alternative. They are simply getting crushed by Android and it gets worse every quarter.

  • Mini_Me

    Preview in 2015? Hm, then the release would be scheduled for 2017, later delayed to 2018, with the actual roll-out commencing in 2019 to select devices.

  • haha123

    I’d prefer Windows Phone 8.2 to be honest. I don’t think it will be too big yet to call it 9.

    It’s starting to feel like Chrome and Firefox’s superfast development cycle, where in a week or two the version number bumps up. I personally don’t like it.